Miss Barnegat Light Fishing Report

We had some improvement late last week with a decent catch of fluke and sea bass with plenty of action for a first time charter group from Lancaster, PA. The south winds cranked up from Friday on and it hurt the fishing. The water temps dropped from the upper 60’s to the upper 50’s. Once things get straightened out with some west winds it should bounce back. 
We are currently fishing for fluke everyday 8AM to 1 PM. Sea bass is closed till July 1 so they are safe for the moment. We are also sailing our nightly sunset cruise at 7 PM.

6/20/17 Fishing Report

The south blow over the last couple of days cooled the water off quite a bit along the beach. Very similar to last week after  a hard south wind, the bass chewed very good early in the wash. Austin Pounds landed quite a few schoolies on bucktails this morning on the north end before the sun burned through the clouds. The fluke were picky throughout the morning but once dead low came it was just about every cast. No doormats, but respectable fish and a much better improvement size wise compared to last week. Both chartreuse and white swimming mullet were the ticket. I also ran into Steve George who was doing very well and tagging fluke for Monmouth University.  Eventually, the south wind picked up and the tide changed causing the bite to shut off pretty quickly. Fortunately, both the wind and forecast look to be in our favor over the next couple of days. Now is the time to get out and get on it! 

Tight Lines,

Dan DiPasquale

Photo: Steve George 

Bluewater Bonanza

Fishing the offshore waters has offered up awesome action for local angler. Both the shark and tuna fishing have been very good. Here’s some recent reports from this past weekend. Let’s hope this weather clears and allows for more time out on the edge.

Captain Jeff Warford aboard the Reel Innovations got into them good AGAIN! The captain and crew fished the 16th into the 17th and mo-hawked ’em. The crew headed and fished a canyon way down south (100+ miles run) where the yellowfin bite has been good. Here’s Jeff’s report from the epic trip.

“We headed out for an overnight canyon trip and was greeted with flat calm seas. Arriving on the grounds at 5pm on Friday afternoon, it only took four minutes to put the first FOUR yellowfin in the box! The rest of the evening saw much of the same action, boating 12 quality yellowfin from 35-55lbs. We set up at night in 70 fathoms and quickly had mackerel and squid in the lights. About 45 minutes in we were hooked up to our first double header of makos. By midnight we had 5 makos and 2 brown sharks before calling it quits for the night. We kept one 100lb mako for the table and released the rest. The largest was about 175lb. Up on the troll in the morning we quickly boxed another 5 yellowfin before the boat traffic took over and became too much. The guys were anxious to try some tile fishing so I decided to go to an area up the line. We planned one scouting an area on the way and boy did it pay off. After coming across what looked like nat-geo, we were back into a hot bite. Our first pass threw the area and four bluefin piled on at once. We kept our legal limit and continued on to the tile grounds. In less than an hour we had a 50/50 mix of 20 nice golden/blue line tiles. What an awesome trip!”

Captain Bill aboard the Reel Trouble reported nice fishing on the tuna grounds. Check out this round one.

Blue Runner Sportfishing reports the yellowfin tuna are here! “We recently had Greg Steinman along with Bill, George, Don, Ken and Tom out for an extended day trip. Fishing got off to a good start first thing in the morning with the very first rod in the water getting nailed 10 ft off the stern. It was steady most of the day with flurries of red hot bites. By days end we landed 43 Yellowfin (only keeping 12) and 11 Bluefin to 120lbs. We also saw our first Mahi of the season. With the weather holding out, we decided to try for a Mako before heading in. First bite was the right one and a very fat 80″ Mako hit the deck. The fish was easily 200 lbs. Got back to dock very early morning so guys could spend Fathers Day at home. Looks like we will be sitting out next few days with bad weather.”

Andrew Moody reported, “Recent offshore trip was really good. We caugth 10 big eye, four yellowfin and one bluefin. It was nuts! We had a wolfpack pile on… Four 80 pound class tuna all at the same.”

Brandon and Alan Kape fishing with Jeremy Gers got it done. “Slob bluefin and a nice 150 pound bigeye to spice it up the sushi plate the weekend!”

Angler Pete Nork aboard the Las Sofias caught and weighed in a 176 pound mako for the Beach Haven Marlin Tuna Club’s mako and tuna tournament. They were fishing the waters outside of the fingers.

While the offshore fishing stole the spotlight on this post, we would like to share info on a doormat fluke that was weighed in this past weekend. Giuseppe Rubino caught this 28.25″ 8.9 pound fatty in the bay a couple days ago. He got it on a bucktail with a live minnow.

Here’s some info from the state…

The recreational summer flounder (fluke) season that began on May 25 keeps intact an 18-inch minimum size limit for fluke, instead of the 19-inch size limit originally mandated by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC).

NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife biologists provided data demonstrating that the 19-inch size limit will:

– Result in excessive harvesting of breeding females that are key to ensuring a healthy and sustainable resource
– Negatively impact the fluke population by increasing the discard mortality to levels that are higher than the anticipated harvest
– Adversely affect recreational anglers and businesses, as fluke, is one of the state’ most popular sport fish

New Jersey has been found out of compliance by the ASMFC which has reported this determination to the Secretary of Commerce.  An appeal will be heard on June 20th in front of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). In order for New Jersey to support its case for a smaller size limit, it is critically important anglers do their part to reduce the mortality rate of fish that are caught and released. This can be done in many ways including proper handling and release of fluke caught and the use of larger hooks that help reduce the catch of smaller fish (sizes 7.0 – 9.0 are recommended).

The Division of Fish and Wildlife has posted information regarding the 2017 fluke season and information on how to reduce fluke mortality at www.njfishandwildlife.com/fluke.htm. Information will be updated throughout the season.

Please do your part to reduce discard mortality of fluke, and ensure healthy fisheries and great fishing for the future!

Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters – Barnegat Bay and Inlet Fishing report

Barnegat Bay and Inlet continues to offer up solid light tackle action for anglers aboard the Reel Fantasea . Blues from 2-12lbs continue to provide the best rod bending drag screaming action with schoolie striped bass holding a close second to the savvy angler .

With strong SW winds that will surely cool inshore water temps down a bit an up tick in schoolie action is expected.  Fluke have also provided action with a heavy dose of short fish but some quality flatties have fell victims to the devoted bucktailers!

The closing of seabass on June 18th is a bit disappointing but will reopen on July 1st with a lower bag limit but still a welcoming visitor to the cooler and add a soon to reopen blackfish season and the “what’s for dinner” couldn’t be any more tastier!
Although we didn’t target or score any weakfish this week there has been a few that have been caught in the neighbor hood so scoring a coveted Barnegat Bay Grand Slam is well within reach!!
I have This Friday a.m and p.m. available for private or open boat and few Happy Hour specials 5-8pm this week [ perfect tidal situation]  for those looking jump aboard for a quick hit and run.
Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,
Captain Steve Purul
Reel Fantasea Fishin Charters

Lighthouse Sportfishing Report and PSA

Happy belated Father’s Day to all the dads out there.  I spent most of the day with my family but did slip out before they got out of bed.  By 6 AM the south wind was already blowing 15+ and the outgoing current started earlier than predicted. Fluking conditions were tough, to put it mildly.  I picked up a few shots before calling it a morning.  The ocean has just been down right angry the last few days and not many boats have been able to venture out.  The inlet still has lots of fish but fishing conditions are difficult.  This south wind has dropped the ocean temp which means one thing, well maybe two.  The closer you are to the inlet the less likely you are to catch fluking on the flood, look for warmer water condition to increase your success. Fishing 101.  The other thing is bass in the normal June haunts will be chewing around high tide.  I hope to get at them to give one of them their invitation to dinner.  As it stands I am booked Tuesday and Friday morning.  Other times including magic hours, except for today Monday are open.

On the nature side of thing/PSA: it is diamondback terrapin egg laying time. Keep an eye out when driving around close to the bay.  Females exist the bay to lay their eggs on higher, sandy ground.  Terrapins are the only brackish water turtle in the world. Also, remember if you are using Maryland style crab pots you must adhere to the following laws:

  • Purchase on $2.00 crab pot license
  • Your license number must be on your floats.
  • When deploying them in a water body that is 150’ wide or less you are required to have turtle excluding devices (pictured below).  Terrapins need to breathe air and when they enter a Maryland style/commercial style crab pot they most often die of drowning.

Screaming drags,

Capt. Alex 609-548-2511TEDterrapin

Reel Reaction Charters – Barnegat Bay Fishing Report

The action has been pretty good for the most part as far as bay Fluke fishing and I have started to work some of my spots.  The only factor has been the wind and remaining slime in the water.  On certain tides, the Fluke really have been cooperating with multiple fish per drift.  Reminder: We have started running 7 days a week until September.

With my job as a full-time school teacher officially ending for summer this past Thursday, I started running 7 days a week on Friday.  I had new client Philip Mack of New Hope, PA, his daughter Ali Mack of Abington, PA and her two 10yr boys Rogan and Eoghan on a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter. We worked hard fishing multiple spots through the periodic fog and drizzle. The twins wanted to go fishing for their birthday and they struck first catching 2 keepers (18, 19) on the same drift. Phil landed another at close at 19.5 inches. The crew had steady action for most of the trip jigging bucktails and boxing 3 for lunch/dinner.



Next, I had new client Scott Loreaux of Manahawkin, NJ and his brother Jeff Loreaux of Duxbury, MA on a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter. The charter was purchased for Scott’s Birthday and the two did a decent job at fishing through short Fluke to find a couple of keepers. We fished several areas and a few areas produced much better results than the others. There was a lot of joking around between the brothers and I think they tied on the amount of fish caught, although Scott’s keeper was the biggest at 19.5 inches! Great job!


I had Dave Caruso of upstate NY, his son Casey Caruso, Kyle Christian, and family friends Brian Gaw and Shannon Gamble of Colorado on a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter. The crew had very tough conditions with steady 20 knot winds plus some higher gusts and good tidal current, which made for “super-fast” drifts. You know it’s fast when power drifting with a wind sock doesn’t help. We worked incredibly hard today and pounded a ton of areas, but with the drift conditions the crew could only muster a few shorts and 1 nice keeper taping over 21 inches. With a wind sock and power drifting in a narrow area, Brian landed the keeper on a S&S Bigeye bucktail. Good job on a tough day!!

If interested in booking a charter, book through the website (www.reelreactioncharters.com) or call/text 609-290-7709. As always, we use the highest quality gear and everything is included: gear, tackle, fish-cleaning, and ICE!  It’s “no worries” fishing.  Just come aboard and FISH.

Capt. Brett Taylor ~ www.reelreactioncharters.com ~ Call or Text: 609-290-7709

Lighthouse Sportfishing Barnegat Bay Report

Spent almost my entire day on Barnegat Bay and I have a lot to say.  After sun up I deployed my two “Maryland style” crab pots baited with fresh frozen bunker. Yes, that is an oxymoron. After that, I fluked before picking up my first trip of the day which was an eco tour.  Releasing two short on short notice I picked up the Rubin party.  I took them back behind Sedge Island and Gull Island to name a few.  Lots of things to see, and as always, I told lots of stories. Just ask any of my students. After that, I picked up my now annual fishermen from Pennsylvania Amish County. I find it interesting to learn the about the diverse cultures of those that make up the fabric of the United States. With the inlet a little dicey we chose to go to the back bay.  Working hard to put them on fish, I found the right conditions and the fluke were chewing.  They must of C&Red 20 fish in under an hour. Running all the way across Barnegat Bay and some 5,000 miles from Dutch Harbor, the Debbie M was on the crab! With about a 10 plus hour soak, the pots were loaded with crab.  From two pots I filled a four-gallon bucket with Jimmies, many of them big and full.  Bottom line, crabbing is excellent. I still have still have some openings for this upcoming week so give me a shout if you are looking to head out.


6/17/17 Fluke-A-Mania

Headed out at sunrise this morning on the west side of the bay to fish the outgoing tide on my cousin Greg’s boat. All morning we had solid fishing every drift on hi-lo bucktail rigs tipped with gulp.  For the most part, each drift produced multiple Fluke as we fished along the slopes of channels. The chartreuse swimming mullet and shrimp  were the ticket in the overcast conditions. We fised until about 11am and ended with well over 30 fish to 22″. On top of that there were multiple bluefish blitz’ throughout the morning, all you had to do was spot the birds. As the water continues to warm up, the fishing should only get better.  Get out and get on it, tight lines. -Dan DiPasquale

Old Barney Charters Father’s Day Weekend Fluking

Today I had Brian and Jim Mcgee out with their father, Jim Sr., for their annual Father’s Day trip. The trio boated over 50 fluke and took home 3 for dinner. The fish measured 23″, 19.5″, and 18.5″. We are fishing 7 days a week now and July dates are filling quickly.  All tackle, bait and fish cleaning included with all trips. Come out and catch fish!


Kevin Schmidt – Old Barney Charters – 267-918-1746 – oldbarneycharters@aol.com

Fishing Transitions into Summer

As the spring season winds down and we transition into summer new fishing opportunities arise… Read On!

Crabbing has been on fire all spring and it continues! We are looking forward to an awesome summer of crabbing. Here’s a photo of Richie Southwick with one of many nice blue claw crab hauls. Richie is doing great with the feisty blue crabs.

This is the last push for Black Sea Bass! The NJ Black Sea Bass Fishing Season closes Sunday June 18th. It will reopen on July 1st with a bag limit of two fish at 12.5″

The Carolyn Ann III reports, “The last two days of fishing were pretty good. Still a lot of shorts to weed through but the keepers are there! This Sunday is the last day for us to go Sea Bassing as the season closes. Starting Monday we will be targeting everyone’s favorite flat fish, the summer flounder aka fluke. Come aboard!”

Austin Pounds shared this yesterday,”Fluke are in the wash! Toss out a 1/2oz bucktail topped with a Gulp white swim mullet and they are all over it.” Austin has been targeting and catching fluke off the surf all season. He has some really nice sized fish to show too. This surf based fishery traditionally is great all summer long. Just a heads up there’s a possibility that we’ll get some upwelling. Depending on how drastic the temp swing is with the event, it could effect things. A quick cold snap in the water temperature due to upwelling shocks fish and can lock jaw a bite like a flip of the switch.

Another report came from Austin on the beach shark fishing. “And so it begins! They are here so gear up and soak some whole bunker. We got our season’s first sand tiger off the surf yesterday.”

Another surf sharking report came from ApexAnglers… “The 2017 NJ surf shark season begins with a bang! Two personal bests. Dan’s largest sand tiger to date measuring 8’2″. Seconds after Dan’s fish a 6’2″ sandbar shark takes the 9/0 with an eel. Then towards the end of the night a massive  7’7″ sand bar shark. The largest we’ve seen and possibly the largest caught off the surf in NJ. What a super successful early season trip. The action will only heat up from here.” Check out Apex Anglers for more details on NJ’s premier land based shark fishing guide service.

Sharking inshore/offshore has been good. We’ve heard reports of a couple large makos. Numerous customers reporting blue sharks out the wazzoo making for frustration but action non the less. In the past week we got some positive news on threshers 3-6 miles off the beach.

Like always, Joe Shute Lures are pulling tuna! These lures are about as consistent as they come. Don’t leave the dock without ’em! Store staffer Dan DiPasquale got offshore recently and has this report to share… “Our first offshore trip of the year resulted in our first bigeye. The good water we were after unfortunately pushed off making it all very difficult. Fished three different canyons with a water temp of 59-60 degrees. Took a couple hours but we finally got the right bite. It went for red headed Joe Shute. Nice way to kick off the year on the boat, still very early. There is a very good bluefin bite and yellowfin bite to the south of us right now, hopefully we get another good push of water soon!”

The striped bass bite off northern NJ as been very good this week. Lots of anglers out of the northern ports reported an awesome bite. Many local anglers headed up that way to get in on the action and had a blast. Both Waterman Charters and Shore Catch Guide Service has been dialed in on the bite. Here’s one report from Captain Gene from Shore Catch, “Last night was one for the record books! Epic cast and blast on topwater poppers. Kept one for the table and released over 20 all over 40 pounds.” Now that’s some great fishing. Below is Captain Gene boat side releasing a quality striped bass that fell for a pencil popper.

Pete Utschig wanted to share this post. The photo below is a beautiful striped bass that Pete caught one morning earlier this month. He had three nice bass that morning.

Moments like this, shared with friends, family, and even strangers is what makes it all worth while! It’s been a tough spring up and down the east coast. Besides some very spotty big fish bites the bass have been almost non existent. We need to WAKE UP!!! No more excuses or pointing fingers. We need to educate our friends and neighbors to stop killing breeder bass. We need to protect our precious resource and pastime. Until regulations change we can’t stop the endless charter boat slaughter, but if you have friends going on a fishing trips take five minutes to tell them about your love of fishing. Explain why instead of fishing in their local bay or inlet they have to steam 3 miles out to find the only body of fish we have left. Try and convince them to keep one fish per group not five fifty pound fish. We all love fishing for different reasons. I love it for the smile on a kids face when you hand him your pole on the beach and let him reel in his first fish. I love the 4am excited call from a buddy that you helped teach how to fish after he gets in on his first reel big fish bite. I love meeting guys just like me who just want to travel, laugh, (drink a couple cold ones) and catch fish. I just love fishing for the fun of it! Let’s protect our resource before we lose it forever!

With a sad and heavy heart I share the news on the recent passing of John Sweet. I had the pleasure of knowing the kind, generous man who did so much for others. He’ll be greatly missed in our community. Here is John’s obituary from Maxwell Funeral Home.

John F. “Tiderunner” Sweet, 78, of Ship Bottom, NJ passed away June 14, 2017 at his home. Born in Camden, NJ, son of Helen and John Sweet.  He moved to Cherry Hill and married Lois Zuzga Sweet who passed away too soon.  Together they had three children, Susan Lucas, Amy Smalfus, and Jane Faiola. He is survived by 9 grandchildren: Zachary and Melissa Johnson, Alexander, Nicholas and Gabriella Faiola and Rachael and Amanda Smalfus and Alexander and Victoria Duffy. He is survived by his loving wife, Joan Duffy Sweet, of 31 years, and her children, Christopher and Kathryn, who have been a great blessing to him.

He lived Medford, NJ with Joan for 18 years just prior to Ship Bottom where he resided for the last 14 years. His passion for fishing was well know, and he served as President and Treasurer of the Long Beach Island Fishing Club.  John initiated a fishing program for the LBIFC for wives, children and significant others called the Powder Puff Derby.   He was an active member of the LBIFC for over thirty years and served in many other capacities: teaching fishing at the Surf City Library, teaching casting and fishing at the Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs and participated in numerous fishing tournaments throughout his life.  He has many “winning plaques” because of his knowledge of the surf and the correct fishing gears to use.  He leaves a huge emptiness in the countless lives he has touched.  He was an active member of the Ship Bottom Fire House, and served as a Fire Police.  John volunteered at Southern Ocean County Medical Center for 8 years where he helped out in the Same Day Surgery Department.  In addition, he was an active member of the Kiwanis and participate in their many events.  John was active in St. Francis of Assisi Church serving as a Eucharist Minister as well as assisting the Secular Franciscans in their activities.  John was loved and respected by all and he deeply changed many lives for the better.  He always wanted to be remembered “as doing his best for everyone.”

A Memorial Mass will be held at St. Francis Church, 4700 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach Twp., NJ 08008 on Thursday, June 22, 2017, 11AM.  Relatives and friends may greet the family from 10AM to 11AM in the church.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the St. Francis Food Panty at the same address as the Church.