Hi Flier Live Grass Shrimp Weakfish

I am not liking the marine forecast for ocean fishing the next few days so we will be focusing on fishing in the bay. Available Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Aug 30 thru Sept 2 for Live Grass Shrimping trips for Weakfish. We use ultralite 6 lb spinning outfits so everything we catch provides great sport. The weakfish have been mostly 13 to 17 inch fish with a few bigger ones mixed in. Once we start chumming with the live shrimp we get a lot of fish around the boat, often it becomes visual with fish eating our chum right at the boat. Little bluefish, fluke, hickory shad, spots, croakers, blowfish, juvenille sea bass, sand sharks, sea robins, kingfish, and more are common visitors to our live shrimp slick. 

These are 5 hour trips. $700 to charter the boat for up to 4 people. Everything is included. Just bring whatever you like to eat and drink. 

I am now available 7 days a week for Charters and Open Boat trips.

Hope to see you on board!


Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
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Hi Flier Open Boat Tuna

The BluefinTuna and squid are still going strong within 20 miles of the inlet.

The fish are all 70 to 100+ pounds! We will be sailing Open Boat Tuna Wednesday August 23. We have one spot left. 6 AM to 4 PM $350 per person. Four people max. All fish are shared.

Our next availability for inshore or offshore are Wed Aug 30 and Thurs Aug 31. If these dates do not get booked as charters we will offer them as Open Boat trips.

Dave DeGennaro

Hi Flier Sportfishing

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LBI Fishing Report 8/21/23

What a great taste of Autumn we had this weekend! Perfect days on Long Beach Island with warm water, sunny, low humidity and plenty of great fishing with a little bit of juicy swell too. Let’s dive into the details on the great fishing. Here’s the Long Beach Island Fishing Report for Sunday August 20, 2023.

The shop was buzzing this weekend with lots of positive vibes and so many great fishing reports…

Reports from the Inlet…

Fluke, bluefish, tog, sheepshead, striped bass and other species are all on tap at the Barnegat Inlet.

Tog fishing is the most popular and easiest fishery to take advantage of right now for land based angler working the rocks. Fishing green crabs and/or sand fleas on a rig or jig is the way to do it. This same approach has scored sheepshead and triggerfish. For all of these you do not need a big hook. We suggest #1 size.

Photo above is a weigh in from the Barnegat Inlet on Saturday afternoon.

Inlet Fluke Fishing – As fluke depart the bay the inlets are the doorway in which they funnel through. Fishing the inlet in August produces quality fluke each and every year. Here’s a 7# fluke weighed in by Brendan Craig on Saturday.

Casting lures like SP Minnow, Hogy Epoxy Jig, Hopkins, Kastmaster, Bucktail will come tight with striped bass or bluefish.

At this point in the year/season the waters are warm and full of various species and lots of bait. There is a possibility to catch just about anything in and around the Inlet this time of year. Case and point – this jack crevalle that was speared by on of the Jetty Jockeys on Saturday. We also had reports of a few cobia near the inlet.

Reports from the surf…

Small but powerful swell was on the beaches on Friday and Saturday with west winds. Today the swell dropped out and the wind swung around. The surf looks to be in the 1-2-3′ range this week. Tuesday snd Wednesday look to be nice days but cranking north east winds in the mornings and afternoons that will fade in the afternoons. Possibly a hard southerly blow Friday 8/25.

On the surf fluke fishing is the main game. Other players are small blues at times and a few kingfish. Be warned, certain beaches at certain times can be weedy. Awful, unfishable conditions in some areas were reported by Kristi Reillo Cooper on the north end Friday. She shared this photo below.

Reports from the bay…

Still plenty of fluke hanging around in the bay but the mix is dominated by under size fish. Reports continue from the main thoroughfares by anglers fishing the channels. There are slots and keepers to be had so this will be an option for fluke anglers this week with the hard north east winds in the forcast.

This past week we saw an uptick in both weakfish and blowfish activity. Snappers are active in most local lagoons. It’s prime time crabbing and clamming!

Summertime striped bass offering fun at the right times. Dan DiPasquale had the striped bass cracking said the striped bass are having their way with peanut bunker schools. best action is sunset, all night and early morning. when the traffic is a minimum and they can slap and feed without hinderance.

Reports from inshore…

The albies popped up Saturday, Sunday and again today in the local waters. It’s early for them in this close but with the bluefin abnormally close it makes sense in a way these are closer. Dan DiPasquale was out and got into them. There are a few spanish mackerel chasing bait too. Friday head of bluefish blitzing on this same bait outside the inlet and along some beaches.

Patrick Odendahl enjoyed one day this weekend on the water aboard Reel Fantasea Charters with his dad and Captain Steve Purul. He caught a false albacore among other fish. Let’s hope they stick around.

Mahi bite kicked on a week or so ago and has rolled on strong. Store staffer Paul was out and caught some smaller ones with Captain Mark with Laura Sportfishing, photo below. We have also heard of bigger class further offshore. Mullet Outdoors Adventures reported, “Totally crushing mahi. And nothing sub 20″ about 25 miles out.”

Reports from offshore…

The inshore-mishore tuna fishing has been really great this year. NJ isn’t really known for having a great bluefin tuna fishery nearshore. It also isn’t know for having squid stacked up near shore in the summer either. This year we have both!

The 30-40fm areas are producing too. Not as consistent as some years past but the highs and lows with variety in areas is a great thing in today’s world of fast flying info. Store staffer Tyler was out a few days ago and got into another great trip with no other boats around, “Nothing beats popper feeds!”

54th Beach Haven White Marlin Invitational

Another successful WMI tournament. Congrats to all of the boats and crews that took home some bacon and especially the Crisdel and the Shark Byte! The Crisdel won $147k for the heaviest tuna. Shark Byte won $81k for first place billfish. No matter how big the fish it always comes down to ounces in a tournament. The crew aboard the Crisdel 62′ Titan took the largest tuna at 116.1# and the second place tuna caught by the Bandit 41′ Albemarle was 115.9#.

LBI Fishing Report 8/16/23

Mid August is full of different species and styles of fishing. From fishing the surf, jetty and bay to inshore, mid-shore and offshore there’s something for everyone. Ocean fluke fishing (when the weather allows) is good and there are still fluke in the backwaters. Bluefish ranging from snappers up to cocktails offer great light tackle fun in the surf, inlet and bay. There are a few blowfish and a few kingfish around. Sheepshead and triggerfish offer some fun fishing as well as tog. Bluefin and yellowfin tuna reports continue on strong too! There’s cobia and mahi being caught too. Let’s get out and enjoy good fun summertime fishing now!

6:00 – Watch a blue marlin take off screaming on a topwater popper!

Hi Flier Bluefin, Hammerheads, Weakies, and Cobia!

It’s been an interesting few days of fishing. We started out with live grass shrimping trips in the bay on Fri and Sat. Friday had a mix of species including 5 weakfish for the Rick Masters charter. They had the usual assortment of species that visit our shrimp slick: weakfish, juvenile sea bass, little blues, blowfish, fluke, sand sharks, spots, and sea robins. Non stop action. On Saturday I had Mike and Karen Romance out for an Inshore Shark/Live Grass Shrimp Combo. We got bit off by a few bigger sharks that were not invited to this particular party but Karen did get the best of an Atlantic Sharpnose Shark, the targeted species before we decided to head into the bay. I anchored in the exact same spot as the day before but it was S L O W……..and then S L O W E R. Just doesn’t make sense sometimes, same spot, same tide, but my other spot was infested with silver perch, so we stayed put. We finally hook up and Mike is fighting what I tell him is going to be a big weakfish. The 6 lb ultralite rod is bent, the reel is singing, and as the fish finally gets close enough to land, we see it’s a cobia. Twenty incher. Not legal to keep, but great sport on that tackle. They then proceed to deck two keeper weakies, a 13 and 19 1/2 incher to wrap things up and put a little fillet in the Ziplock. 

Now, Sunday (yesterday), the weather is nice enough to head offshore looking for tuna with the Jim Padilla party. I knew the fleet on the inshore tuna grounds up North has grown to 100 plus boats on a weekday and with a bluebird Saturday, that would surely almost double. I stayed south and after trolling for an hour we had only managed one false albacore and heard of one bonita among the few boats that were there with us. We reeled in and started to run further offshore. After a while, we stumbled on some fresh slicks with a good amount of chick birds picking at them. The machine showed a carpet of bait readings that looked like the squid that have been so prominent on the tuna grounds this season, so we dropped in some squid jigs and started swinging jumbos over the rail. We put them out for bait and proceeded to hook up with shark after shark. Mostly 150 to 200 pound brown sharks but one 12 foot hammerhead that fooled me into thinking it was a tuna run off. He hit and ran so hard. At 1:00 PM we get another good run off on the balloon that was set at 60 feet, and no one is enthused about doing battle with another shark. So I left it in the holder, rod bent, and giving out a good amount of line. I figured, let him bite the hook off. Jim finally said, begrudgingly, “I”ll take him”. He fought him for a while and then his son Greg took over for a while before I realized this fish was deep and starting to spiral. I yelled to Dave Flood, our deckhand for this trip, to get a gaff ready and then we saw color on a good size bluefin. Decked him after a good fight. 51 inches, about 90 pounds. Everyone was ecstatic and we headed for the barn right on schedule. Here is the final five minutes of that tuna: youtu.be/6-0-EjBKoVg

I only have tomorrow, Tuesday Aug 8 available for a Live Grass Shrimp charter in the bay and Thurs Aug 10 for the same or an Open Boat Tuna 9AM to 5PM, we are only running 16 miles from the inlet to the fishing grounds. Thursday looks like the marine forecast is good enough to get to where we need to go. If we go Open Boat Tuna on Thurs, 9AM to 5PM, $300 person, 4 people max, all fish are shared.

After these dates, my next availability is not until Thurs Aug 17 and Mon Aug 21 for inshore or offshore.

Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
732.330.5674 cell

Hi Flier Open Boat Bluefin Tuna Monday Aug 7

We will be running an Open Boat Bluefin Tuna trip this Monday Aug 7, 6AM to 4PM. $350 person. 4 people max. All fish are shared.

The word is out. There are 75 to 200 plus pound bluefin tuna less than 20 miles from our Barnegat Inlet. There are huge schools of big squid there that we will be catching for our live bait. Drifting with bait is how we will be fishing, no trolling. Very exciting when you hook up on these big fish.

This and any other dates are always available for your private charter, as well, for bay, inshore, or offshore fishing. We only have Tues Aug 8 and Thurs Aug 10 left as available dates left to book for any kind of fishing. After that, our next available date is Thurs Aug 17.

We are catching blues at the inlet jetty, fluke in the bay, and small Atlantic Sharpnose sharks 4 miles offshore. We are offering Live Grass Shrimp trips targeting weakfish and the assortment of species that find our shrimp slick. We scale down to the ultralite 6 pound outfits for this fishery and the goal is to catch as many different species as we can.

Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
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August Fishing Around LBI, NJ

Early August Fishing Report Update For The Long Beach Island Area

Sitting right about at the mid point of summer we have great fishing here on Long Beach Island with a variety of light tackle to big game options for beach and boat anglers. This is the time when bait starts balling up; peanut bunker, spearing and sandeels are all here in out local waters. I’ve seen all three in recent days either spit up on my deck by a fish or snagged on one of my lures’ treble hooks. With the recent northerly winds the bait was stacked up in the inlet just like we would see in the fall. Anglers got into some fun on the Jetty. Small blues, striped bass and fluke. It’s a great place to fish for fluke this time of year because all of the fish exiting Barnegat Bay only have one way to leave.

So we kick off August with a full moon and some great weather, sun and low humidity, with a northerly and onshore flow. This bumped up the ocean a little and also pushed the sun warmed surface waters into the beach (downwelling).

Surf Fishing Long Beach Island

With the warm surf temps come good fluke fishing on the surf as well as the local reefs and wrecks. A really nice fluke was pulled from the mid-Island surf on Tuesday by Michael Palumbo fishing the incoming tide. Photo below

Local angler Konrad also reported good fluke fishing off the north end surf, “I caught two keepers in a short after work session!”

The LBI surf fluke fishing is great this summer. The best way to approach it is with a bucktail and teaser rig or a super simple one drop rig. A one drop is exactly what the name spells out, the rig has one dropper loop and then a loop at the bottom for the weigh/sinker. It is basically a low of a high low rig. Either rig you’ll want to bait up with Gulp! in the 4-5-6″ sizes. By far Pink Shine has been the best sell this year and for good reason. The past couple season it has been my best producer and a lot of customers have shared the same theme. I also catch on white, white/glow and fire tiger , which I prefer over chartreuse on the dirty water days which call for a hi-viz color. I have heard good things about the new metallic color which makes sense because every baitfish has shine and that is something most softbaits don’t have until now!

On the beach there are a few kingfish. We expect this to improve throughout this month so long as the waters stay warm. There is a few spot on the surf. Photo below is a recent catch by Karl Chen.

Both spot and kingfish can be caught with a similar set up. Fish a classic “Pompano Surf Rig” which is a hi/lo rig fitted with small hooks. Bait up with Live bloodworms, Dyna Bait Freeze Dried Bloodworms and/or Fish Bites.

At times bluefish offer fun for surf and jetty anglers. These fish are running anywhere from snappers to 2-4# class. The majority are small but larger bluefish have been caught, case and point shared in the last report update.

Blues are best targeted off the surf with an assortment of lures such as a small swimming plug (SP Minnow 13), a metal (Hopkins, Kastmaster, Crippled Herring), spoon (Krocodile) or jig (Diamond Jig – Hogy Epoxy Jig – Hogy Sandeel Jig). Another option is to fish baits but you’ll want to fish strips. Mullet, bunker and mackerel are three good choices.

Barnegat Bay Fishing Report (also good for Manahawkin Bay & Great Bay)

Fluke fishing the bay is mostly made up of feisty and active short size fish however there are still some keepers to be caught just don’t expect a high keeper ratio.

Be prepared for snappers, spot (here in good numbers), blowfish (few and far between) and other small bait stealers. These critters will ransack Gulp baits and steal your curly tails quicker than you can jig. Ya, a shaky jig or staccato jig can keep them off but sometimes nothing can help but one thing… Live Bait! Fishing with large live minnows, peanut bunker and/or small live spot are a great way beat those pesky critters and catch quality fluke in the month of August

There’s some weakfish around. I personally tried on Tuesday to shrimp them up but was unsuccessful. I only managed to shrimp up a fluke in the 16 inch range and a couple snapper blues. I’m expecting this to get better this month.

Try your luck at Sheepshead! They are here and being caught in the bay, but it isn’t easy.

August means that Tautog is open for NJ anglers. One fish at 15″ until November 15th. On November 16th it opens to 5 fish at 15″.

NJ August Cobia

Cobia are lurking the inshore waters and have been for the better part of a month now. Most catches are from tuna anglers fishing bait for tuna however these can and are specifically targeted. I tried but failed so far but I’m not giving up. I was super stoked to see store staffer Tyler caught a 38″ one on this past Sunday. Tyler was out looking for bluefin. He didn’t find them but he hooked and landed a keeper size cobia on a No Live Bait Needed swim bait.

He reported, “A large cobia came up and attacked one of the balloons in our chunk spread. It never came back so we didn’t get a shot at it, but another one, smaller in size came into the spread and I was ready putting a small NLBN right on front of it. Bang! It ate.

Gotta Love The NLBN’s! The last couple years these bait have shined for a variety of species like striped bass and tuna, now cobia!

Near Shore Tuna

The inshore bluefin tuna fishing continues on. We first shared the report on July 11th. Since then there has been a lot of bluefin caught and some good size fish. The best way to get bites right now is fishing live squid. There are also bites coming on live mackerel as well as jigging, popping and trolling.

Store staffer Paul got one on Sunday fishing live bait with Capt Mark Finelli of Laura Sportfishing.

Jonni was in the shop Wednesday afternoon and reported, “Thanks to Tyler helping me gear up right, I caught a cooler full of squid. I also had a tuna bite the squid jig/squid when reeling up. We got another bite and got it in the boat. I’m heading back out tomorrow. Thanks for the lesson of catching squid.”

Those boats that are catching and fishing live bait are producing best. However, there are fish being caught on the jig too. Brian Sabarese was on the water with his son Sawyer about 10 miles out of BI Monday. They were fishing live baits when they had a good tuna mark pop up on the sounder. Sawyer dropped a jig and must have hit the fish on the head because a couple seconds later the line was screaming out. After a fun battle they boated his first tuna.

Mondo King Mackerel Caught

Father and son duo, Capt Don & Mate Joseph Vricella aboard the Crime Scene caught a 67.45# King Mackerel on July 30, 2023. This catch crushed the long standing record Fernando Alfaiate’s 1998 54# catch by over 13#! Here’s the story that Don shared, “Lost an engine while out on the bluefin grounds around 12 o’clock and started limping home. Being on one engine I figured we’d put out a little spread with two wide trackers and two Clark spoons for a Spanish Mack or Bonita. At around 2 o’clock we got a knockdown on a Clark spoon that just about spoiled our Avet MXL twice. Couldn’t back down the boat so we put some heavy drag on him and was able to turn him. I still can’t believe that we landed this fish in under 10 minutes on 30lb leader.”

Mullet Outdoor Adventures left a comment on our recent video report… “I had a wahoo or king mackerel eat my shark float on Monday. The thing launched 10ft in air with my float in its mouth. It sliced off everything clean but I got the float with a big bite out of it. I also lost about an 80# bluefin that took a live spot on the kite.

Beach Haven Charter Fishing Late July Report

Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association

Recent hot temperatures show it is mid-summer in Beach Haven, making a fishing trip on the water aboard one of the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association a cooling activity.

Add in the excitement of fishing and the chance to bring home a fresh fish dinner, it becomes a winning situation all the way around. Summer flounder fishing continues to dominate the inshore fishing scene with more yellowfin tuna showing up in the canyons.

The party boat “Miss Beach Haven” has been scoring well on both fluke and black sea bass with the best action at the Little Egg Reef. Although most trips have seen crowds, they advise there are seats available for future trips.

Captain Gary Dugan on the “Irish Jig” reported tough fishing on a recent trip but his hard-working group managed black sea bass, a 21-inch fluke, and a big cownose ray caught by Derrick along  with numerous released fish.

Captain Connor Smilon of “FishHawk Charters” had a 2-hour afternoon trip with returning clients Krystal and Rob that turned into a 3-hour trip due to constant action. They finished with over twenty short fish and two keeper fluke to 21-inches.

Brett Taylor of “Reel Reaction Sportfishing” Stephen Cypes sons Peyton and Hudson on an ocean trip. (photo below) The trio boxed nine keeper fluke to 23-inches along with their limit of sea bass to 17-inches. First mate Luke Taylor managed the action well. They saw a few rays, a small cobia, and some surface bluefin tuna around.

Captain Dave Wittenborn had the “Benita J” on a solid trip for the Sullivan party. They put together seven yellowfins up to 60-pounds. Captain Dave termed it a “beautiful night in the Hudson Canyon.”

For information on fishing the boats above or any of the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association, go to www.BHCFA.org

Hi Flier Open Boat Tuna and Shrimping Weakies

There are 70 to 100 plus pound Bluefin Tuna within 20 miles of our Barnegat Inlet. So much fun. Most of the time we are jigging for squid while we are drifting for the tuna. As soon as we catch the squid, we put them on as live bait. It’s so much fun catching bait that sometimes we forget we are there for a higher purpose…..TUNA!!

We ran to the spot I left them at last week and fished all morning without a bite. There was a sizable fleet to our west, but I would always rather be off on our own. A friend gave me some coordinates where they caught one in the morning within that fleet and being that it was 12:30 in the afternoon and we had not had any bites, I figured let’s go see. We entered the fleet and there was some radio chatter about a boat that was hooked up, good sign. Immediately the depth recorder was lit up with massive schools of squid. On our second drift the 30 International in the bow holder was screaming and we were no doubt hooked up to a bluefin. Thirty minutes later, my son, Max decked a 49″ Bluefin. Here’s the end game: youtu.be/TSSzeYW1_F0 Dave Flood on the gaff.

Something to know about Dave Flood, even though he isn’t in many of the pics, none of this happens without Dave. He gets to the boat an hour before anyone, dries all the seats, brings all the lunch and drinks, packs the coolers, gets the boat turn key ready and then never stops contributing during the day. Catching bait, jigging for tuna, getting new hookbaits, letting the lines out, constantly cleaning, giving the angler that’s hooked up water, and then when the rod goes off, his rod mind you, he steps aside to let someone catch the fish. Then he is there to gaff it and when we hit the dock he is the butcher. Every crew needs a Dave Flood.

Sailing Open Boat Tuna tomorrow, Wed Aug 2 and Sat Aug 5. 4AM to 2PM. $350 person, 4 people max, all fish are shared. We will be within 20 miles of the inlet, so a little over an hour each way from the marina to the fishing grounds. No trolling, we will be drifting and bait fishing. There are always jigging rods ready if you want to do that. And, of course, bait rods to catch live bait. Everything is provided, just bring whatever you like to eat and drink for the time we are out.

These and any other dates are always available for your private charter, as well, for bay, inshore, or offshore fishing. We are catching blues at the inlet jetty, fluke in the bay, and small Atlantic Sharpnose sharks 4 miles offshore. We are offering Live Grass Shrimp trips targeting weakfish and the assortment of species that find our shrimp slick. We scale down to the ultralite 6 pound outfits for this fishery and the goal is to catch as many different species as we can. 

Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
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