12/3 Fishing Report

The lights out fishing has continued into December. Yesterday (12/2) I got out with friends and had great troll bite all morning long off of the island with fish into the mid 30 pound range. There were also fish caught on both the snag and drop and jigging. Today (12/3) I went out with my dad and brother mid morning looking for bluefin off of island beach state park as they have been around on the move. We did not see any with a warmer water temp and lack of bait but we did find the mother load of bass and bird plays. There are tons of fish well to the north of us as well. Now is not the time to pull your boat! Back at it in the morning, tight lines.

6/28 LBI Fishing Report

Fishing remains hot both inshore and offshore. The fluking in the bay continues to improve as customers are finding quality fish in bigger numbers. Weakfish and Kingfish are also starting to show up big time.  Makos of all sizes are still being caught on the midshore/offshore grounds as well. The bluefin are still chewing pretty good with fish up to over 60″ and quality yellowfin mixed in. As long as this bait holds the fish are not going anywhere for the time being even with this south blow coming.

Tight Lines,

Dan DiPasquale

6/23/17 Fishing Report

The last couple of days have produced incredible fishing for both inshore and offshore anglers. Both the bay and surf are loaded with Fluke. Over the past week I caught well over 40 fish all on gulp. A good friend of mine Max Lentz caught a 30 incher on a white 4″ swimming mullet from shore on the north end yesterday evening (6/22). There are also quite a few reports of weakfish, blowfish, and kingfish being caught throughout the bay. The fishing should only improve as the water temp is still climbing back up after the south wind knocked it down last weekend. With a cooler temp, lots of bass have been showing both in the surf and bay. Paul Haertel had 11 the other night up to 30″. Paul also did very well Cod fishing on the mid-shore wrecks boating quite a few keepers along with a bunch of ling.

Out front the tuna fishing is on fire, some of the best fishing in a while. Bluefin has been lights out on the mid-shore grounds with blitzes producing fish up into the 40 pound class on plugs. Multiple customers got into them yesterday between 30-50 miles out whether it was trolling Joe Shutes with Ballyhoo or throwing stickbaits. Mark Haley went 7-8 and another friend of mine went 16-16.

  With a few nice bodies of water out in the deep, the canyons are even hotter. I was lucky enough to score big time on Thursday (6/22) aboard the Reel Innovation run by one of my best friends’, Captain Jeff Warford. We started off the morning with a triple header on Bigeyes but only landed one that came in at around 90-100 pounds. Then about 20 minutes later I came tight to the fish of a lifetime. We finally found the one, a 67″, 200+ pound Bigeye. Another solid fish was caught today by the Hubris. These are the first larger-sized class Bigeye of the year. After that, we decided to play around with the yellowfin. We had around 15 or so up to 50 pounds but broke an 80 pound class fish off at the boat. They were feeding on squids at the surface. To end the day we filled the box with over 30 golden and blue line tilefish. I had multiple friends in canyons both to the north and south catch fish as well. Giant Bluefin are still around too as a 350# was landed and an even bigger one was lost. It seems if you can find the right break in the water temp out there, you will get into fish. The amount of bait and life spread out right now is unbelievable.

Finally, sharking continues to get better and better. Brown sharks are being caught both in the bay and on the beach. Threshers are still close in as a customer went 1-2 the other day 5 miles off. The canyons are loaded with Mako’s on the night chunk. Don’t forget, Mako Mania is this weekend!

Looking forward to the coming weeks as everything seems to be coming together nicely, now is the time to get out and get on it!
Tight Lines,

Dan DiPasquale

6/20/17 Fishing Report

The south blow over the last couple of days cooled the water off quite a bit along the beach. Very similar to last week after  a hard south wind, the bass chewed very good early in the wash. Austin Pounds landed quite a few schoolies on bucktails this morning on the north end before the sun burned through the clouds. The fluke were picky throughout the morning but once dead low came it was just about every cast. No doormats, but respectable fish and a much better improvement size wise compared to last week. Both chartreuse and white swimming mullet were the ticket. I also ran into Steve George who was doing very well and tagging fluke for Monmouth University.  Eventually, the south wind picked up and the tide changed causing the bite to shut off pretty quickly. Fortunately, both the wind and forecast look to be in our favor over the next couple of days. Now is the time to get out and get on it! 

Tight Lines,

Dan DiPasquale

Photo: Steve George 

6/17/17 Fluke-A-Mania

Headed out at sunrise this morning on the west side of the bay to fish the outgoing tide on my cousin Greg’s boat. All morning we had solid fishing every drift on hi-lo bucktail rigs tipped with gulp.  For the most part, each drift produced multiple Fluke as we fished along the slopes of channels. The chartreuse swimming mullet and shrimp  were the ticket in the overcast conditions. We fised until about 11am and ended with well over 30 fish to 22″. On top of that there were multiple bluefish blitz’ throughout the morning, all you had to do was spot the birds. As the water continues to warm up, the fishing should only get better.  Get out and get on it, tight lines. -Dan DiPasquale

4/29 7PM Update

A honking west wind and ripping current made fishing very difficult this afternoon. Had to step up to a 3oz bucktail to get down and had somewhat of a pick of decent Blues but nothing like it was yesterday. The Fat Cow Jig Strips outfished the 8″ Gotcha Grubs this time. Saw very few rods bent for the amount of people out there as the fish seemed to stay down deep for the most part. 

However, the bite seemed to stay pretty consistent on the west side of the bay all day long for the boats.  Captain Glenn Worgan on the Wolverine  reported steady action using little swimming plugs. 

Heading out on the boat in the morning, perhaps the front moving through tonight will get the bass chewing a little harder in the back!

Tight Lines,

Dan DiPasquale

LBI Fishing Report 4/29

Yesterday afternoon (4/28), my friend Mike Nini and I hit the jetty for the outgoing tide. With a heavy south wind and a ripping current, we stepped up to 2.5 oz buckatils to get down in the water column. It was game on. We had fish nearly every cast for a solid two hours on bucktails with grubs. During that time, we chased the fish from the monument down to the lighthouse. It was finally nice to see some blues with a big stomach, unlike last weekend’s skinny ones. They were all coming up fat and full of bunker, almost every fish was over 35″. The bite only looks like it is going to get better with lots of fish on their way. The time is now, get out and get on it!
Yesterday Paul Haertel reported, “Good togging with our 4 man limit plus other legal sized ones shorts and sea bass thrown back. Zachary Michot had his personal best and big fish of the day at 8.55 lbs.”
One customer this morning, stopped back again for more fresh clams. He said, “Mid twenty inch range bass mid-island surf on clam!” 
The bay bite continues to get better. Both bass and blues. The blues are here in full force and feeding heavy. Lots of anglers are finding fish and catching all across bays on poppers and little swimmers. Jeff Warford was on the water this morning loading up on shark bait for the mako season.

Tight Lines,

Dan DiPasquale