Van Staal Reel Service Info

Van Staal Reels are built tough to give saltwater anglers the ability to fish with No Limitations. However like all fishing reels routine maintenance is required. This article details Van Staal Reel service information and highlights proper maintenance.

If you have questions or concerns about your Van Staal Reel contact us. Here at Fisherman’s Headquarters we are New Jersey’s Exclusive Factory Authorized Service & Warranty Center. It’s our goal to ensure your Van Staal Reels are running in tip top shape. Include this for when sending in a reel for service, repair or warranty… Van Staal Product Return Form

Saltwater fishing day in and day out takes a toll on most fishing reels. Van Staal Reels are made for it and with a little love will last a lifetime. Routine service (clean and lube) goes a long way.
Saltwater fishing day in and day out takes a toll on fishing reels, but Van Staal Reels are made for it! With a little love they will last a lifetime. Photo: @bbvrke

Maintenance Matters – Care For & Protect Your Van Staal Reels

What can I do to keep my Van Staal fishing reel in best shape?

Van Staal fishing reels are built strong but that doesn’t mean they should be misused or neglected. There are a few key areas to check up on. Here are a few simple tips to help protect your investment.

First & Foremost Keep It Clean

A light fresh water wash after each fishing trip goes a long way! It’s good practice to look over reels regularly and lookout for any signs of salt, rust or oxidation. We suggest frequently (every trip or every other if fishing consecutive days) washing the reel with mild soap (not a degreaser) and a rag to remove salt deposits and grim. Be sure to remove the spool to wash the rotor cup where salt and sand commonly hide. Go the extra step, dry the reel and whip down with some WD40 on a rag. A little goes a long way to polish and protect.

Remove The Handle

Periodically remove the reel’s handle by holding rotor and turning the handle arm backwards. Once off, clean the male (stainless steel threaded gear stud) and female (aluminum handle hub). This connection need to be clean and lubricated with grease.

Inspect & Keep All Seals Wet

Inspect all seals to be sure they are clean and wet with Van Staal Reel Oil. Dry seals will make the reel feel tight and lead to premature failure.

  • Quad Seal At Main Shaft: Always keep the spool shaft clean and lubricated. The quad seal is one of the most important seals because it seals the main shaft and keep water out of the internal gear case. When the quad seal is dry, the reel becomes hard to turn.
    • How To Lubricate The Quad Seal? First, Remove the drag cap and then the spool from the main shaft. Second, Clean the shaft with an oil moisten lint free rag. Also clean the center of the rotor, the area around the shaft where the four screw heads are. Next, turn the rotor to fully extend the shaft. Then apply oil at the base of the shaft (point where it enters the body cavity) and rotate the rotor. The shaft will oscillate down and wet the quad seal inside the body cavity. Wipe off excess oil overflow and repeat a couple more times.
  • Spool Seal At Drag: The main spool seal found on the top of the spool should be kept clean and wet with oil. It’s good practice to inspect for rust. Rust will be present if the steel clad is exposed. This is a tell tale sign the seal needs to be replaced.
  • Gear Stud Seal At Handle: This area is addressed in the previous part listed above, “Remove The Handle”.

Clean Drag Cap

The drag knob is a well know area where sand and salt can hide. It’s best to clean the female portion of the knob with a q-tip. Then lubricate with a small amount of grease. Grease grabs and holds sand so use a minimal amount.

Van Staal Reels are made for the salt and day but they require some maintenance and TLC. Keep them clean and lubricated and they will last a lifetime!
This spool and drag knob as it came off of the same reel photo listed below. Even though they aren’t really dirty it is easy to see the sand on the spool and by the drag seal. If the drag knob was over greased you can guarantee this drag knob would of been all caked up with sand.

Inspect Line Roller

Line rollers take a ton of abuse! They are always wet with saltwater and sandy when on the beach. They also get beat on jetties and in boulder fields. On top of that, braided line is very abrasive and can groove a line roller. It’s very important to check the line roller often and oil.

  • Is the line roller turning free and smooth? Sometimes all that is needed is some oil; however in some cases, the seal could have failed and the bearing could be compromised.
  • Is the line roller showing any signs of wear? If grooved, replace the line roller assembly in order to prevent damage to the fishing line.

Van Staal Lubricants

As per Van Staal factory specifications, Use Only 85w-90 hypoid gear oil (Buy Van Staal Reel Oil Here) and Nye Rheolube Grease (Buy Van Staal Reel Grease Here) for lubrication purposes. Rheolube is the right viscosity and also has anti-wear, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion additives. In a pinch a good quality marine grease such as Penn Reel’s Blue Marine Reel Grease is a ok substitute.

Van Staal Lubricants (oil & grease) have anti-wear, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion additives. Also they are compatible with butyl seals making them the best option for use on Van Staal Reels.

As per the Van Staal factory specifications, Do Not Use synthetic lubricants such as Royal Purple or Super Lube PTFE Oil. It’s not necessary and can cause problems because the butyl seals on Van Staal reels are not compatible with teflon and synthetic based lubricants.

Van Staal Complete Service Maintenance Schedule

Everyone’s maintenance schedule can be different. Depending on the number of hours fish and the style of fishing we recommended the following Complete Service Maintenance Schedule….

  • Hard Use – Fished hard (more than 30 days a season) and/or submerged frequently, regularly splashed during the season. An Annual Complete Service By A Van Staal Service Center Is A Must!
  • Common Use: Fished Occasionally (10-30 days a season) and/or commonly splashed but rarely submerged. A Complete Service Should Be Done Once A Year Or Every Other Year.
  • Lightly Used Reels: Fished infrequently (<12 trips a season) a few times a year. Rarely splashed. A Complete Service Should Be Done Every Other Year.

In certain cases the complete service intervals can be stretched out however it is very important to promptly address any water intrusion. The worst thing an owner can do is put a reel away for storage with saltwater inside. For this reason it is suggested to service reels at the end of the season.

This Van Staal Reel was fished hard and put away wet. The green corrosion is a tell tale sign it was due for service.
This Van Staal Reel was fished hard and put away wet. The next season it wasn’t working right so it was sent in for service. It was definitely due for some TLC. Dirty Reel? Clean It Up!

Van Staal Service & Repair Center

To ensure a complete and proper job, Van Staal suggests reel owners use only factory authorized service locations. Fisherman’s Headquarters is NJ’s Exclusive Factory Authorized Service & Warranty Center serving all Van Staal reel owners worldwide with VS, VSX, VM and VR reels as well as VS Pliers.

A Van Staal Reel Complete Service is $49.95 plus the price of required parts. The Van Staal technician carefully inspects and reviews the reel, completely disassembles, degreases, cleans, internal inspection, lubrication and reassembles. All seals are replaced. Wear items (such as bushings, drag washers, line roller, among others) are replaced if worn. All reels pass a multi point check list before completion.

Reels can be shipped in or dropped off. On the spot service is by appointment only. To send in your Van Staal Reel for service… First, the Van Staal Product Return Form and be sure to include with your reel. Be sure to pack your reel appropriately to ensure safe transit. Also ship using a service with tracking and insurance via UPS or FedEx.

LBI Fishing Report Jan 12, 2020

Spring was on the mind today! What a beautiful sunny day with a high of 62 degrees. That forecast sounds more like a spring day and it felt that way on the beach. Thanks to a strong sou’wester, I enjoyed the south swell that was pumping on the Ship Bottom beach today.

While walking the beach (up current) I talked to a couple surf anglers, but notta. With the mild ocean temp and abundance of birds roaming I’m confident there’s linesiders roaming the surf.

Just a heads up… the ocean/surf is open to fishing; however the inlets, back bays and rivers are close. With the striped bass stocks in need of help, please know the law and respect the species. Right now there’s basically two fisheries… tautog and white perch.

Tog Fishing Report

NJ Tautog Fishing Season is open Jan1 to Feb 29th, 15″ 4 fish creel.

Store staffer Blake was out this week (a couple days ago) aboard the No Moores. He reported some a savage bites on the ever so deadly Magictail Tog Jigs.

Big tog love crabs presented with the subtle-ness of Magictail Tog Jigs. Their superior design and super strong hooks are responsible for some really big blackfish.
This late season 14lb togzilla went for a crab baited Magictail tog jig aboard the No Moores!

Blake landed a monster, his new personal best 14 pounds, on a 1.5oz jig! Word is Dave will be keeping his boat in the water cause the fishing and weather is good. We are looking forward to more solid reports from the crew. Dave and the boat has had a killer 2019 and their 2020 is off to a great start!

Dante at Magictails was into good fishing recently aboard the No Limit down Delaware. He said the hogs were hammering, “Seven biggins from 10-18.5 pounds!!!!”

White Perch Fishing Report

So far this year, white perch fishing has been good. We got a few reports from local angler Gary Adair. A few days back “I caught a quick 70 perch for a fish fry. It was fun fishing because it bring me back to my childhood.”

Florida Fishing

Store staffer Frezza and Jay are finishing up a strike mission down in the sunshine state and they reported fishing has been good all week. Frezza said, “We have mangrove snapper at our dock along with pinfish (catching for bait). We hunted down some sheepshead and got them up to 20″. Looking for redfish but only found a couple.  Lots of speckled trout at the mangroves! In total we caught 11 different species and had a blast doing so. We are already planning our next trip back.”

Fish love hiding to stategically ambush prey but also for protection from larger species. Mangroves offer the perfect maze for hiding and feeding. Here is a speckled trout that was caught fishing lures close to the edge of the mangroves.
Here’s store staffer Jay with one of many speckled trout caught along the mangroves.

5 Extraordinary Saltwater Fishing Reels

5 Extraordinary Saltwater Fishing Reels great for targeting a variety of species from inshore, offshore and from shore. Here’s our top five picks which cover a lot of ground from dependable fishing reel brands.

Are you looking to buy a new saltwater fishing reel? Do you have questions or need help with a fishing reel?

Here at Fish Heads we are ready to assist. We fish and want to help you catch both more and bigger fish!

Stop in, Call Or Email Us Today!

Penn International VI Series Big Game Reels

The Big Game Brute

Sea monsters demand the most because they didn’t get that big being stupid. When it comes to big game fishing reels drag, gearing, bearings and line capacity are four of the most important specifications. But none of that matters if the frame (body) isn’t rock solid. Penn International Fishing Reels have a strong ridged body holds everything together and aligned during a long heated battle. Proven over decades of big fish, tournament wins, and record setting the Penn International Reels are a family of extraordinary saltwater fishing reels that are dependable and made in the USA. Redesigned in 2017, the Penn International Big Game Reels are better than ever.

Buy Penn International Big Game Reels Today!

When going to hunt down tuna, billfish or sharks gear up first with Penn International Series Reels for the ultimate big game weapon. They are extraordinary saltwater fishing reels for mid game fishing! Photo by Jim Potter
When going to hunt down tuna, billfish or sharks gear up first with Penn International Series Reels for the ultimate big game weapon.

Van Staal X-Series Spinning Reels

Made For The Salt & Surf

Van Staal Fishing Reels are hands down the best spinning reel for surf fishing. All metal, sealed and built like a tank… Fish With No Limitations… Fish Van Staal and own the surf.

Van Staal Reels are made for the salt and surf. Sealed for long term durability there's no better surf fishing reel. Van Staal reels are extraordinary saltwater fishing reels! Photo: Brad Bankos
Van Staal Reels are made for the salt and surf. Photo: Brad Bankos

These extraordinary saltwater fishing reels come in a full size ranging from 100 to 275 there’s a size for every fishing situation. The VS100 is perfect for kayak fishing as well as ultralight wade fishing. The most popular and most versatile for surfcasting, the VS150 & VS200 sizes match up great with rods in the 8-10′ range. The VS250 is the right choice when targeting big fish in big surf. It’s a perfect match on 10-11′ surf rods for fishing lures of all sizes. The VS275 is a specialty reel that’s great for launching lures the furthest (3″ spool diameter) and cranking quick in fast current (40″ per turn, the fastest retrieve of the bunch). Learn about Van Staal VR Series, a more affordable series of reels here.

Conquer the harshest saltwater conditions with Van Staal X-Series Reels. Buy today at Fisherman’s Headquarters!

Avet Lever Drag Reels

Versatile Compact Workhorse

Compact, versatile, powerful, durable… These key traits anglers demand are what Avet Fishing Reels offers. Precision machined in the USA, Avet Reels have a one piece frame and stainless gearing for ultimate strength and durability. The indestructible anti-reverse system, combined with Avet’s dry carbon drag offers one of the most smooth, wear resistant, reliable stopping power drag systems. The corrosion resistance anodized finish really tops off these beautiful reels.

Avet lever drag fishing reels are powerful and compact allowing anglers the freedom to target a variety of species utilizing different tactics with the same reel. Avet reels are extraordinary saltwater fishing reels!
Avet lever drag fishing reels are powerful and compact allowing anglers the freedom to target a variety of species utilizing different tactics with the same reel.

Avet has a reel for every type of saltwater fishing from jigging, live bait, chunking and trolling. They even offer a Magic Cast, magnetic cast control option, for those pitching irons and looking to launch long distances. These extraordinary saltwater fishing reels have a cult following. Experience an Avet and join it today!

Buy an Avet Fishing Reel Today!

Avet fishing reels are available in a variety of colors and many different with additional options such as MC Magic cast and two speed gears. The blue Avet fishing reel in this photo features the Magic Cast. It's detailed showing the adjustment dial
Available in a variety of options there is an Avet Reel for everyone. This photo details a blue Avet with the Magic Cast options. The magnetic cast control system is fine tuned by using the adjustment dial shown here.

Daiwa BG Spinning Reels

Quality Features At A Great Price

Quite possibly the best value in saltwater fishing reels, the Daiwa BG Series offers a ton of quality features at a great price. Packing the largest main gear in its class anglers love the smooth cranking power. The sloppy play found in most other reels is NOT present in the BG due to its solid screw in handle design. The powerful waterproof drag and dual anti reverse (on 4500 sizes and larger) stop big game fish fast.

Buy a Daiwa BG Fishing Reel Today!

Daiwa BG Reels are a great value! There quality and price is second to none! BG Reels are extraordinary saltwater fishing reels for inshore and mid-shore fishing!
Daiwa BG Reels are a great value! There quality and price is second to none!

There’s a Daiwa BG Reel for every saltwater fishing situation. To learn more about them check out our blog post, Best Inshore Saltwater Reel At The $100 Range… The Daiwa BG!

But if you are looking for a reel with a little extra bells and whistles… take a look at the Daiwa Saltist. The added Magseal feature in the Saltist Series offers extended performance and long lasting smoothness. Both the anti-reverse roller bearing and line roller bearing are Magsealed. Daiwa also offers the Saltist Back Bay Series that’s a perfect specialty lineup for shallow water anglers.

The joy of fishing Daiwa reels is fully understood once used and hooked up! Here's a happy anglers aboard Fish Head Charters with Captain Greg Cudnik.
The joy of fishing Daiwa reels is fully understood once used and hooked up! Here’s a happy anglers aboard Fish Head Charters with Captain Greg Cudnik.

Shimano Tranx Levelwind Reel

The Ultimate Saltwater Low Profile Reel

The Shimano Tranx is the ultimate saltwater low profile reel. It’s the perfect level wind reel that fits right in your palm. Offing all day comfort the Tranx is perfect for casting and jigging targeting all inshore species; striped bass, fluke, tautog, snook, redfish and even fresh water bass and musky.

Fish all day in comfort with the Shimano Tranx, the ultimate saltwater low profile fishing reel. From casting and jigging to bottom fishing, the Shimano Tranx reel can do it all. Shimano Tranx are extraordinary saltwater fishing reels! Photo by Todays Anglers
Fish all day in comfort with the Shimano Tranx, the ultimate saltwater low profile fishing reel. From casting and jigging to bottom fishing, the Shimano Tranx reel can do it all. As shown in the photo above the Shimano Tranx HG models comes with a round power grip knob. The standard models have a dual paddle handle.

What sets the Tranx apart from the rest?

Exclusive X-Ship & HEG designs provide massive cranking power yet smooth and effortless retrieve. Special water resistant technology (CoreProtect) provides long-lasting durability. Available in two sizes and two gear ratios as well as right and left hand there’s a Tranx for everyone! These extraordinary saltwater fishing reels are a favorite among the team at Fish Heads for fluke, striped bass and tog!

Buy a Shimano Tranx Fishing Reel Today.

Why ask a Facebook group and get conflicting info from the unknown? Why watch an influencer’s video on Youtube about something they were paid to produce? Why not ask an expert?

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Fishing Report January 4, 2020

Kicking off the new year, serious anglers are taking advantage of the mild temperatures. The weather has been surprisingly warm but it isn’t going to stay that way all winter so get out and enjoy! Here’s our first fishing report for 2020.

Striped Bass Still On The Surf

Recently reports from anglers fishing the suds in the fog this weekend were good. A couple reports from the longtime legends of surfcasting who are still hitting it hard even though it’s January. Shell E. fished with his son and reported, “Caught 9 between the two of us.”

Another report came in from DJ Muller who shared, “Still having fun! All fat and health bass juiced up on the beach. Two were almost keepers.” He caught them on rubber paddle tails.

Inshore Tautog Fishing Off LBI

The tog fishing in 2020 picked up right where it left off at the end of the year. Fishing has been very good for most anglers.

Very good fishing reported today reported by Swagmattic. Matt shared, “Three guys today with over 30 keepers up to 12lbs. We had a number in the 6-8 pound range.”

NJ Saltwater Tog Fishing Regulations For 2020 – Currently 4 Fish Bag Limit January 1 – February 29 (it’s a leap year). Then it’s closed for all of March and reopens April 1st.

NJ Sea Bass Fishing Regulations For 2020 – Currently Black Sea Bass is closed until spring.