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I apologize for this video up, and taking it down, and putting it up, and taking it down thing. The YouTube copyright secret service kept blocking it for copyright infringement. My friend had the radio on when I was filming and it picks up the song in the background that I evidently do not have the rights to. Like, WTF “big brother” is so far up my …. that he can see my tonsils. But wait, “big brother” should know I had my tonsils pulled when I was a kid. LOL enjoy!

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Striper Fishing off IBSP

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Capt. Alex

Lighthouse Sportfishing Report 11-11-18

Went with a video report today. Subscribe to my channel if you want quicker reports and book with me soon before the season’s over. My prediction is the bite will go insane in a few days as we approach the full moon (Beaver moon) on 11/23). The sand eels are staged to come in towards the beach to spawn during the next few lunar cycles.

Video Report

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Lighthouse Sportfishing Report 10/29/18

With the amount of bait along our beaches, this fall has the potential for being as good as it gets. Already the numbers of bonito along the beaches is like I have never experienced before. A friend of mine with two other boated over 80 on Friday. All on light spinning gear. Talk about world class. Mixed in were some false albacore and chub mackerel. Although not showing much along the beach, schools of adult bunker are commonplace just a few miles off the beach. As usual for this time of year plenty of bass and blues to be had around the inlet and backbay as we await to migratory schools. Some years the schools are here by now, some years they are not. However, my records which go back a few decades show about 8 out of 10 years we have migratory bass by Halloween.

Next week, week of Nov 5th, I am off and looking to fill in some dates starting with this Saturday, Nov 3rd. So if you are itching to get into some world class light tackle fishing contact me soon as I know my dates will be filling in quickly.

If you have some time check out my Barnegat Bay weather video from Saturday’s storm.     Barnegat Bay Weather

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