LBI Fishing Report May 21st

Hard onshore winds have dominated the past two days but anglers got out and fished. No spectacular reports but anglers are catching both on the beach and boat.
Here’s some reports from customers…
Adam McPherson from Buck County, PA reported a good time fishing the inlet yesterday. He said the blues were chewing plugs all afternoon.
Ed Sisson sent in this report, “Yesterday was non-stop off the south end surf. 13 blues up to 32 inches, 1 flounder, a couple of sharks all within two hours. Tried plugs and metal but no takers. They only wanted the meat! Only bunker was working for me.
Pat Schaefer from Levitown, PA got a 16lb 2oz striped bass off of the mid-island surf on bunker. He caught it fishing the late night shift.
Kevin Worthington and John Wilson of Orefield, PA fished the night shift too. Kevin got a nine pound bluefish and John got four (various sized) blues. It was best at the top of incoming. All on fresh bunker.
Just a heads up we just got in a fresh delivery of bunker so there are primos here for the anglers that want to chunk. We also have live eels and live minnows. There’s no telling when more clams will arrive.

Beach Haven Charter Fishing Report

By Jim Hutchinson Sr.

As spring finally starts to arrive, the fishing action in the Beach Haven area continues to heat up. Several captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association have been putting their time in on the water and coming up with some positive results.

Captain Gary Dugan of “Irish Jig Sportfishing” usually will pull the plug when weather conditions make it too uncomfortable for his anglers. On a recent trip, he termed it “like an episode of Deadliest Catch.” The group had to take the trip that day or no trip at all. Captain Gary managed to find some protected areas of Great Bay and provided them with some action on big bluefish.

Captain Tom Masterson had a great day on the bay with the Pat Lavanga party aboard Captain Carl Sheppard’s “Starfish” with bluefish being the request of the day. The group had some great action catching 15 big bluefish trolling Rebels and spoons between the inlet and Great Bay.

Captain Matt Curtis of “Olbarney Guide Service” reports “crummy” weather slowing action down a bit but when he can get out he has managed a good mix of keeper striped bass and black drum to 35-pounds in the bay. Outside the inlets, he hears the striped bass bite is underway a little north of Beach Haven with 30-40-pound bass taking Mojos and spoons. Last Sunday he had a bay trip that had non-stop action on big dog fish and plenty of blues along with a 50-pound drum that was released. He managed to pick up one 28-inch striper that made its way into the fish box.

Captain Jimmy Zavacky of the “Reel Determined” and Captain Ray Lopez of the “Miss Liane” will be donating their time on June 3 to participate in a fishing event for “Project Healing Waters.” Sponsored by the Holiday Beach Club in Waretown, this is a day of fishing for injured veterans. Both captains are to be commended for their efforts to pay back to those who have served our country.

Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at


Quality Striped Bass Here Now

For the most part the local troll bite has been quality with some really nice fish coming up. We’ve got the spring’s largest fish here now!!! Go fish! Randy Townsend got a good one on the troll yesterday. He was working the waters off IBSP when this large striped bass ate a Tony Maja #4 two-tone green bunker spoon.

Reports from this morning were slow; however, Jeff Warford went out this afternoon and found them. He got a good one among others pulling spoons.

Looks like another wave of bluefish flooded our area. Yesterday afternoon we got some great reports of medium to large size blues. The racers are in the bay, inlet and the surf. We got positive reports from the mid-bay yesterday and the Inlet late in the day. The surf was good in the afternoon too on both bait and lures. Blake and I went out for a couple hours last night looking for bass, only pulled blues. I pushed back out in the morning and went on the search but couldn’t find bass. Stumbled on some small packs of bunker deep. Snagged a couple but no takers. Ended up trolling around for an hour or so then resorted to Plan B, the Inlet. Hammered the blues on lures. Among the mediums, I managed to get a couple good size teen gators fishing an extra large pencil popper. The schools of blues racing around the popper and the hooked fish was cool.

They are here! Ed Sisson was recently fishing the surf and had his bunker chunk inhaled by a 22″ fluke. It must have hurt to let it go! 

On the fluke front, we’ve got a lot of emails and calls asking about the fluke regulations. After this past weeks fluke meeting, the NJDEP Commissioner Bob Martin approved, the measures for NJ’s recreational summer flounder fishery. There’s only one speed bump or potential brick wall, the Commerce Department, but a little birdie says they aren’t planning on stopping it. So here it is, as confirmed via email from the NJ Fish & Wildlife email…

The 2017 NJ Summer Flounder “Fluke” Recreational Regulations…

For all NJ coastal waters:
18-inch minimum size limit
3-fish possession limit
Open season May 25 through September 5

For Delaware Bay and tributaries:
17-inch minimum size limit
3-fish possession limit
Open season May 25 through September 5

For Island Beach State Park (Shore Mode only)
16-inch minimum size limit
2-fish possession limit
Open season May 25 through September 5

LBI Fishing Report May 18, 2017

The Jersey coast is alive with bass and blues showing daily in the ocean and bay. The recent south winds did not offer perfect conditions but anglers worked through it and produced catching quality bass and bluefish. They are being caught from both the beach and the boat. We anticipate this to continue with prime time Jersey Shore fishing the next four weeks. Here’s some recent reports…

The surf has blues and bass cruising the suds. Anglers are catching fishing bait and lures. The bass seem to be getting larger (upper 40″ range) and the blues seem to be getting smaller but there are some racers mixed in. Sloane Endick got this bass of the LBI surf recently.

Store staffer Kelley went out after work yesterday and found some life in the dark. He locked into a good size bluefish on a NorthBar Bottle Darter.
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Store staffer Dan D plugged for a couple hours in the evening. He found some bass plugging. He reported, “Who needs a boat when you can smoke them on the beach… persistence pays off. My exploring trip paid off big time.” Here’s his biggest.


The troll bite has been a slow pick but at times there’s signs of greatness. A couple have picked up fish live-lining too. Dan Rosetto got this one on the troll yesterday. He reported, “There’s bunker around. By the by weekend the snag might be good, if there isn’t 1000 boats blowing them apart.” We got a nice bunker delivery yesterday from our local gill net boat and news from them was sweet and sour. “Lots of bunker patches stretched along LBI and IBSP. There was an active whale the other day. The reduction fleet seine boats are actively working and pounding the bait.” Let’s hope they meet their quota quickly, skip town and there’s some bunkers left for the bass to set up and feed on.

Jeff Warford went out on the bay for an afternoon-evening session yesterday. He reported the blues were thick and active. “They were good size ones and lots of them chewing hard! We crushed them on plugs.” I was stoked to hear Jeffie got out and had a safe and successful trip. Our last outing wasn’t. Getting hooked while on the dock loading up puts a damper on a trip really quick. Thanks to Dr. Todd for the emergency help!!!

Eight year old Wyatt Spalding weighed in a 11.36 pound bluefish yesterday.


A local angler Tom shared this report, “I fished the inlet and it was kind of a dud. Not the usual elbow to elbow lineup and only a small handful of fish to be had. This certainly has not been the epic season as it’s been the past few years. None the less the weather was perfect and the smell of salty air makes it all good.”

Bass & Blues On Beach & Boat

Now that it has settled down more anglers are getting back out and reports are flowing in. The fish are on the chew both on the beach and boat. Here’s some recent reports.

Bass along the beach is getting better.

Fresh off the surf, John Murry stopped in the shop to get a new tip installed on his Lamiglas surf rod. While here John reported bass and blues on bunker. John said the fishing was good where he was on the mid-island surf.

Another angler was in and reported fun fishing with his son on the bayside, small blues.

The crabbing is red hot.  Customers are raving on the blue claws right now.

The Inlet was good yesterday.  Got word from a couple customers who had fun there on bucktails and plugs.


Some good reports today from the boat guys. We heard there’s bunker patches along the beaches of LBI and IBSP. Here’s a nice one from Mark Finelli of Laura Sportfishing. Mark reported catching a couple on the snag and drop today out of Barnegat Inlet. Looking to get out on the water with Mark? Give him a call… 8563416562


Paul Sowney Jr sent in this photo of a nice bass. Caught and released off the LBI surf yesterday.




Matt Polito reported a good day yesterday. “It was a nice day on the beach catching bluefish on the LBI surf.” Here’s a photo of one yellow eye.


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Soggy Saturday Fishing Report

In recent days the striped bass migration has arrived with quality bass cruising our local waters. Still the bluefish beat down continues. Boat and beach fishing has been great. Coming off the full moon we’ll have the spring’s (possibly the year’s) biggest run of fish in the next four weeks. It’s prime time!

While the weather is sour today the ten day forecast is ripe. We are stoked  for what the coming weeks will offer.

The last couple nights were great ones to be on the Island’s surf.  The conditions were prime (clean white water) with a nice gentle sweep. The fish were present and feeding! Here’s some reports…

Todd Luber reported a solid night slinging eight ‘n bait! We fished most of the outgoing tide till about 2:30. Four bass between Brendan, Matt and I. All quality fish in the 36 to 40″ range. I was lucky enough to beach three. Brendan got one. Matt arguable got one of the biggest blues we have seen this season at 18 pounds on the boga. Missed numerous others fish and several blues in the mix. Memorable night!

Yesterday Matthew Polito stopped in the shop, got a new set up and hit the mid-island surf. We got a quick review… “I love the new setup! Shout out to Greg at the shop for helping me gear up. The Tsunami Airwave Elite matched with a Penn SSV handles great. Thanks for helping me get on the fish last night!”

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The crew here at the shop had a fun couple of nights. The night shift two days in a row have been good. The mid-island surf is producing! Blake got a nice bass on a metal lip last night. Willie, Kelley and I were into blues. Last night I walked into the same area I fished the previous night and morning (both were productive). First cast, missed a bite. Second, third and fourth cast each had a fish. It was a really consistent bite for about an hour then it tapered off to a slower pick. My MVP was a bone white Super Strike Rattling Swimmer aka Bottle Plug.

Jimmy Nacion reported a solid night Thursday, “Fish on! Both bass and blues on the mid-island beach. Steve-o and I has bass up to 35″ and blues up to 16 pounds. The Northbar Bottle Darters were the ticket. We also got them pulling on bait. At least 30- 40 fish between the two of us.”
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Bass fishing in the boats has been good. Once the weather clears we expect fishing to be awesome. Anglers are catching trolling spoons. Here’s some recent reports…
Captain Mike Villanova of No Limits Sportfishing said,  “Yesterday afternoon we had the opportunity to take Keith Tindall from Jerry’s Diesel out for an after work trip. The northeast wind had the ocean sloppy. The Inlet was loaded with bluefish but we decided to stick out the conditions and try for a striper. We marked lots of fish but couldn’t get anything to bite. After about an hour we finally connected with a nice one, 48” for our first bass of the season!
David DiGangi sent in this photo and report… “I caught this 45″ bass on Thursday at about 9:30 am trolling a white #4 Bunker Spoon with a complete Tony Maja rig and wire line. We were just north of the Barnegat Inlet in 40′ of water.”
= = = = =

Since 1984, the Bureau of Marine Fisheries has been involved in an intensive program of artificial reef construction and biological monitoring. Artificial reefs in ocean waters along the New Jersey coast provide a habitat for fish, shellfish and crustaceans, fishing grounds for anglers, and underwater structures for scuba divers. This past Wednesday, the famed ‘Perfect Storm’ rescue ship, the Tamaroa, was sunk off the coast of New Jersey to become part of an artificial reef that is enhancing fishing opportunities off the coast of New Jersey and Delaware. Peter Clarke sat down with Bob Bostock to discuss the sinking of the Tamaroa as well as New Jersey’s Artificial Reef Program. To listen to the podcast go to this link…


Classy fish along the beach!

Some good reports off the Island surf today. Bass and blues…

Store staffer Rob was on the beach and got fish. Todd Luber reported “Decent morning chunking the surf. Got this one and dropped one. The old man got two nice bluefish.”

More fish pulled yesterday! Anglers slow trolling along the beach are catching classy fish.

We had some nice fish weighed in yesterday from Carmine Tocci. He checked in a good one (41 pounder) that went for a green Tony Maja bunker spoon. Carmine was trolling off of IBSP.
Fish Head’s Alumni Yonnie got out for an after work sunset session. Yonnie said, “Bass reports bass are here!”

Bill Tallman and Jack Reynolds got em good yesterday…  Bill reported, “What a night it was! A little sloppy out but me and Jack found some fish quickly. After working some marks we put the first fish of the year on the deck. The marks disappeared, so we moved looking for more. Found what we were looking for… Double header! Two fish pushing 50 pounds at the same time.” Check out the two photos below.

Coyle Brains reported, “The big bass have moved in on most of the inshore lumps.” Fishing aboard Drop Off Sportfishing they landed a pair of 30 pounders.
Here’s a couple photos from the More reports of blues and bass off the surf and in the bay.
Chris Masino got a racer off the surf.
John Delsordo got a full moon bass, bunker chunking.
Darren Hutchinson got his new personal best last night. He wanted to give a shout out to store staffer Blake for the hook up on a custom Blake Darters!
Looks like the drum bite picked up some stream on the full moon. Marc Taggart got a good one. “Not a bad way to spend a couple hours.”

Another report came from Wes Bouchelle, “Thanks to Big Nasty Nate for showing me the drum grounds. Got my first over 60 pounds from the scale.”

Here’s an update from Stew Hitchner, the former captain/owner of the Pez Machine. Stew and family packed up and headed out to Hawaii. It looks like they are enjoying them selves. Check out the photo below of Allison & Stew “On the meat… Three for four on ahi tuna yesterday. What a fun day!”

Public Service Announcement

Just a heads up, the lane in front of the store which was once a shoulder is now a through lane. No idea who at the Dept of Transportation thought it was a good idea but it has proven to be very  dangerous. There has already been a couple accidents.

Today or tomorrow (May 11-12) the speed limit will be lowered on county roads (Long Beach Blvd and Central Ave) Barnegat Ave is always 25mph. May 22 the traffic signals will be turned on across the entire island.
As always drive with care. Keep your eyes out and pay attention. Watch out for those who are not.
Info from NJ Fish and Wildlife on the State’s Striped Bass Bonus Program…
The Striped Bass Bonus Program will reopen on September 1, 2017.  Applications for individuals and party/charter boats are currently being accepted. For more information, including application forms and instructions, visit on the NJDEP Div. of Fish and Wildlife website.