LBI Fishing Report 12/28/19

The 2019 season is finishing off with a bang! Thanks to a mild and tranquil weather pattern the fishing front this past week has been strong. Here’s a fishing report update for Saturday Evening December 28, 2019.

Tog Fishing

On the boat, the Tog fishing is arguably the best it has been all year. Lots of double-digit sized blackfish are coming over the rail and it seems to only be getting better the past two weeks. Magictail Tog Jigs continue to outperform being one of the most effective big fish approaches responsible for remarkable catches. From winning a number of tournaments to putting daily double digit blackfish on the deck these tog jigs are the real deal! Recently shop regular Chris O’Brien got a 16# male tog fishing with Captain Steve Moran of White Crab Charters.

Captain Mike Kelly of On Point Charters has been on the white chins all season and really dialed in recently. He had 4 fish over 10lbs since Monday with countless 4-8lb roasters. It’s prime time for big fish now! So if you are looking to break your personal best, now is the time! Stop by Fish Heads and gear up with the right equipment and go wreck hunting!

Here’s store staffer Frezza with a recent large catch that fell for a Magictail Tog Jig.

Fish Head Ambassador Matt “Swagmattic” has been out on the water just about everyday this past week. He knows that the brutal winter could set in soon so he’s getting every hour of fishing in he can. He reported, “The fishing has been very. I’m catching a lot of tog with some good size ones!”

Here’s a recent photo of Matt with a double double from a recent trip.

Today (Saturday) Matt reported, “(We had) Slow fishing today. We put our time in and made some moves. Ended up working for them and put together a respectable catch. Four guys, fifteen fish, two 8’s and a 12# so it wasn’t a bad day. But it was much slower compare to the last couple of days. I’m looking forward to fishing tomorrow before this weather comes.”

The weather he's referring to is an area of low pressure that's expected to develop offshore of us, giving rain, blowing ENE winds and swell. It clears out Tuesday with offshore winds, becoming more breezy Wednesday. Thursday look looks like the first day to get in the first fishing of 2020.

Sea Bass Fishing

Deep water sea bass fishing offshore is and has been very productive. The light winds and fair seas as of late offered prime opportunities for anglers even in small boats to get out to the Edge. Most are running 60-80 miles where anglers are fishing hot jig bites with knuckle head sea bass in the 4-7# range. Over the rail and into the pale drop and reel fishing is reported by most all going. Also in the mix… nice sized Haddock, Pollack, Cod, and even Weakfish.

Striped Bass Fishing

School-sized striped bass are still running the beaches. The same deadly late season approach is doing the trick… metal and soft plastic sand eel imitations. Jeff Shapiro stopped in the shop today (Saturday) and reported catching over a dozen bass in the 16-22″ range on the North End surf.

Another surf report came in from Rob Swift, “Got a 22″bass on the south end surf at dusk fishing a green teaser.”

We only got one report from bassin’ on the boat. Professor Fish Head Dave Werner reported, “The flattest ocean but so dead. Ran all over and couldn’t find a bass. We should of went tog fishing!”

LBI Fishing Report December 21, 2019

Finally we get a nice break from the brutal winds and all reports were very good fishing. The year is winding down fast but the fishing continues strong. Get out and enjoy fun fishing before the death grip of winter sets in. Here’s the Long Beach Island Fishing Report Update for Saturday December 21, 2019 the shortest day of the year.

Days are getting longer from here on out!

Striped Bass Fishing

All of the classy ones are down in Virginia entering the Chesapeake Bay. Here’s Fish Heads Ambassador Dan releasing his new personal best.

Dan reported, “It was an awesome early Christmas present! Was chasing this fish since I was a kid. Came close many times. Finally! Fish was 52-53lbs on the Boga. I can’t thank Chuck Tyman and Mike Greene enough for taking the time and showing me the ropes!”

While the big ones are was south there’s an abundance of hungry linesiders still here! Today we heard some promising reports from both beach and boat anglers.

LBI Surf Fishing Report

There’s lots of striped bass cruising the beaches of LBI. While most think it’s over, the skeleton crew (or should we call them the Eskimos) are still grinding and catching!

Bill Heade fished a few time in recent days and had this report to share. “I fished the incoming tide on Thursday 19th on the north end of LBI at first light. I caught one schoolie bass. Had four other bites, two dropped on way in and two others didn’t come tight. A metal with a teaser and a sand eels soft bait tail got all my bites. Seemed like a slow retrieve worked best. Called it quits at about 9:30am when my plug bag froze up. You know it is cold when things start freezing up. The water beads were freezing on my jacket. Shout out to Mike at Fish Heads for recommending a neoprene Stormr Jacket! Kept me warm all morning! Had a thermal and a long sleeve underneath and I was sweating. The jackets awesome and worth every penny!”

Bassin’ On The Boat

One report came in from Professor Fish Head Dave Werner who fish with the Coen brothers Jon and Brian. “We bundled up and went for a morning trip. There were a few fish off Island Beach on the jig with some birds picking. Everything was scattered.”

Another report came in from Mike Kelly… Heading in from wreck fishing we came across piles of fish right outside the Inlet. All dinks.”

Tog Fishing!

The Jersey tautog season has been very good! By all accounts it’s firing on all cylinders right into 2020!

Zach Michot from Magictails was out today aboard the No Moores. “It was another good day with a four man limit of quality tautog. Magictail products doing the magic!”

Fish Head Alumni Swag has been getting out every break he can get. He shared this report, “Fished Monday on the Osprey out of Atlantic City and had a fantastic day catching with 8 keepers. Headed back out Friday but it was a different story I only had 1 blackfish all day, but other caught. I was planning on taking the day off but had a buddy ask me to head out with him. I decided to go today. You never know when the weather will turn sour and blow for an extended period of time, so I want to take advantage of the fishable days when I can. I’m glad I did! I had a double limit+ with the big fish just shy of 11 pounds.

Jared Grady did a double on the Osprey fishing Friday and Saturday. He had a great day on both trips.

Deep Water Sea Bass Fishing

Anglers are heading out to the deep hunting sea bass and getting in on drop and reel fishing. Nick Perello has been getting out and each trip is loading up! His most recent trip was was today. They limited out with all over 18″.

Earlier in the week Nick reported some big weakfish mixed in with the sea bass and porgies.

Another customer in the shop (local Manahawkin angler) fishing on the Voyager reported great fishing on his recent trips. “Lots of good sea bass jigging as well as weakfish in the 3-8# range. There’s also large bonita and some jumbo porgies. Everyone is limiting out on the boat. Some days I’m catching double and triple limits jigging. There’s lots of sand eels out there so the slender jigs are the way to go. Hands down the Nomand Streaker Jigs Are The Best!

The Nomand Streaker Jigs are by far the most popular jig in the North East the past coupe of years. The slender profile is well knows as the hottest jig when fish are keyed in on sand eels. The past couple of years the Nomand Streaker Jigs are responsible for out fishing just about any and all jigs on the mid-shore bluefin grounds. They also shined all fall for striped bass and now are working great on sea bass. If you haven’t fished a Streaker nows the time to grab one because we have some in stock. During the “season” they sell out as fast, usually one to two days after arriving. Take a look at them today!

Reel Reaction Charters – Open Dates (Tog)

Dates available: If the temperatures stay above freezing or don’t dip below 32F for multiple days, we are planning are running through the New Year. Currently, I have the following dates available: 12/21, 12/23, 12/26, 12/29, 1/4/2020 and 1/5/2020. All green and white crabs are included on Tog trips!!

I had the opportunity to run after school and hit one of my favorite pieces south and the ride took longer than the bite. Quick 5 fish limit to 7 pounds!

If interested in booking a charter, book through our site ( or call/text 609-290-7709.   As always, we use the highest quality gear and everything is included: gear, bait, tackle, fish-cleaning, and ICE!  It’s “no worries” fishing.  Just come aboard and FISH.

Capt. Brett Taylor ~ ~ Call or Text: 609-290-7709

LBI Fishing Report December 13, 2019

The weather has not been the best but fishing is surprisingly very good! Anglers are catching on the beach and in the boat. Here’s a short fishing report update for Friday the 13th, December 2019.

Juvenile striped bass continue in good numbers. Local anglers are catching matching the hatch…. think slender sand eels. Here a photo from Joe Medica “Epic night on the beach with bass and a crazy full moon!” Photo of Tyler Medica above.

It’s prime time tog fishing here! Store staffer Frezza was out Wednesday aboard the No Moores and got his personal best, 10.54# and fellow angler Johnny O got a 12.46#. Both were caught on Magcitail Tog Jigs baited with live crab. Here’s a photo of Dante from Magictails with a fat female that he caught and released this week.

No Limits Sportfishing – Fishing Report

Fishing Report

Outstanding striped bass fishing this past weekend!

Wednesday 12/4 – We had a slow start with a very strong finish in OT. We had return client Chris along with his nephew Colin, as well as Rob and Rick out for a 6hr striped bass trip. Chris had high expectations after his outstanding trip last week, but what a crazy difference a couple days off made! We started in the same area we’ve been fishing. We had whales putting on a show, bait everywhere, and marked tons of fish that didn’t want to bite. After hours of only managing one 22” fish and not much time left, we picked up and made a move. We caught 3 fish right away, tagging one for a slot fish. In overtime mode, we put the boat on drift and instantly caught 15 bass on jigs, tagging one more for the table. The slow start turned into ending the day with 20 bass. Great job champing out the cold and fishing guys! Sorry we didn’t get more pictures because the ending was a blitz with everyone catching fish!

Saturday 12/7 – We had James, John, and Scott out for a striped bass charter. James won one of our giveaways for a free trip and after cancelling for weather, we were finally able to get him out today. We started where we jigged them a couple days ago but the weather was not in our favor and the fish were scattered. We set up on the troll to look for fish and instantly hooked up with a double header. The guys put a beating on the bass today catching 32, keeping our 5 slot fish up to 27” and releasing the rest. Great job in the cold weather and sloppy seas today guys!

Sunday 12/8 – Outstanding bass fishing with doubles and triples all day! We had Jim and his son James from Moorestown, NJ out for a 6hr striped bass trip. We started the morning off with a double header right away and got James his first ever striped bass! Within the first 30 minutes we had our limit of slot fish in the box. We played catch and release with many more. We made a moved to hunt for bigger fish and were rewarded with a 29” fish after weaving through some more slot fish. We ended the trip with an insane drop and reel jig bite. The father son team did awesome today, catching almost 40 bass. We sent them home with smiles and sore arms! Great job today guys!


We will be continuing to fish for striped bass as long as the bite remains good. We will also be throwing in a few blackfish trips as well up until the New Year, or as long as the weather will allow us to keep fishing. The upcoming weather forecast does not look promising this week but we will be back out whenever the weather allows. We have this coming Saturday 12/14 available, weather permitting. Now is the time to get in on the action while the bass are here in full force!

If you are interested in getting out please contact us to book your trip. Call or text Captain Mike to get out on the water or send us a message through our website! (609)-709-7264

Fishing Report – Reel Reaction Charters

It has been another good couple of weeks of fishing out of Barnegat Light. We have been doing well on Striped Bass and Tog when we can get out due to the winds/weather. This weekend looks a little tough, but hopefully it changes. There was a very good Striped Bass bite this past weekend with both of my charters limiting on their slot tags and each trip averaging 30 to 45 Striped Bass. The sizes of the Stripers have ranged from 20 to 29 inches and almost all of action has been on metal jigs or plastic shads. I have a few “Tog only” trips coming up, so we are planning to hit some of my choice snags and will be using both white and green crabs. Our facebook page always has the most recent fishing reports…

If the Striped Bass are still around, we will continue to target them as our NJ issued slot tags expire 12/31/2019. Tog fishing is also an option and we have Green crabs and White Leggars (when available) are included on all Tog trips. Our Tog setups feature G.Loomis rods, Lamiglas, and St.Croix with fantastic feel and excellent backbone for muscling the big boys out of the wrecks. 

If the temperatures stay above freezing, we are planning to run into the New Year and having the heated cabin makes a world of difference. I have the following dates available: 12/21, 12/22, 12/23, 12/26, 12/29, 12/30, 1/4/2020, 1/5/2020 – only if the temperatures stay above freezing.

If interested in booking a charter, book through our site ( or call/text 609-290-7709.   As always, we use the highest quality gear and everything is included: gear, bait, tackle, fish-cleaning, and ICE!  It’s “no worries” fishing.  Just come aboard and FISH.

Capt. Brett Taylor ~ ~ Call or Text: 609-290-7709

LBI’s Weekend Fishing Report For December 8, 2019

Another good weekend of fishing the waters of Long Beach Island. Saturday started off sporty with stiff northerly blow but things settled down mid day and the second half was beautiful. Sunday followed it up being a flawless day. Those that got out and fished were rewarded. Small fish but don’t complain. It’s December… enjoy it while it lasts! Here’s the Long Beach Island Fishing Report Update.

On The Surf

The small bass action continues on the LBI surf offering great catch and release fun on light tackle. Finding a keeper size fish or better is a long shot but the consistent of action is awesome. Anglers fishing the same tackle as previously reported numerous time are getting it done.

Chris Masino post this photo and reported “Another Fun Night” fishing Sunday.

Sarge tagged us on a video releasing a bass on the surf Saturday. He said catch and release fishing has been fun.

Steve George shared a report on his Facebook page, “It’s been a great couple of weeks (day and night) tagging all these juvenile striped bass that have invaded the surf line. Hope they get a chance to double in size and return some migration data research to better understand these very important inshore fish. If they do the fishing can be very good again. We will See.”

LBI Surf Fishing Classic

This weekend concludes the LBI Surf Fishing Classic. Administration wise it will be wrapped up soon.

Looking back it was a slow year for quality size striped bass and there was a missing species. Not one bluefish! We know a good mass of striped bass hung around the three mile line and the deeper waters all fall. But where were the bluefish? This was not the year for bunker chunkers! The spiny dog fish ruled the suds and wreaked havoc on those soaking baits. It really shows with the top six biggest fish, none on bunker. Surfcasters shuffling their lures worked some magic and the night shift crew put together some good nights eeling. The North End of the Island was most productive early, mid and late season. As expected the largest and best fishing was late October and early November. In the end there was an influx of bass but nothing that would show for the tournament record purposes.

On The Boat

Last run of the year for Brendan Craig today. He reported, “We had doubles at sunrise. It was a good day.” Dave Werner was also out with a couple friends. He reported an “Epic December Bite” on lures.

Friday morning Tyler Wilk reported, “Fished out of BI this morning. Went north and caught shorts. Headed back south to Harvey Cedars Lump and trolled up several 25-29″ fish on umbrella rigs. Swell picked up and the bite died. ON the way in we hit a massive bird play and jigged up another keeper.”

The Miss Barnegat Light did good over the weekend but Sunday was their last trip of the year. “Lots of action! Fish lighter tackle and have a ball!”

The Ultimate Angler Experience

The First Ultimate Angler Experience went down on Saturday (12/7/19) and was a huge success. What a great group of guys! The conditions were sporty in the morning but as the day went on things settled down. For the intents and purposes, the fishing was good. Every stop/spot the tog were hungry and the first 20 minutes or so would be good. But it just wouldn’t last much longer. Fortunately the Captain kept moving and adjusting to keep us active with fish all day.

A couple anglers limited out with Crazy Fast Eddy being the high hook. Congrats to Johnny O, the big winner of the day! Not only did his big fish (right about 10 pounds) take home the pool, but he was one of the anglers who won 1 of the 7 rods and reels that were raffled off. Our wonderful and generous sponsors made it possible for everyone to win something; rods, reels, gift cards, fishing line, apparel, tackle. There were loads of giveaways!

Thanks to everyone who attended. We hope you enjoyed the whole experience. We already got some great feedback from anglers who loved the trip. We are already looking forward to the next Ultimate Angler Experience.

Huge Thanks to Swag (Matt Sorrentino) for coming up with the idea and making the event happen. Also a big thanks to Magictail’s Dante Soriente and Frank Mihalic for sharing some of the their knowledge accumulated over the years. All three of the short seminar talks (Matt, Dante, Frank) were great!

Thanks to the Captain and Crew of the Osprey NJ for hosting us. Also a special thank you to Daiwa’s Chris Shoplock and Jigging World’s Mike Kim for providing an incredible amount of products for everyone to demo on the boat. It was great sharing the rail and fishing with you guys! Also thanks to Cortland Line Co and The Fishermans Magazine!

Keep your eyes out on or social media page for some photos and video from the trip. We’ll be sharing periodically over the winter.

No Limits Sportfishing – Fishing Report/Shopping Sales/Availability

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Striped bass fishing has been outstanding for us this past week.

Fishing Report

Monday 11/25, We found an epic bite as I had new clients Chris and his 11 yr old son Ryan from Pequannock, NJ along with their friend Bryan out for a 6hr striped bass trip. The first couple of hours started off as we did not mark any bait or fish and were worried about yesterday’s wind messing things up. We made a small move close to where we’ve had good fishing and before we knew it, it was game on with doubles and even a triple! It became very hard to keep the rods in the water. The crew ended up going 14/14 on striped bass from 24”-39”, keeping our 5 man limit of slot fish as well as fish from 28-39”. The rest of the fish were released safely. Everyone caught their first striped bass today too! Great job today guys we look forward to fishing with you again next year!

Tuesday 11/26, The epic bite continued for us! We had Mike, his son Justin, Chris, and Frank out for a 6hr striped bass trip. The bait, whales, and fish were right where we left them yesterday and we had our first bites within minutes. We had a couple double headers as well as a quadruple header today! We ended the day going 16/18 on nice healthy fish from 24”-36”. We kept our 6 man limit of slot fish and unders from 28-36”, releasing the rest for another day.

Wednesday 11/27, And just when we thought the fishing could not get any better, this morning proved us wrong yet again. With a small weather window before the blow, I had Rick from Philadelphia, PA along with his father Rick and brother Alex visiting from Galveston, TX for the holidays out on a striped bass trip. The ocean was flat calm but we knew we didn’t have much time to fish before the weather would change. Within seconds of fishing, we had our first keeper in the box. After that, it was an outstanding bite with double headers almost every time and even a triple header! In just over 2 hours of fishing, the crew went 22/24, keeping our 5 man limit of slot fish and unders to 34” and releasing the rest to fight another day. With a box full of fish we ended the trip early and headed home to beat the weather. Great job today guys, we look forward to fishing with you again!

Saturday 11/30, We ended the last day of November with another outstanding trip. I had Mike, Jay, and Kevin from Forked River, NJ out for a 6hr striped bass trip as well as fishing the 3rd Annual Drumstick Cup Tournament. The forecast was way off and the conditions were very sporty with 4-6’ seas at 5 seconds. We toughed out the weather and made it to where we have had great fishing. The morning started off slow, but after some looking around we boxed our first slot fish. Shortly after, we doubled up on 25lb class fish 38-40”. From there on, we had a steady pick of nice bigger fish in the 34-40” range. We ended the trip with our limit, going 10/13 on bass from 26-40”. We also released fish up to 33”. The body of fish that we found today were much bigger than previous trips with not as many small fish mixed in. We also ended up taking 1st place in the Drumstick Cup with a 40” 25lb fish! Great job today guys!

Cyber Monday/Holiday Shopping Sale!

For Cyber Monday and Tackle Tuesday we are offering 10% off of all charters booked for 2020! Also, if you are looking for the perfect holiday gift, we have gift certificates available for any amount! Contact Captain Mike at 609-709-7264 or message us through our website to take advantage of these great deals!


We have 2 spots available for this coming Wednesday 12/4. We also have Sunday 12/8 available. Now is the time to get in on the action while the bass are here in full force!

If you are interested in getting out please contact us to book your trip. Call or text Captain Mike to get out on the water or send us a message through our website! (609)-709-7264

Weekend Fishing Report Update December 1, 2019

Great action packed weekend on the waters of Long Beach Island. The striped bass are here in full force and on the chew ahead of Sunday’s storm. Here’s the Fishing LBI Fishing Report for Sunday December 1, 2019.

Tackle Sale Alert!!! No one does a holiday shopping tackle sale like us! The season’s best discounts are here now. What kicked off Thanksgiving is going strong until Cyber Monday and limited sales will be included on Tackle Tuesday. Looking for the perfect gift? Need something for yourself? Rods to reels, lures, line, terminal tackle, sunglasses, apparel, boots and much more… Everything is on sale now!

LBI Surf Fishing Report

Every year the beaches of LBI light up around the late November early December time frame. This year is no different. The past week has been the best run of fish all fall, quantity wise. Reports from the entire Island are decent however the North End’s beaches (North Beach to Barnegat Light) have been best. When all else fails… pull out a green tail AVA jig and cast it as fas as you can! It best be rigged with a teaser!!!

Here’s a couple reports from the fun action Saturday and Sunday morning before the weather.

“The school bite remans hot on the Central Jersey beaches. This morning (Sunday) stiff east winds to the face made the surf conditions ideal. There was a good early morning bite.” Dillon ( stopped in the shop for a handful of AVA Jigs then reported back, “I caught several bass this morning on a diamond jig teaser combo.”

Shop regular Bill Heade stopped in for some teasers and chose the EZ Body Fish Head Sand Eel teasers. He reported, “Five on the teaser. Caught 15 all together. Today they were way way out! I needed to blast a 4oz AVA as hard and far as I could. It was hard to reach them.”

Blake Scholey enjoyed a “Saturday Sunset Rope Session” with bass on the beach. Blake said, “Everything was on metal. The best action was after the sun went down. All fish were in the 28″ range.”

Dogfish King Rick H. caught some bass last night on the bayside fishing soft plastics.

In The Boat

While most are pulling out or already wrapped up for the winter, there’s a select few that knows late season fishing can be the best! Whether it’s tog fishing or striped bass there’s a lot more left in the tank. We are looking forward to December fishing because there’s a lot more to go before the fat lady sings.

Congrats to Fish Head’s Ambassador Swagmattic… Saturday was the day he finally broke the ice and landed his first double digit tog. It was a long road with lots of fish just shy but he finally hung a true double digit back fish.

Are you looking to get out and fish for blackfish? Looking to learn some tog tactics from top tog anglers in a fun interactive setting? Now’s the time to jump aboard the Osprey (sails out of Atlantic City) and enjoy a day on the water fishing the Ultimate Angler Experience, learning and winning some great prizes. Ensure your spot on the trip next Saturday December 7th today… Sign Up Now!

We saw a push of slightly larger bass the past few days. Not saying a large class, just a bump up from the cookie cutter schoolies of what has been the recent run as of late.

Andrew Millz reported, “Insane fishing! Two and three on at a time on the troll. Some nicer fish on the jig too. Over 40 fish in two hours with fish up to 35 inches. All released.”

Ronnie Karchik posted had a great time. They found some bigger class of fish. Here’s a photo of his kid with one.

Here’s some reports from the Miss Barnegat Light

Sunday – “It was a little wet today but we had a good day early on with everyone getting bonus tag fish. We only had two fish over 28 inches. Lots of action with lots of fish released.”

Saturday – “Caught some today, but not what we’ve been catching. Still seeing plenty of fish on the sonar and rolling on the surface, but they weren’t easy to catch. However the fish caught today were bigger. Jig caught most of the fish today, with no color better than the next. We did have a few fish on Ron Z sand eels too.”

Friday – “Another god day of fishing. Read more than we caught but almost everyone had a fish to take home. A few late day drifts yielded some nice fish to 39 inches.