Fall Classic Striper Side Bet

2018 Fall Classic Striper Side Bet

Register Now for the…

64th Annual 2018 Long Beach Island Surf Fishing Classic
The Fisherman’s Headquarters Fall Classic Striper Side-Bet!

The Side-Bet is offered by Fisherman’s Headquarters between competing Classic anglers! It is Fisherman’s Headquarters goal to raise the level of competition and motivate anglers to fish hard!

$10 Striper Side-Bet Sign Up Fee

2018 FHQ Fall Striper Side-Bet Prizes
1st – 100% “Cash Pot” Pay Out
2nd – $100 FHQ Store Gift Certificate
3rd – $50 FHQ Store Gift Certificate

All “Derby” rules & regulations apply as well as the following “Side-Bet” Particulars…

The Fisherman’s Headquarters Striper Side Bet (Side-Bet) is only open to Classic registrants. The Classic and the Side-Bet two separate tournaments that run concurrently.

• Side-Bet Sign Up Is Only Available at Fisherman’s Headquarters
• Side-Bet fish must be weighed in at Fisherman’s Headquarters for Side-Bet submission.
• For conservation purposes, only one fish can be weighed-in per day per angler for the Side-Bet.
• A contestant may only win one of the three “Side-Bet” prizes.
• Anglers in the “Side-Bet” must register before catching an eligible fish.
• Minors (under age 18) can sign up; however, a cash prize won by a minor will be awarded to the minor’s parent or legal guardian.
• Cheating will not be tolerated. Any complaints or challenges must be presented to FHQ in writing within 24-hours of the incident. All decisions will be made by Fisherman’s Headquarters Management.
• FHQ weigh master reserves the right to inspect or reject any fish deemed to be questionable.
• All fees are non-refundable.
• The 1st Place Cash Winner (paid by check) MUST FILL OUT A 1099 TAX FORM!

Pass on the word about the FHQ Fall Striper Side-Bet!!!

LBI Fishing Report Update – September 15th, 2018

LBI Fishing Report Update

Updated: September 15, 2018

Finally things have settled down and it’s a big weekend for surf anglers on Long Beach Island. Today September 15 is the day beach access opens to four wheel drive beach buggies in Ship Bottom and Beach Haven (permit required). The rest if LBT as well as Harvey Cedars opens October 1st. Due to the recent north east blow and powerful swell some beaches might be closed due to erosion. As always drive slow with caution.

The Holgate Section of the Edwin B Forsyth Wildlife Refuge is open today and access is allowed all the way to the point! This is great news because most the section has been closed since the main entrance gates opened on September first.

One step closer to fall this week… blinking lights on the north end! The trek from shop to Light only takes 10 minutes.

Now’s the time to enjoy Long Beach Island… It’s better in September!!!

News On The Fishing Front….

The rough seas have kept most boats tied up for too many days. Still ground swell from the combination of the week’s Nor’easters and Flo’s rage have the beaches churning. The white water is a beautiful sight (especially if it was late October or November) for surfcasting but also demanding 5-8 ounces of lead to hold.

The mullet run is on! As reported on the September 11th, 2018 Fishing Report Update mullet are active and on the move. Everyday fresh baits are arriving. These baits are prime for targeting bluefish and fluke. Resident striped bass are also on the bait but best targeted using lures.

In recent days few anglers have worked the surf. Most have opted for the more protected areas like the bayside and inside section of the Inlet. There anglers are putting together good catches. This entire week the Inlet has been loaded with small blues ranging from snappers to cocktail size with an occasional bigger ones ruling the roost. Anglers fishing lures (small metal, poppers, bucktails, swimming plugs) as well as cut mullet are having lots of fun.

Other good reports from the Inlet spoke about fluke, striped bass and tog. One anglers that purchased a new Penn reel stopped back with a 20″ fluke from the rocks that went for a chunk of mullet. Maybe due to the wind and swell, the trigger fish reports have disappeared.

Rich Beverley was in the shop today and shared a report from the inlet. He got into good fishing this morning, “The tog bite was on. I caught a bunch of blackfish and some how managed to loose a five pound fish.” The heart break is real! While here he raved on his recent trip to Matapedia Quebec. He caught his first Atlantic salmon and had a great fishing trip.

Boat anglers fishing the bay are catching great numbers of blowfish. Also weakfish are present.

Side Tracker Spreader Bars by Chatter Lures

For the offshore anglers… The Side Trackker Spreader Bars from Chatter Lures took the offshore trolling market by storm this summer. It was impossible to keep up with the demand. Finally now that things slowed we’ve been able to stock up. If you haven’t seen or fished one of these you are missing out. Here’s info about the bars and the advantage they offer.

Just a heads up we expect the all new 36″ Side Tracker Spreader Bar from Chatter to be in this upcoming week.

Upcoming Events

72nd Annual World Series Of Surf Fishing – This tournament hosted by the LBI Fishing Club is on September 22, 2018. The tournament is open to individual ($25) and team anglers ($100). Register now for this great event! For more info call Frank at 856-904-3062

64th Annual LBI Surf Fishing Classic – This 9 week surf fishing tournament event is 21 days away, October 6th. Join and have fun fishing for daily, weekly, segment, grand and special bonus day cash prizes. Registrations has begun! For more information www.LBIFT.com

Fall Classic Striper Side Bet – Be sure to join the Fish Head’s shop side bet! It’s an additional $10.

          Surf Fishing Seminar

The LBI Surf Fishing Classic Opening Day Surf Fishing Seminar is 9am Saturday October 6th at the Ship Bottom Firehall. This is a great learning opportunity and a perfect place to network with other surf anglers.

Everything from the basics of Surf Fishing 101 to diving deeper into the specifics of reading the beach, when/where to fish, lure talk, and much more. There will be hands on demonstrations as well as a segment on the beach (weather dependent).

Complimentary Coffee Sponsored by How You Brewin.

Pre-registration is recommended for this FREE event Email:  patatnj@aol.com to let us know you are coming. See you then!

Beach Haven Charter Fishing Report – Update Sept 13, 2018

Beach Haven Charter Fishing Report Update Sept 13, 2018

by Jim Hutchinson Sr.

Recent storms accompanied by high winds and large waves have kept the boats of the Beach Haven Charter fishing Association at the dock. These conditions along with the landfall of Hurricane Florence to the south have the captains thinking of their own storm contingency plans.

Captain Dave Kreines of the “Byte Me” says he keeps an eye on the weather and plays it by ear. He adds extra lines and plans to pull his boat out of the water on a trailer if the storm looks bad. If it just looks like a lot of rain he inspects his bilge pumps to be sure they are ready to go with batteries fully charged. .He plans to be back at the fluke grounds when things calm down.

Captain Carl Sheppard of the “Star Fish” feels it is necessary to provide enough scope on the dock lines so that the boat can raise with the water level, and not be held down by the lines.” In Hurricane Sandy there was a rise of about seven feet. The second issue is to assure that the moorings or pilings or dock cleats to which you are securing your vessel are up to the strain, if in doubt, move her to another location that will be secure. If you are thinking of hauling, most insurance companies will pay 50% of the cost of hauling for a named storm hitting your area. Place split rubber hose over the line where it might chafe the boat. Expect to lose power for a while, so take out anything from your fridge or freezer that will go bad when the power goes off. Be sure your bilge pumps are working and the battery fully charged.”

Captain Carl says after the storm it will be time to go fishing. Fluke season will be followed by black sea bass and then by stripers. He was catching lots of short fluke, with a ratio of 20 shorts to 1 keeper, and many sea bass out on the inshore reefs before the storms started.

Captain Lindsay Fuller had run two Mid-Range Tuna trips on the “June Bug.” right before the storm to the 30 Fathom Knuckle finding no tuna but did catch some mahi to30-pounds. Captain Lindsay has made deposits on foul weather availabilty to get hauled at Jersey Cape Yachts in case of a real hurricane threat.

Additional information on the BHCFA can be found at www.bhcfa.net

LBI Fishing Report Update – Sept 11, 2018

Long Beach Island Fishing Report

Update: September 11, 2018

American’s will never forget 9/11. 17 years later we remember the victims and first responders who sacrificed their life for others.

This hard north east blow jump started the fall fishing and has things moving around.  Mullet are active! We got out first delivery of fresh finger mullet yesterday (Monday September 10th). Our second came in today. One Saturday and Sunday two separate reports talked that they were schooled up and pushing around. This might be one of the earlier run we’ve seen in recent years. Let’s hope it goes all month!

The past few days were very poor weather wise. Very few reports came in but those that did were positive. Lots of bait and blowfish, bluefish, striped bass. Today one customer stopped in the shop today and purchased a new rod. He said the blues are chewing on the surf, “We did good from 9-11 around the high tide. Once the tide started dropping it took too much weight to hold and we packed it in. Gonna try again tomorrow.”

Grey Colston enjoyed his last few days of summer (before heading back to school today) fishing in the rain. Grey and his buddy battled sour conditions but caught fish. The young bucks reported an awesome blowfish bite near the Causeway Bridges. “We caught a bunch over the weekend. Got three dozen Saturday morning. The bite continued on Monday. We caught peanut bunker and fished them live for bluefish. Also caught two schoolie bass.”

While down in Holgate this morning surfing I noticed the chain was up. Holgate 4×4 access is closed due to hazardous weather conditions.

Before the weather turned, Richy was fluke fishing aboard the “Always Bent” with Chris O’Neill. They caught a good spread of fluke and this ribbonfish – cutlassfish it ate a Gulp 6″ grub.


LBI Fishing Report Update – Sept 7, 2018

LBI Fishing Report

Update: September 7, 2018

September started off with great weather and awesome fishing. From back bay to the surf and the inshore to offshore fishing was cranking with too many species to mention! Then this weekend came around and put a clamp on things with a big shift in weather.

Today was the last nice day with things going down hill Saturday and Sunday. A strong north east blow dominates this weekend  from the combination of a stalled frontal boundary to our south, with high pressure to our north and Gordon’s ghost(remnants). While on the topic of weather… We All Must Keep An Eye On All Of Flo’s Updates!

Fluke Fishing

This week ocean fluke fishing was good. The reefs and wrecks as well as open bottom produced quality catches and good number of small to medium size fish. Some boats are finding the biggins! The crew aboard the Jen Jen has been dialed in on the inshore wrecks.

Today Matt “Swagmatic” weighed in a 6.2 pound fluke. He caught it drifting live snappers in the ocean. He said fishing slowed down from his last outting, “I only got two other fish; a short sea bass and a short sea bass. I was fishing large baits looking for quality but I expected a little more action.”

A few days ago Zach Michot  had a solid day of fluke fishing with five keepers and lots of shorts.

Magictail products catch quality fish!

Surf Fishing

Reports from the BL Jetty this week were strong. The triggers, sheepshead tog and blues are there. A few striped bass were caught in the golden low light hours.

As of today Friday Sept 7, 2018 4×4 beach buggy anglers are still waiting for the entire stretch of the Holgate beach to open. It’s accessible from the entrance down about 2.5 miles. This past work week has offered anglers good sessions and the reports from down that way are good. Some anglers are catching 20+ fish each sessions with one to two keepers in the mix. Light bucktails (3/8oz, 1/2oz, 3/4oz) are working best for the (previously) calm conditions.

Rob Vallone stopped in the shop twice today for live bloodworms and reported the kingfish bite is on. “I blew through bloods catching a bunch of kingfish. Kept 16 for the table and caught lots more. Other anglers were catching too. I also got two keeper fluke. I’ll be back out there in the morning.” Robbie had some good fishing on previous outings. He recently got a 23″ fluke as well as a rudderfish and some small blues.

Bayside Fishing

Rick “The Fishing Musician” gave us a great report! He stopped in and shared, “I’m starting to hook up some nice size weakfish! I’m picking at both fluke and weakfish fishing the bayside with a small lead head jig rigged with a Gulp Jerk Shad. It’s really nice and peaceful with little traffic. What a difference a week makes!”

Blowfish continue to offer good fun fishing in the bay.

Offshore Big Game Fishing

This week’s yellowfin tuna and white marlin bite was off the charts good! The white bite was of epic proportions! We got word from many different customer in the shop loading up on small ballyhoo, chin weights, circle hooks and leader. The Hudson and the Toms were lit up! “Whites in the spread all day!” One boat said they didn’t have enough release flags to fly on the way in. Most boats are releasing 10-30+ a day!

The yellowfin bite all week was on fire east of the Triple Wrecks. Boats fishing about 55-60 miles out of Barngat Light were into fish for 5-7 days straight jigging, chunking and some days popping. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were all out murder scenes. Some days jigging and popping were working, other days chunking and live bait previaled!

I was fortunate enough to get the invite on Tuesday to jump on with Captain Jeff Warford. We had a great trip stacking the box with yellowbirds in the 20-50 pound range. We got them all chunking and working live baits (peanut bunker). In total we killed 8 and a nice mahi. We could have stayed all day and sunk the boat in fish. Highlight of the trip was putting store staffer Kelley on his first tuna.

Here’s Kelley with a good spread of yellowfin.

Store staffer Blake was out on the grounds Wednesday and slaughtered the yellowbirds with a boat limit by 10am. They tried high speeding for wahoo without a touch but then switched over to mahi and boxed over a dozen.

Ryan Kelley was out on the hunt Wednesday too. He got five jigging.

Juston Hess…was out recently sharking about 10 miles out.. caught this mahi on a 20/0 circle hook and wire leader and a whole bunker.

Beach Haven Charter Fishing Report – Update Sept 6, 2018

Beach Haven Charter Fishing Report Update Sept 6, 2018

~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

Labor Day weekend at the New Jersey shore is pretty much the traditional end of summer, but it certainly does not mean the end of summer fishing for the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Association. Rather, the captains are experiencing some of the best fluke fishing of the year as they fish out the final weeks of the fluke season.

To celebrate Labor Day weekend, the Senker Family and AVH Demolition jumped onboard the “Miss Liane” with Captain Ray Lopez for an offshore charter. By mid morning, the Senker’s son reeled in a 50 pound plus bluefin tuna. The bite didn’t as the eager anglers caught 5 mahi-mahi also. Another day the Crotty family joined Captain Ray for a day of fishing off Barnegat Light doing some bottom fishing. Throughout the day 8 year old Conor caught a keeper fluke for his family and along with numerous black sea bass.

On the boat “Starfish” with Captain Carl Sheppard and mate Marlyn Graham there has been some good fishing for bonita within 2 miles of the beach. They trolled their favorite lures at different depths to score on bonita ranging from 6-8 pounds. The fish have been swimming in with the snapper bluefish along with the mackerel. The water is warm enough for the wildcards from the south.

Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at www.bhcfa.net.

Labor Day Weekend Fishing Report Update

Labor Day Weekend Fishing Report for Long Beach Island and Surrounding Waters

Time flies when you are having fun and this summer madness is coming to an end. We can’t believe it’s already here… Labor Day Weekend. Students are bumming for back to school but anglers are stoked for the fall fishing ahead. The past couple of days have really felt like fall with cool nights and a north east wind. Before we know it the mullet will make a move and the run will be on!

4×4 Beach Buggy Anglers Rejoice!

September means Holgate beach access is open. The Holgate Unit of Edwin B Forsythe opened as scheduled on September 1st. John Parzych said the beach is good. “Everything is good down here in Holgate. The ramp is solid and beach conditions are great.” Currently there’s some beautiful water and some of the best looking structure in recent years. As of yesterday, the entire stretch of beach isn’t open. Around about marker 10 there’s a big orange “keep out” sign, no access beyond this point. Word on the street… there’s a couple black skimmer nests. Unfortunate the local Holgate minks found them and are eating the eggs. The feds are out there checking and once clear the entire stretch will be open.

John P reported, “I put some time in and got some short fluke and snapper blues. Nothing great but finding fish. I tried for kingfish but nothing.”

Rob Vallone was down on the south end. He shared, “There was a handful of trucks out there enjoying the day. I got 14 shorts and one 20″ keeper. Also got 10 blues too.”

Bayside Fishing

Long time customer and soon to be neighbors (moving to Ship Bottom) Vince reports, “Great back bay action this week! I found good action on the mid-Island bayside via kayak. Fishing the grass banks and bayside structures with light tackle I caught blackfish and triggerfish. I also lost a really nice drum about 15+ pounds. Snappers are chewing left and right.”

The snappers and blowfish continue to rule the bay. These two offer lots of fun for anglers and the latter provides great table fare. The bay still holds fluke and a new addition… weakfish. These are showing in better numbers.

Still some keeper fluke in the bay! George Snyder stopped in today to re-up on tackle. He said, “The past couple days I went through more Gulp! that I have all summer long.  The blowfish are thick. We fought through them and fortunately managed five keeper fluke.

Fluke Fishing

The end of the 2018 Fluke season is quickly approaching with only 20 days left (Sept 22nd). While that’s the bad news, the good news is the bite is good! Recent reports are great with sizeable fluke coming over the rail. Larger baits reigned supreme to weeding out the shorts are getting the good ones. Gulp! baits in the 5-6.5″ range are best; Grubs, Swim Mullets and Nemesis.  Magictail Bucktails Squid Hoochies tipped with Gulp are outproducing almost irresistible to fluke.

Store staffer Dave was out on the reef today. He reported, “Got about 50 fish.  The bite was on. Only got three keepers, largest was a 25″ 6.5 pounds. Got it on a Tsunami Holo Teaser tipped off with Gulp! We also had super small albies on a small metal, Deadly Dick. These are great for strip baits!”

Inshore Fishing

Maybe bottom fishing does not entertain. That’s ok because there’s lots of other inshore fishing. If trolling or casting lures is more of your things… There’s TONS of bluefish up to 5 pounds are littered just off the beaches. Mixed in with the toothy critters are some tasty Bonita and multiple species of mackerel. Even mahi mahi are in the local waters. Numerous reports from the Barnegat Ridge.

These species can be targeted cast and retrieve with a 3/4oz  to 2oz metal. The slender choices such as the Kastmaster XL and the Deadly Dick are best. When not schooled up, the most effective way to catch the mixed bag of pelagics is to troll. The most popular lures for trolling these guys is small spoons. We just restocked with Clark Spoons and LB Huntington Drone Spoons. Whether trolled behind a small planer board or behind a 4-8 ounce drail, the possibilities are endless to what you might hook into.

Inshore and closer to shore/rocks… tog, sheepshead, triggerfish and black drum are still here. Most are tucked up into the cracks and crevices on the Barnegat Light Jetty rocks, but there are other areas holding these fish on the south end and mid-Island bayside. Anglers targeting these species are fishing crabs rigged up on a single or double hook rig and also on specifically designed heavy hook short shank jig heads like the Magictail Tog Jigs. Rigging a crab on a Magictail Tog Jig is a sure-fire way to catch anything lurking in the jetty rocks.

Rumor has it some pompano are around too!

Also more and more reports of cobia!

Shark Fishing

The near shore and from shore shark fishing continues to be red hot off the oceanside beaches and bay side sod banks. Brown sharks and sand tigers have offered line pulling fun all summer long. Now with the surf temperatures at their warmest (78 degrees this afternoon), new characters are making their presence known. These black tips and spinners guys are getting the bunker pods frothy! Some days they were on top corralling and feeding.

We have rigs ready to rock for both anglers that are casting and paddling out. Gear up and get into the hardest fighting fish out there!

Those going up must know the law! Brown sharks and sand tigers are both species that are prohibited to be possessed. These species are not allowed to be landed and must be released. Do so in a safe and responsible manner. Be careful! We got news a surf angler needed lots of stitches after getting too close.

One customer in the shop yesterday geared up and had some fun. He stopped back in today and reported, “Seven brown sharks last night. All on the surf with live eels. Lost one good fish. Heading back tonight to try to find that one.”

Offshore Fishing

Offshore fishing continues to be good with fish on the troll, chunk, jig and pop. The main canyons (numerous reports out of the Hudson) have produced very good marlin action. Customers in the store reported both white marlin and blue marlin are here in good numbers. One boat released 18 whites on their last trip and said that other boats did better.

Sonny Shepanski shared this quick story while at the shop. “Last trip out we hooked up a small fish and handed the rod to a kid on aboard. Turns out to be a mahi. As it gets close to the boat we get ready to sling it in. Before we know it a big blue marlin explodes and the rod goes screaming! It grey hounds two times and spits the hook. It was an epic take!”

Fish Head alumni Mike Kelly had a really good recent trip with 24 white marlin releases but no luck on tuna. The action was crazy! At time there were 6-10 whites in the spread. The new Penn VI Series International reels performed flawlessly.

Bluefin and yellowfin are on the chew. Seems like the bluefin are cruising the 20-40 fathom areas. The yellowbird are hanging a little further off. The Yo-Zuri Hydro Poppers and the new Daiwa Mebachi Poppers are crushing tuna on top. Be sure to get out there and experience some of the best tuna fishing we have had in recent years. There’s still prime time fishing approaching.

Here’s Ryan DeGraw with a beautiful tuna he recently got.

Justin Swanson got into some good mahi mahi action aboard the Just N Tyme.

Lost & Found

From Paul Haertel, “Please post to your page… Friend was fishing Barnegat Inlet today and pulled up a spear gun in good condition. If anyone lost one an can identify it he will give it back to the owner.”

BHCFA Report Update 8/30/18

Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association Fishing Report Update August 30, 2018

     by Jim Hutchinson Sr.

As summer in Beach Haven nears its end, the inshore fluke action is reaching its peak for the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association. The fish are large and plentiful around almost any type of structure in the ocean. The season will continue until September 22.

Captain John Lewis on the “Insatiable” reports weather, clients and fish all came together for a busy and successful week. Every trip produced keeper fluke, many of which were 20-23 inches long, and plenty of shorts to keep everyone occupied. Additionally, there were a lot of small sharks to make it exciting.

Captain Jimmy Zavacky got in on some of the torrid fluke action recently on the “Reel Determined” with the Arnold group. He and fellow BHCFA Captain Ray Lopez helped the group fight some rough seas to boat 10 keeper fluke along with some black sea bass and a bluefish. Another day the Robertson crew also managed 10 keeper fluke for a great day on the water.

Captain Ray Lopez had the Rietmann family out on the “Miss Liane” for a day of non-stop trolling experiencing knockdowns every few minutes. The crew returned to shore with 7 nice mahi. Another day the Andrew Simon charter combined some trolling with bottom fishing. They picked up a few fish on the troll along with some fluke.

The Junior Mates of the BHCFA had a large role in the recent 3rd Annual Fluke-A-Mania tournament benefitting the fight against cystic fibrosis. Several association boats were filled with junior mates fishing in the event, and the teens later assisted at the awards ceremony and even cleaning the fish. Three BHCFA mates swept the junior angler division with Tyler Spicer first, Max Goldman second and Aiden Hunsberger third. Association boats “Reel Determined,” “Miss Liane” and “Insatiable” along some mates’ family boats participated.

Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at www.BHCFA.com.

LBI Fishing Report Update – August 26, 2018

LBI Fishing Report Update – August 26, 2018

Late summer is a great time to fish Long Beach Island and the Central Jersey Coast. Whether drifting the bay, walking the surf or looking deep offshore, there’s no better time to go saltwater fishing. Introduce family and friends to the sport with an experience that can’t be beat!

Currently the abundance and variety of species is mind boggling. It’s keeping ichthyologist on their toes.

Land Based Fishing

Anglers with boots on the ground, fishing the waters of Long Beach Island in the summer usually target fluke, bluefish, weakfish, striped bass and kingfish. All of these game fish are currently here, with so many more.

Anthony Smith stopped in the shop again (see Aug 15th report) with a great catch. The Jetty Jockey slammed them again… triggerfish, black drum and sheepshead! He had two black drum both about 10 pounds, an 8 pound sheepshead as well as some good size triggerfish. He also caught a couple of short tog. Anthony report, “I got a big weakfish and a couple fat kingfish of the surf last time out.”

Other land based anglers fishing the Barnegat Inlet are catching bluefish, fluke and resident striped bass.

On the surf anglers are catching fluke, kingfish and blues.

Ocean Fluke Fishing

Late summer is the best time ocean fluke fishing. When the drift is good the fishing is good too. Some reports are good while some are spotty.

Joe Medica reported a great day on the water Friday, “18.5, 21 and a 25 inch 5 pounder. We also had a ton of throwbacks.”

The crew from the Jen-Jen stopped in. They fished the Garden State North and had six keeper fluke as well as some keeper sea bass. They reported, “We had wind against tide. Power drifting made it happen!”

Talk in the shop over the weekend was buzzing about a good bite at the Garden State South and Little Egg Reef. There was talk about boat limits from both reef sites.

Here’s a photo of shop regular Bob Long with a pool winner. Bob took the trip north to the Land Of Doormat aka Nantucket and was rewarded with solid two days of fishing.

In The Bay

Blowfish action continues in the bay. Anglers reported struggling due to the weekend boat traffic but still caught. Snappers and small fluke add to the action.

Crabbing was good last week but slowed into the weekend. We expect it to pick up again as we come down off the full moon. Traditionally crabbing can be difficult near the full moon as crabs do not eat as much. The summertime moons are their shedding and mating time. Year’s biggest softies!

Shark Fishing

The shark fishing is on fire. Both in the bay and the ocean brown sharks offer anglers lots of catch and release fun.   Other sharks are here in good numbers too. Sand tigers, black tip, spinners and threshers are being caught.

Mark Temme was wrestling thresher sharks on his stand up paddle board. He went 0 for 7 snag and drop fishing Sunday.

Inshore & Mid Shore Fishing

Bonita, mahi, mackerel (spanish, chum, king), cobia, pilot fish, banded rudders and almaco jacks are near. Anglers are catching trolling, chunking and casting lures to hook up.

Here’s store staffer Kelley with a bonita he caught on a Deadly Dick Lure.

Store staffer Dave was out on the water Saturday morning and got a nice cobia not far off LBI. It went for a live eel. Dave and crew also caught one small mahi about 5 pounds, some fluke and sea bass.

The bounty of bones are giving up awesome light tackle fun. This insane inshore fishery continues on. An abundance of bonita and chub mackerel are found from the beach all the way out to 15+ miles.

The mid range tuna grounds are producing. Both yellowfin and bluefin tuna are 30-50 miles off. Boats are trolling and chunking are hooking up but jig and pop techniques have outproduced. Quality mahi reports from the tuna boats too.

Brian William got this tuna on a popper fishing with Shore Catch.

Offshore Fishing

The big eye bite in the deep light up! Steve Fernandez on the Five Seas reports, “We had a biomass of bigeyes eating buffet style behind the boat for three miles. It was a fairy tale trip. We caught about forty big eyes on this trip alone, 75% were released.

The Reel Innovations was in on the bite and also smoke the big eyes.

The crew aboard the Reel Fishers went two for two on marlin and two for two on yellowfin. “Not excellent fishing but we worked hard and put together a catch.”

LBI Fishing Report – Update August 22, 2018

LBI Fishing Report – Update August 22, 2018

Numerous reports of black drum in the bay. Most anglers are looking for sheepshead and triggerfish around the bayside snags are pulling drum. One customer in the shop today reported catching a 15-20 pound drum on the mid-island bayside. We recently heard about Jim Huthinson Jr’s catch… “On the hunt for Jersey sheepshead but we ambled into a nice lil backwater black drum!”

Tim Daly stopped in for new line on his surf reel today. While here he reported fluke fishing on the surf has been good. “Recently the swell has made fishing bucktails tough but I’m still finding fish using Gulp.” Once things settle down we expect surf fishing fishing to be good right into September.  Fortunately this year we have some extra days to keep us fishing (hopefully into the Mullet Run).

Another customer in the shop also spooling said he got a five pound fluke today on the reef, “This fluke season has been slow for me, but recently there’s much better fishing. Finally starting to find some nice fish.”

Store staffers Kelley, Mike and Dave out yesterday and found some good fishing. Frezza won the pool with this one…

Fish Head Charters

Tuesday John and Nick jumped aboard for a four hour bayman trip (clam/crab). We started off with a slow pick of crabs but it got better as time went on. In the two hour attempt we boxes three dozen keepers, most of which were good size eaters. The clamming was also good. We filled a KB White bushell basket and called it a day. It was a fun day on the bay while the north east wind was cranking.

Wednesday return clients Tom G. and son we in for four hour early morning light tackle trip. We loaded the bases getting into striped bass, bluefish and fluke but struck out looking for a weakfish (they are around).  The strongest present was made by bluefish ranging in the 1-3 pound range. Two were in the five pound class. Tom’s son finessed two striped bass; one on a bucktail tipped with a Jig Strip and one on an Daiwa SP Minnow lure.

3rd Annual Fluke-A-Mania

The 3rd Annual Fluke-A-Mania fishing tournament is this weekend. The Beach Haven Marlin Tuna Club puts on a great time!

August 24th Captain’s Meeting

August 25th Fishing Day, Awards and BBQ, Bar & band