LBI Fishing Report Update – May 23, 2018

Fishing is pretty good from both the beach and boat. Anglers fishing the local waters of Long Beach Island are catching and some nice fish at that!

Here’s a beauty that Marie got off the surf.

Chris Masino always puts in a lot of time fishing and it pays off. He got a 20 pound bass off the surf yesterday. He has a monster coming soon.

Some really nice fish are being pulled in the boat.

Jacob  Bowles was fishing yesterday with Dan Piazza. He reported, “We started off trolling in the rain not marking much anything. Trolled around and found some life. Started marking and hooked up on a Mojo. There’s big fish out there. ”


Store staffer Kevin was out yesterday putting some time in on the troll. eh got a 47″ 42 pound bass on a white Mojo.

Today I had store staffer’s Blake and Kelley aboard Fish Head Charters for a five hour striped bass trip. We pushed off the dock at 5 am and started out picking bass in the fog. Kelley got the biggest one (photo bellow) that was about 12 pounds. We soon took a look outside and ran up the beach. Going back to where we had marks the day before (and also fish were caught in the afternoon) we soon found it was going to be a slow morning. On the hunt for bait we did find scattered marks but it wasn’t until 8am that things started to come together. We decided to cover some ground on the troll and it paid off. Blake’s chartreuse custom wood metal lip lure got bit by a thirty class bass. Turns we had some occasional good marks, this was our only bite on the troll.

Kelley’s morning fish.

Store staffer Max was on the water this morning and trolled up a thirty class bass.

Today in the shop, I had a friend in willing to share a report. He was out this morning and got one bass trolling off of IBSP. Once in the bay heading in he stopped and got some blues on the west side of the bay. Then when pulling into the lagoon to dock, some birds were active. Turns out weakfish were boiling. The crew ended the day just a fluke away from a Grand Slam!

The bay continues to offer great light tackle fun. Here’s Nick Deg back from college and as always… catching fish. “Some nice Sedge Island fishing this morning. Not pictured is the fluke that got lost on the swing that would have made this a slam. All on soft baits.”

Austin Pound was fishing aboard LBI Charters with Captain Kevin Carr. They had a good catch of sea bass with jumbos in the mix!

Fishing Report Update May 22, 2018

Here’s the LBI Fishing Report Update for May 22, 2018.

Boat Bassing Has Heated Up! While not all out epic spring fishing some spectacular catches went down. Here’s a few reports.

Howard Clark was on the water yesterday afternoon and got into some good fishing. The photo does all the talking!

Here’s Howard with a big one that fell for a livie.

Captain Ken Nutt reported, “The guys got a couple nice ones out there today. We got a 48″ incher!”

Captain Hunter Gutwein reported, “Started the day with a nice sea bass catch.  We cleaned up mid day and then headed back out for an evening session. It came alive at about 6pm on the snag and drop. Got some nice bass again!”

Here’s Hunter with a nice bass.

I had Matt S aboard Fish Head Charters today. We started off picking a couple small bass inside. Headed up the beach at 6am and went on the hunt for the better class of fish that are here. Lack of promising bait and good marks, conditions called for trolling. After a few hours with not bites we called it quits. While we didn’t catch any trolling mojos and spoons there were a couple fish caught in the area by other anglers trolling.

Here’s Matt with a schoolie bass he caught this morning on a plug. Sweet Beanie!!!

Fluke Is A Few Days Away!!!

Some awesome reports from land based anglers as well as those on the boats. With the season opening on Friday May 25th the stage is set for a great opening to the season. The local waters are loaded with flatties! Now’s the time to gear up your tackle bag with all the essentials. We are fully stocked on all of the fluke fishing essential tackle. From Berkely Gulp Baits, Spro Bucktails, Magictail bucktails, Seaguar Flouro Carbon Leader to Floating Jig Heads from Tom Scibek. We’ll have live minnow in stock Wednesday/Thursday.

Zach Michot reported, “Lots of fluke in Barnegat Bay. I had about 100 fishing doing a commercial hook and line fluke trip. We smoked them on Magic Tail Teardrops Bucktails as well as the Magic Tail 3/4 ball head jig heads tipped off with Gulp Swimming Mullets.”

Dan D’s bucktailing the surf and Inlet and hammering the fluke. This entire week he catch and releasing each afternoon. Dan reports, “The flounder and stacked up thick!”

15th Annual Berkley Striper Club Catch and Release Spring Fishing Tournament

The 15th Annual Berkley Striper Club Catch and Release Spring Fishing Tournament is May 24 to May 28, 2019.  Sign Up Now For This Great Event!!! Get your competitive juices flowing and raise money for a great cause. All proceeds to support the BSC Fisheries Defense Fund for the effective management and ongoing research of striped bass, help provide a clean & productive habitat and to protect important forage fish.

Reports and conditions look very fishy. Best of luck to all of the anglers!!!

Tournament starts as of 7:00pm on the Thursday the 24th.

Sign Up In Store Or Online at

Local Striped Bass Fishing Tournaments

LBI Striper Cup – The 14th Annual LBI Cup Striper Invitational hosted by the Beach Haven Marlin & Tuna Club is Saturday May 26, 2018. Captain’s Meeting is 7pm Friday May 25, 2018. For More Info

The Waretown Volunteer Fire Company’s 1st Annual Striped Bass Tournament was been rescheduled due to weather. The Captains meeting will be May 25 at 7pm at the Waretown Vol Firehouse located at 117 Wells Mills Road (Rt.532). Entry fee is $150 per boat up to 4 anglers.

Striper Shootout – The 11th Annual High Point Vol Fire Co “Striper SHootout” is Saturday June 9th. For more info

Mako Mania – The 33rd Anniversary Mako Mania Shark Tournament is June 23-24th. Captains Meeting in Friday June 23rd 6:30pm. More info

LBI Fishing Report Update – May 21, 2018

The weather has cleared and we’re all looking forward to a great week of  prime time mid May fishing. Fish are off the spawn, hungry and on the move. Get in the game!

We heard about a couple quality fish caught in the boat off of IBSP yesterday. Again today some anglers too. We had a nice fish weighed in from frequent customer Tom. He got a beautiful 40 pound class bass off of IBSP trolling this morning. It went for a Mojo!

I had Lutzy aboard Fish Head Charters for a dawn patrol session today. Here’s one he caught at sunrise on a plug. After looking around out front we put a little time in the back waters. I managed two fish on the fly; one bass and one bluefish. Both fell for a white clouser.

Sunrise Bass

Here’s a report from Carolyn Ann III out of Barnegat Light, “Looks like the short but wicked northeaster brought in some fish! Frank Decker of Port Jarvis, NY won the pool with a nice 4lb sea bass. A few limits were also made. Looks like a good week coming up, so come on fishing!”

Brian Marbut and Chris Goegelman fished the bay yesterday. Brian  reported, “We had some good blow ups on the flats. There’s some blues ripping around. Only connected with three but had lots of blow ups. Lots of fun!”

Here’s Chris with a bluefish.

Chet Kosarek sent in this report, “Steady pick of Blues at Barnegat Inlet on Saturday, May 19. Mostly around 5 lbs. Not a blitz though. Marked a ton of bait Sunday at Meyer’s hole on my fish finder but no bites on bucktails, Sp Minnows or MoJo’s.

LBI Surf Fishing Report Update

Store staffer Steve-o got two nice fish chunking the surf late last night. Steve set up mid island on a nice section of water and soaked some bunker. He reported one rod when off right away. Both fish were in the low 40″ range.

Chris C. from Surf City fished bait (bunker and clam) yesterday. He caught 4 small bass on salted clam.

After closing up the shop last night Kelley got this bass at sunset on a bucktail.

Sunset striped bass on a bucktail.

Jeff W. of Surf City got four blues off the BL Jetty yesterday. Matt Polito was on the jetty yesterday and caught this yellow eye.

LBI Fishing Report Update – May 20, 2018

What’s that bright round thing in the sky? Finally the sun is back!!!

More reports of bass and blues today… It’s Mid May what else did you expect us to say. It’s game time. The bay, inlet, surf and ocean are all productive. Let’s get out and fish!

Chris Masino shared, “The yellow eye demonds are back!”

Here’s a bluefish Chris recently caught.

Dave Hershberger tagged us in a photo today and shared this report, “Awesome night on the beach with Dan. A 44″ set free to fight again and a 30″ that will be joining us for dinner.”

Here’s Dave with a good surf bass.

Matt from Barrington, NJ got this 22.9 pound bass fishing the LBI surf this monring chunking bunker.

Matt got a nice fish off the surf today.

Here’s Max Lentz with a nice fish he caught today on the boat.

Here’s Max with a quality bass.

Josh Severs sent in a report today… “It was a little snotty out there but better than I thought it was going to be. We marked bait consistently. Got a nice fish on a white Mojo north of the Pier at about 8:15am.

Here’s Josh with a striped bass he caught today trolling in the ocean.

LBI Fishing Report Update – May 19, 2018

Here the LBI Fishing Report Update for Saturday May 19, 2018.

The rain and wind continue but the shop is buzzing. It’s great day to get your tackle in order and prepared for the next bluebird day. It’s also a great day to be a surf caster as these conditions are well know to put fish on the beach. Today and the last couple of days it stood up to the reputation. Anglers are catching bass and blues in the suds!

On The Water’s Striper Migration Map from May 18, 2018 shows quality fish moving into our area. It’s game time!!!

The LBI Surf Fishing Tournament now has a 30 pound class bass in the lead. Lew Halas recently got this 30.94. bass off the LBI surf.

Some nice fish showing! Here’s Lew Halas with a thirty pound bass.

Some blue blues in the surf  and some good size ones ranging from 8-12 pounds. John Parzych reported, “Everyone was catching around the top of the tide, mid-island surf. I got four blues on bunker and lost a few with bite offs. There was weed but it was tolerable. Fished 8-10 oz of lead.”

Some more of these yellow eyes showing their teeth.

Thai was in the shop earlier in the day then again this evening. He reported, “I had a good two hour session in the inlet. Towards the bottom of the dropping tide, the bluefish showed up and it came alive! I was stoked to catch some fish on my new rod and reel. The new 10′ Old School GSB Lamiglas is an awesome setup.”

A customer in the shop this afternoon getting a big bag of bunker reported recently catching a number of blues and fluke. I got one fluke 26″ on a bunker chunk. Opening day can’t get here soon enough.”

Here’s Nick Honachefsky with a beautiful LBI surf striper.

Nick Honachefsky and “Dean Ween” Mickey fished yesterday and shared this report, “We haven’t fished in awhile and what do ya know. Neptune shines upon us! When what a crazy 24 hours. Here’s the report…. We are experiencing a stalled front here in NJ, the wind has been blowing east, north east for a couple of days. This really turns on the striped bass fishing from the surf.” Mickey went on saying, “I was on the beach for 11 hours yesterday catching striped bass. Nick Honachefsky joined me for for the second half and got a handful of pics. There were too many to count. I’m guessing 30. Nick has it around 24, but missed the first half.  This happened in my favorite place in the world and not just for fishing… the south end of Long Beach Island, NJ. NE means WET!”

One of many striped bass Mickey recently caught off of the south end surf.

Here’s a photo of a nice fish store staffer Jordan recently caught.

Local Striped Bass Fishing Tournaments

LBI Striper Cup – The 14th Annual LBI Cup Striper Invitational hosted by the Beach Haven Marlin & Tuna Club is Saturday May 26, 2018. Captain’s Meeting is 7pm Friday May 25, 2018. For More Info

The Waretown Volunteer Fire Company’s 1st Annual Striped Bass Tournament was been rescheduled due to weather. The Captains meeting will be May 25 at 7pm at the Waretown Vol Firehouse located at 117 Wells Mills Road (Rt.532). Entry fee is $150 per boat up to 4 anglers.

Striper Shootout – The 11th Annual High Point Vol Fire Co “Striper SHootout” is Saturday June 9th. For more info

Mako Mania – The 33rd Anniversary Mako Mania Shark Tournament is June 23-24th. Captains Meeting in Friday June 23rd 6:30pm. More info

LBI Fishing Report Update – May 18, 2018

The sour weather and rain continues… With trophy spring run fish in our local waters great fishing opportunities await. Fish on the beach and in the boat. It’s go time. Gear up with quality foul weather gear from Grundens and Guy Cotten to comfortably enjoy wet conditions.

All of us here at the shop are pumped for an awesome weekend of fishing. This past week was a great lead into what spring fishing is all about. Hungry migrating fish finding bait and getting on the feed! Here’s the LBI Fishing Report Update for May 18th.

Jeff Warford got into a good bite off the mid island surf yesterday late in the day. He was crushing bass plugging with Daiwa SP Minnow Lures. Here’s one photo.

JP from JJP Masonry shared this surf report, “I caught a nice fish last night on a plug. I lost a much bigger fish in the wash after a 20 minute fight. I was sick over it!” JP just got a new surf weapon and is going back for revenge. The Tsunami Airwave Elite 9’6″ matched up with a Van Staal VS150 was a great investment that will ensure a lifelong surf fishing outfit. Fish beware!

Here’s JP with a bass he got last night on a popper.

Yesterday, Randy Townsend went for a solo evening session trolling off of LBI. Late last night he shared this report… “I just got in to the dock from a great trip. Lots of bunker with big fish hitting mojos and spoons. Multiple double and triple hookups with all quality fish in the 40 pound class. All were released.”

Yesterday evening store staffer Max was on the bay catching blues, “We had them blasting poppers.”

Stillwater Smack-It Poppers raise fish!

Fish Head Charters

I couldn’t let a little rain deter hungry anglers so the Fish Head fished again this morning. Both store staffer Max and Kelley jumped aboard for a four hour dawn patrol session. One of the first casts of the morning, Kelley was tight to a striper. With the forecast calling for deteriorating conditions we chose to take a stab running down the beach as early as possible. We searched inside the 3 mile line off LBI’s mid/north end. It turns up the presence of big fish fish boomerangs (great quality marks) but little amounts of bait. After putting in an hour or two and not able to get a bite we headed back in to pick at a couple of the small and plentiful bass in the bay. After having some fun we called it a day and tied up at the dock by 9am.

I always wondered and marking too many big fish than I am willing to admit today’s trip got me thinking. What’s a striped bass’s digestion speed/rate? How often does a bass feed per day or per week? How long can a striped bass go without eating?

I can only assume they are like us. It differs based on energy needs. Sometime we want to eat a proper day’s three meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner, however some days we go wild. Looks to me they went wild last night and had indigestion this morning.

LBI Fishing Report Update – May 17, 2018

Don’t let the rain stop you!  The fish are here and lots of anglers are battling the conditions and catching fish. Sunny weather is for getting a sun tan. This is fishing weather!!!

LBI Surf Fishing Reports

Striped bass reports continue on the surf. Both night and daytime action is good. Anglers are pulling them with natural and artificial baits. Bunker and clam are the classic go to surf fishing baits. Bucktails and SP minnows are working like magic.
Todd Luyber reported, “I fished the outgoing last night. Thick with sharks and skates. I managed to put one bass on the beach. Was 25 on the boga. Released.” Fish photo below.
Greg O’Connell reported, “Felt good to be out working the night shift for the first time this spring. Fish were hungry and chewing.”

Austin Pound and Ryan Fredrickson were fishing the mid-island surf last night and found some good bass action. “We had them good. Fish up to 41 inches.”

Here’s Ryan with a health bass from last night.
Store staffer Jordan got this bass plugging yesterday. The bass an SP Minnow.

Boat Fishing Report

This morning I had Dan D aboard Fish Head Charters for a 6 hour session. We left the dock early in poor conditions; fog, drizzle and much more wind and in forecast. We pointed the bow north into some of the snottiest 2′ sea conditions. Finding beautiful 54-55 degree clean water but it only small dots of bait. Not liking what we were seeing we kept pushing on. After running about 20 miles north from Barnegat Light we settled down on an area with sparsely sprinkled bait but with a couple good tell tale boomerangs. First cast with a snag hook and Dan had a bunker. Less than one minute and his Shimano Bait Runner was screaming. After a great fight it was landed. We searched around a little more but could’t find much. Turns out it was one and done for us. Ended up heading back and fished the local waters where we found hungry stripers in the low twenty inch range.
Here’s Dan with a 30 class bass that fell for a live bunker. Note the goggles… Great to protect from rain in the face.
Sean Kenny stopped by and picked up a new Daiwa Seagate Bunker Spoon rod. He reported, “First time out with the rod this morning was a success! I like the rods!  Picked this guy up about 9 am today out by the 3 mile line!!!
Here’s angler Brian Elwood with a nice bass from this morning. Brian and Sean got a good one today.

Offshore Big Game Report

Get out to the edge for some early season fishing. Bluefin tuna reported on the last weather window in the local northern canyons. Some boats had them chunking and trolling. It’s game time!


Fishing Report Feedback

“Fishing is horrible has been been horrible, talked to a hundred guys up n down lbi all saying the same thing .fishing is horrible ….thats the real report. Not made up .b.s” ~Jesse
Hi Jesse,
Thanks for the email. Not sure if you are busting chops or being completely honest. If honest, I think we need to talk. I’m bummed to hear your feedback and maybe I can help.
From bait and tackle to rigging and local information, we pride ourselves on helping anglers get hooked up. Daily I spend at least an hour compiling first hand reports in order to share information. While some anglers do exaggerate (as with most fish tales) I strive to provide complete, accurate and more importantly helpful fishing report information. Whenever possible I back up the text report with photo proof. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words.
Greg Cudnik “Fish Head Greg”