LBI’s Thanksgiving Fishing Report

The waters of Long Beach Island are full of great fishing. From striped bass to tautog there’s spectacular fishing going down! Here’s LBI’s Thanksgiving Fishing Report for the evening of Wednesday, November 27, 2019.

Striped Bass Fishing

Recent days were lights out fishing for most! Great reports from both boat and land based angler show there’s a large body of striped bass parked in our local waters. With the abundance of bait and water in the range of 48-50 degrees we expect good fishing right into December.

It’s been a top water spectacular with light winds the past few days. Anglers fishing sand eel imitations are fooling linesiders most productively.

LBI surf anglers are having a blast doing the same. Sunrise and sunset are best times to target; however some good late morning and afternoon bites went down. At times distance very important so metals are standouts. Be sure to fish a teaser!

Tautog Fishing

The bottom fish bulldogs continue to chew! Theses thick, muscular bruisers are a ton of fun and the big ones will test your tackle.

All reports from customer are very good with regards to quantity and quality. Lots of boat limit reports. We hope everyone gets in on the great fishing before it’s brutally cold. But also!!!! Please fish responsibly as tog are slow growing and we can not let our recreation pressures gash the stock like we did the striped bass. This is too good to screw up. Do your part!  Have fun catching. Keep a couple when the time is right and safely release the others.

Fish Head Charters

Tuesday – I fished with Fish Head Ambassador Swagmattic and store staffer Max. We got out early to hunt down tog. Our first stop produced a good consistent bite with a nice size range but nothing big. The largest was 5-6 pound range, but there was a number of them. After putting in a few hours then moved around. We found another good bite where some health fish were hiding. We caught some and lost one big one that was in a class al of it’s own. They don’t get that big for a reason!

Wednesday – I was up early and figured I had to go take advantage of the tranquil morning before the southerly blow. I’m so happy I did! I headed out solo for a dawn patrol with just a couple fly rods in hand. It turns out to be a day among days. Definitely by best fly fishing bite of the fall (since albies were all that this year this day really stands out). Lots of schoolie bass rolling on sand eels. I managed to push away from the fleet and found single bunker being played on by bigger bass in the 20-30# class range however I couldn’t get them to take even my biggest bunker flied. I must have had 10 follows right to the boat but none committed. I would of been much earlier to have an extra hand but it added to the mayhem and fun.

Give Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I’d like to take this time to thank all of our readers. Thank you for following our blog posts. We hope you enjoy and find the information valuable.

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LBI Fishing Report Weekend Recap November 24, 2019

This weekend was full of great fishing! Did you get out and enjoy?

Anglers working the water of Long Beach Island were rewarded with great catches. Both boat and land based anglers are consistently finding fish and having a fun time doing so. The abundance of striped bass in the local waters is promising that fishing will roll right into December.

Here’s The Fish Heads LBI Fishing Report Weekend Recap Tor Sunday November 24, 2019.

LBI Surf Fishing Report

The past few days have been good to the surf anglers fishing the beaches of LBI. Currently the LBI surf temperatures is in the 49-51 degree range.

“During the typical sand eel bite like we are seeing here in NJ you need to key in on the short limited times they are feeding to get in on the action (sunrise and sunset mostly).” Veteran surfcaster Steve George shares, “My favorite presentation fishing overnight in the dark are needlefish lures. But as you can see they are also very effective during the day.” Here’s a photo Steve tagged us in… small bass on slender lures, in this case a Super Strike Needle Fish Lure.

Tom Smith was on the beach with his son Tommy for an evening session. They landed four schoolies in less than an hour this evening on the North End surf. Tommy was stoked! Teaser and Daiwa SP Minnow was the ticket.

Here’s five year old Tommy with one of many striped bass he caught with his father Sunday.

Miss Barnegat Light Fishing Info

Anglers aboard Saturday and Sunday were into fish. Here’s the report from the Miss BL, “Good days of fishing! On Saturday we picked at a mix of slots, shorts and a few over 28 inches. Sunday we had an awesome day. First picking then finding hungry ones. We had action for hours. There’s a good amount of fish within a short ride of the Inlet. Fishing looks goof for the foreseeable future.

Get To The Boat Early & Jump Aboard: Thanksgiving 6am-12noon, Black Friday, Saturday, Sunday 7am departures. If it’s blowing we are going because the fish are here.

Tautog Fishing LBI

Tog Fishing has been very good. Now with the regulations opened up to five fish per anglers there’s much more participation and pressure. What was easy pickings has turned back a couple clicks but still great fishing none the less. At the right pieces, at the right times, it’s fast and furious. Expect great tog fishing into the Holidays and beyond.

If you are looking to get in. on the action and need to gear up stop in. We are fully stocked up on rigs, jigs and all sorts of tog tackles. We also have top rods and reels ready to rock. Also we’ve got all of the cold weather fish essentials from boots, gloves and waterproof fishing apparel from Grundens and Guy Cotten the two best names in the game.

Jersey Ghost Hunting

What was once known as ghost hunting has turned into near shore bluefin fishing. You can’t call it ghost hunting if they are consistently seen and caught.

Below is a photo of Chris Degennaro with his son Ryan and an inshore bluefin tuna. Chris reported, “Well today was the cherry on top of what was a great season of fishing with family and friends. After several trips one of which we lost a heart breaker, finally landed the elusive fall bluefin. Just me and Ryan today. He helped clear lines, drove the boat while I was fighting the fish and helping me finish it off. While I was mentally prepared, I will say I got very lucky!”

With a little luck on their side, Father and son team made it happen!

Here’s another inshore bluefin photo from this weekend… “Red Man” Mark Haley.

Offshore Fishing Report

The offshore season is just about over but some anglers can’t quit. Nick Perello gave it go and shared this report, “We ran out of BI to the southern canyons for some daytime sword fishing. It was a very slow day but had a great time with friends. Two bites and caught one small but legal swordfish. We were pretty sure we were the only boat to run offshore from NJ.”

Fish Head Charters Update

The fishing continues on very good with lots of bass, lots of bait and lots of birds. Most days the screen is lit up with striped bass (and spiny dog fish) stacked like cord wood. They are feasting on sand eels making for prime time light tackle fishing. Some days the bass fishing has been silly good. Anyone looking to get in on fly fishing striped bass… Now is the time! You actually have the advantage being able to fish small presentations wth light line. There’s no better way to fool these sometimes spooky fish. Also the follows, eat and fight it just so much more fun.

Here’s Jared And Torr with two health tog they doubled up with fishing live crabs on Magictail Tog Jigs.

My recent trips were focused on tog fishing. The bite has been very good and steady with limit catches on almost all trips. While we haven’t caught the large double digit fish that some are tugging up I know we soon will. Utilizing the Rhodan GPS Anchor we’ve been working prime structure and knocking on their doors.

Are you looking to get out and fish? Jump aboard Fish Head Charters and get in on the fun. The weather is getting cold but the fishing is red hot. Now’s the time to get in on the fun before the wicked winter kicks in. Whether it’s striped bass or tog (or a combo of both) there’s lots of light tackle fun to be had.

Serving One or Two Angler Trips Only
$200 Per Angler 4-5 Hour Trips
Contact Captain Greg via Call/Text 6097139299

Linda Lee Sportfishing Report

Saturday we had out the Drew crew and it was nothing short of epic striped bass fishing. We headed north 2 miles out of Barnegat Inlet and it was on birds working and plenty of boats. We caught 9 fish with 2 keepers there. The guys were looking for the meat. We got word of some bigger fish north of the wheel so we took the run. Once we got up there it was slow for an hour but then the tide turned we started getting double headers. With 4 whales working the bunker pods and bird action all afternoon it was prime time fall fishing. We managed to get 7 keepers and caught 16 fish. The guys were all stoked on a great day of fishing. Magictail mojo’s and the 9er Shad Umbrella Rigs did the trick all day.

I have November 30th and December 1st available if you’re looking to get out a fish. Give Captain Ryan a Call 609-276-8032

No Limits Sportfishing – Fishing Report & Availability for Tuesday 11/26

We had a couple of good bass trips within these past few days when weather permitted!

Thursday 11/21 I had new client Bob, along with his two sons Nick and Matt from Galloway, NJ out for a 6hr striped bass charter. The trip started off very slow, but once we figured out the right recipe to “match the hatch” we ended up going 7 for 8. We ended the trip with 7 fish, 1 being a short, 2 being released for good karma, and 4 being kept for the dinner table. The weather was very sporty in the morning but it laid down and turned out to be a beautiful day with plenty of fish around. Great job today guys, we look forward to fishing with you in the future!

Saturday 11/23 we had an EPIC bass bite! I had return clients Andrew and his 12 year old son Aidan from Chester, NJ out for a 6hr striped bass charter. We started in the same area as Thursday and had our first 2 fish on the boat within minutes. Not only were they the first 2 fish of the day, but they were Andrew and Aidan’s first ever striped bass! All morning was a steady pick with all of the slot fish and 28”-41” fish that you could want. We ended the trip going 13/13 on bass up to 30lbs. We could have caught many more but the pace slowed down as the day went on since Andrew and Aidan both had very sore arms. Fishing was so good that they kept on insisting each other reel the next fish in because they were both tired and sore. We kept our 4 man limit of unders as well as 3 slot fish that we tagged. We could have tagged our limit, but Aidan is all about conservation and only wanted to keep enough to feed their family. Kids like him are what’s going to keep fish populations going for generations to come!

I have this Tuesday, 11/26 available for private charter or open boat. The weather looks absolutely beautiful and the fish are here! This is my only date available for the week, as the rest are booked. We have some wind coming around Thanksgiving, so I expect the fish to bite before this next blow.

If you are interested in getting out please contact us to book your trip. Call or text Captain Mike to get out on the water or send us a message through our website! (609)-709-7264

Start Catching Blackfish on Jigs With These Helpful Tips

Start Catching Blackfish On Jigs! Here are some tips on how to make the transition super successful.

Catching blackfish on jigs is an absolute game changer when fishing for tautog. The lighter tackle used for this type of fishing drastically contrasts more standard methods of catching these fish. Experienced anglers who attempt catching blackfish on jigs will find there is quite the learning curve. Often, I see guys who’ve been catching blackfish for years, but on heavier equipment, finding a great deal of trouble trying to make the switch. So this often leads to folks quitting before they can master the new technique. Start catching blackfish on jigs with these helpful tips!

Here’s a few tips I’ve gathered over the years. I’m sharing because I’d like to help you catch blackfish on jigs. However first read my comprehensive fishing article, Catching Black Fish With Jigs.

Catching Blackfish on Jigs
Author Matt Sorrentino with a nice early fall blackfish. Matt caught this white chin on a 1.5 oz Magictail Game Changer Tog Jig.

Start with a heavier jig and work down from there.

If you’ve been blackfishing for a while, you’re most likely using at least an 8 ounce weight regularly. It’s very easy to feel the bottom because these heavier weights add more tension to your line. It is easier to decipher what type of structure you’re on because of this and easier to find the holes you want to be fishing. When you attempt to throw a 1-2 oz jig down for the first time, everything is going to feel extremely off because of the weight difference. Start with a heavier weighted jig, get used to the feel and work your way down. The ideal weight is the lightest possible which will still get down and hold bottom.

Light Braided Line Is A Must

You’re fishing a light jig and anything that helps the jig get to the bottom faster and stay there is going to maximize your opportunities. Do you know the difference in abrasion resistance between 50# braid and 40# braid? How about 30-20 or 15-10#? Me neither! But I can promise you it’s insignificant. What is significant is the ability of the thinner lines to through providing the least water resistance. I use 15# Cortland Master Braid on my tog jigging fishing reels. The line is super strong and allows me to fish a locked up drag which is needed to hoist out and up double digit blackfish.

Please understand, my abrasion concern is countered by fishing extra long fluorocarbon leaders (commonly 5-8′ of 30/40/50# either Seaguar Blue Label Fluoro or Ande Leader). Using an FG Knot the line to line connection is super strong and the knot has a very thing profile. This system is proven and I highly suggest you rig up this way too.

Don’t Swing!

Here’s where it’s going to get tough for seasoned vets. You’ve been dialed in for years. You know what the right bite feels like and you know when to swing. Well, now that you have a jig on, you’re wrong. Fishing tog jigs is a different game than rigs. You’ll need to re-learn the feel, the best advice I can give you is to let your first few baits get completely stolen. Let them eat it, just try to dial in the feel for the different type of bites. Everything is more sensitive now. This is the reason catching blackfish on jigs is so effective!

In the end, rely on what you know.

It’s still important when catching blackfish on jigs to fish in a similar fashion. You want the bait on the bottom. Don’t jig it! Ideally you’ll find piece of hard structure, ledges, caves, rock/concrete piles, wooden debris and obviously shipwrecks. Keep the bait still. When you get the right bite, or when your line goes slack (sometimes the fish will just pick up your jig and swim away) swing for the fences! Cross his eyes, reel quickly and get that fish up and away from that structure. It is crucial you react quickly here. If you fail to move the fish quickly I can assure you a broken heart and a few minutes in the penalty box retying.

A spring limit of nice Blackfish caught on Magictail Tog Jigs

The equipment I use for catching blackfish on jigs.

Rod – Daiwa Proteus

Reel – Daiwa Low Profile Baitcaster

Line – Cortland Master Braid

Leader – Ande Premium

Jigs – Magictail Gamechanger Tog Jig

If you’d like to learn more and Start Catching Blackfish on Jigs…

I invite you to join me on a fishing trip. I frequently set up charters on New Jersey’s top boats at the season’s best dates. On the trips you will learn from myself and other experts in the field, the different tactics employed to catch blackfish on jigs. The all inclusive trip includes your fare and gratuity and some even have a rod and reel demos as well as free gifts and giveaways. For more info stay tuned to my Instagram Page better yet give me a follow and send a direct message introducing yourself.

LBI Fishing Report November 20, 2019

In recent time a good wave of striped bass have migrated into the local waters of Long Beach Island. Before this most recent blow reports were strong with an abundance of striped bass in the 22-30” range. Some larger fish were caught however no where near the same numbers as weeks earlier. This is some what common for this time of the season. For details on our last report 11/16/19 post see.

Here’s a Fishing Report Update for the evening of Wednesday 20, 2019.

Theres’s realy no need to report on the striped bass fishing from the boat. Anglers who get out will find fish… it’s November! Go Fish!

As far as the surf game goes… The fish feed on the available forage. Right now that is SANDEELS! This year there’s an abundance of sandeels and striped bass are keyed in. Match the hatch to hook up. Slender profile lures are what is getting bites. As far as bait, anglers fishing clam are out doing bunker chunkers.

Since there was a large weather system which kicked off the work week we can’t share much other than today and Tuesday. Tuesday had solid swell in the water but light winds. Anglers got out and found fish on the beach.

Charlie Kulp commented on our Facebook “LBI Surf Fishing Report – November 19, 2019” post, “Lots of fish today. All on salted clam.” Another report from the surf came in today from Torr Cohen. He fished with a buddy and got a pair of bass soaking clam. Merle Van Liere got a couple fish off the south end surf too.

We heard of some peanut bunker schools to our north. Things could get much more interesting if they show on LBI. But until then stick with the sand eel state of mind!

Barnegat Bay Fishing

Still getting reports of bayside striped bass. Both boat and land based anglers are finding bass hungry on bucktails and softbaits like Kettle Creek Paddle Tails rigged on a lead head jig. Depending on temperatures, the classic haunts can hold linesiders right into December.

Tautog Fishing

The tog fishing season is wide open and fishing has been very good. A couple reports came in yesterday and again a couple today. Dante from Magictail has been dialed in on the big white chins. Today he checked in a another double digit fish. If you want to get in on the action and need to gear up… stop in now and get in the game!

Are you on Instagram? If not you should be! Go check out our Magictail Tog Jig Giveaway. Also for a limited time only… Here’s a site wide 10% Off Promo Shopping Cart Code: TOG10

Want to win this lot? Get over to our Instagram page now!

Hi Flier Open Boat Stripers

We have an awesome stretch of W/NW winds coming from now through Monday if the forecast remains the same. This is the best wind. Flattens out the ocean and stimulates the fishing. Combine that with 40 to 50 degree air temps and this looks to be a classic bass fishing weekend. We might have to run north to catch ’em, but that’s what we’ve been doing every week. Number one rule: Fish where the fish are. We are ready    
to cast, jig, or troll. There is a big mix of fish from 20 inches to 20 pounds.
Sailing Open Boat or Charter:
Saturday Nov 23 and Mon Nov 25, 6AM to 2PM, $200 person, 4 people max, all fish are shared. 
Also sailing Sun Dec 1 and Mon Dec 2. That will wrap it up for the Hi Flier this year. 
Thank you everyone for another great season. I hope you and your families have a wonderful holiday season!

Dave DeGennaro

732.330.5674 cell

Fishing Report – Reel Reaction Charters

It has been an epic week of fishing and we got into the action as we continued our “No Troll Fishing” motto this past week. It was all jigs, soft plastics, and pencil poppers with our clients boxing Stripers to 20 pounds. Trips had close to 50 Stripers and we finished with a pick and limits of Tog to 20 inches. Although we were cancelled this past weekend due to the heavy winds, once it all calms down the Togging should get back to where it was which was SOLID.

I have Monday December 2nd 1130 to 430pm, December 4th Wednesday 1130am to 430pm, and December 6th Friday 1130 to 430pm available for Charter or Open Boat (need 3 to run – $160) (from Waretown) – includes Spot and Green Crab, maybe a few Whiteleggers.

I have some weekends left prior to Christmas, so if interested let me know.

If interested in booking a charter, book through our site ( or call/text 609-290-7709.   As always, we use the highest quality gear and everything is included: gear, live spot (20-30 per charter), tackle, fish-cleaning, and ICE!  It’s “no worries” fishing.  Just come aboard and FISH.

Capt. Brett Taylor ~ ~ Call or Text: 609-290-7709

No Limits Sportfishing – Fishing report

This past Friday 11/15, we fished the 10th Annual Stafford PBA 297 Striped Bass Tournament with Eian and Shane. The striped bass fishing was insane with an epic bite all day long. We had our 4 man limit of unders (28 – under 43”) by the time the sun came up. All morning there were birds, bait, bass, and whales all over the surface. It was all of the bass you wanted ranging from 20” to 20lbs on jigs, plugs, soft plastics, and poppers. After messing around with them for a bit we continued to troll, looking for a big fish for the tournament. We released several other fish up to 20lbs throughout the day but never found that big fish that we were looking for. Although we couldn’t find the big one, we caught tons of bass and it was a bite that most people will never forget. We had a great time and congratulations to all of the winners!

We had to cancel our trips this past weekend due to the strong northeast winds. We are hoping to make it out by midweek, weather permitting. We are booked for the upcoming weekend, but have the weekdays available for charter or open boat. With all the bait around, the fall run is in full effect and now is the time to get out and fish!

If you are interested in getting out please contact us to book your trip. Call or text Captain Mike to get out on the water or send us a message through our website! (609)-709-7264

Lighthouse Sportfishing Report

The weather pattern we have been in blows, literally. We get a day or two of fishable conditions only to welcome the next storm. Last time out pre-storm was on Friday with good friend Capt. Dan Siegel and Bob. We trolled bass to 22 pounds. Here is a picture of your truly with a nice bass. Saw lots of scattered surface action but stayed on the troll hoping for a trophy which never made it to the shelf. Before that I had consistent action around the inlet and back on live bait. When the bite is on it is almost drop n reel conditions. With that, the fall bass run is fully underway so get out there. We have the bait to keep the bass coming to the dinner plate for a while in the likes of: big bunker; sandeels; Boston mackerel, and who knows what else. Atlantic herring should make a showing soon. Water temperatures over ten miles offshore in the upper 50’s will surly push out the low to mid 50’s along the beach thanks to the latest nor’easter. So look for the bass bite to be spot on once the ocean calms midweek. Still got days open so contact me and book soon before the run runs out.

On the nature side of things: Has anyone thought why are we seeing whales every spring and fall along our beaches??? We are seeing them for two reasons. Number one is the Marine Mammal Protection Act on 1972 which stopped the killing of most whales. Protected under this act their populations have been come back. It takes a long time for large mammals such as whales to repopulate and increase in numbers. Large whales like the humpbacks and finbacks we have been seeing have an 11 month gestation period and may only give birth to one. But whales can only truly come back for reason number two, increased forage (what an animal feeds on) in the likes of bunker. Our management of bunker has definitely increased this most import fish of the sea population. Being on Barnegat Bay for some 40 years now I have witnessed a lot of change. First for the worse and now for the better. Two and a half decades ago I did not see the countless schools of juvenile bunker that is now see come late summer and early fall. I did not see massive schools of adult bunker off our beaches for many months of the year like I see now. Speaking of bunker, if you are an American and a fisherman you should be really pissed off about a foreign company, Omega Protein, coming into our waters, Chesapeake Bay to be specific, and overfishing their quota and acting like they don’t give a f**k. You can read the story here: Oemega Protein Breaking the Law

Screaming drags,

Capt. Alex


Lighthouse Sportfishing

Youtube Channel: Fishing Barnegat Bay