Hi Flier Oct 3 thru 6 Open Boat Barnegat Ridge or Tuna

It appears that this “End of all time” weather is finally coming to an end. Monday is borderline for our boat, so I am going to give it one more day for the seas to come down even more by Tues. Then Tues thru Fri, Oct 3, 4, 5, and 6, we will be running Open Boat or Charter for anything we can. Nobody has been out, so it is going to be a work in progress schedule. 

The bay does not have a lot to offer as my shrimp supplier is done for the season. The good news is that there are plenty of options in the ocean.
If I had to pick a place to start, it would be Barnegat Ridge. Good chance of finding bonita and albies there. Right before all this messy weather, there were quite a few big bluefin taken there, as well. I plan on bringing every size gear from 12 lb spinning outfits to 80 class standups. I have pails of spearing and peanut bunker to get the party started. The big bluefin were taken on live bait that could be caught right on the same grounds. 

The other fishery we are all watching and hoping is at the 60 to 65 mile range where we left the yellowfin tuna biting. These fish were bruisers, all 50 to 80 plus pound fish.  On bait and jigs during daylight hours, the most fun way to catch these tuna. We will be trading info within our network and if those fish are there, we’re gone!

October is a good time of year to fish the inlet jetty for stripers and blues. We will be mostly casting lures at the jetty. There is a chance of finding migrating albacore along the beach, as well.

Here is how the Open Boat trips will play out:

Tues Oct 3, Wed Oct 4, Thurs Oct 5, and Fri Oct 6

Barnegat Ridge 6AM to 2PM $300 person or $1,200 Charter

60 to 65 Mile Yellowfin Tuna: 4AM to 4PM $450 person or $1,800 Charter

Inlet or Inshore Trips 7AM to Noon $700, or 7AM to 1PM $800 for Charter only, no Open Boat

All trips are 4 people max, all fish are shared. Call right up until “go time”! If it goes right to voicemail it means I am offshore, out of cell range, and will call you back as soon as we get back in range.

Hope to see you on board!

Thank you,


Dave DeGennaro

Hi Flier Sportfishing

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LBI Fishing Report 9/28/23

The blow that keeps on blowing has most anglers sidelined hoping one day it lets up. But some are grinding rough conditions in foul weather skins and catching a few fish.

Tog is offering the most consistent action for land based anglers fishing the rocks at Barnegat Inlet. It should be good unless dirty water puts a damper on things. All of October will offer up good land based tog fishing.

Right now there’s also resident striped bass making their presence know. It has been happening for a couple weeks now (we shared info on it all along) and it will continue right into the fall run when migratory fish show up to the area. This is usually mid to late October but only time will tell!

Here’s an early fall fishing report in the late September time frame detailing what’s up fishing wise on Long Beach Island. This fishing report is brought to you by Capt Greg Cudnik at Fisherman’s Headquarters.

LBI Fishing Report 9/22/23 – Last Report Of Summer

The complex and numerous weather events as of late are tell tale symbols the season are changing. What a coincidence this Nor’East blow times up with the beginning of Autumn for a nice festive feel. Here on LBI will get lots of wind which has already starred today, lasting all day Saturday in the 30-40kt range, finally subsiding Sunday afternoon. This weather s from Ophelia (low pressure, tropical storm, depression) brewing up and moving up the coast. Saturday will be a soaker and more rain is expected Sunday and Monday. Forecasts are calling for the wind to kick back up Monday afternoon and through early next week with east-north-east wind in the 20-30kt range. Then dry Nor’east sets up Tuesday, fading Wednesday into Thursday. Through this whole time expect coastal flooding, big surf and beach erosion.

Final Days Of Fluke Fishing

What a great way to close out the last stretch of NJ Summer Flounder Season. NOT! It officially ends Wednesday Sept 27th. It’s a bummer since the fluke fishing has been fairly good in the bay, inlet, ocean and surf. Store staffer Frankie had good fluke fishing yesterday on the mid-island surf. Yesterday we also had a nice fluke weighed in by Jim Griffth who caught it fishing the Barnegat Inlet.

Variety Of Options For Late September

Once the weather clears and things settle down angler fishing the Long Beach Island will have a variety of options. There should be a little of everything with no one standout. I expect the following species to be on tap… fluke, blues, striped bass, weakfish, blowfish, spot, tog, triggerfish, sheepshead, Spanish mackerel, false albacore as well as the many other offshore pelagics.

Tautog is the best bet right now for consistent bite. The Barnegat Inlet has been consistent. I can’t say that there are alot of quality fish but the quantity of fish make for a lot of fun. There are a few keepers to be had. This fishery should be doable (maybe not Saturday) fishing the bayside areas on the north end in the leeward areas.

The fall mullet run is on! Currently mullet are moving. I say them in the surf yesterday (Thursday). It started around (give or take a few days) the new moon on Sept 14th. Usually the mid-September moon flips the mullet switch on and this year it was right on schedule. Depending how the moon phases lines up, it can be earlier or later in the month. It’s that time of year where the days get shorter, weather gets cooler and the water temperatures begin to fall from their summertime peak highs. Also jump starting the run, a big swell and northerly / north east blow like we last Friday. My fingers are crossed the weather coming from Ophelia does mess up things. We will have to wait and see. Let’s hope the run is a good one and last into and through our next moon (full on 9/29) and well into October. That would really spice up the early October surf fishing sessions!

Cocktail blues (bluefish) have hung around all summer. Some may see as a nuisance after loosing baits and tackle to bite offs. Others appreciate their presence and welcome the active tight-line fun especially on light tackle. Anglers are catching blues casting lures (plugs and metal) as well as fishing mullet on a classing mullet rig or chunking.

September Striped Bass

The resident stripers have really become more active since the last moon (9/14) offering great light tackle fun for anglers fishing the backwaters of Long Beach Island.

Fish Heads Alumni Dan D. has been having a blast light tackle fishing the sunset sessions. Below is one catch photo from Thursday evening. Another striped bass report came in yesterday from John W. He caught a 27″ striped bass fishing the surf with mullet.

Here’s a recent video report which wasn’t shared yet on the fishing report blog. To get new video release notifications be sure to subscribe to the Fisherman’s Headquarters YouTube page now.

Hi Flier Open Boat Tuna. Weakies,Bonita,and Albies

We will be running Open Boat Tuna on Mon/Tues/Wed, Sept 18/19/20, 5AM to 5PM, 60-70 mile range, $500 person, 4 people max, all fish are shared. Everything is provided. If you have a favorite rod or two that you want to use, bring it.

These are 50 to 80 lb yellowfins. Bait fishing and jigging. Everything is provided.Call to reserve a spot, right up until “go time”.

These dates are also available for your private charter, inshore or offshore, as well. This is an exciting time of year for fishing. Tuna offshore, albies and bonita at the Ridge, weakies and more in the bay. Today we had a bunch of weakies, a 20 inch fluke, and 11 species total on the live shrimp using 6 lb spinning rods. Weakfish, fluke, sea bass, blowfish, sand shark, bluefish, skate, pinfish, silver perch, goggle eye, and spots. All spots are immediately confiscated and are property of the Hi Flier.

Dave DeGennaro

Hi Flier Sportfishing

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Hi Flier Open Boat Yellowfin Tuna Tomorrow Thurs 9/7!

There’s good reason for the exclamation point. The weather looks excellent for going offshore tomorrow and that is going to change very soon. Also, there is a hot bite on big yellowfin tuna within our range, 50 to 60 miles. A lot of these fish are being caught on bait during daylight hours. To me, there is nothing more exciting than having that reel go from zero to 40!

We will have the trolling gear on board in case we have to scout around, but I am hoping not to use it all. We will also have jigging rods and jigs, as it sounds like that has been producing, as well.

OPEN BOAT TUNA: Thurs Sept 7, 4AM to 4PM, $500 person, 4 people max, all fish are shared.You can call right up until “Go Time”, I am really pushing to get this trip off while the fishing is hot and the sea condition is right.

Call to reserve a spot.
See you on board!

Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
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Hi Flier Open Boat Albacore, Bonita, and More

The Barnegat Ridge is loaded with false albacore. Great sport but not edible. To make it interesting, though, there are bonita mixed in, which are also fun to catch and delicious to eat. Any way you prepare tuna, you can also make bonita, including sashimi. The squid boats are there dragging squid and we jigged a bunch of those yesterday and set out lines for bluefin tuna, but no takers. We did catch some small mahi mahi whenever we drifted by any floating debris. There is 72 degree blue-ish water there that is also holding flying fish. It is a lively piece of water right now.

We will be running Open Boat trips there Wed Sept 6 and Thurs Sept 7, 7AM to 3PM. We will be hi-speed trolling as well as drifting with bait. I am supposed to be picking up pails of spearing today which means we could chum them up and use the light spinning rods. We will have everything on board from the light tackle to the 50 class tuna reels. $300 person, 4 people max, all fish are shared.
We are also available for charter 7 days a week now, including these dates, for any type of fishing, inshore, the bay, or offshore.

Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
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Labor Day Weekend Fishing Report

Hope y’all are enjoying this awesome Labor Day Weekend! Here’s the fishing report update for the Long Beach Island area brought to you by Capt Greg here at Fishermans Headquarters.

This LBI fishing report video recorded and posted on Saturday Sept 2nd

Long Beach Island Surf & Jetty Fishing Report

On the LBI surf there’s a variety of species on tap but not one phenomenal bite. The most consistent and dependable goes to fluke. All summer has been good and we expect the next few weeks to continue. The cocktail bluefish action rolls on steady too. For the past week or so false albacore, Spanish mackerel and bonito have been around, cruising the inlet and surf chasing small bait.

Randy Edwards reported fun fishing today. He said “Deadly Dick lures as well as epoxy jigs.”

Sheepshead and tog carry on at the inlet with a good chew on crabs.

Now is a great time to be fluke fishing the inlet, ocean and surf. With the warm surf and ocean temperatures (low 70º’s) the bite is active.

Surf Info: The swell is still pumping and tomorrow Tuesday looks to be another day of strong long period surf, then fading mid to late week.

4×4 Beach Access Info: Holgate opened on schedule September 1st but the tip/end remains closed due to late season nesting. As per the Feds it could be open soon if not already. The various towns front beaches will be opening soon, later this month. It’s time to take the beaches back!

In The Bay

In the bay, blowfish and spot are picking at baits on the west side of the bay off Barnegat and Waretown as well as Middle Grounds and the ICW on LBI’s middle and south end. There’s also weakfish here too. Lots of bait moving… mullet and peanuts as well as smaller ones like spearing, bay anchovies and micro bait.

Summer bass action offers fun in the early and late parts of the day. Captain Dan D aboard Hog Moon Sportfishing reported great action over the weekend after the boat traffic diminished.

The 3rd Annual Beat The Fleet Fluke Tournament

Saturday was the 3rd Annual Beat The Fleet fluke fishing tournament which is held out of The Boat Yard on the LBI Causeway with morning check in and gun shot starts out of Barnegat Light and Beach Haven.  There were 21 boats and 8 single anglers on the Mary M private charter. 

First Place – 11.90# Flat-U-Lence with first place single fish calcutta at 8.5# as well as heaviest Sea Robin at 1.2#. Second Place – 11.30# Misdrift Third Place – 11.1# Stinky Box, also won second place for single fish calcutta Fourth Place – 9.95# Flounder Wetspot, also won heaviest slot and tied for heaviest combined slots Fifth Place – 9.3# Reel Seduction

Other Calcutta Winners – Gigabyte 2 slot weight tie
Female Angler – Kiersten Holloway aboard the Misdrift
Youth Angler 11 and under – Grey aboard The 5 Ruhls
Youth Angler 12-16 – Andrew aboard the All Gas, No Action
Be sure to get in on this great event next year!

69th Annual LBI Surf Fishing Classic

The 69th Annual LBI Surf Fishing Classic Kicks off on October 7th. Be sure to get in on the fun 9 weeks of surf fishing action! Also save the date… Opening day surf fishing seminar takes place on October 7th from 9-11am at the Ship Bottom Fire House

Mayday! Mayday! Open Boat Bluefin Tuna Tomorrow Sat Sept 2

This has been one of the trickiest weather windows to try and figure out on the backside of the recent storms. Tomorrow looks pretty good. There is going to be a long moderate swell with light winds that change direction all day. The big question is: Are the squid and tuna still where we left them? Inside of 20 miles from our marina. Only one way to find out. We are running an Open Boat Tuna trip tomorrow, Sat Sept 2, 6AM to 2PM, I want to be back through the inlet before that outgoing tide stacks up against the incoming swell. $350 person, 4 people max, all fish are shared. We are going regardless of how many people sign up. My son Nick is in town to work deck, so even if it’s just him and I, we are going.

Sunday, Sept 3, it blows up a little bit, so we are available for shrimping weakfish in the bay. Monday Sept 4, Wed Sept 6, and Thurs Sept 7 we will be running Open Boat Tuna also, leaving at 6AM each day, returning 8 to 10 hours later. Any of these dates can be also be chartered to fish the bay or Barnegat Ridge for bonita, albies, and more.

Call to reserve a spot.

See you on board.



Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
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