Lighthouse Sportfishing Report

Well the recent weather pattern has been less that favorable most days for fishing, however, fish like most migratory organisms use internal and external cues and may move regardless of weather. Case in point, stripers the past week. The northern NJ coast saw an influx of great numbers of quality fish in the 20-40 pound plus fish. I can tell you this, we have the bait so once those fish slide our well fishing will be nothing but world-class. Locally, the inlet and back are providing ample opportunities on bass from 20” to 30” or more. Artificials are working at times, but live bait such as spots are not failing to produce. Saturday morning’s trip produced 10 bass to 28”. I am sailing every day right now and still have dates available including magic hour trips. If you want to get penciled in let me know.

On the nature side of things: Something I do almost on a daily basis I participate in “citizen science”. Citizen science is powered by individuals, communities/organizations, or global science research conducted by citizens. In my one attached picture, you will see an American Littoral Society (ALS) spaghetti tag behind the dorsal fin of one of the striped bass I tagged an released on Saturday. This is one of the examples of citizen science I am involved in and have been for over 40 years now! I have to purchase the tags myself, funded by you when you take a trip with me. Two recent returned fish came within 10 miles of where they were tagged and were recaptured within three months of being rereleased. You see, catch and release works when you handle your fish with care. There are so many ways you can get involved, just do it. OK, I’ll get off my soapbox now. LOL

Screaming drags,

Capt. Alex

Lighthouse Sportfishing

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Fishing LBI Weekend Recap Sunday October 20, 2019

Great weekend of fishing the waters! Saturday morning was a bit more choppy than dawn patrol anglers expected. The forecasted north west winds were straight north making sloppy chop. Fortunately it laid down and made for a beautiful Saturday. Saturday night was as tranquil as it gets and the night shift crew took advantage. Sunday started off with a flawless morning but things got sour with heavy winds and rain. Here’s the Fishermans Headquarters Weekend Recap Fishing Report.

Diversified Action Inshore

From bottom fishing to trolling to jigging and casting anglers are catching a spread of species.

Here’s Professor Fish Head, Dave Werner with a big triggerfish caught aboard the Carolyn Ann on a recent trip with the fishing club.

Inshore Bottom Fishing

The wrecks and reefs have a lot to offer. Anglers are catching tog, sea bass, triggerfish and porgies. Store staffers Kelley and Frezza were out early on Sunday morning hunting structure. They reported good fun tog fishing.

Here’s a photo of store Alumni Dave with a quality tog he caught inshore Saturday.

Striped Bass & Bluefish

Dan D was aboard the Morning Wood with Cole Cronin Saturday morning. They made a run north to hunt down the bass and tuna. They scored the first but couldn’t get the later to bite. Dan reported, “There were sick feeds with tuna airing out. We just couldn’t hook em.”

As posted shortly after live action here’s a photo of Dan that was shared on our Instagram page.

Inshore Sharks & Tuna

Right now there are really big fish within sight of land. The abundance of bluefin tuna is impressive but frustrating. Anglers targeting them report they are pushing water and very hard to get a bite. Some anglers have caught but it isn’t an easy feat. There’s also an abundance of thresher sharks. Most are being caught by accident while targeting striped bass on the troll, however some are specifically looking for them and hooking up.

One big catch was reported today from Jon Kelly and Max Goldman who were out fishing aboard the Outcast. They reported while out hunting mako sharks about 30 miles off, they hooked into, had an epic battle and caught this 341 thresher on a mackerel.

LBI Surf Fishing Report

This Saturday was the Merchantville Fishing Club’s ASAC Surf Fishing Tournament. We were expecting to see some striped bass since the beaches not too far north had good recent catches. But out of the 26 (six angler) teams and another 15 individual anglers no legal striped bass were caught, only some shorts (not score-able). Also not score-able, a bunch of out of seas fluke were caught. The only scoring fish caught were blues and dogfish. Ocean City Fishing Club Blue won with 70 points. American Anglers B and Creek Keepers finished 2nd and 3rd. Lynda Greaves won for biggest fish and most overall points.

Fish Head Charters

A weekend like this is what we all needed! It’s always great to have a good weather Saturday. I had return clients Konrad and Nate two young but passionate light tackle anglers with strong drive to catch fish. We started off the dawn patrol with fun fishing, catch and release stripers. In the first hour or so we released about 6 bass up to 30″, two were keeper size. Mid trip we decided to make a run around to search down albies. The guy knew it has been slow but they both really wanted to catch their first. We found very few false albacore but were patient. With time came a couple quick shots at them and they guys both managed to hook up.

The afternoon trip was a total tog trip. Very good fishing with lots of fun. Thanks to Rhodan for locking us in on top of the fish!

Saturday night was the first night shift trip of the fall and it was on! In total we released about 20 striped bass. Anyone looking to get out and target striped bass at night? These are one of a kind trips! So long as the conditions and tide align it’s game on! For those interested get in contact with me NOW to be on the call list. 1-2 angler 3 hour trips, $300 total.

Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters – It’s starting to come together!! 2019 fall season is underway!!

Striped bass action is really starting to show signs of life from the back bays , inlets and along the beaches. The abundance of various forage [ bait – bunker, mullet, sardines , squid , sand eels ……]  along our coast is setting up to greet and host an epic 2019 fall season!!  Migrating species such as stripers, bluefish, false albacore bonito and even bluefin tuna have been encountered well within eye sight of the beach!! 
 Inshore structures. wrecks, rock piles and alike have been very rewarding while targeting black fish ,  while deeper offshore structures are rewarding with both seabass , porgies and various other species.  

The 2019 fall season is underway !! Book today!! Ill be running everyday through the month of November so call to reserve your date or spot!! 
Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

\Captain Steve Purul Reel \

Fantasea Fishing Charters


LBI Fishing Report Weekly Update – October 18th

Mid October is here and the fall fishery is progressing. The bay has life, bottom fishing is good, the striped bass migration is moving in and offshore anglers are finding meat. Here’s the Long Beach Island fishing report update for October 18th.

LBI Surf Fishing Report

Today is Day 14 of the LBI Surf Fishing Tournament. Two weeks in there are three striped bass on the board. The most recent and largest to day was caught by Brandon Pomykacz. He caught the 19.46 pound striped bass on swim bait.

A striped bass surf report came in from a customer who shared, “Monday morning got one bass on a Super Strike Popper.” One good size weakfish was reported off the surf on Tuesday.

Few other surf reports came in this week, BUT we expect that to change. With the Merchantville ASAC tournament this weekend there will be strong participation so the results will really give a good read of what’s running on the local beach.

Barnegat Bay Fishing Report

The backwaters of LBI offer great opportunities in October. The waters are full of fish and have very little traffic compaired to a few weeks a go.

Blowfish are in the bay but will be gone any day. We have a feeling the 30-50 mph westerly blow (Wednesday/Thursday) might have sent them out to Europe. This season was definitely a really good one on all accounts for blowfish. There was an abundance and some good size ones. Photo

Crabbing is still very good.

Striped Bass Showing Up

A little further north some quality fish were recently caught. Finally some colder air filled in and the water temperatures continue to fall. Are you ready? Good fishing will be here any tide now.

Bottom Fishing Inshore & Midshore Wrecks & Reefs

Inshore bottom fishing is strong! Sea Bass fishing is very good with a 10 fish bag limit at the 12.5″ minimum size (until the end of the month). Then on November 1st the NJ Black Sea Bass Fishing Regulation bump up to 15 fish at 13″ until the end of the year.

Here’s Jim Hutchinson Jr from the Fishermans Magazine. We was fishing aboard the Robin Ann out of Barnegat Light and had a great trip catching quality sea bass.

Tog fishing is also very good. The current 15″ one fish bag limit increases in about a month. On November 16th five fish at 15″.

“Back Attack” was out earlier this week and reported good fishing. “We took advantage of the sea bass opening up to 10 per person. The morning started slow. We worked around and found the right piece of structure finishing the day with a four man limit to 5lbs. We were swinging double headers over the rail all afternoon.”

Dante from Magictails was on the meat earlier this week. He reported, “Fish up to 10 pounds with lots of five pound fish. The Magictail 1oz and 1.5oz crab jigs were key. Lots of life on the wrecks and reefs! Lots of species caught tog, sea bass, triggerfish, stripers, fluke and threaser shark. I got spooled in about 15 seconds by something big. Must have been a bluefin.”

Magictail Tog Jigs totally changed the blackfish game. Last year they were out producing and so far this year they are killing it! Buy some Magictail Tog Jigs today.

Inshore Ghosts

The inshore bluefin tuna popped up early this year and look to be here for Halloween. Usually a fishery focused around Thanksgiving, they showed up in good numbers. Captain Adam & Rob from Waterman Charters are on the bite! Only time will tell if this continues on. Let’s hope these ghosts stick around.

Offshore at the canyons we’ve heard about a consistent tuna chunk bite. Also a number of boats are reported good swordfishing and tons of mahi.

Fish Head Charters

It felt great to get back out on the water. It was even better to get into some great fishing. I jumped onboard with Rhodan Marine and rigged up a Precision GPS Anchor, the most powerful trolling motor out there (36v 120# Thrust).

After only two trips, I’m beyond stoked with the performance. The power, accuracy and convenience is off the charts. It has already changed my game allowing an entire new approach.

On my last trip I caught my biggest striped bass of the fall so far, a health keeper 30″ caught on a jig. There were lots of schoolies too. The main focus of the trip was tog and it was a blackfish bonanza. Three anglers caught well over 100 fish, with only a handful of shorts. Almost all of the fish were 3-6 pounds. It was a ton of fun on light tackle fishing crab jigs. Anyone looking to get out give a call to book a date!

Looking To Buy A GPS Anchor Trolling Motor?

Seeing the trend in the South East and its spread north to the Garden State, we signed up and Fishermans Headquarters is a Rhodan Dealer. We got out our first delivery and as expected it sold out right away.

If you or a fishing friend is interested in exploring the options, pricing and the Rhodan Advantage… Let Us Know. It’s a game changer and we can help make the whole process very easy.

The Rhodan Advantage:

Why buy Rhodan among the other options out there? Rhodan treats their customers like friends and family with super customer service. Big corporations just can’t come close. More than that they offer a superior product! Rhodan’s exclusive circuitry offer maximum power and efficiency (battery life) and their dual GPS and dual compass out performs with industry best accuracy. It keep position within 3′. For durability their circuitry is made for hard saltwater fishing and proven to stands up to 100’s 1000’s of hours. The Line-X lower unit head and composite shaft are also major benefit adding to the longevity.

If you are looking to invest in the most simplistic, powerful, accurate and durable GPS Anchor /Trolling Motor… Choose Rhodan!

Beach Haven Fishing Report October 16, 2019

Here’s the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Associations Fishing Report for October 16th by Jim Hutchinson Sr.

The recent spate of strong northeast winds and extremely high tides over a several day period kept the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association at the dock. Now that the weather in the Beach Haven area has begun to settle down, the boats have been out and about catching fish.

Early reports from boats bottom fishing inshore wrecks and reefs have been positive. The long period of closure for black sea bass have gotten them hungry and feisty. As a result, that action has been strong with limit catches reported in addition to some large “humpback” fish being
taken. In addition, there are big tautog, or blackfish, around the same structures as the sea bass.

Those recent northeast winds have gotten the striped bass moving southward on their annual migration. Although the big fish have not yet arrived off Long Beach Island, they are reported to be just to the north of the area. This means it should only be a few days until these fish arrive, and this would be just in time for the annual Sea Shell Club’s Striped Bass Derby.

The Derby is the fishing highlight for boat-oriented anglers in Beach Haven every fall. The event features three days of fishing, fun, food, and great prizes. This year’s event has special meaning for the captains of the BHCFA. The Junior Mates of the BHCFA have embarked on an effort to restore the artificial fishing reefs just off the coast of Beach Haven. This effort requires hard work and a substantial amount of money to get into action.

The 2019 version of the Sea Shell Tournament has named the Junior Mates reef efforts as the charitable recipient this year. These funds will be a real shot in the arm to get the program underway. The proceeds will be used to replenish the reef sites.

The Derby will take place from Friday, October 25, through Sunday, October 27.The captains of the BHCFA are urging all local anglers to participate in the tournament this year. Complete information on the tournament including rules and signup information can be downloaded at the Sea Shell’s website at
Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at

Fishing Report – Reel Reaction Charters

Once the wind and waves settled down, boats could finally get out to target a myriad of species. The backbay is offering up Striped Bass, Bluefish, and some Weakfish while Ocean trips have sights set on Sea Bass and Blackfish.

We ran a few trips over the past long weekend resulting in LIMITS of Sea Bass, some Triggerfish, and bay Striped Bass with up to 20 being caught to 28 inches. Check our website ( for the detailed report.

I had a cancellation for this 10/20 Sunday 630-1030am for inlet/bay Striped Bass and the tide looks good. 24-30 live Spot are included on this trip. I’m looking for either charter or open boat (need 3 to run – $135 per person). We have Striped Bass bonus permits which allows anglers to keep 24 to 27.99 in stripers. If interested, call or text 609-290-7709.

If interested in booking a charter, book through our site ( or call/text 609-290-7709.   As always, we use the highest quality gear and everything is included: gear, live spot (20-30 per charter), tackle, fish-cleaning, and ICE!  It’s “no worries” fishing.  Just come aboard and FISH.

Capt. Brett Taylor ~ ~ Call or Text: 609-290-7709

Weekend Report Update October 13, 2019

Here’s the weekend report update for Sunday October 13th. Did you notice the title doesn’t say fishing report? That’s because this past week was a blowout and few reports came in!

The Nor’ Easter – Melissa

The strong low pressure, dubbed subtropical storm Melissa, finally weakened and lifted out. But she left her mark!

The lineup of weather recently was cranking NorthEast winds for what seemed like a week or two. Then Melissa cranked up Thursday – Friday serving a beastly blow which stacking up the coastal water. She wouldn’t allow the full moon “king tides” out.  Water in the streets seem like the norm now but this event was deep! By all accounts, the worst flooding since Sandy.

Worried boat owners late to action found boat ramps unusable with water in the parking lots and streets. We heard of a few boats that sunk and some that were just narrowly rescued.

The crazy winds damaged some building. The sign and overhang at Ravioli’s & More was ripped.

One victim of the recent wind. This photo does no justice to showing the flooding. This was well after the waters receded.

Melissa made an angry sea and due to the duration of the event, the beaches were battered. Erosion chewed out beaches and dunes exposing parts of jetties that haven’t seen light in year.  The beaches and bars are “reset” so it’s time to start scouting out your fall fishing spots!

LBI Fall Classic

The Long Beach Island Fall Derby aka Fall Classic kicked off last weekend. As of the end of tournament day Sunday October 13 one fish is on the board. On October 7th Matteo Delmonico weighed in the tournament’s first fish, a 9.72 pound striped bass. For more information on the tournament

LBI Surf Fishing Report

While scoring some surf on Saturday I spoke with anglers on the beach. The general consensus… slow fishing. The only fish I heard caught were a couple cocktail blues, a kingfish and an out of season fluke. All of this was on the south end of the Island.

The surf temp has a cool feel to it. Will take a guess and claim it’s 63, max 66. The water was surprisingly clean.

Mid October Fishing Outlook For LBI

Heading into the middle of October chilly temps are right around the corner. The days are getting shorter and water temps slowly drop. The mullet run will soon be in the rear view mirror and the migration will arrive. They will be here soon! (see Pat’s short report below) How long they stick around for… only time will tell.

Today our friend Capt Pat aboard Forever Two Worlds from Rockaway Beach NY went out to shake the dust off things. He reported, “After the long blow, I needed to get out. Did a quick look and found quality bass that were on the chew. They wanted Magictail Mojos!

While Pat’s report is from water about 50 miles away, it goes to show the fish are on the move. Last year classy fish showed in our local waters towards the end of October. The year before (2017) we had big ones arrive October 20 and 21st. Are you ready?

Today’s Tog Fishing Report

Here’s Bill with a good size tog he caught today fishing live green crabs.

We got one report today from Fish Head Alumni Bill Bassant. He stopped in, got some green crabs and hit the water. He looked around at some areas and tried to hunt some fish in the backwater on the flats and sod banks. Notta! He switched over to tog fishing and caught two; a three pounder and a five pounder.

LBI Fishing Report Update

There’s a lot to report since my last fishing report post almost one month ago. Sorry for the lack of posts. Here’s the Fisherman’s Headquarters Long Beach Island Fishing Report Update for October 5th.

It’s time to get your gear ready because it’s Fall and that mean fishing! The waters are still warm but on their slow decline. There plenty of good fishing happening now and we expect it to only get better on the coming weeks. The wind machine has been on for what seems like weeks. It is both bitter and sweet. The rough conditions whipped up from persistent north east winds cut off access for the boats looking to get out and hunt. This same wind really helps out land based anglers.

Mullet – Bass & Blues

The Mullet Run continues on strong. Another couple solid weeks and this year might stack up close to last year’s epic run.

The NE winds have resident striped bass and bluefish fired up chasing mullet in the inlet and surf. Most days these feeds are close in and are loving poppers and swimmers. Anglers on the surf fishing fresh mullet reports lots of small bluefish on mullet. Many of these anglers are releasing out of season fluke. Kingfish are still around too.

Grey Colston and friend got into some good fun action this afternoon. With his light tackle approach he shared, the stripers were chewing along the sod banks.

LBI Surf Fishing Report

Cocktail blues are the main target for surf anglers with kingfish taking the passenger seat. Soon larger blues and striped bass will arrive. Last weekends 73rd World Series OF Surf Fishing had 303 anglers (48 teams) with 806 total fish caught. 721 were blues! This goes to show they dominate the suds right now.

65th LBI Surf Fishing Classic

Let the games begin! The 65th LBI Surf Fishing Classic kicked off today. For the next 9 weeks, it’s time to fish till you drop! For more information on the event…

False Albacore Fishing

Be sure to stock up now on Deadly Dick Lures and Hogy Epoxy Jigs because these are top producing lures that always sell out fast when the action is hot. The last few years were great and we expect this year to be the same. Reports from the waters in North Jersey are strong. Any day the greenies will show up near BI.

Barnegat Bay Fishing

The backwaters of Long Beach Island hold an abundance of life all summer and fall. Currently weakfish, bluefish, striped bass, blowfish, croakers and kingfish are present. Crabbing and clamming are also great past time to take advantage of while the wind is blowing!

Tog & Sea Bass Fishing

With only one a one fish bag limit catch and release tog fishing is good with some anglers getting some large fish when the conditions allow. Reports from both boat and land based anglers are promising. If your looking for a little blackfish action, the rocks at the inlet and shallow wrecks and reefs have been the ticket for most guys. These same areas are still holding triggerfish too.

Black Sea Bass opens for Jersey anglers on October 8. The minimum size of 12.5″ with a 10 fish bag limit will be open all month. Come November it bumps up to 13″ with 15 fish until the end of the year. Right now fishing should be good but the weather and sea conditions will dictate.

Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters – Barnegat Bay Grand Slams and Buckets of Blowfish!!

We finished the fluke season [ Sept 21]  with still plenty of action with both keeper and shorts in the bay and inlet with some of the fluke reaching 23-24″ while utilizing the abundance of live bait presently on hand. 
Stripers are always available even through the dog days of summer but now we are able to add the smaller versions of 24-27.99″ to the ice as part of and participating once again in the striper bonus program. These smaller bass are a blast on light spinning tackle and are cooperating on both live and correctly utilized artificial baits.
The ever abundant and cooperative bluefish are ranging in sizes from 12-27″ and are also a blast on our light spinning tackle while utilizing both live and artificial baits as well. Poppers are our go to when the tide is right providing exciting surface strikes!!
Weakfish are responding best while initially getting them in a feeding mood while employing a grass shrimp chum slick , once worked up into a feeding frenzy and visually splashing and swirling around the shrimp a well placed shrimp or artificial lure is the best way to connect with these beautiful and colorful specimens. A myriad of other species also join in the action providing lots of fun for the new comers for fast paced action.  
Further back in the bay buckets of blow fish are coming over the gunnel as fast as you can get a bait to the bottom . Just an hour or so is needed for those who would like to add some of these tasty fish to the freezer . 
I have a few weekday trips still available in November for the striper enthusiasts and only a couple of week afternoons available as well, Don’t delay book to today!!
Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,Captain StevePurulReel Fantasea Fishing Charters 609-290-1217



Hi Flier Bonita/Albies and Grass Shrimping Weakies

Fishing has been good when we find those weather windows. One of which appears to be on Saturday. I had a good trip out last Sunday with bonita and albacore in the 20 mile range. The best part is we caught them on bait with spinning rods, no trolling (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Anchored up, slinging chum and spearing over the side. Albies are outnumbering the bonita. 

In the bay we have been catching some weakfish with regularity on live grass shrimp. They aren’t huge, quite a few under the 13 inch mark but fish up to 16 inches, as well. We are using 6 pound spinning outfits with small jigs and baited hooks. The biggest hurdle is fishing through the silver perch that invade the shrimp slick almost immediately. There are also quite a few snapper blues that are bordering on not being called snappers anymore, they are just about bluefish. If you’re nostalgic about weakfish or chumming with live grass shrimp this is a good time to go. 
Open Boat Bonita and Albacore Saturday, Sept 28 7AM to 2PM, $175 person, 4 people max, all fish are shared.
Open Boat Live Grass Shrimp Weakfish Sunday, Sept 29 7AM to 1PM, $125 person, 4 people max, all fish are shared.
Either day is available for charter and the Saturday trip could be converted to a live grass shrimp charter if you prefer but Sunday can’t be converted to bonita/albacore as the ocean will be nice on Saturday and rough on Sunday according to the current marine forecast. 
The best way to reach me is always on my cell below. 

Dave DeGennaro

Back Bay Adventures

732.330.5674 cell