If you have never fished with live grass shrimp in Barnegat Bay, it’s something you might want to check out. This fishery has a lot of history in Barnegat Light, especially. This is my 40th season of shrimping Barnegat Bay (that was painful to see in print). Whenever we buy this bait, weakfish are the target, but every fish in the bay eats shrimp. Right now we are catching 12 to 18 inch weakies on 6 pound spinning tackle. In the mix also are too many snapper blues, silver perch, sand sharks, fluke, juvenile sea bass, and more. If you can get your bait through the snapper blues, there are weakfish waiting to inhale it. You can either flatline a weightless baited hook into the chum slick or use a little jig tipped with shrimp. Both techniques are working. If you go with the baited hook you need to let the line out faster than the tide is taking it. Your reel should have the bail open and the line should never get tight to the hook. If it even starts to get tight your hookbait will rise in the chum slick instead of sink and it’s the only shrimp the weakies won’t eat. The snappers will tear you up. Get it to sink naturally and you will still get attacked by snappers but if you endure and keep re-baiting you will be rewarded with the weakfish that are mixed in. The ultralite tackle and the mix of species make this a really fun trip. 

Sailing Open Boat or Charter Sat, Sun, and Mon, Sept 22, 23, and 24. 6:30 AM to 11:30 AM. $125 person.
4 people max. All fish are shared.
Pics: Capt. Dave with a nice weakie and sand shark caught recently on shrimp in the bay.
Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
732.330.5674 cell

Fishing Report – Reel Reaction Charters (Bay/Inlet/Ocean)

We had some rough weather last week and the bay has still been dirty which makes targeting Fluke in the inlet a little challenging.  We haven’t been inshore due to the sea conditions, but I have a few trips booked the last day. Barnegat Bay does have a decent amount of Blowfish right now, so they are definitely an option the rest of September.  We will be running afternoon trips during the week 230 to 630 for a variety of species (Bay/Inlet/Ocean), and have the ability to use our Striped Bass tags.

Potential September/October species: Striped Bass, Bluefish, Weakfish, Blowfish, False Albacore, Bonita, Spanish Mackerel, (Fluke closes on 9/22)

I’m hearing there are lots of False Albacore and some Bonita north around the Sandy Hook area, so we are primed to go for them in the next few weeks.  Just received a large order from Hogy lures!!

This past week I did have return client Bruce Connor of Illinois on an afternoon 4hr Bay charter and with limited options due to weather conditions, Bruce opted for backbay Blowfish. We went to our 1st spot through pea-soup thick fog and anchored up. Bruce started bailing Blowfish on the 1st drop and we never left the area. He also caught a few small Sea Bass, Dogfish, Fluke, and Bluefish, and kept 85 Blowfish that would be a real treat in Illinois. Awesome foggy afternoon on the water!

I am back to my teaching duties, but I’m still running weekends and  weekday afternoons from 230 to 630pm.  If interested in booking a charter, book our site (reelreactioncharters.com) or call/text 609-290-7709.   As always, we use the highest quality gear and everything is included: gear, tackle, fish-cleaning, and ICE!  It’s “no worries” fishing.  Just come aboard and FISH.

Capt. Brett Taylor ~ www.reelreactioncharters.com ~ Call or Text: 609-290-7709


Lighthouse Sportfishing Report 9/17

Although fall is 5 days away, Mother Nature has shown enough signs to signal the fall run is about to begin. Bait from micro ¼” fish fry to 5” peanut bunker and mullet. With the weather not so ideal to fish around the inlet and ocean recently, I have spent some time in the back bay creeks targeting small blue and schoolie bass. Though these fish are small and young, I can tell you they are surely wise. For example, the other evening my BFF and I watched schoolie bass consistently blowing up with the feed bag on. While it looked like it was going to be like catching fish in a barrel, it was far from it! Throwing everything at em we could not connect. Even live peanut bunker drifted in the tidal outwash drew little attention. They were feeding on the smallest of small fry. Think about the smallest Sabiki rig you have seen and that is how small the fish were that the bass and blues were feeding on. Wait a minute……….Maybe I should have used a Sabiki rig! Next time.

I was out with the Tindall gang Saturday. First off, making bait was hard to do. The bunker were all down in the lowest part of the water column making it impossible to get a cast net on them. We fished the back creeks to the bridges to the Island Beach sedges and came up with a snapper and a small blue. Hey, that’s fishing sometimes. The incoming water was dirty and warm. Most of the bay was still a little turbid although we found some spots with clear water mid bay.

With the downtime I was able to get back to the video editing room and put together this video from 9/7/18’s magic hour trip. We slayed the blues that night and the magic hour lived up to its name. You can view the video here Bluefish Slayfest

If you like please subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

On the nature side of things: this past weekend some unfortunate person lost their life when attacked by a great white shark in Cape Cod. What is going on here is, we are seeing Mother Nature rebound from decades of over-harvesting species to the brink of extinction. Once hunted to almost extinction, our seal population is finally coming back. Their comeback is attributed to the protection granted under the Mammal Protection Act of 1972. Well, once the seal numbers started to increase so did their primary predator, the great white shark. Predator/prey relationships, it’s ecology 101.

With the best fishing of the year about to unfold, if you are thinking on getting on board the Debbie M you better think quick as my days a filling in.

Screaming drags,

Capt. Alex   609-548-2511

Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters

Last weeks weather was a solid mix of miserable[s] in the way of foggy , overcast, wind driven rain for most of the week turning our waters into a murky off color broth and froth.  With the weather settling back down and conditions returning to a bit of a normal pattern [ for now] we cleared the line and got back to business .

Weakfish, blues and fluke were quickly found and entertaining our anglers while employing a variety of techniques and baits and locations. Grass shrimping was our go to for a fun variety of weakfish, snappers and fluke. Drifting freshly netted peanut bunker and utilizing artificial presentations were employed for both larger fluke and bluefish.
I have this Saturday afternoon [ September 22] and  Sunday morning [September 23]  available for a mix of all the above and more.
Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,
Captain Steve Purul
Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters

Fall Classic Striper Side Bet

2018 Fall Classic Striper Side Bet

Register Now for the…

64th Annual 2018 Long Beach Island Surf Fishing Classic
The Fisherman’s Headquarters Fall Classic Striper Side-Bet!

The Side-Bet is offered by Fisherman’s Headquarters between competing Classic anglers! It is Fisherman’s Headquarters goal to raise the level of competition and motivate anglers to fish hard!

$10 Striper Side-Bet Sign Up Fee

2018 FHQ Fall Striper Side-Bet Prizes
1st – 100% “Cash Pot” Pay Out
2nd – $100 FHQ Store Gift Certificate
3rd – $50 FHQ Store Gift Certificate

All “Derby” rules & regulations apply as well as the following “Side-Bet” Particulars…

The Fisherman’s Headquarters Striper Side Bet (Side-Bet) is only open to Classic registrants. The Classic and the Side-Bet two separate tournaments that run concurrently.

• Side-Bet Sign Up Is Only Available at Fisherman’s Headquarters
• Side-Bet fish must be weighed in at Fisherman’s Headquarters for Side-Bet submission.
• For conservation purposes, only one fish can be weighed-in per day per angler for the Side-Bet.
• A contestant may only win one of the three “Side-Bet” prizes.
• Anglers in the “Side-Bet” must register before catching an eligible fish.
• Minors (under age 18) can sign up; however, a cash prize won by a minor will be awarded to the minor’s parent or legal guardian.
• Cheating will not be tolerated. Any complaints or challenges must be presented to FHQ in writing within 24-hours of the incident. All decisions will be made by Fisherman’s Headquarters Management.
• FHQ weigh master reserves the right to inspect or reject any fish deemed to be questionable.
• All fees are non-refundable.
• The 1st Place Cash Winner (paid by check) MUST FILL OUT A 1099 TAX FORM!

Pass on the word about the FHQ Fall Striper Side-Bet!!!

LBI Fishing Report Update – September 15th, 2018

LBI Fishing Report Update

Updated: September 15, 2018

Finally things have settled down and it’s a big weekend for surf anglers on Long Beach Island. Today September 15 is the day beach access opens to four wheel drive beach buggies in Ship Bottom and Beach Haven (permit required). The rest if LBT as well as Harvey Cedars opens October 1st. Due to the recent north east blow and powerful swell some beaches might be closed due to erosion. As always drive slow with caution.

The Holgate Section of the Edwin B Forsyth Wildlife Refuge is open today and access is allowed all the way to the point! This is great news because most the section has been closed since the main entrance gates opened on September first.

One step closer to fall this week… blinking lights on the north end! The trek from shop to Light only takes 10 minutes.

Now’s the time to enjoy Long Beach Island… It’s better in September!!!

News On The Fishing Front….

The rough seas have kept most boats tied up for too many days. Still ground swell from the combination of the week’s Nor’easters and Flo’s rage have the beaches churning. The white water is a beautiful sight (especially if it was late October or November) for surfcasting but also demanding 5-8 ounces of lead to hold.

The mullet run is on! As reported on the September 11th, 2018 Fishing Report Update mullet are active and on the move. Everyday fresh baits are arriving. These baits are prime for targeting bluefish and fluke. Resident striped bass are also on the bait but best targeted using lures.

In recent days few anglers have worked the surf. Most have opted for the more protected areas like the bayside and inside section of the Inlet. There anglers are putting together good catches. This entire week the Inlet has been loaded with small blues ranging from snappers to cocktail size with an occasional bigger ones ruling the roost. Anglers fishing lures (small metal, poppers, bucktails, swimming plugs) as well as cut mullet are having lots of fun.

Other good reports from the Inlet spoke about fluke, striped bass and tog. One anglers that purchased a new Penn reel stopped back with a 20″ fluke from the rocks that went for a chunk of mullet. Maybe due to the wind and swell, the trigger fish reports have disappeared.

Rich Beverley was in the shop today and shared a report from the inlet. He got into good fishing this morning, “The tog bite was on. I caught a bunch of blackfish and some how managed to loose a five pound fish.” The heart break is real! While here he raved on his recent trip to Matapedia Quebec. He caught his first Atlantic salmon and had a great fishing trip.

Boat anglers fishing the bay are catching great numbers of blowfish. Also weakfish are present.

Side Tracker Spreader Bars by Chatter Lures

For the offshore anglers… The Side Trackker Spreader Bars from Chatter Lures took the offshore trolling market by storm this summer. It was impossible to keep up with the demand. Finally now that things slowed we’ve been able to stock up. If you haven’t seen or fished one of these you are missing out. Here’s info about the bars and the advantage they offer.

Just a heads up we expect the all new 36″ Side Tracker Spreader Bar from Chatter to be in this upcoming week.

Upcoming Events

72nd Annual World Series Of Surf Fishing – This tournament hosted by the LBI Fishing Club is on September 22, 2018. The tournament is open to individual ($25) and team anglers ($100). Register now for this great event! For more info call Frank at 856-904-3062

64th Annual LBI Surf Fishing Classic – This 9 week surf fishing tournament event is 21 days away, October 6th. Join and have fun fishing for daily, weekly, segment, grand and special bonus day cash prizes. Registrations has begun! For more information www.LBIFT.com

Fall Classic Striper Side Bet – Be sure to join the Fish Head’s shop side bet! It’s an additional $10.

          Surf Fishing Seminar

The LBI Surf Fishing Classic Opening Day Surf Fishing Seminar is 9am Saturday October 6th at the Ship Bottom Firehall. This is a great learning opportunity and a perfect place to network with other surf anglers.

Everything from the basics of Surf Fishing 101 to diving deeper into the specifics of reading the beach, when/where to fish, lure talk, and much more. There will be hands on demonstrations as well as a segment on the beach (weather dependent).

Complimentary Coffee Sponsored by How You Brewin.

Pre-registration is recommended for this FREE event Email:  patatnj@aol.com to let us know you are coming. See you then!

Beach Haven Charter Fishing Report – Update Sept 13, 2018

Beach Haven Charter Fishing Report Update Sept 13, 2018

by Jim Hutchinson Sr.

Recent storms accompanied by high winds and large waves have kept the boats of the Beach Haven Charter fishing Association at the dock. These conditions along with the landfall of Hurricane Florence to the south have the captains thinking of their own storm contingency plans.

Captain Dave Kreines of the “Byte Me” says he keeps an eye on the weather and plays it by ear. He adds extra lines and plans to pull his boat out of the water on a trailer if the storm looks bad. If it just looks like a lot of rain he inspects his bilge pumps to be sure they are ready to go with batteries fully charged. .He plans to be back at the fluke grounds when things calm down.

Captain Carl Sheppard of the “Star Fish” feels it is necessary to provide enough scope on the dock lines so that the boat can raise with the water level, and not be held down by the lines.” In Hurricane Sandy there was a rise of about seven feet. The second issue is to assure that the moorings or pilings or dock cleats to which you are securing your vessel are up to the strain, if in doubt, move her to another location that will be secure. If you are thinking of hauling, most insurance companies will pay 50% of the cost of hauling for a named storm hitting your area. Place split rubber hose over the line where it might chafe the boat. Expect to lose power for a while, so take out anything from your fridge or freezer that will go bad when the power goes off. Be sure your bilge pumps are working and the battery fully charged.”

Captain Carl says after the storm it will be time to go fishing. Fluke season will be followed by black sea bass and then by stripers. He was catching lots of short fluke, with a ratio of 20 shorts to 1 keeper, and many sea bass out on the inshore reefs before the storms started.

Captain Lindsay Fuller had run two Mid-Range Tuna trips on the “June Bug.” right before the storm to the 30 Fathom Knuckle finding no tuna but did catch some mahi to30-pounds. Captain Lindsay has made deposits on foul weather availabilty to get hauled at Jersey Cape Yachts in case of a real hurricane threat.

Additional information on the BHCFA can be found at www.bhcfa.net

Hi Flier Back Bay Weakfish/Blowfish

It looks like the ocean is going to be “CLOSED” for a stretch with all of the impending storms and the swells they will produce for a while. No worries! There’s still fish to catch. Blowfish are here in good numbers. Lots of small ones but a good amount of “whales” in the mix. Sure they won’t dump any line off of your reel but they are delicious and it never gets old watching them blow up. We all say we’re going for the kids but the truth is if you want to recapture some of your youth, rub a blowfish belly until he fully inflates and it will transport you there. This is really Plan B as we are going to start fishing with live grass shrimp starting ASAP. There are some weakfish in the bay and live shrimp and/or shedder crabs are the bait to use for weakies, kingfish, and about a dozen other species that you might encounter using these gourmet baits. We keep the tackle light, 6 and 10 pound spinning tackle.
Sailing Open Boat or Charter Monday, Sept 17, 7AM to 1PM, $150 person, 4 people max. Also, Wed and Thurs, Sept 19 and 20, 11AM to 5PM.
Pics: Capt Dave DeGennaro and Pete Bonnaci of Roselle Park, NJ all with recent obligatory puffy face blowfish pics.
Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
732.330.5674 cell



LBI Fishing Report Update – Sept 11, 2018

Long Beach Island Fishing Report

Update: September 11, 2018

American’s will never forget 9/11. 17 years later we remember the victims and first responders who sacrificed their life for others.

This hard north east blow jump started the fall fishing and has things moving around.  Mullet are active! We got out first delivery of fresh finger mullet yesterday (Monday September 10th). Our second came in today. One Saturday and Sunday two separate reports talked that they were schooled up and pushing around. This might be one of the earlier run we’ve seen in recent years. Let’s hope it goes all month!

The past few days were very poor weather wise. Very few reports came in but those that did were positive. Lots of bait and blowfish, bluefish, striped bass. Today one customer stopped in the shop today and purchased a new rod. He said the blues are chewing on the surf, “We did good from 9-11 around the high tide. Once the tide started dropping it took too much weight to hold and we packed it in. Gonna try again tomorrow.”

Grey Colston enjoyed his last few days of summer (before heading back to school today) fishing in the rain. Grey and his buddy battled sour conditions but caught fish. The young bucks reported an awesome blowfish bite near the Causeway Bridges. “We caught a bunch over the weekend. Got three dozen Saturday morning. The bite continued on Monday. We caught peanut bunker and fished them live for bluefish. Also caught two schoolie bass.”

While down in Holgate this morning surfing I noticed the chain was up. Holgate 4×4 access is closed due to hazardous weather conditions.

Before the weather turned, Richy was fluke fishing aboard the “Always Bent” with Chris O’Neill. They caught a good spread of fluke and this ribbonfish – cutlassfish it ate a Gulp 6″ grub.


Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters – Grass Shrimping for weakfish Connects!

It’s been awhile since I had a chance to sit down and complete a weekly fishing report but with the weather presently on hand and this weeks forecast looking a bit feisty I’m trying to get caught up and get the Reel Fantasea [ she is on the hard for services and tweaking] , rods,tackle, bait pens fully stocked and all the loose ends tightened up for our Fall season.

Presently anglers aboard the Reel Fantasea continue to score blues, weakfish and fluke while some trips encountering and sight casting to skyrocketing Spanish mackerel and bonito. Striped bass are always a possibility but the cooler tides have proven most productive.

Our back bay, inlet and ocean is jammed packed and brimming with tons of bait fish that should provide and hold plenty of opportunities for those anglers plying the brine and seeking a worthy quarry from here on through the fall season
[ barring any major weather event ] .
Whether site casting to drag scorching speedsters such as Albies, bonito or Spanish mackerel or dropping baits to wreck warriors such as seabass and tog or combining both techniques to engage both migrating stripers and blues it’s time to reserve today!
Along with the above species anglers aboard consistently have been entertained and have encountered feeding and breaching whales sometimes within mere feet of the boat!!
New Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters swag is ready for delivery for you and or your angler[s] for birthday or holiday gift[s] . I’ve worked and help design a newer design that reflects our inshore species and a more accurate decal that reflects what we do best!! Hoodies [$35] , long sleeve tees [ Navy Blue] – [$23] and performance tees [ sunblocking spf 30 ] – [ $24]  are available. So whether you have fished with us or not I hope you enjoy wearing and representing our little local water end of this salty sphere !
With Fall closing swiftly in [ September 23 ] the colder temps will surely be here faster than you think don’t delay reserve today!! Once again we will be participating in the NJ striped bass bonus program which allows our anglers to harvest 24″-27.99999″ striped bass along with 28″ and greater and additional 43″ or greater . These are the most gratuitous harvests bag limits along the East coast!!
Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,
Captain Steve Purul
Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters