LBI Fishing Report Update – June 18, 2018

Lots of great weather paired with lots of great fishing reports. The offshore season continues to fire on all cylinders with anglers coming in with solid catches.

Captain Cody Melton aboard the Heavy Metals out of Barnegat Light, “We got the first Big Eye in the boat yesterday, paired with some yellowfin it was a great trip.”

Captain Jeff aboard the Reel Innovations out of Harvey Cedars had another great trip to the edge! He reported, “We had a great time on our Father’s Day Canyon Trip! On the way we came across a lots of life on the inshore tuna grounds. Bluefin were boiling on top and we hooked up right away. Got a few fish in the boat and they got back on track to the edge. It turned out to be an awesome time… five big eye tuna, eight yellowfin tuna and multiple bluefin!”

Store staffer Kelley and Dave fished the surf for fluke this morning. They did good quantity wise but only a couple keeprs.. Kelley said the bite was consistent on Pink Gulp.”

Chet Kosarek sent in the report, “Steady pick of mostly undersized sea bass and fluke at Barnegat Reef Saturday. A lot of sea robins to pick through too. Spoke to guys who did well with tuna at the canyons. Fished the surf mid-island Sunday, nothing.”

Duncan Adrift

On Saturday June 16th while fishing offshore about 50 miles out from Atlantic City, Jay Weinberg met Duncan Adrift! Duncan is currently in the early stages of his trans Atlantic row in support of WaterAid (International non-profit advocate for clean drinking water and sanitation.) Four days in rowing a self built clinker style skiff, he’s made great progress but still has a long way to go on his journey from New York to Lochinver Scotland. Go to our Instagram Page for a short video clip.

LBI Fishing Report Update – June 15, 2018

Here’s the LBI Fishing Report Update for Friday night, June 15th. This past week the weather settled out and the weekend is set for flawless fun on the water. With lots of sun, reasonably light winds and fair seas, the shop has been slamming. Inshore, offshore and from shore anglers are gearing up and fishing hard. It’s game time.

June’s new moon was on Wednesday 13th and this dark side continues to produce! Fluke, Striped bass and bluefish reports continue from the LBI surf. The surf striper action has slowed slightly but we should have another couple of weeks. Yellow eyes are with them and also those anglers chunking bunker are encountering other toothy ones. Both brown sharks and sand tigers are here.

Shop regular Pete stopped in the other night with some line issues. After a long one on one with store staffer Blake, Pete was back on track. He stopped back yesterday and reported, “I released one nice brown shark and dropped one better fish.”

The inshore sea bass fishing is good but small fish ruling the roost. Hopefully you can find a spot that isn’t picked out. Most all reports are themed around lots of small throw backs. The striped bass troll bite is a slow pick at best. We heard a few skunk reports recently. One positive through the grapevine report today of a 25# class fish on an Mojo.

Bay fluke fishing is good and has been strong. Earlier in the week we had some solid fluke weighed in by Colby Capri and Sabina Sullivan. They stopped in with a good catch. The biggest was 7.08 lbs, taping out at 25.75″ and the smallest was 3.16 lbs. Colby reported, “What a great little get away before starting a new job. I have to give a shout out to this amazing girl! Sabina can really hang with the best of them evening in the pouring rain.”

Also fishing hard this past week, Store Staffer Max is on the fluke. He was on the bay couple mornings and reported good fishing. Max says, “Good weather and great fishing. Get out there!”

John Delsordo enjoyed the day on the water with his wife Danielle today and they got into some nice fluke. John shared, “(I’m a) proud husband! She pulls up this 25″ fluke all casual.”

Other species like striped bass, bluefish and weakfish are in the bay too.

Ryan Matejik reported striped bass on a great top water popper bite with flat calm back bay conditions.

Fish Heads Alumni Sam Wiesnewski stopped in the shop and gave us a solid report on the weakfish. He reported they are here roaming Barnegat Bay and some good quality size fish too! “Weakfish in the 3-5 pound range are here in strong numbers. Working a small lead head jig rigged with a rubber softbait and you’ll get them. Here’s one of many that he caught and release fishing with his friend the other morning.”

This weekend weather has the offshore boyz pumped and heading east! Sharks and tuna are waiting… Go Get Em!

For those on the search… they just arrived today…

Chatter Lures Side Tracker Spreader Bars

The Side Tracker Spreader Bars from Chatter Lures are finally here!

These patented Side Tracker Spreader Bar feature a Chatter Lures exclusive multi-directional keel rudder which takes the splash bar out and away from the boat. The keel rudder adjusts in seconds so the same bar can be fished on port or starboard. These innovative fish killers are a huge help to small boat anglers, especially center consoles (well know for having limited space and tight spreads) heading offshore trolling without outriggers.
The side tracking ability of these elite spreader bars help anglers by effectively doubling the width of ones spread and more over tracking out into clean water way from the boat’s wake and prop wash. These are already well known in offshore circles for concsistently being the first to get bit. Professional rigged with top quality components in the USA. Check them out here at Fisherman’s Headquarters today.
Chatter Lures Side Tracker Spreader Bars are innovative fish killers.
Chatter Lures Side Tracker Spreader Bars are innovative fish killers. In the photo you’ll see the 19″ wide Ti-Bar with two, two plus one bird drops and a mainline three plus one hard head bullet interchangeable stinger(aka Green Machine). At the center of the bar you’ll find the magic, a Chatter Lures Side Tracker Bird which features an adjustable  keel rudder. Please note this photo shows the bar upside down. Don’t worry! In the water when flipped, this bar rights its self auto correcting to the proper position.
Availability Info – Our first delivery of the Chatter Lures Side Tracker Spreader Bars arrived today June 15. For now only two colors (green and zucchini) with green birds. We expect in the next week or two we’ll see some yellow birds as well as some black and purple which are made with purple birds. Eventually word has it white will be one of the later colors to be made.

Fluke-A-Mania Fishing Tournament

Save the date! The 3rd Annual Fluke-A-Mania Fishing Tournament is July 7, 2018. Hosted by the Beach Haven MArkin Tuna Club, the tournament is to benefit The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Last year the even raised $3000. The Awards Dinner on Saturday July 9, 2018 will have live entertainment, cash bar, complimentary BBQ dinner and raffles. For the $100 registration fee this is by far the most bang for your buck tournament wise.

For more information go to

Ocean Born Lures by A Band Of Anglers

Patrick Sebile stopped by the shop last week (6/6/18) and made a special delivery. He hand delivered the new Ocean Born Lures. The Ocean Born Flying Series Popper and Pencil are finally here. Check out these certified fish killers today… Ocean Born Lures!

Travis and Patrick from Ocean Born Lures with store staffer Max down the street from the shop at the Ship Bottom Boat Ramp.

About Patrick Sebile

Ocean Born Lures by A Band Of Anglers is a fairly new and unknown company from the world’s top lure mastermind, Patrick Sebile. Most in the fishing world know Patrick Sebile. For those who don’t… He is one of the world’s best lure designers and anglers. Well known for traveling the world and fishing hard, to date Patrick recorded catching 776 species of fish. He’s held records all around the world including many IGFA records. Through traveling Patrick studies different predator game fish, forage (bait) and experiences diverse fishing situations.

With his deep knowledge Patrick started Sebile Innovative Fishing. Renown for tournament and award winning fishing lures, Sebile is the only brand to ever make a clean sweep of the lure categories at the top three tackle trade shows in the same year.

Sebile introduced to the world the Magic Swimmer and the Stick Shadd (among many other unique and very productive lures). For us in the northeast saltwater market, these two lures downright revolutionized the saltwater lure market. From inshore to offshore these lures changed the game. For anyone who has not fished them, I strongly suggest giving them a few casts. They’ll quickly become one of your top producers. There’s a lot to be said about each of these however that’s for another blog post.

Pure Fishing purchased Sebile Innovative Fishing in 2011. Eventually, Patrick left the company in 2017 and less than a year later… he’s back making lures. This is where the real story begins…

A Band Of Anglers

With passion for fishing and deep understanding of fish and hydrodynamics, Patrick confidently founded A Band Of Anglers. Patrick said it best, “A Band Of Anglers is a team of anglers who all understand the facets of fishing and the industry. Most of all they all share a love of the sport.” This team made Ocean Born Lures and they have lots of new and exciting fishing related items coming. For now we’ll introduce the new Ocean Born Lures.

Ocean Born Lures

Ocean Born Lures by Patrick Sebile’s A Band Of Anglers are real deal fishing lures dedicated to powerful saltwater game fish. Built with the utmost attention to detail these lures offer the best action, strength and quality craftsmanship. Using top quality hardware (split rings, treble hooks) these lures are ready to fish right out of the package. Best of all these lures are priced right offering anglers a solid value. Can’t beat a custom style plug at $20.

Ocean Born Flying Series

The Ocean Born Lures Flying Series is based around the fundamental principle, you can’t catch fish if you can’t reach them. The lures in this series feature a huge leap forward in lure design, optimized to be the ultimate long cast fishing lures. The unique side wings enhance aerodynamics which maximizes casting ability and these wings give the lure lift once in the water.  The specialty belly ribs reduce air resistance on the cast and they add turbulence in the water during the retrieve. Another key feature that was not over looked was action. As with all of Patrick’s lures the swimming/ popping action is spot on!

This image shows the unique side wings and belly ribs which enhance the lures characteristics in the air and in the water.

“The field testing has been unreal!” Patrick reports, “These lures are loved by stripers!”

Ocean Born Flying Popper

The Ocean Born Flying Popper fishing lure is a classic shape with Patrick’s custom modifications. The narrow neck design (commonly referred to as a “Polaris” or “Little Neck Popper”) is known for its great casting ability and versatility working in nearly all conditions (rough water and sweeping current) day and night. With the Flying Popper you can pop, skip or walk it.

Available in one size 5 1/2″ and three different weighed models; floating (FL-2oz), sinking (SK-2 3/4oz) and super long distance (SLD-4oz). The SK and SLD are best in windy conditions and also shine as a sub surface swimmer when fished with a slow cadence. These models swim with action much like a bibbed or lipped swimming plug. This versatility make the sinking versions a must have! Check out the Ocean Born Flying Popper Here

Ocean Born Flying Pencil

The Ocean Born Flying Pencil is Patrick Sebile’s take on the Pencil Popper. All along the Striper Coast, year after year lots of big fish fall for pencils.  One of the most efficient long distance casting lures, pencil poppers, are well known for raising fish on slow days. Designed to resemble an injured bait fish skipping across the surface, Pencil Poppers dance on top with sass. They cover lots of water and work great in all conditions. Primarily day time lures, they are a great wake up call at first light and also get the attention of picky fish.

The Green Mackerel color pattern is a great choice anywhere along the striper coast.

Available in one size 6 1/3″ and three different weighed models; floating (FL-2 1/2oz), sinking (SK-3oz) and super long distance (SLD-4 1/2oz). Choose the FL for most common conditions; however, stet up to the SK and SLD on windy days. The SLD is a must have when fishing big water with heavy winds. Check out the Ocean Born Flying Pencil Here

Coming Soon At Ocean Born

With one of the most creative minds in the fishing industry at the helm, be on the look out for more innovation on the radar. Right now it’s Ocean Born Lure Flying Series Poppers and Pencils, but the team is growing the brand with lots of new things in the works. Soon the Series will have new additions like the a spook (Flying Crusher), a darter (Flying Darter) and a bottle plug (Flying Swimplug). We are also looking to these as well as future products like softbaits and rods, possibly more! It’s all in the pipeline! Stay Tuned!!!

Here’s a killer, the Ocean Born Flying Pencil Lure in bunker color way.

Hi Flier Stripers, Blues, Fluke, and Tuna

We ran to the Spencer Canyon on Sunday. Found the right water. Beautiful shade of blue. Tons of porpoise and whales. Skipjacks attacking our spread every 5 to 10 minutes. Caught one small bluefin tuna, not even big enough for the cooler and way too many skippies. That’s the report. We were one of the boats that didn’t catch that day.

Here’s what we’re doing in the next stretch going into the weekend. We will be running Open Boat or charter tomorrow (Thurs) and Fri, June 14 and 15 inshore fishing. Casting lures at the inlet jetty for stripers and blues with light tackle and drifting the bay channels for fluke. Leaving at Noon, returning at 5PM.
$150 person. 4 people max, all fish are shared.
Saturday, June 16, looks like the best day to run offshore, so as long as that forecast holds up, we are chasing tuna. Right now it shows no storm activity and a 1 to 2 ft sea condition. Probably headed for the canyons unless I get some good mid-range reports in the 50 to 60 mile range. The canyons we are fishing are about 85 miles. We would meet at the dock at 3AM and return around 5PM. $350 person. 4 people max, all fish are shared. If we stayed within the 60 mile range, it would be $300 person, but right now, the best reports are coming from the canyons. Yellowfin and bluefin.
Sunday, (Fathers Day!), June 17, we will be fishing inshore, same as above’s Thurs/Fri trips but we will start at 7AM and return at Noon.
Capt. Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
732.330.5674 cell

Reel Reaction Charters – Fishing Report Barnegat Bay

The Fluke bite has been a little off due to very cold incoming temperatures in addition to cooler than average air temperatures.  It seems most have been hitting jigs that have been slowly jigged or even dead-sticked.  The bite should get better as it begins to get warmer.  There are Bluefish around the back and near the inlet, but they are hitting on specific tides.

This past week I had Matt Odalen and his wife Chris along with his parents William and Mary on a 4hr bay & inlet charter. With rough conditions at the jetty, we opted to go for Fluke in the backwaters. It was extremely tough drifting conditions with steady 20 knot winds and higher gusts, but the crew did manage to catch close to 15 Fluke with a lone keeper to 21 inches.


Next, I had Ryan Hathcock and Cole Danielson on a 4hr bay & inlet charter and we had very good conditions in terms of wind and tide. We worked close to 10 different areas in the backwaters on both the east and west sides of Barnegat Bay. The duo had well over 20 fish for the trip with only one keeper at 22 inches, but we did have a few that almost taped to 18 inches.

With a last minute rescheduling due to potential unsettled weather/winds, I took my father out for 2 hours prior to the winds in the late morning.  We worked some old and new areas, and had over 25 fish in about 2 1/2 hours. The incoming water was 58F so we had to find some spots that were 6-8 degrees warmer. We ended up icing a nice 23 inch and 19.5 inch Fluke on the S&S Bigeye.

I will be running weekday charters (3pm to 7/8pm) until school gets finished on June 21st, then we are 7 days a week (morning/afternoon). If interested in booking a charter, book our site ( or call/text 609-290-7709.   As always, we use the highest quality gear and everything is included: gear, tackle, fish-cleaning, and ICE!  It’s “no worries” fishing.  Just come aboard and FISH.

Capt. Brett Taylor ~ ~ Call or Text: 609-290-7709

LBI Fishing Report Update – June 12, 2018

This report update has a variety of positive fishing info from back bay to surf and inshore to offshore. Anglers of all ages got out and enjoyed the water in celebration of National Fishing and Boating Week. Who actually knew a thing existed? In our book everyday is National Fishing Day! Even though the nationally recognized week is over, it is a great time to introduce friends and family to the fun sport of fishing.

Positive reports off the surf themed around fluke, blues, black drum, striped bass and kingfish.

Torr Cohen got this healthy 31″ striped bass off the surf. He reported, “Persistence pays off!”

The amazing piano man Paul P of the LBI Fishing Club was in the shop this morning for bait. He reported, “This spring has been good. So far I have eight bass to date. My last outing both bass and blues were hitting just about every bait.”

Steve P fished the mid-island surf yesterday afternoon. He reported, “Bass, Blues, Bunker!”

Store staffer Frezza says, “Fluke are in the surf; north, mid and south end beaches are all producing. Most of the fish are shorts but if you find the right cut, keepers will be had.”

@jhbdpw shared, “Flounder are out and about today (weekend report). Just can’t seem to catch one over 18 inches.”

On the fluke front most anglers are targeting the backwater’s, sod banks, main thorougfares as well as the rolling open bottom of the bays. Seems like a new wave of fish arrive this past week as the reports have picked size wise. Some reporting limits with occasional 3-4 and 6 pound fluke. Most of the action is on bucktails tipped with Gulp. By far our two best sellers are Magic Tail Tear Drop Bucktails and Spro Prime Bucktails.

New to the scene, Magictail’s Squid Hoochie Jigs are turning heads out producing some classic jigs. In new product testing they were responsible for quality catches and pool winnings. These hot new jigs feature big eyes and the right shape and balance for best action. The super sharp and strong hooks are perfect for rigging with Gulp or natural bait for both fluke and sea bass.. Their silicone skirt (no hair) and long glow trailer tail are secrete suducers. Soon after this summer’s fluke tournaments they will be main stream. You heard it here first!

The classic school of flounder pounders fishing the live bait route (spot, minnows) have experienced difficulty. Not catching fish, but finding bait. So far this year both of these baits have been very hard to get. Late weekend (Sunday evening) we got a nice deliver of the season’s first good size minnows. We didn’t get a ton so they sold fast. We are hoping for another delivery soon.

David DiGangi send in this recent back bay fishing report, “Got a 22 pound black drum and 15 fluke, two keepers.”

Inshore Sea Bass Fishing

The Carolyn Ann III had The Boy Scouts Pack 61 aboard Sunday. Rain or shine, the Scouts had a great time. These kids don’t mess around. It was all about fishing for this gang!” More tackle boxes and less Xboxes.

With the inshore waters are full of sandeels with game fish like bass, blues, fluke and sea bass gorging on them. Diamond jigs are working their magic. Anglers working the inshore structure enjoy a good jig bites with the seabass loving diamond jigs.

Striped Bass Fishing

The local early June striped bass is much slower than recently years. Usually we have bunker stacked up and stretch along the beaches. This year is much different. The westerly wind pattern just never came together.

With the June New Moon upon us it’s still time for trophy striped. The few fish that are being caught in the boat are really good ones!

Peter Cichon reported, “Gina Gambogi caught this 49″ monster striped bass trolling off of IBSP out in 60 feet of water this weekend.”

High Point Striper Shootout Results

The 11th Annual High Point Striper Shootout went down this past weekend. The fishing tournament had 53 boats entered. Jason “J-Bird” Marti (one of the key tournament organizers) summed up the event saying, “Another great year with one hell of a fun time! Slow fishing with only 24 fish total (11 striped bass, 13 bluefish) but everyone had a great time at the party. Thanks again for the support.” We spoke to a few of the anglers who fished it and they all agreed the part that High Point puts out is second to none! Here’s the final results…

First Place – 32.9# Captain Mark Finelli aboard the Laura
Second Place – 16.2# Captain Mike Green aboard the Luckey Stripes
Third Place – 11# Captain Kevin Schmidt aboard the Bonnie Ann

Top Lady Angler – 10.5# Katherine Nutt
Jr Angler – 9.8# Bebe Finelli

Congrats to all the anglers who fished and placed. We spoke to Captain Mark Finelli after the tournament to congratulate him on the win. He said, “IT was a tough day. We picked at keeper fish all day. Fortunately we got the right bite and capitalized. After years fishing these bass tournaments… finally got the win! Anyone looking to get out aboard Laura Sportfishing for fluke, sea bass or striped bass should call (P: 8563416562) and book a trip with Captain Mark!

Offshore Is Hot

Recent reports from the edge all have one thing in common. The Bluewater fishing is red hot right now. It’s great to get into the action as well as hear all the positive reports. Let’s keep this going all season long!

A few days ago we geared up Dave Simcoe and his son for their first offshore trip of the year. Some help rigging, setting up reels, correcting some issues and loading up with tackle. It all was for the better! They stopped in today and shared the results. “We got covered up in big eyes. A Wolfpack came up and piled on. We landed two out of the four and left us in shambles. It was a great trip with lake like conditions on the ride in.”

The Reel Fishers Scott, Dylan and Friends were out fishing offshore this weekend for their first canon trip of the year. They reported, “The trip was a success! Can’t wait to get back to the edge!”

The guys aboard the Jersey Nuts were recently in the shop gearing up. We loaded ’em up with Baitmaster Ballyhoo. They went out and filled the boat!

Offshore Baits: Ballyhoo, Squid, Sardines, Butterfish +

Any one looking for offshore bait… stop in. We’ll hook you up. We’ve got a great supply of premium winter caught offshore baits from Baitmaster’s, the best name in big game bait. With ballyhoo from small, medium, and large to squid (beautiful trolling squids and swordfish deep drop baits), split tail mullet, Spanish mackerel as well as super hard to find flying fish. We also have professionally rigged baits for beginner anglers as well as those that are on a time crunch. We are also loaded up on flats of whole chunk baits like sardines, butterfish and mackerel as well as buckets of chum for sharking.

Speaking of sharking… a few customers in the shop reported the shark bite inshore was non existent this weekend, “The water is too cold.” You got to get out to the edge to find water in the mid 60’s. Everything inside has been chilly in the high 50’s to about 60. Anyday new warmer water should move it.

Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters – Kicked his a$$ SeaBass !!!


This week we changed gears and started targeting some our local hot spot for some of the best table fare found anywhere in the way of sea bass [ we kicked his a$$ ala’ Jim Carrie] ! Schools of sea bass were found to be so thick [ how thick were they?]  that in depths as deep as 80 feet we had sea bass hitting our baits at depths as shallow as 15 feet below the boat! That’s 65 feet thick of sea bass!!
 Keep in mind you needed endurance and persistence to get your limit but most trips earned their fair share of limits and or close to!   Weeding  through border line and shorts wasn’t an easy undertaking with each angler landing and culling through about 60-70 seabass  to their limit.
Inshore continues to offer up action with bluefish, stripers and fluke on the light tackle for those looking for “closer to home” brine time. Employing light spinning tackle tactics continue to provide our best opportunities.
Remember to join us and like us on Face Book to view and share [ please] our post and pictures.
Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,
Captain Steve Purul
Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters


LBI Fishing Report Update – June 9, 2018

We had a pair of nice fluke weighed in today from Aaron Allison of the Village Harbour Fishing Club. Fishing the Barnegat Bay aboard the Crying Crabber they fooled two really good fish with a bucktail/Gulp combo. One 4.78 and one six pounder.

Store staffer Kelley was on the surf this morning getting his fluke on. He caught about 10 shorts but didn’t manage a keeper. He reported lots of shorts as well as some keepers by other anglers. Kelley mentioned one guy got a big tog that he released because season is closed.

Daniel Whitcraft Jr sent in this report, “My friend Dave and I fished the bay and did ok catching rays and sharks. I caught an 18″ fluke on an 8/0 circle hook with a big chunk of bunker. :-)”

Some sand tigers are showing up! Prime time ghetto sharking is getting close.

Here’s Todd Avery with a beach monster.

Save The Date

Here’s some upcoming fishing tournaments….

The 21st Annual Sunshine Foundation Fishing Tournament hosted by the Southern Ocean Chapter is Saturday July 7, 2018 at the American Legion Post 493. Entry Fee is $70 per boat, Early Entry $60 (Paid By July 1, 2018). Captain’s Meeting is Friday July 6th at the Legion

Two great long running tournaments, The Greater Atlantic Bluefish Tournament (GABT – 31st Annual) and the Ladies Invitational Bluefish Tournament (LIBT – 34th Annual) are now one, honoring John Dunn who passed away earlier this year. The John Dunn Memorial Fishing Tournament is a one day event on June 30, 2018. Entry fee is $150 for the boat division and $75 for the surf or kayak division. Cash prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place (single heaviest fish) for striped bass, bluefish and flounder in both the boat and kayak/surf division. Captain’s Meeting is Friday June 29th 7pm at the American Legion Post 493. Fish 6am-2pm, Weigh In 2pm-4pm Saturday June 30, 2018.

Hi Flier Stripers and Blues! Weakfish? Tuna!

My head is spinning right now. We struck out Thurs afternoon on the big striper hunt after my big rah rah speech about being there or reading about it. Turns out you didn’t need to be there and there’s nothing to read about. We trolled all afternoon without a hit, and worse, it didn’t even feel like we were going to hook up. No bait, no readings….Deadsville up and down the coast except for Raritan Bay/Sandy Hook, those guys are lighting it up and that’s a little too far of a run from Barnegat Inlet. On our way back we stopped at the Barnegat Inlet jetty to cast for some blues just to put these guys into some action and it turned out to be all stripers. Nothing legal, although we came close with a 27 1/2 incher, but a blast on the 10 pound spinning rods. That action was good enough to return yesterday (Friday), of course, we left out the trolling effort. We started out casting 2 to 4 pound blues in the inlet and then when the tide was right we switched to our striper spot and connected with three bass, 24”, 12 lbs and a 21 pounder! Here’s a clip of the 12 pounder: All on light tackle and casting soft plastics. We also caught short stripers on both days behind the sod banks.
I’m going to focus on this fishing for a little while until I hear something better out front. I also picked up  some shedder crabs and a flat of sandworms as I hear the south end of LBI is giving up some nice weakfish. I thought we could try our own west side of the bay here or take the run down there.
As if that’s not enough to chew on, the canyons are on fire with bluefin and yellowfin tuna. Anything from 30 to 100 plus pound fish. Now, we’re not a canyon boat, but……we can go when the weather window is really good. The World Cat is a very capable hull, we just put brand new motors on her, I have a brand new six man Viking survival raft, an EPIRB search and rescue beacon, and a Garmin/Sirius/XM weather station onboard the boat. I bought all that stuff before I bought the first gold reel. I’m not going to give any dates or advertise canyon trips because my rate of cancel would be so high on any dates we pre-book. However, feel free to check in if the marine offshore weather forecast looks really good for any Sat, Sun, or Mon.
Like it does tomorrow (Sunday)!!
Running Open Boat or Charter tomorrow (Sun) and Monday, June 10 and 11 for ?????. you tell me.
I’m game for any of it.
Pic: Capt. Nick DeGennaro with his 21 pound striper
Capt. Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
732.330.5674 cell

LBI Fishing Report Update – June 8, 2018

TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday! Here’s the Long Beach Island NJ fishing report update for Friday June 8th. The first full week of June turned out to be a good one. Fishing as a whole is strong with great reports from all the local waters; back bay, from shore, inshore and offshore.

Back Bay Fishing Report

The bay is chock full of fluke. Small striped bass and blues also offer great fun for light tackle enthusiast. Crabbing started early and continues with the best reports from the bay’s west side.

Rick the Fishing Musician came out for the encore today and kicked off the weekend right. He caught a 21″ three pound fluke fishing the bayside today. Rick fooled the fluke fishing slow and low on the outgoing tide with a Gulp Jerk Shad rigged on a jig head.

Store staffer Max recently fished the bay and did well. He said, “The area I wanted to fish was loaded with grass. It was tough. I had to adapt and work through it. The Tom Scibek Floating Jig Heads was the solution. Rig it on a dropper loop about 12-18″ up above a dipsey sinker for a near weedless approach.”

Ron Hart stopped by today with a pair of nice fluke fishing Gulp in the bay. One was 21″ and the other was 24″ going 5.14 pounds.

Here’s Ron Hart with a pair of nice fluke.

From Shore – LBI Surf Fishing

Some nice weighs from the surf today and a number of good reports.

Tim Daly of Manahawkin weighed in a 37″ 19.35 pound striped bass. He caught the fish off of the mid-island surf fishing fresh Fish Heads bunker at about 10am.

Anthony Aloi of New City New York caught a cow fishing the surf last night. Fishing the night shift on the mid-island surf Anthony got a good bite at about 10pm. Turned out to be a hoss! 46″ 38.3 pound bass.

Henry from Ship Bottom got a kingfish on the beach today fishing bunker off the mid island surf.  Yesterday his father-in-law had a nice striped bass fishing the water.

The Battle on the Beach – High School Fishing Tournament

The 10th Annual Southern Rams High School Surf Fishing Tournament the “Battle On The Beach” was this past Thursday June 7, 2018 (4-7pm) on the Barnegat Light Beach. The annual contest between local Ocean County high schools was a success with over 40 student anglers fishing between four teams. Surf conditions were calm with clean water and a mild south easterly wind. A majority of the fish caught were blues and fluke. The high hooks for Southern were Freddy Farina and Cam Conrad. Both seniors each caught a half dozen targeted game fish.

We would like to thank the LBI Fall Surf Fishing Classic, Fisherman Headquarters, The Barnegat Light Heavers and other local tackle shops for their support. The local fishing clubs are looking forward to the summer.

~ Jason Hoch

Inshore Fishing Report

Striped bass and sea bass are the name of the game inshore.

This graphic from the guys at On The Water details the current striped bass migration. Some quality fish are here but on the move out. Expect the smaller class of bass to take over.

Early June is well known for trophy striped and today a couple big bass were caught in the boat today.

Mike Nini and Cole Cronin got into some nice ones fishing today out of Barnegat Light. It was the boat’s first trip out since back from the Florida Keys. They headed up the beach and marked some fish. Went on the troll and got big on a Magic Tail Mojo! They also dropped a good fish. They reported, “On the deck of the boat the fish was coughing up squid. We laid her on top of the cooler before letting her go and she had about 8″ at least on the 46″ cooler. Fish was a monster!”

Robbie Vallone was on the Carolyn Ann III today and reported good sea bass fishing. Robbie said, “The jig bite was good. I got seven keepers and another anglers got the same. We were the two high hooks but didn’t get the pool. The pool winner was a

Offshore Big Game Fishing

The solid early season offshore fishing continues. Reports from the edge have been great. Days ago a section of water came into the Toms. Some boats got on it and produced. It slid down into the Lindy and things broke wide open. The water continues to move south lighting up the Spencer and soon if not already will be in the Wilmington. Any quick look at social media will turn up some awesome fishing photos from recent days.

Lots of great fishing! Now’s the time to gear up and Go Go Go!!!

Yellowfin, Bluefin, Bigeyes, Makos, Mahi and Golden Tilefish.

I got the invite from Jeff & Ilan of the Reel Innovation, “Wanna head offshore?” In a second, I jumped in on the opportunity. We broke the BL Inlet at 10pm Wednesday night and headed to the deep. We were shocked to find the inshore water from the Inlet almost all the way to the edge was 56-58 degrees. [Only a few days earlier the waters in the 30-40 fathom area was in the mid to upper 60’s and holding fish (makos and bluefin). The north east blow must have pushed it further south.] Once we pulled into the promise land it took a little bit to find the right water (69 degrees) but when we did lots of life was there. Minutes after stopping the boat squid were in the lights. Marking fish we dropped some baits and I tried jigging for a little bit but no bites.  We switched gears and go prep’d for the grey light troll. Some other boats fishing the area picked a few fish at first light but for us the first bite (one small mahi) did come until about 6:30-7am.

Shortly after the mahi things came alive! The rest of the day was full of action. At times the bite was very consistent making for fun mayhem in the cockpit. Doubles, triples… at one time we had 8 clickers screaming with fish airing out on every lure/bait in the spread. We found the bite to be best on splash bars (spreaderbars) and Joe Shute dressed ballyhoo.

Triple hook ups to three on the deck. These came up on the spreader bars, green and the black/purple.

Everyone aboard had a great time enjoying the full day of canyon fishing fun. Captain Jeff reports,” It’s great to see the incredible fishing continue. Our day troll trip was nothing short of incredible! Lots of good action today for Reel Innovations ending the trip with 22 yellowfin and six bluefin.

Here’s a nice yellowfin tuna that ate a ballyhoo on the troll.

Dante from Magictail Bucktails was also aboard and shared this report, ” I had the privilege to fish aboard the 58′ Viking “Reel Innovations”  with Captain Jeff, owner Ilan, first mate Dan and Greg from Fish Heads. Catching a half dozen bluefins and then smoking twenty plus yellowfin in short order. The food was amazing thanks to Ilan Master Angler & Iron Chef! With a full course breakfast, lunch and dinner we ate like kings.”

Thanks Ilan & Jeff again for the invite and the great trip!

We had lots of anglers in the shop today gearing up for bluewater advnetures. From rods to reel to line to lures to top quality Baitmaster Ballyhoo we are fully stocked and ready to help you prepare for your next trip.

Some anglers in the shop shared reports from their recetn trips. All were very positive. One report spoke of heavy boat traffic today but still plenty of fish on the chew. We got wind of a good big eye bite one boat got into.

Here’s an offshore report from Ryan Dellane. “First offshore trip of the season. We went 86 miles out on a 25′ single engin center console. Yeah we are crazy. Lots of life out there. Got into a hot yellowfin bite on the troll. Great day on the water with friends.”