Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters – Stripers!! We’ll be fishing everyday through the month of November!!

Another calendar page has turned and we find ourselves nearing the later but certainly the most exciting time of the 2019 fishing season !!

This is what all “striperdom” has been waiting for !! Stock Piles of bait, cooler temps, prevailing NW’esterlies and the horizon darkened by thick flocks of feeding noisy gulls giving up the location of vast schools of feeding striped bass!

We employ various spinning tackle tactics utilizing both artificial lures and live baits keeping the rod in the hands of our anglers and will also troll when conditions or opportunities dictate

Blackfish will also be in our gun sights as the season progresses combining both stripers and tog for some of the best tasting fillets found anywhere!!

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

Captain Steve Purul

Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters


Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters – It’s starting to come together!! 2019 fall season is underway!!

Striped bass action is really starting to show signs of life from the back bays , inlets and along the beaches. The abundance of various forage [ bait – bunker, mullet, sardines , squid , sand eels ……]  along our coast is setting up to greet and host an epic 2019 fall season!!  Migrating species such as stripers, bluefish, false albacore bonito and even bluefin tuna have been encountered well within eye sight of the beach!! 
 Inshore structures. wrecks, rock piles and alike have been very rewarding while targeting black fish ,  while deeper offshore structures are rewarding with both seabass , porgies and various other species.  

The 2019 fall season is underway !! Book today!! Ill be running everyday through the month of November so call to reserve your date or spot!! 
Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

\Captain Steve Purul Reel \

Fantasea Fishing Charters


Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters – Barnegat Bay Grand Slams and Buckets of Blowfish!!

We finished the fluke season [ Sept 21]  with still plenty of action with both keeper and shorts in the bay and inlet with some of the fluke reaching 23-24″ while utilizing the abundance of live bait presently on hand. 
Stripers are always available even through the dog days of summer but now we are able to add the smaller versions of 24-27.99″ to the ice as part of and participating once again in the striper bonus program. These smaller bass are a blast on light spinning tackle and are cooperating on both live and correctly utilized artificial baits.
The ever abundant and cooperative bluefish are ranging in sizes from 12-27″ and are also a blast on our light spinning tackle while utilizing both live and artificial baits as well. Poppers are our go to when the tide is right providing exciting surface strikes!!
Weakfish are responding best while initially getting them in a feeding mood while employing a grass shrimp chum slick , once worked up into a feeding frenzy and visually splashing and swirling around the shrimp a well placed shrimp or artificial lure is the best way to connect with these beautiful and colorful specimens. A myriad of other species also join in the action providing lots of fun for the new comers for fast paced action.  
Further back in the bay buckets of blow fish are coming over the gunnel as fast as you can get a bait to the bottom . Just an hour or so is needed for those who would like to add some of these tasty fish to the freezer . 
I have a few weekday trips still available in November for the striper enthusiasts and only a couple of week afternoons available as well, Don’t delay book to today!!
Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,Captain StevePurulReel Fantasea Fishing Charters 609-290-1217



Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters – Lots of catching!!

The Bay, inlet and inshore waters are teeming with life in all kinds of sizes and variety providing fun and exciting light tackle action!!
There’s no doubt that species of fish are swimming in our bays that have yet to reveal themselves ! This variety has added to the fun and excitement of the action in the way of “what am I going to catch next”? 
I have this Sunday morning and afternoon available for anyone interested in getting in on the action!
Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,Captain Steve PurulReel Fantasea Fishing Charters609-290-1217


Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters – Fun and rewarding action!!

Hi Folks,Presently the back bay and near shore waters are brimming with bait such as bunker, mullet, spearing, bay anchovies and a vast array of juvenile of other species! This will surely keep any newly arriving migrating species on hand for extended stays before continuing their southern sojourn providing excellent opportunities for anglers everywhere. 
As the summer starts to wind down I can’t help to look back at all the fun the 2019 fishing summer season has brought our anglers with tons of light tackle action with not only the usual cast of characters [ stripers, blues, fluke and weakfish]  but the fun and excitement  of every day being a surprise from any number of possibilities. Inshore saw a surprising amount of southern speedsters in the way of bonito, Spanish Mackerel, cobia, just to name a few!!
The bay is loaded with a variety of species such as  blowfish, king fish, seabass, porgies, puppy drum….. which lends itself well for both young and experienced anglers looking for non stop action.
There’s tons of action ahead between now and as we approach the Mecca of the season “The Fall Migration” . The last few years has been outstanding for sight casting to blistering speedsters such as False albacore aka Albies, aka fat alberts, aka Little tunny . I call them just flat out fun!! Combining speed, power and keen eye sight make these worthy adversaries for even the most experienced angler. This is actually one of my favorite catch and release fish to target with light spinning tackle , There’s nothing that makes your reel drag scream louder and harder than these blistering fast dragsters!!
We are once again part of the striper bonus program which allows our anglers to keep an additional striper of 24 – 27.9999″ along with larger bass. 

Don’t forget to reserve your fall fishing date[s] today!

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

Captain Steve Purul

Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters


Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters – There’s just not enough time in the day!!

Bay, Inlet, inshore, mid shore and offshore remains on Fire depending on your quarry !!
The bay is providing excellent light tackle opportunities  with a variety of species such as blowfish [ excellent eating] , snappers, fluke, and weakfish just to name a few! Bay fishing is high action and is a great way to introduce young anglers into fishing.
The inlet has been providing excellent opportunities for slightly larger and sportier denizens such as stripers, bluefish, blackfish, trigger fish, and even a few surprises from Spanish mackerel and bonito from time to time.
The inshore and midshore grounds are offering even more surprises on a daily basis with a host of characters such as both spanish and king mackerel, bonito, cobia, bluefish, bluefin, mahi mahi, and a variety of sharks to test tackle and anglers skills!! 
Larger vessels capable of reaching the Offshore grounds have seen some of  the best it’s been in years [ possibly ever] . Tuna, mahi, billfish have been readily available for the big game enthusiast!! 
I have a last minute cancellation for tomorrow [8/4] morning for the light tackle enthusiast looking for some fun !!
I also a a couple of happy hour trips available this week 5pm – 8pm for those who want a day on the beach with the family and then get out for some quick light tackle action!!
Lastly – Its never to early to reserve your fall fishing date[s] as we are booking up fast!!
Wishing everyone calm seas and fair winds,Captain Steve PurulReel Fantasea Fishing Charters609-290-1217

Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters – Mack Attack!!

I know it’s been awhile but I’ve had no chance to get caught up with reports as it seems as though I’m on the water more than I’m on dry land! 
This summer season continues to offer excellent opportunities for the light tackle enthusiast! Stripers , blues, fluke, Spanish Mackerel and Atlantic bonito have been entertaining and exciting anglers aboard the Reel Fantasea while employing light spinning tackle!
Exciting sight casting to surface breaking southern speedsters [ Macks and bones] has been rewarding in both sport and table fair as both are excellent sashimi ,bbq, ,fried,grilled….
Stripers and blues are still offering excellent sport with most trips seeing 12-20 stripers per trip once techniques are coached, practiced and  executed properly and even a couple still hitting the ice! Blues ranging in size from 1-6lbs also have been testing our tackle and angler skills . Fluke round out the catching but it’s been hard to pull away from all the more exciting action and sport!
Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,Captain Steve PurulReel Fantasea Fishing Charters 609-290-1217

Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters – Excellent Light Tackle Inshore Action!

Schoolie stripers [ 15-26″], Bluefish [ 2-9lbs] and Fluke [ 12-17.999″] have been the main cast of characters providing excellent light spinning tackle opportunities for all trips within the safe confines of the bay regardless of how bumpy the big pond is! Most trips are seeing a mix of 25-40 of all the above species once our anglers are up to speed with a quick instructional coaching. 
Wreck fishing has also provided excellent drop and reel fishing with sea bass and ling offering some of the finest table fare available!!
Whether the safe confines of the bay/inlet or open expanses of the ocean for a combination trip is your ideal salt water quest we can squeeze in as much of the all the above !
I have this Saturday afternoon available for anyone looking to jump out for some fun light tackle inshore action!
Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,Captain Steve PurulReel Fantasea Fishing Charters609-290-1217

Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters – Barnegat Bay,inlet and ocean Fishing report

Plenty of light tackle action and fun for both novice and veteran anglers looking to score schoolie stripers , blues and fluke all within the safe confines of Barnegat bay earning a Barnegat Bay Slam! 
Seabass and ling have been abundant for some fun and rewarding drop and reel style fishing on wrecks along the coast , entertaining all skill level of anglers and also providing some of the best fillets found anywhere! 

Thick schools of schoolie striped bass ranging in sizes from 15-26″ continue  to offer savvy anglers with the right touch some fantastic spinning tackle fun!
Bluefish from 2lbs to 10lbs have been testing both our tackle and our anglers skills with drag torturing excitement!
Fluke fishing rounds out the cast of characters for those looking for a little bit of everything.
I have this Sunday June 9th for back bay, inlet, ocean or combination of all the above !
Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,Captain Steve PurulReel Fantasea Fishing Charters609-290-1217