Lighthouse Sportfishing Barnegat Bay Watershed Report 4/23

I am calling this report Barnegat Bay Watershed Report for two reasons.  First, I fished a Ocean County Pine Barrens Lake this afternoon, which is part of the Barnegat Bay Watershed.  Second to highlight importance of the Barnegat Bay Watershed  A watershed is a region or area bounded peripherally by a divide and draining ultimately to a particular watercourse or body of water. Barnegat Bay’s watershed is eminence.  It is fed by the Pines in areas like Warren Grove, Manchester, New Egypt and Jackson. So what happens in Jackson does not stay in Jackson. It can trickle down all the way to Barnegat  Bay and ultimately the ocean. Now on to the report.  I fished both live minnows and artificials. Landed four nice pickerel a decent bucket-mouth.  Water was clear and I estimate in the mid 50’s  The Debbie M should be splashed this week and it will be game on!  Drop me a line  (heehe) if you want to experience what the Barnegat Bay Watershed has to offer.

Screaming Drags, Capt Alex 609-548-25114-23bass

Your Input On Fluke Is Needed

On February 2, 2017, the Summer Flounder, Scup and Black Sea Bass Management Board, part of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC), approved changes to this coming year’s summer flounder quota for New Jersey.
It mandated a one-inch size increase to New Jersey’s current recreational summer flounder minimum size limit (raising it from 18-inches to 19-inches) and decreased the possession limit from 5 fish to 3 fish.  New Jersey is appealing this change.

In reaching its decision the Board did not determine or consider the potential economic impact of the new quota on the summer flounder industry in New Jersey.  This survey is designed to help estimate the extent of the economic impact of these recently approved summer flounder management regulations on recreational fishing.  Your responses about recent trends in harvest size, abundance, and throwback mortality will help inform future decisions that promote conservation while minimizing adverse economic impacts.

We strongly urge you to complete the survey as thoroughly and accurately as possible within the next 5 days.  The survey should only take about 15 minutes to complete.  Your participation in this survey is voluntary and your identity throughout remains anonymous.  Nowhere is your name or email requested or captured.  Your cooperation, however, is much-needed to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the results.  Please know that your answers will be kept confidential.

The link to the survey is:

Thank you,

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

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LBI Fishing Report April 23, 2017

I fished the Inlet late morning (9am to 11-ish). Bluefish wise it was quiet. On the tog side, anglers were picking. The tog are there and some keepers are in the mix.

We got word that there was a quick short lived bluefish bite in the Inlet at the bottom of the tide.

Store staffer Max fished the bay this morning and found the blues.

Jeff also was on the bay and found them biting.

Some guys off the surf today found fish. Store staffer Rob mentioned he found action on the front beach on bait.

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Sent In: Saturday, April 22, 2017 4:26 PM
Subject: Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association

As the weather cooperates. the fishing action in the Beach Haven area continues to improve. The captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are ready to take advantage of some of this action. For the past couple of weeks the bay waters have been full of small striped bass. While keeper bas are still difficult to come by, these smaller fish are great fun on light action gear. In the past week large bluefish have been racing around the bay waters and inlet and providing a real challenge for anglers targeting them or as a bycatch. A recent addition is the arrival of table sized black drumfish.

Captain Gary Dugan of “Irish Jig Sportfishing” had a group out recently who managed 14 stripers up to 26-inches. Another trip did not have the action of the first trip, but Captain Gary’s crew managed two keeper bass of 28-inches.

Captain Matt Curtis of “Get Reel Sportfishing” reports his 24 and 26 foot center consoles are in the water and ready for some linesiders and drum to hit the deck. Captain Matt has installed new underwater LED lights on his 37-foot Sportfish which will be in the water very soon for some offshore adventures.

Captain Carl Sheppard reports the “Star Fish” is in the water with newly overhauled engines. The boat passed its annual US Coast Guard exam with flying colors and as an inspected vessel can carry up to 19 passengers. Captain Carl is accepting charters for the bass in the bay and the offshore wreck fishing.

Like the other captains, Captain Fran Verdi has been spending time scouting some of his local hot spots with the “Francesca Marie” in anticipation of some upcoming trips.

Captain Bob Gerkens reports the “Hot Tuna” is still fishing down in Morehead City, NC and will be making the trip north to Beach Haven in a few weeks. He plans on fishing all of the local canyons in early June.

Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at ~ Jim Hutchinson Sr.

Lighthouse Sportfishing 4/20 Report

Little out of local but thought I would share. Kicked it real old school yesterday and met my oldest son Damian and his friend Amanda @ Stockton University.  They did some yaking on Lake Fred, I fished. But time well spent together.  Having Graduated from Stockton in 1985 and fished Lake Fred my entire career it was nostalgic to be on it again. This is the first time since 85 that I wet a line there.  I saw three Ospreys, the school mascot, hunting over the Lake. Cool beans. During my Stockton Days it was something special to see an Osprey there due to the devastating effects of DDT. Those were were likely migrants.  But then again, it was something special to be able to see anything during my Stockton Days. LOL For what its worth I landed two respectful pickerel and lost a BIG one due to a lack of respect (its teeth cut my through my line).  I tried to soak in the fact that most of the trees on campus are the same ones from over 30 years ago. They now have 60 more rings then when I graduated. You see trees in temperature climate show two rings a year. Spring wood grows fast and is lighter because it consists of large cells. During the summer, growth slows down and smaller darker cells are laid down.

fredpickerel4-21Enjoying kayaking fishing and kayaking sooooooo much I am thinking about offering kayaking in addition to my boat charters.  If i do it, I would offer guided fishing, clamming, nature, what ever you want type of trip around the backwaters of Barnegat Bay. Let me know if you are interested so I can figure out if I have enough clients interested. If the interest is there I’m game, are you?

Screaming drags, Capt. Alex 609-548-2511

Blues On The Chew

7:30 PM UPDATE – Dylan Fisher stopped in and picked up two new surf rods. He headed out to the mid-island surf with his buddies and got one right away. Same spot that produced yesterday is active with fish again this evening. The guys mentioned 4 oz is not holding. Look at the beautiful conditions in Dylan’s photo below. 

Another angler came in from an angler fresh off the beach in wet sandy waders. He picked up a fat bag of fresh bunker and a bag of wire. He said, “All day the blues have been cruising through the surf. The conditions are beautiful. Lots of water water.”

Jim Ward posted a selfie with a bluefish in the surf on our Facebook page wall, “Thanks for the bunker guys!”

Joe Handley Jr reported yesterday, “Good LBI evening surf session with my brother in law Andrew. Many big bluefish up to 14 pounds.”

Store staffer Dan D. reports a great morning of fishing with Luke, “Smaller bass and blues up to 38″ all on plugs and bucktails. Stop by the shop, gear u and head out. It’s fishing time!” Below is Dan with a gator. 

Carolyn Ann III Report : It was a little snotty this morning but it laid down with the fish biting good at the end. Several limits were caught with plenty of smaller fish to keep everyone busy. We also caught some really nice sea bass. Bob Panetti landed a 8.5 pound white chin, photo below. Only tomorrow and next weekend left before the season closes, so come aboard and give it a shot! Hope yo see you!

Offshore News:  We’ve got a warm eddy spinning off the stream and it’s starting to push in. Spool up and re-rig now because the offshore fishing season is right around the corner!!! The time is now for final prep!


12:00PM UPDATE – I headed up to the north end before work and fished the Inlet from 9 to 11 am. It wasn’t all out, but a fun pick. I managed 7 blues and one dink striped bass all swinging bucktails tipped with a Jig Strip.  Other were catching on metal and swimming plugs.

LBI Fishing Report April 21, 2017

Anglers are slamming blues off of the mid-island surf this afternoon. It’s a chunk bite but some anglers are hooking up on plugs. The photo below was sent in from Patrick.

There were some good bluefish reports from the Inlet today too. Seems to have been best from 9am to 12. One angler that was late to the action fishing around 3pm and said he saw two caught. Hopefully the bite is good this weekend. 

A customer purchasing bait this morning reported one 20″ bass yesterday on the bayside. Another customer in today reported adult bunker in the mid-island bay. Both bass and blues were caught in the area over the recent days.

Only other bass report came from an angler fishing bait off the surf. He lost a keeper plus linesiders in the wash. 

Drum fishing has been good in the southern bay. Anglers are fishing clam and picking small to medium size fish. Seems so far they are a small class this season. 

We are full stocked on bait and tackle and looking forward to an awesome spring. Stop by and see the crew at Fisherman’s Headquarters.

Hi Flier Sportfishing – We are in the water!

The boat just went in the water and we are ready to start fishing. This season we are located at Holiday Harbor Marina, 115 Admiral Way, Waretown, NJ 08758 in Slip H1.

This Monday, April 24 will be our first trip offered. I ordered a bushel of clams to go on the anchor and try chumming up some stripers. Before and after that, we will hunt the big gator blues that are starting to show.

Open Boat or charter, whichever happens first. $175 person. 4 people max. All fish are shared. Depart at 6AM and return at Noon. Also available for afternoon departure on the same day, though, that will be strictly a bluefish hunt as I only like the outgoing for clamming the bass. That’s not to say you can’t catch them on the incoming. I just can’t!

We will also be sailing afternoons Open Boat or charter on Wed, Thurs, Fri, April, 26, 27, and 28, Noon to 6PM, for bass and blues. The tide is ideal for afternoon clamming efforts this week and I will be loaded with fresh bait. The clamming can be anywhere from two to three hours of our trip and the rest of the time we will be hunting the blues with top water lures.  Looking forward to seeing everyone on board.

Follow us on Instagram at hifliersportfishing

~ Capt. Dave DeGennaro Hi Flier Sportfishing 732.330.5674


Hi Flier Dock Shot HH

Youngin’ Striped Bass

The youngin’ striped bass continue to cruise the surf biting baits along the Island’s beaches. These bass are providing action, holding over those surf anglers itching for the classy bass to show. Don’t fret they’ll be here soon. Until then we’ve got blues and drum as the largest line pulling species to test your tackle.

Bothers John and Greg hit the mid-island surf at about 1pm today. They started getting bites right away on bunker and ran short on bait. A quick run back to our shop to re-up and they were back in ’em. John said, “The conditions were prime with onshore breeze and clean water. All fish on bunker. Not a bite on clam. All bass, six total, one keeper.”
Here’s a photo of Dom C who found his first 2017 spring season striper. He caught this one a few days ago on a rubber shad. Take note of the beautiful clean ocean water. 

Hutch Jr. (Jim) from the Fisherman Magazine was out on the bay today fishing the south end of the Island. While he set out in search of black drum, he caught a hand full of short bass and a few big blues. No drum.