Beach Haven Charter Fishing Report 9/30/22

Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association Fishing Report

The fishing scene for the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association is entering a transition phase as the fall season develops. The waters are still warm but dropping.

The summer flounder season just ended until it resumes in spring of 2023. The black sea bass fishery is closed until it starts again on October 7 with a 10-fish per day limit. That limit increases to 15 on November 1.

Many of the captains will be chasing striped bass when that fishery starts to show life in just a couple of weeks. Right now, there is a goodly amount of bait around in local waters, and when the water temperatures drop down, that fishery will be a target of the BHCFA Captains.

Currently there is a decent bite in bay waters for a variety of smaller panfish. Captain Bret Taylor of Reel Reaction Sportfishing has been putting his anglers on large amounts of blowfish along with other species such as kingfish and even some weakfish. This is a light tackle fishery with chum used to draw the fish close.

The fishing for the first weekend in October does not look favorable with a strong northeaster expected to hit along with the remnants of Hurricane Ian. Once that passes, the action should begin to pick up.

While mentioning Hurricane Ian, the sympathies of the captains and all others involved in the BHCFA go out to those affected by the storm in Florida and other areas. Our thoughts are with those folks as they pick up the pieces and begin to rebuild.

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Beach Haven Charter Fishing Report 8/25

The summer may be nearing its end, but the summer fishing season for the boats of the Beach Haven Charter fishing Association are still finding their fill of summer type offerings.

The “Miss Liane” with Captain Ray Lopez recently had a good tuna trip trolling in one of the offshore canyons recently with George Mangione, Andy Goldman, and Johnny from Forked River. The group caught three nice yellowfin tuna in the 65-pound class.

Captain Alex Majewski of “Lighthouse Sportfishing” recently did some bay fishing with great results on blowfish, kingfish, and miscellaneous other species. Captain Alex is just hitting his stride after a slow start due to a variety of reasons that have kept him off the water. He is 100% ready to go now.

Reports from Captain Vic Bertotti and first mate Max Goldman of the “Starfish” term the bottom fishing in the ocean as hit and miss. A recent trip produced 9 keepers with fluke, black sea bass, and sea robins producing most of the action.  

Captain Gary Dugan of the “Irish Jig” recently had a day with two trips to the ocean for some bottom fishing for fluke. The first trip had four keepers to 21-inches and the second crew had five keepers. Young Moah was high hook.

Captain Brett Taylor of “Reel Reaction Sportfishing” has been busy and recently had a limit catch for the Tim Murphy and family crew. On a 5-hour ocean trip they hit a small snag and boxed 12 keepers to 7-pounds. In addition, they released some quality big fish as they were already over the limit. He had Alex Gal and crew out for four keeper fluke until the ocean kicked up and they finished the day with a good catch of 53 blowfish and one kingfish in the bay.

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Beach Haven Charters Fishing Report 8/19/22

Capt. Dave Kreines has been running bay trips on the “ByteMe” with good action.  He had the Krimmel family out to face strong winds and cold water for some short fluke and sea robins. Another day Lori and her daughter caught a variety of fish including fluke, black sea bass, dogfish, and sea robins. High point of the trip was when the daughter hooked a cownose ray and got it to the boat after a 15-minute battle. Captain Dave had John Hadith, his 10-year-old son Hunter, and his 80-something father, George out and they started a drift near the marina. They did the same half-mile drift for the entire trip and caught too many fluke to count including three over 18 inches. 

Veteran Captain Vic Bertotti reports the “Star Fish” has been actively catching a nice mix of black sea bass, fluke, and sea robins over the rails. While many of the fish are undersized, there have been enough keepers to provide some delicious fish dinners. Captain Vic has been working some of his secret hot spots on and around the artificial reefs.

Captain Dave Wittenborn had an epic trip for the Sullivan group on the “Benita J.” The anglers had a limit catch of 15 yellowfin tuna with multiple double and triple headers throughout the day. It was steady action for 5 hours and Captain Dave termed it “The best yellowfin action I can remember.”

Captain Gary Dugan reports a banner day for fluke recently on the “Irish Jig.” He had Mike and Michael Russo out and they boated four very nice fluke including 23.5 and 24-inchers.

Captain Brett Taylor has been very active with “Reel Reaction Sportfishing” often with multiple trips daily. One day with three trips brought in 23 keeper fluke. His top fish was an 8-pounder caught by angler Adam Yee. The doormat was weighed in at Bobbie’s Boats.

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Beach Haven Charters Fishing Report 8/11/22

Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association

Weather continues to be a topic around Long Beach Island with high temperatures, wide fluctuations in water temperatures, and occasional thunderstorms making things interesting. At times these changing conditions make fishing tough, but the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association continue to find fish.

Captain John Lewis of the “Insatiable” reports variable water temperatures made finding fish a challenge, but he has managed to keep his anglers happy with fluke, black sea bass, and a variety of other fish in the mix. One recent trip saw ocean water temperatures in the mid 50’s, but the bite started as it rose to 61-degrees as the day wore on. With Beach Haven packed with vacationers, Captain John reports his sunset cruises have become quite popular.

Captain Dave Wittenborn of “Captain Dave’s Charters” had celebrity chef Graham Elliot out on the “Benita J” filming a television pilot, “Winner is Served.” Fishing was slow but they managed to land a nice fluke for him to cook up. Captain Dave said “He’s a great guy to hang with. Look for us on the Food Network.”

Captain Gary Dugan of the “Irish Jig” had a dedicated group of fishermen out this week who “really kicked butt’” They returned to port with a nice catch of good-sized fluke caught on structure in the ocean.

Captain Brett Taylor of “Reel Reaction Sportfishing” has had several successful charters recently. He reports finding better action for the most part in the bay waters rather than the ocean. Tom Dillon and crew put 4 keeper fluke and a few bluefish in the box despite strong winds. His last charter featured Bob Dodds, Boston Bob, and Produce Jack for a 4-hour charter. The guys worked some live bait and jigs boxing 7 solid keepers to 21 inches while releasing close to 50 shorts.

Captain Frank Camarda has been piloting the head boat “Miss Beach Haven” into some decent fluke fishing. Several of his anglers have been bringing good sized fish over the rails, and fishing seems to be improving daily.

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BHCFA Report Update 7/24/22

Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association

After a slow start to the past week, the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are seeing an increase in fishing activity.

The week began with strong winds and an upwelling of water in the ocean. This resulted in patches of dirty water along with colder water temperatures that slowed fishing. The last few days of hot weather have raised the water temps and increased fish catches.

Captain Dave Kreines of the “Byte Me” has been working hard to land fish for the box but is finding enough action to keep his family charters excited. He had the Vaughn family out, and the 6- and 7-year-old cousins had a fun time with small sharks while Dad lost a big cownose ray at the boat. Another trip with the Stoltz family resulted in small sharks and undersized fluke while fishing in Little Egg Inlet.

Max Goldman reports the “Starfish” has been finding constant action of fluke, black sea bass, and porgies among other species coming over the rails in the ocean. Captain Max adds the fishing is improving with each increase in water temperature.

Captain Gary Dugan of the “Irish Jig” has been finding a mix of action on the inshore ocean reefs with groups of anglers who have been willing to work hard for their catches. A recent family group returned with fluke of 18-and 22-inches along with an 18-inch black sea bass.

Captain Frank Camarda has been finding decent numbers of fluke and other bottom fish with the head boat “Miss Beach Haven.” One of his top anglers, Daryl, had an especially good day recently with a pair of beauties. The “Miss Beach Haven” is the only head boat at the southern end of Long Beach Island.

Captain Brett Taylor of “Reel Reaction” Sportfishing reports good catches of fluke and black sea bass despite some very unfavorable weather conditions. He had Andrew Wilk Sr. and Jr. on a 3-hour trip “all over the bay” before they got into real action. The water was dirty and cold, but the father and son team boxed 2 keeper fluke along with a grill-sized bluefish. Andrew Jr. just got back from pitching in the Junior College World series for Mercer County College. The Bob Dodds group eked out 4 solid keepers to 19.5 inches while catching a total of 28 fish.

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Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association Report Update July 14

Summer is here and so is summer fishing in Beach Haven. The captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are finding that while the fishing may have slowed a bit, a rise in the variety of fish to be found balances things out.

The bay waters are providing action on summer flounder, blowfish, dogfish, some bluefish, weakfish, and big cow nose rays. Outside the inlets to the inshore artificial reefs the focus is on black sea bass and fluke but bluefish, ling, porgies, sea robins, and skates are showing up. The offshore fishing is picking up as various species of tuna are available along with some billfish and mahi-mahi.

Max Goldman from the “Starfish” reports a steady pick of fish on the inshore reefs with one half-day charter checking in with a mix of black sea bass, fluke, porgy, and bluefish.

Captain Gary Dugan of the “Irish Jig” has been working various areas for decent catches of summer flounder. Depending upon weather conditions, the tide, and water temperature, the “Irish Jig” can be found working the waters of Great Bay, Little Egg Inlet, and the inshore ocean waters. In addition to fluke, Captain Gary has been working the reefs for sea bass.

Captain Ray Lopez has been sailing the “Miss Liane” for limit catches of black sea bass. One 6-hour charter with Kenneth Shapiro and friends did well catching seabass and fluke. He had Mary Beth Rieasoli and family from Bordentown on the water with a variety of fish to bring home including a ling. David and Laura from Pittstown had a 6-hour bottom fishing trip and caught their limit in an hour and a half.  

Captain Brett Taylor of Reel Reaction Sportfishing ended last week with 45 keeper fluke to 6-pounds on four days of fishing. He noted it was tough with some cold water, but his anglers worked hard. Captain Brett ended the 4-day week with 45 keeper fluke to over 6 pounds. He had Dr. Pat Thomas, curator for the Bronx Zoo, on a 4-hour light tackle trip. They managed over 20 short fluke and 4 solid keepers.

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BHCFA Report 6/22/22

Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association

Jim Hutchinson Sr.

Fishing action continues in the Beach Haven area on several fronts with a variety of fish available to choose from. Although the season for black sea bass is now closed, the fluke action is picking up to take center stage. As the water temperatures continue to rise, the fluke will head toward the inlets and then to the inshore structure.

The “Miss Beach Haven” and Captain Frank Camarda has begun finding nice sized fluke right off the bat. The only head boat in Beach Haven, the “Miss Beach Haven” has a knack for finding fish for its anglers. On the year’s initial trip, Greg had the first keeper of the season which still holds as the biggest of the season weighing just under 5-pounds and measuring out at 24-inches.

Captain Brett Taylor of “Reel Reaction Sportfishing” found nice pockets of fluke just inside Barnegat Inlet this past weekend despite the high winds. Anglers Dan, Craig, and Gary fished a 4-hour light tackle trip with fighting the wind. They found a few areas with feeding fluke, and they put 12 keepers in the box with Dan’s 23-inchfish the top fish. On another trip, one of Brett’s regulars, Bob Dodds with three friends boxed 9 keepers and released over 25 short fish.

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BHCFA Report 5/24/22

Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association Fishing Report

by Jim Hutchinson Sr

With Memorial Day quickly arriving, the captains of the Beach Haven Charter fishing Association are loving the current fishing action. The only big question is deciding what species to target.

There are striped bass to be had in many bay waters, especially in the Great Bay area. Most of these fish are schoolie-sized which makes light tackle action a fun way to go. Some larger stripers are also to be found in the ocean with trolling producing some fish over the slot limit.

The bay fluke action has been intense since the opening of the season several weeks ago. The new size regulations have resulted in a goodly number of fish heading home for dinner. Captain Brett Taylor of “Reel Reaction Sportfishing” has had great success fishing inside Barnegat Inlet while Captain Gary Dugan on the “Irish Jig” is doing well in Great Bay.

The black sea bass season recently opened with a 10-fish per day limit, and many limit catches have been reported. Captain Max Goldman has seen this action on the “Star Fish.”

Long Beach Island Reef Building

Coinciding with the top-notch fishing action, there are two other actions going on with the BHCFA, both involving its efforts to re-build the local reefs.

The association just received the first of two new truckloads of reef balls. These balls are a cost sharing effort with the Sportfishing Fund. The plan is to deposit some 20- reef balls each on the Little Egg, Garden State North, and Barnegat Light reefs. When completed the BHCFA will have deployed on all four reefs off Long Beach Island including Garden State South Reef.

Do you fish the local reefs? If so donate now here!

The Little Egg deployment will be named the Captain Carl Sheppard Reef, in honor and recognition of his long and devoted service to the BHCFA. Captain Carl is one of the founding members and has held elective office for seventeen of its nineteen years.

Continuing their reef efforts, the Junior Mates will be hosting a sunset cruise on the “Black Pearl” pirate ship on Wednesday, June 22, from 7:00-8:30pm. Proceeds will benefit the reef fund. There will be a brief presentation on the reef project and its benefits. There will be music and a cash bar aboard the boat. 

For more info check out the BHCFA Reef Project website. The donations are tax deductible, and attendance on the cruise is limited to 75. Questions can be directed  to  BHCFA president  Captain John Lewis at

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LBI Surf Fishing Tournament 5/11/22 Report

As I sit at my desk thinking about the surf fishing action on Long Beach Island, I wonder if these northeast winds will ever let up.

At least I see sunshine outside my window as the torrential rains are gone for now. But those darn winds gusting to 30-mph and more keep blowing their brains out. I knew this was going to be one heck of a week when I saw 10-foot waves in the forecast for Sunday and much of the week.

Now the big question is what the fishing will be like when this is all over. I just peeked at NOAA’s marine weather forecast, and it predicts lighter northeast winds on Friday, May 13, of just 10-mph with the wind shifting around to the SE after midnight and into Saturday when the wave heights are projected to drop down.

In my many years at the Jersey coast, I can recall our share of northeast storms, but few come to mind that were as strong and as lengthy in duration. But enough of that negative stuff, let’s see what positive things we might have in store for us.

Before looking at the surf action, take note of the pre-storm happenings in the bay waters. This year’s start to the summer founder season was earlier than it has been for a while. First results were very promising with many limits reported, especially in the Great Bay area. I heard of good catches inside Barnegat Inlet also. I didn’t hear much from mid-island waters, but that could very well be due to a lack of anglers trying there.

There were goodly numbers of smallish stripers in the bay waters, especially on the west side of the bay and around the LBI Causeway, with a few keepers in the mix. As is usual for this time of the year, drumfish are feeding near the sodbanks in the Tuckerton and Great Bays and assorted islands in that area.

Early season blue-claw crab action was an increase over recent years with recreational crabbers doing quite well on keepers.

The striped bass action in the surf of LBI was just really heating up when the storm arrived. In addition to keeper sized slot fish showing up, a surprising number of stripers over the 38-inch limit were being reeled in. A couple of bluefish even showed their faces.

A true barometer of what the action was like is to take a gander at the entries in the Long Beach Island Derby which began April 2 and runs until June 26. A total of 10 fish were weighed in prior to the storm with nine bass and one bluefish.

Courtland Foos leads the striper section with his 22.86-pounder caught on May 1 in Brant Beach on bunker. The fish measured 37.75-inches. Jay Shayne beached the second place linesider on May 3 in Surf city, a fish measuring just under37-inches and weighing 20.22-pounds.

Vince Orzel landed the only bluefish thus far on May 3 on a plug in Barnegat Light. The chopper weighed in at 5.52-pounds.

Of the nine stripers entered so far, 1 fell for fresh bunker, 3 for salted clam, and the rest for fresh clam. Holgate and Brant Beach produced the most fish with 3 each while Surf City provided 2 and Spray Beach 1.

There are cash prizes for the top fished entered in the contest with photo prizes which give anglers the opportunity to share their catches and still release them safely.

Registration for the Derby can be accomplished at any of the three official weigh-in stations. These are Jingles Bait and Tackle in Beach Haven, Fisherman’s Headquarters in Ship Bottom, and Surf City Bait and Tackle in Surf City.

The official website for the event is Those of you on Facebook can check out the event on its Facebook site, LBI Surf Fishing Tournament.

Now let’s keep our fingers crossed that these winds finally start to shut down. Once the waters clear up, there is not reason for good action to return.

BHCFA Upcoming Seasons

Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association Update

It is not too early to start booking fishing trips with the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association. Most of the 2022 New Jersey saltwater fishing regulations are now official, and the seasons are quickly approaching.

The summer flounder season will be opening on Monday, May 2, with a 3 fish per day bag limit. However, this year anglers may now keep two fish from 17 to 17.99-inches and one fish 18-inches or over. In recent years, all three fish in a bag limit had to be 18-inches or longer. The season will end on September 27.

The reduction in size should mean more fish fillets heading home for dinner.

The black sea bass regulations break the season into four segments with varying daily limits. It begins on May 17 until June 19 with a 10 fish per angler allowed daily. The second season goes from July 1 to August 31 with a 2 fish per day allowance. The next season is from October 12 to October 31 with a 10 fish per day limit. 

The final segment runs from November 1 to December 31 with 15 fish allowed per day. The size limit for all segments is 13-inches.

The daily bag limit for porgies is 50 with a 10-inch minimum size. Anglers once again are allowed one striped bass daily of 28 to 37.99-inches. The early season for blackfish will end on April 30.

Anglers interested in taking advantage of the numerous saltwater fishing opportunities are advised to make their reservations early with one of the experienced captains of the BHCFA. Most of the prime dates fill up fast. Those who want to try their luck big game fishing for species such as tuna, marlin, and mahi-mahi are advised to contact individual captains for complete details.

Detailed information on the boats and captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can visit the website