Weekend LBI Fishing Report – July 22, 2017

The warm temperatures and free time of the summer months provide great opportunities for families to get outdoors and spend valuable time together on the water. In an effort to motivate parents and guardians to engage in fun fishing activities with their children and keep them away from drugs, the Partnership for a Drug-Free NJ is holding the 3rd Annual Don’t Get Hooked on Drugs Online NJ Family Fishing Tournament. This year it is from August 4-13th. For more info to participate check out their website www.drugfreenj.org/

The Ship Bottom surf temp today is 68 degrees. The warm waters are a comfy home to fluke and kingfish. They are in the suds. Both today (Saturday) and yesterday (Friday) customers purchasing live bloodworms gave the nod yes when asked if they are finding kings. The big blues that are around offer lots of fun too! The epicenter is the Inlet but some feisty yellow eyes are cruising the surf. Gary W. caught this 13 lbs. bluefish off of the Beach Haven surf a couple days ago. Gary got it on fresh Fish Head’s fresh bunker.

Gary W. caught this bluefish off of the surf on bunker.

Beach sharking continues to dominate the surf report.  Both brown sharks and sand tigers give anglers a run for their money and test their tackle. Long Beach Island’s summertime beach shark fishing is the ultimate land based big game fishing experience. It’s a ton of fun but please know these species are federally protected! Due to the restrictions both brown sharks and sand tigers have made a major come back. Know the rules! Both of these shark species (among some others) are prohibited to be possessed. They can not be killed! They can not be landed! It’s grey but simply put landing equals possession even if there is intent to release. Fish must remain in the water. That means do not drag them up the beach for a photo. Dry sand photos are a major no no. This will ruin it for everyone.

Sharking is prime time right now, through July and all of August. This fishing is best during low light and dark hours, making it a great way to spend a few hours at night. Store staffer Willie D shares this report, “Sharking off the beach is hot right now. Keys to success? Rig up right. No weak links. Bait up with mackerel, bunker or anything meaty with some stink. Be ready for a good bite and a solid fight. Stop in the shop if you need assistance getting geared up!”

I personally prefer to enjoy the summertime sharking via boat. Over the years (15+) I’ve had a blast with friend enjoying the summer nights on the bay this way. Now that I’m a licensed captain I’m running 1-3 man bay sharking charters. If interested in going, call the shop 609-494-5739 and ask for me, Greg. If not available leave your name and phone number.

Earlier in the week I was out a couple times and we had toothy ones both trips. One trip we had a consistent bite that lasted couple hours, right into slack low tide. Everyone got their turn to battle a brown or two. At one point we had a double header. We blew through hook baits, rigs and the super warm bay ate the chum quick. The next night a stiff southerly wind maked for poor wind against tide conditions. We battled through the challenge, managed to release one and missed a couple opportunities. More recently store alumni Joni was out with friend. They released three brownies.

Shop alumni Kenny U reported good tog fishing at the Inlet rocks. He mentioned the tiggers are plentiful too! For a number of weeks now, the area has big blues holding. Anglers are having a blast hooking them on lures from bucktails to poppers. The inlet also offers great fluke fishing as the flounder slide out of the bay and take on the near shore lumps and reefs.

Bluefish offer lots of fun for all age groups but especially for kids.

Fluke fishing is solid! Anglers bucktailing the bay’s channel edges are still catching and some occasional nice fish at that. As the season progresses other areas are heating up! New reports from the inlets and ocean are strong. The consistent warm ocean temps mean one thing for late July fluke fishing… it’s on!

Howard Clark was out on the water yesterday. His caught five fish 21-23″ and dropped an even bigger fluke boatside. Howard reported quality size fluke were on the chew and everyone was stacked with squid. It’s a great sign!

The Carolyn Ann III recently reported, “Nice improvement with an upswing in the fishing. We are seeing a good catch of sea bass along with keeper fluke coming over the rail! Hopefully this upward trend continues!!! Here’s a report from Jacob Bowles who was recently fishing aboard the CA3. “We got out to the fluke grounds,had a good drift and started off picking. Got an 18″ and worked through some sea robins. Landed a 23″ 4 pound fluke which took the pool.” When asked Jacob said he was catching fish on both Gulp and bait, “Both keepers were on bait.” Sometimes you have to give them some meat!

Jacob Bowles with his pool winning 23″ 4 pound fluke.

We tend to get 90% of our reports from anglers fishing Barnegat Bay and the north end of the Island however recently some positive reports came from the southend waters. Store staffer Willie said, “Fluke fishing on the south end of the Island is pretty good. Been a better mix of keeper size fish for anglers fishing the Gulp 4” Shrimp. Those have been the go to baits for some sharpies.

Sometimes you hear about the epic fishing and just have to pack up and go. Montauk is well known for quality striped bass and fluke fishing. The reports out of Montauk have been stellar to say the least! Zach Michot took a road trip to the East End and it was well worth it! Zach reported, “Jigged up 13 nice fluke and five jumbo sea bass. All on MagicTail Jigs. It was a great day on the water aboard the Miss Montauk.”

Clamming and crabbing are a great way to enjoy LBI’s beauty and beat the heat. Here’s a photo of Archie Coen clamming away.

Achie Coen is enjoying LBI’s salt life clamming Barnegat Bay.

For a large group of passionate anglers, bluewater fishing is a release from the summertime land life full off hustle, bustle, traffic and noise. Those hours on the high seas are where some of life’s best memories are made. Today the crew from Jenny Lee Sportfishing weighed in a monster mako at Hoffman’s Marina. It’s possibly a pending new state record, unofficial weight at 926 pounds.

Bluewater fishing has been strong! Stop in for premium Baitmaster Ballyhoo, super popular Joe Shute Lures and top quality spreader bars! We have all the essentials and more to get you geared up and into the bite. The mid-shore and offshore action continues. Anglers fishing 30-50 miles  off are into bluefin tuna on a routine basis. Some heavy weeds recently moved into a fishy area that was very productive. This makes for frustrating fishing but you never know what’s underneath. Most of the time these weedy areas have bait as well as mahi and whites. Some cobia were pulled.

Store staffer Willie Davis has a nice bluefin tuna he caught trolling the mid-shore tuna grounds

Lots of local boats are catching on the mid-shore grounds trolling bars as well as bally/shutes. It seems the larger class of bluefin that were around the past month or two might have push up out of out area. It seems a smaller class of fish are now present. Hopefully some nicer ones keep picking. Spreaderbars have been hot for these smaller class bluefin. Joe Shue trolling lures rigged up with a large or select ballyhoo is also a deadly trolling combo that tuna can not resist. Most run them on the long rigger, but some prefer them in the shotgun, way back. On the other hand there’s boats that stack the spread and run them in both positions. It seems like the bigger fish like to fall for the stealth way.

While we just got a skunk report sent in from an angler who fished the Hudson we also got an awesome report out of the same Canyon. Since it is a very large area they must have been fishing different sections. We were not told where in the Hud but we saw some solid photos of yellowfin tuna from the area.

Our current bait situation… We have fresh bunker, salted clam, live bloods, live eels and live minnow. We are low on green crab but expected on Monday. Baitmaster ballyhoo is in stock with all of the sizes from dink/peewee, small, medium, med/large, select and horse. We also have spanish mackerel, premium swordfish squid (5pk) and professionally pre-rigged ballyhoo.

Reel Reaction Charters – Fishing Report

I hate to bring attention to it, but the Barnegat Bay Fluke bite has been “flat-out amazing”.  We have been consistently catching over 40 Fluke per trip with keeper numbers ranging from 3 to 8 this past week.  I have been concentrating most of our efforts in shallow-water, but the fish are starting to move and I’m finding them in some of my honey holes.  Yes, there are Bluefish at the inlet, but with the Fluke bite this good – it is game on in the backwaters.  I will start running Ocean Fluke trips soon, but I’m not getting positive feedback and we will stay on the fish until the bite dies.

Here is this week’s rundown:

Amongst running charters almost everyday, I did a quick trip with my wife Jennifer and 9yr old son Luke  we caught over 20 Fluke with two nice keepers at 24 and 23 inches.  We only fished for about 2 hours, and it was non-stop action even in wind-against-tide conditions.

I had Eric Ebinger of Warrington, PA along with his son Chad and daughter Mackenzie on a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter. The trio wanted to concentrate their efforts on Fluke, so we opted out of the inlet Bluefish bite. We started working some shallow water areas at it was game on with the team boating over 45 Fluke with 7 keepers (24.5, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18.5, 18). Eric’s was the biggest at 24.5 inches, but a great job by all working the S&S Bigeye through the shallows.

Next, I had return clients Dan Unger of Ship Bottom, his son Danny, and Art Diebel of Jackson with his son Walter on a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter. With the Fluke bite pretty solid over the last few charters, we concentrated our efforts on the flatties. The crew caught and released over 40 Fluke, while keeping 5 solid ones for the table (24, 22, 21, 19, 18.5). We worked another shallow area with the white S&S BigEye bucktails – that’s what the keepers wanted!!

I had return client Mike Geddis and his two boys, Ethan and Nate, of Cream Ridge on a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter. We worked the same area, with the only difference being wind against tide conditions for the first hour or so. It didn’t matter in terms of numbers, as the trio still managed over 40 Fluke with 3 nice keepers (21.5, 19.5, 18). Great job by the boys!!

I had Juliann Jakeman of Waretown, her father Don Jakeman of Waretown, and her sister Dr. Allison Jakeman of Florida on a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter. Juliann and her sister booked the trip as a Father’s Day present, and Allison flew up specifically for the charter. We worked multiple areas in the bay and the trio had a ton of action catching and releasing over 50 Fluke, while keeping 8 for the table (23, 22.5, 22, 21, 19.5, 19, 18.5, 18). They did a great job and look forward to seeing them in November for Striped Bass!!

If interested in booking a charter, book through the website (www.reelreactioncharters.com) or call/text 609-290-7709. As always, we use the highest quality gear and everything is included: gear, tackle, fish-cleaning, and ICE!  It’s “no worries” fishing.  Just come aboard and FISH.

Capt. Brett Taylor ~ www.reelreactioncharters.com ~ Call or Text: 609-290-7709

Lighthouse Sportfishing Barnegat Bay Report 7/22

It sure has been a hot week, both temperature and fishing. I was on the water almost every day and here is what I have to say. Bay fluking on the right tide is brisk. By brisk I mean, like 10 -15 fish an hr. Albeit mostly shorts, but lots of fun and a few invited to dinner. The bay temperature is solid 80s and the ocean in the low to mid-70s. Baby ospreys are getting bigger and bigger and soon will take their first flights. After that, they will have to learn how to fish. Hopefully, there will be enough forage for them. Schools of adult bunkers around Barnegat Inlet have been hard to come by this summer thanks to the spotter planes and highly efficient purse seiners. If you have some time to read and want to know more about bunker I suggest you read; The Most Important Fish in the Sea, by H. Bruce Franklin. Speaker of the bunker, I have been seeing lots of schools of about 2” peanut bunker in the back lagoons and channels. These recently hatched fish will grow to be maybe 4-7” by summers end. They are filter feeders, and there is plenty of food for them in Barnegat Bay thanks to algae growth. Algae growth enriched by runoff of lawn fertilizers inland at places like Jackson and Manchester Twp. OK back to fishing, seems like I get sidetracked a lot. ADHD maybe? You see it happened again, back to fishing! The bluefish bite around Barnegat Inlet slowed somewhat earlier in the week but got back going by Wednesday. On my last trip, which was Friday, the Rich Ziegler saw first-hand my amazing ability to gears, or should I say species, and go from fluking to targeting a Barnegat Bay Slam (fluke, bluefish, and striper). Switching over from fluke, we went on the hunt for stripers and blues. The hunt was successful and after it was over I am not sure if two or three of the guys in the party got a Slam. Nonetheless, all three species caught and caught in multiple numbers. Some of the best light tackle action Barnegat Bay has to offer.

Now offering 2hr Kayak eco-tours to Clam Island, 25th St Barnegat Light. $40 per person which includes the kayak. After learning about all of the incredible things you see along with some history, you may walk away thinking how you can become a steward of Barnegat Bay yourself.

Screaming drags, Capt. Alex 609-548-2511

Jersey Coast Anglers Association (JCAA) – 23rd Annual Fluke Tournament

On August 5th, 2017, the Jersey Coast Anglers Association will hold its 23rd Annual Fluke Tournament. This year there will be special cash prizes for early entrants (enter by 7/24) who catch the largest fluke, 1st place – $1000., 2nd place – $500 and 3rd place – $250.  We will also have a doormat fluke category with a $50,000 cash prize for the largest fluke over 12 lbs.  There will be nine ports (weigh-in stations) with identical 1st to 10th place prizes for each port. First place for each port will be $1200 cash which is guaranteed regardless of the number of entrants. For 2nd – 10th place, valuable merchandise prizes will be awarded from Canyon Reels, Costa, The Fisherman Magazine, Fuel Ox, Tica, Tony Maja and others.  Ports will be located at Liberty Landing in Jersey City, Gateway Marina in Sandy Hook, Fisherman’s Den in Shark River, Hoffman’s Marina in Manasquan River, South Harbor Marina in Barnegat Bay, Fisherman’s Headquarters on Long Beach Island, Great Bay Marina in Great Bay, Fin-Atics Marine Supply in Ocean City and Jim’s Bait and Tackle in Cape May.

Additionally, there will be $50 and $100 port Calcuttas and $50 and $100 Overall Calcuttas. The awards ceremony will be held at 7:00 PM on August 10th at the Clarion Motel in Toms River. Rooms will be available at a discounted rate for tournament participants provided that reservations are made in advance. There will be free cheeseburgers, hot dogs, mozzarella sticks, soda, coffee and tea at the ceremony. There will also be plenty of door prizes at the ceremony and a huge 50/ 50. To top everything off there will be a Grand Prize Drawing for a Starcraft boat, Yamaha engine and a Yacht Club Trailer.
The early entry fee is $130 per boat (up to 6 anglers) if paid by 7/24. After 7/24 the fee is $160. For complete details and/or to register online visit www.jcaa.org or call the JCAA office at 732-506-6975. Details will also be available on our Facebook page where tournament results will be posted as soon as possible after the conclusion of the tournament.

Paul Haertel JCAA Board Member / Past President

LBI Fishing Report July 17, 2017

July is a great month for fishing on Long Beach Island because there opportunity inshore, offshore and from shore.

Fish Finder Frank Folley was on the water today fishing the bay and Inlet. Frank said, “There’s still lots of bluefish around. Some good size ones too! They were crushing poppers which made for some fun fishing. We got some tog fishing crabs but no keepers. We got a couple keeper fluke bucktailing. Hooked into a monster cow nose which took us for a ride. There’s lots around so watch out!”

Jacob Bowles reported a good catch of fluke and sea bass, “Ocean water is up to 73 degrees. Fishing was great for me. Managed to get a 5 pound sea bass and a 24″ fluke.”

Dave Werner recently fished the Forked River Tuna Club’s Ladies Fishing Tournament. His girls on the boat caught 5 keepers and over 20 shorts.

Tog opened today (July 17th, one fishing at fifteen inches) and Dylan Fisher took the run to search some mid shore wrecks. He reported, “I had a blast with my uncle today wreck fishing about ten miles off. Light tackle black fishing with green crabs. We released 19 fish and kept one along with a nice sea bass. Heading out tomorrow to get back on the tuna!”

Beach Haven Marlin Tuna Club’s War of the Shore was this past weekend. The tournament’s inaugural year had a strong turn out with 70 boats. Over $3000 was raised for charity, the Childhood Leukemia Foundation in name of Parker Nork! Here is a photo of Intermediate angler Luke Wittenborn with a solid yellowfin tuna weigh-in caught aboard the Compass Rose in the tournament. Sorry we don’t have the final results.

One of the local party boats fishing out of Barnegat Light, the Carolyn Ann III reports, “Fishing has been slow all week but recently we put together some better catches. Seems like it is picking up a bit. We are keeping our fingers crossed and plugging away. Jump aboard and lets go fishing!

Numerous cobia reports floating around! We saw Nick Honachefsky’s “Jersey Cobia” post on Instagram as well as a couple others. Store staffer Kelley Lutzgave us this photo of his dad, Brett. Mr. Lutz caught the beast 76 pound cobia.

Good reports of yellowfin and bluefin tuna continue! Solid reports from anglers fishing the mid-shore grounds as well as the edge. With the somewhat calm sea conditions now’s the time to get out on the bluewater!

Reel Fantasea Fishing Report – 7/17/17-Barnegat Bay Fishing report

Both novice and savvy anglers [ with a quick tutorial] aboard the Reel Fantasea continue to score a mix of teen size [ pound]  drag scorching blues and  bass [ 22″-26″] for the more adventurous anglers while employing well appointed high quality light PENN spinning tackle!

This is “all hands on fishing” with a bit a couching tips through out the trip to ensure our anglers not only maximize their day aboard the Reel Fantasea but to take a some tips, tricks and techniques beyond their day on deck.
Summer flounder have been mixed in once our anglers are arm weary and are looking for a bit more civilized “Vaction-al” style kinda of fishing to add more fine table fair!
Seabass, trigger fish and porgies have taken up residence on our inshore structures and wrecks with tog aka blackfish fish reopening July 17 we will be taken full advantage of some of the best fine dinning that the New Jersey coast has to offer!
Remember to join us on Facebook to view latest reports and pics and our Facebook “review” section for a look at our catching and angler experience and 5 Star rating!!
I have a few “happy hour specials” 5pm – 8pm specials this week for those looking for some light tackle action!
Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,
Captain Steve Purul
Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters

Lighthouse Sportfishing Barnegat Bay Report 7/16

All week long bluefishing was as good it gets and you did not think it could get any better. Well, it did not get any better, it got a little slower. Not sure why, but then again not sure why Saturday’s evening high tide was much higher than normal with no moon phase pulling it higher or persistent NE winds backing water up in the back bay. Sea level rise??? Saturday evening the Pereni group was back aboard the Debbie M looking to get into some of the hot bluefishing that has been going on. Well, the bluefish bite was off. They did get to wrestle with a few bruisers in between the slop n& chop around the mouth of the inlet. We also decked a few short fluke in what would have been the best time but now is not. The fluke bite seems to have taken an 180. The last few days incoming has had the upper hand. Likely cause is that the bay has finally broken the 80-degree mark for a sustained period. Some may like it hot but fluke is not one of them. Weakfish, on the other hand, love the warm bay temps. I have not tried for them yet but will try to chase some down soon. Cownose rays have arrived and you never know when you may hook into one. I heard they are pretty tasty. Think I will try one out this year. Since it has cow in its name I am going to make a burger out of it and make it like this: two all-ray patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. Have some openings this week, for back bay and inlet fishing. If you like hard fighting fish and don’t want a long boat ride you may be interested the beach shark trips I offer.

Screaming drags, Capt. Alex 609-548-2511

Cactus Juice Giveaway ! Winner Picked Saturday 7/15/17

Head on over to our Instagram page to win a 6oz Bottle of Cactus Juice! This stuff is the real deal! Perfect to protect against the nasty greenheads and flies that cover our region.

Winner picked tomorrow, Saturday 7/15/17

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Reel Reaction Charters – Fishing Report

The Full moon and strong winds definitely affected the fishing in the beginning of the week as the bites were not like the typical ones you get.  As the moon-tidal effect eased, the fish were on the bite and we did better each trip.  I used a variety of methods to get the groups on fish, including fishing in as little as 2 feet.  We had multiple trips where 5 to 6 pound fish inhaled bucktails in skinny water – you literally see them explode on the lure.  I will start running some Ocean Fluke charters very soon but the bay bite is still pretty hot.  Reminder: We have started running 7 days a week until September.  

On a personal fishing note, I was able to do some kayak fishing around dinner time with my wife, Jennifer, and 9yr old son Luke.  We fished a sheltered area and Luke had the hot hand jigging a solid 18.5 inch Fluke with a 3/4oz Bucktail for his first ever kayak-landed Fluke.

In the beginning of the week, I had return client Tom Clark and his daughter Alexis on a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter.  With warmer bay temperatures, we opted to start at working the inlet-ocean for Bluefish.  With both father and daughter throwing artificials, they quickly hooked up on 2 to 5 pound Bluefish and we worked the area for a good hour.  With better conditions in the areas we have been fishing, we headed back with bucktails in hand to jig up some Fluke.  We worked a very shallow area to 3 feet and had close to 20 Fluke with 1 solid keeper to show.  The Full Moon definitely affected the bite as the Fluke were a little off.  Nice job by Tom and his daughter Alexis!

I had new client James Saskel of Morris County, his nephew Micheal Ferraro of Brooklyn, and his grandson Ryan Raugh of Georgia on a 4hr Bay/inlet charter. We started in the same area as the morning trip, but had the start of the outgoing. Our first drift produced 3 quick fish up to 17.5 inches, and then the South winds started cranking making it nearly impossible to drift the “fishy” stretch of water. We moved around and Ryan found a solid keeper at 19 inches. By this time we had to find a different area with strong 15-18 knot South winds and a dirty outgoing tide. We worked a stretch closer to the inlet for the remainder of the trip, and Michael boxed a fat, solid 22 inch Fluke followed by a few shorts close to 18-inches. Nice job by James, Michael, and Ryan for working the bucktails the entire trip in very challenging conditions.

Towards the end of the week, I had new client John Imbrogno with his 9yr old son Nicholas and father Sonny Imbrogno on a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter. Sonny never fished before and this was Nick’s second time, but they did a pretty good job at bucktailing Fluke. We worked some shallow areas as keepers have been found as low as 2.5 feet on our last few trips. It was the same on this trip as most of the keepers were boxed in the same depths. Nick had the high hook with 10 fish and 2 keepers (18.5, 22 inch) followed by Sonny’s (21 inch) and John’s (19 inch). The 3-generational crew did a great job boxing 4 keepers, while releasing close to 25 fish. It has been pretty neat to see keeper fish hitting the lures in the shallow water.

I had return client Matt Bailey with his son Jay, daughter Maddison, their friend Damionon a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter.  We worked a newer area today and had solid results with multiple quality fish caught on a bucktail tipped with straight minnow.  The trio boxed 11 keepers with the two biggest at close to 6 pounds (18, 18.5, 19, 19, 20, 21, 21.5, 22, 22, 23, 23.5).  We really hit a pile of fish and they were all in another shallow water spot as low as 2 feet.  Again, we saw fish hit the bucktails and a few times we had multiple keeper hookups.  An amazing job by the group and look forward to next year’s trip.

If interested in booking a charter, book through the website (www.reelreactioncharters.com) or call/text 609-290-7709. As always, we use the highest quality gear and everything is included: gear, tackle, fish-cleaning, and ICE!  It’s “no worries” fishing.  Just come aboard and FISH.

Capt. Brett Taylor ~ www.reelreactioncharters.com ~ Call or Text: 609-290-7709

We’re Back from OC,MD. Hi Flier Fishing Bay and Offshore

We just got back from OC,MD yesterday with the Hi Flier. She’s back in Waretown and we are jumping back in to our home base fishing. We did pretty good down there. We didn’t kill it, but we weren’t awful. The weather allowed us to get out four days out of the ten we were there. Attached are the pics of our catch. Steve Spina of Canton, CT with his first ever tuna, a 60 lb bluefin that crushed a rainbow spreader bar. Here’s a few minutes of the end game: www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhB5RBwXsvA
Anthony Scalea Jr. of Cranford, NJ with a mahi that snatched a flatlined cedar plug. Nick DeGennaro, my son and first mate with his first wahoo, a 31 pounder that smoked a ballyhoo he just learned to rig on the ride out. Steve Ondrof of Rockaway, NJ with his first billfish, a 90 plus pound white marlin that put on endless show of jumps and greyhounding. We counted eight jumps in a row on just one of his ariels. Big thanks to Darren Dorris who gratefully was on board to teach Nick how to rig Joe Shutes with ballyhoo as well as how to maneuver the boat and handle a marlin boatside. I didn’t anticipate a billfish as I had tuna on my brain when making our packing list so I didn’t have any leader gloves. Nick volunteered the sleeves of his sweatshirt and Darren used them as makeshift gloves to bill the fish for a few quick pics and then we revived her until she swam away on her own. A magnificent thing to experience. Had the trip of a lifetime down there with both my boys, Nick 18, and Max 16, working deck while I ran the boat. Max stuck his first fish with a gaff, the 60 lb bluefin. He also did battle with a 150 pound Southern Sting Ray that ate a chunk bait and after 30 minutes he got him close enough for me to cut the leader at his mouth. Nick filled the void of Darren’s departure by taking over the cockpit and rigging all the baits, and they caught fish.
Locally we will be jumping right into grass shrimping and other gourmet baits for weakfish and the mixed bag on light tackle in the back bay. There are also blues and bass to catch in the inlet throwing soft plastics and surface lures. We will also be running offshore in search of tuna and mahi. I have availability this Fri, July 14 for an afternoon trip in the bay and inlet. Sun and Mon, July 16 and 17 I am available for inshore or offshore morning and afternoon. The marine weather looks favorable so if nobody charters those days, I will be running Open Boat trips on Sun and Mon to the 50 to 60 mile bluefin tuna grounds. This is mostly a trolling trip but we will always be armed with jigs and casting gear just in case the opportunity presents itself. $350 person, 4 people max, all fish are shared. Depart at 3AM, return around 12 hours later (probably later). Everything is provided, just bring whatever you want to eat and drink for the time we are out.
Capt. Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
732.330.5674 cell