LBI Shipwreck July 26, 2021

The Sea Crest II (a 34′ Tollycraft Tri-Cabin) came aground about 9/10pm on Sunday July 25. The vessel was in route from Martha’s Vineyard to Florida when it encountered bad weather and mechanical failure. The Captain, Bob Mackey from Kentucky/Florida, reported that after loosing one engine making way in the windy conditions was very difficult. He tried to navigate to a safe harbor but failed to reach Barnegat Light.

While talking with Bob on the dunes overlooking the beached ship he shared the story….

Bob and his wife Ruth were transiting a newly purchased boat for a friend.

“We left Martha’s Vineyard to a very calm, flat ocean but after a few hours it turned. The wind was blowing. It became very rough and the waves were tight together. We lost one engine and in turn lost ability maneuver and stem the sea head on.

Taking blow by blow, it was a boxing match. Everything was coming loose; refrigerator, coffee maker and even the anchor. The anchor was not properly secured and it ripped off the bow. Then, the electronics were knocked out. There wasn’t much I could do other than slowly make way limping 3-5kts, navigating my best off a paper chart of the area. When I got in sight of land it was dark. We heard the surf and saw the beach front lights. I was way too far south of Barnegat Inlet. If I had the anchor I could have sat on the hook overnight but that wasn’t an option. We ended up on the beach.”

While talking it was said the Sea Crest II might have been better off reaching the Harvey Cedars beach than risking the Barnegat Inlet in the dark, with little maneuverability.

In conclusion, after 22 hours aground, the Sea Crest II was re-floated. Both Ruth said, “Thanks to the amazing crew from Lighthouse Marina for the help.”

Coincidental Odd Fun Facts

On this day in 2016 (July 26th) another boat wash ashore on Long Beach Island.

July 26, 2016 – The Mel Rae, a Silverton cruising yacht, mysteriously found its way onto shore at 57th Street in the Brant Beach section of Long Beach Township on Monday, July 25, confounding beachgoers and local officials. 


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