Van Staal VR Series Fishing Reels

Van Staal VR Series Fishing Reel Overview

Well known for their quality no nonsense saltwater fishing reels, Van Staal reels have “No Limitations”. Offering two families of spinning reels, the VS X-Series and the VR Series. Commonly customers ask about the features, benefits and differences. See the end of this article for a quick run down on the VSX vs VR Series. For purposes of this article, our primary focus is to detail and review the Van Staal VR Series.

Van Staal VR Series Fishing Reels are built tough yet still lightweight.

The Van Staal VR Series Fishing Reels offer coastal angler’s the best in class saltwater spin fishing reel with materials and performance never possible in its price point before. Starting at $489.

Van Staal VR Series Offers Functional Simplicity

Built on a modular design, the Van Staal VR Series (Sizes 125/150/175/200) has very few parts. All four sizes share the same body, 4.75:1 gear and handle. There’s two rotors (125/150 & 175/200) and four individual spools. So yes, with just a few additional parts a VR125 can be transformed into a VR200. This ability to step up or down in size offers versatility not found in other reels. Are you looking to transform your VR Reel up or down in size? Give us a call (P:6094945739) for more details.

Welcome the all new Van Staal VR50… Built on it’s own unique platform. (Read More Below)

Van Staal VR Series Maintenance & Serviceability

The simplicity of the Van Staal VR Series is an easy to self serviceable fishing reel. With minimal tools and a short amount of time the reel can be disassembled, serviced and reassembled. The one specialty tool is required and included in box when purchased.

Van Staal VR Series Bail Configuration

VR Series reels offer saltwater anglers fishing flexibility with two bail configurations. Packaged with the full bail (standard), a single roller bail-less (manual) conversion kit is also included in reel box. Converting from standard to manual is easy and best of all parts are provided. Additional part purchases are not required. When buying from us, Fisherman’s Headquarters will convert any Van Staal VR reels to manual pick up upon request at no charge. Just let us know.

Van Staal VR Series Stand Out Features

  • Fully Sealed Water Resistant Construction
  • Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum Body, Sideplate, Rotor, Spool
  • Hardened Stainless Spiral Bevel Drive & Pinion Gears
  • Solid Stainless Steel Main Shaft with Titanium Nitride Coating
  • Sealed Waterproof Drag (Putting Out 25 Pounds) with MicroClick tuning for wide ranges of accurate fishable pressure.

Available in 5 sizes… VR50, VR125, VR150, VR175, VR200

Van Staal VR50 Spin Fishing Reel

Please welcome the newest addition to the VR family… The Van Staal VR50! It’s an incredibly capable small, lightweight yet tough spinning reel. At first sight (ICAST 2017, July) I was impressed. I loved the feel, smoothness and weight. It’s compact size and handle knob grip felt great in my hand.

In the fall of 2017 I had the opportunity to fish it (pre-release). The best way to describe it… The Van Staal VR50 Reel Is A Compact Powerhouse!

Van Staal VR50 Construction & Gearing

The Van Staal VR50 is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. Weighing in at 8.9 oz the reel is 2.3oz lighter than the Van Staal VS100 X-Series Reel. The stainless gearing offers a good balance of speed and torque simultaneously providing cranking power and the perfect speed retrieve. The 6.3:1 gear ration puts out 37″ per turn moving just the right amount of line. When fishing, I never felt behind. Never did I struggle to keep up and stay in contact with the lure even in current and wind.

Van Staal VR50 Line & Drag Capacity

With a spool holding about 350 yards of 20# braid, the capacity is more than adequate. Some anglers sacrifice distance and opt for more breaking strength/diameter going to 30 or 40# braid. The VR50 will even hold plenty of monofilament line in the 10 or 12# class; 240yds of 10#, 200yds of 12#.

The Van Staal VR Series loves the sand and salt as much as you do. Here in this photo is the Van Staal VR50 Fishing Reel matched up on a G.Loomis E6X Inshore Spinning rod and spooled up with 20 pound braid. It’s the ultimate inshore rod set up for targeting striped bass, fluke and false albacore.

I feel the perfect equation for most general fishing applications, is to back up the spool with about 50yds of 12# mono then fill up with 225yds of 20# braided line. This option offers the best for long casts allowing small lures to punch into the wind.

The solid stainless shaft with pin and waterproof drag (** not found on the other four sizes) puts out 25 pounds of ultra smooth drag. The VR50 is the ultimate inshore reel when targeting big fish on light tackle.

Van Staal Offers Dependability & No Limitations

Coming from the makers of the ultimate surf fishing reel, the Van Staal VR Series is the best surfcasting reel for it’s value. Starting at $489 the VR Series is an exceptional choice for the coastal angler and anglers who travel. Kayak and stand up paddle board anglers love the VR. The reel shines for those anglers fishing the surf and wadding or walking the water’s edge. Locally in the North East it is a stand out reel for targeting striped bass, fluke and false albacore. In the South East it’s a great option for redfish, snook, jacks, permit and tarpon.  

Buy Van Staal VR Series Reels

The Van Staal VR50 is a great reel for walking the surf targeting striped bass.

What Rod Mates Best With The Van Staal VR50?

Matched up with a G.Loomis E6X Inshore 964S (8′ Heavy Mod-Fast Action 10-20# 3/8-1oz MSRP $210) it’s an awesome set up for casting and jigging small lures. Great for both boat and land based anglers.  It has great ability to launch small jigs and plugs a very good distance. The rod and reel excels as a great combination for false albacore, fluke, striped bass and bluefish. It’s also a very good choice when stalking jacks, snook and redfish.

My preference is to match it up with an 8′ rod but some prefer an 7′ length. In the 7′ length the G.Loomis Pro Blue Series has a couple great options. Also brands like St. Croix, Lamiglas and Tsunami have great rods that excel with the VR50.

Travel Rod & Reel

The Van Staal VR50 is a great travel reel because it’s super powerful yet compact. When fishing new unknown waters, you never know what might bite! The Van Staal VR50 and the G.Loomis Escape three piece rod combination is travel set up that is ready for anything.=

Surfcasting Review From Nightstrikes

Shop regular and hardcore surf fishing angler Steve George aka “Nightstrikes purchased a VR50 from us when the reel first hit the market. He put it through the paces and shared his review on its worth.

Steve said, “I purchased the reel for its high speed gearing and planned to us it as my false albacore reel. Once I fished it, I found it was very versatile. It’s powerful, fast and compact.”

Spooled up with 20# Power Pro Braided Line Steve uses the reel to target striped bass, bluefish and fluke from the surf and back bay waters of New Jersey. “After many long hours in the surf with lots of fish, I’m very happy with the reel. I have not experienced any issues.” Steve mentioned even hooking into a big cow nose ray the reel was great.

Here’s a cow nose ray that Steve foul hooked while targeting fluke off the surf. Most reels in its class would have struggled but the VR50 held up great. Photo: Steve George

Van Staal VSX-Series Vs VR Series

There’s a lot that can be said about Van Staal Fishing Reel Series and all of it was proven over years of dedication to anglers who fish hard. Depending on your preferences and fishing style, either model could be great for you.

Which is the best Van Staal Reel for your needs? To keep it short and to the point here’s our take…

The VR is a reel for anglers who want a dependable saltwater spinning reel which is self serviceable, all metal and machined. It’s a lightweight weapon so it perfectly matches the new lightweight surf rods. Looking for an awesome reel with a light tackle approach! Go for the Van Staal VR Series.

The Van Staal VS X-Series Stand Apart

The VS X-Series is the ultimate surf reel. It might not be the lightest or smoothest; however the Van Staal X-Series is the absolute best in terms of durability, quality and waterproof ability. With its Titanium Main Shaft and Waterproof Sealed Drag. Van Staal X-Series is for the most demanding saltwater anglers fishing the most brutal conditions. The Van Staal VS Series has stood the test of time and is proven the world’s most durable and powerful reels! The X-Series takes it to the next level with improvements to the oscillation (helps line lay) and the drag (added detents).

Van Staal does NOT offer the VR Series in right hand crank aka leftie version. There’s a possibility sometime in the future but no guarantee.

As of January 2019

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