LBI Fishing Report Update May 6th

Crazy night of weather left off with a unruly but clearing early morning. The day cleared up and went wide open with great fishing. Reports from the bay, inlet and surf were all strong!

Peg Bucci of Manahawkin stopped by just before closing with a big bass from the mid-island surf. She reported, “I set up my first rod and was quickly bit off by a bluefish. I re-rigged and shortly after I hooked up with a good fish. After a 20 minute fight I landed it. Thanks to the Fish Head’s morning guys Joe and Kevin. They’ve helped me out big time getting to this point.” 43″ 36 pounds! Awesome Fish Peg!

Todd Luyber stopped in and shared this report… “I had a nice steady bite fishing some heavy water on the LBI surf. Had fish eight and bait with his chunking rod, walking with the current. Several bluefish of various sizes up to around 12 pounds.. Two short bass, dropped two decent fish. Beached a fish or dropped a fish on just about every bait. Fished the last half of the outgoing till I ran out of bait.”

Bob Gernert of Palmyra stopped in after having a good session on the mid-island surf. He reported, “Can’t catch ’em on the couch!” He got out and found some action. “Bluefish on the mid island surf. I got one chunking bunker and anglers down the beach also caught.”

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