Ocean Born Lures by A Band Of Anglers

Patrick Sebile stopped by the shop last week (6/6/18) and made a special delivery. He hand delivered the new Ocean Born Lures. The Ocean Born Flying Series Popper and Pencil are finally here. Check out these certified fish killers today… Ocean Born Lures!

Travis and Patrick from Ocean Born Lures with store staffer Max down the street from the shop at the Ship Bottom Boat Ramp.

About Patrick Sebile

Ocean Born Lures by A Band Of Anglers is a fairly new and unknown company from the world’s top lure mastermind, Patrick Sebile. Most in the fishing world know Patrick Sebile. For those who don’t… He is one of the world’s best lure designers and anglers. Well known for traveling the world and fishing hard, to date Patrick recorded catching 776 species of fish. He’s held records all around the world including many IGFA records. Through traveling Patrick studies different predator game fish, forage (bait) and experiences diverse fishing situations.

With his deep knowledge Patrick started Sebile Innovative Fishing. Renown for tournament and award winning fishing lures, Sebile is the only brand to ever make a clean sweep of the lure categories at the top three tackle trade shows in the same year.

Sebile introduced to the world the Magic Swimmer and the Stick Shadd (among many other unique and very productive lures). For us in the northeast saltwater market, these two lures downright revolutionized the saltwater lure market. From inshore to offshore these lures changed the game. For anyone who has not fished them, I strongly suggest giving them a few casts. They’ll quickly become one of your top producers. There’s a lot to be said about each of these however that’s for another blog post.

Pure Fishing purchased Sebile Innovative Fishing in 2011. Eventually, Patrick left the company in 2017 and less than a year later… he’s back making lures. This is where the real story begins…

A Band Of Anglers

With passion for fishing and deep understanding of fish and hydrodynamics, Patrick confidently founded A Band Of Anglers. Patrick said it best, “A Band Of Anglers is a team of anglers who all understand the facets of fishing and the industry. Most of all they all share a love of the sport.” This team made Ocean Born Lures and they have lots of new and exciting fishing related items coming. For now we’ll introduce the new Ocean Born Lures.

Ocean Born Lures

Ocean Born Lures by Patrick Sebile’s A Band Of Anglers are real deal fishing lures dedicated to powerful saltwater game fish. Built with the utmost attention to detail these lures offer the best action, strength and quality craftsmanship. Using top quality hardware (split rings, treble hooks) these lures are ready to fish right out of the package. Best of all these lures are priced right offering anglers a solid value. Can’t beat a custom style plug at $20.

Ocean Born Flying Series

The Ocean Born Lures Flying Series is based around the fundamental principle, you can’t catch fish if you can’t reach them. The lures in this series feature a huge leap forward in lure design, optimized to be the ultimate long cast fishing lures. The unique side wings enhance aerodynamics which maximizes casting ability and these wings give the lure lift once in the water. The specialty belly ribs reduce air resistance on the cast and they add turbulence in the water during the retrieve. Another key feature that was not over looked was action. As with all of Patrick’s lures the swimming/ popping action is spot on!

This image shows the unique side wings and belly ribs which enhance the lures characteristics in the air and in the water.

“The field testing has been unreal!” Patrick reports, “These lures are loved by stripers!”

Ocean Born Flying Popper

The Ocean Born Flying Popper fishing lure is a classic shape with Patrick’s custom modifications. The narrow neck design (commonly referred to as a “Polaris” or “Little Neck Popper”) is known for its great casting ability and versatility working in nearly all conditions (rough water and sweeping current) day and night. With the Flying Popper you can pop, skip or walk it.

Available in one size 5 1/2″ and three different weighed models; floating (FL-2oz), sinking (SK-2 3/4oz) and super long distance (SLD-4oz). The SK and SLD are best in windy conditions and also shine as a sub surface swimmer when fished with a slow cadence. These models swim with action much like a bibbed or lipped swimming plug. This versatility make the sinking versions a must have! Check out the Ocean Born Flying Popper Here

Ocean Born Flying Pencil

The Ocean Born Flying Pencil is Patrick Sebile’s take on the Pencil Popper. All along the Striper Coast, year after year lots of big fish fall for pencils. One of the most efficient long distance casting lures, pencil poppers, are well known for raising fish on slow days. Designed to resemble an injured bait fish skipping across the surface, Pencil Poppers dance on top with sass. They cover lots of water and work great in all conditions. Primarily day time lures, they are a great wake up call at first light and also get the attention of picky fish.

The Green Mackerel color pattern is a great choice anywhere along the striper coast.

Available in one size 6 1/3″ and three different weighed models; floating (FL-2 1/2oz), sinking (SK-3oz) and super long distance (SLD-4 1/2oz). Choose the FL for most common conditions; however, stet up to the SK and SLD on windy days. The SLD is a must have when fishing big water with heavy winds. Check out the Ocean Born Flying Pencil Here

Coming Soon At Ocean Born

With one of the most creative minds in the fishing industry at the helm, be on the look out for more innovation on the radar. Right now it’s Ocean Born Lure Flying Series Poppers and Pencils, but the team is growing the brand with lots of new things in the works. Soon the Series will have new additions like the a spook (Flying Crusher), a darter (Flying Darter) and a bottle plug (Flying Swimplug). We are also looking to these as well as future products like softbaits and rods, possibly more! It’s all in the pipeline! Stay Tuned!!!

Here’s a killer, the Ocean Born Flying Pencil Lure in bunker color way.

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