Why Do You Fish?

“We didn’t slam them but it was good fun fishing!” John Parzych reported he enjoyed fishing this weekend. He caught a new personal best brown trout on his new rod custom rod he recently built.

John’s new personal best brown trout.

Why do you fish?

I recently saw an article in an industry trade magazine about the various reason why people fish. From wanting to go have fun, to relaxing, to socialize with friends and things like a need for a challenge, escape from daily stress, experience nature and one of the most obvious going fishing to eat. There’s lots of reasons people fish.

Top Five Reasons Why People Fish (Credit: Rob Southwick, Southwick Associates – Fishing Tackle Retailer Jan/Feb 2018 Pg19)

For me it’s simple. Living on Long Beach Island fishing is just the way of life. I wouldn’t want to experiencing the change of seasons any place but on the water watching nature, the migration and time evolve. In this fast paced thing we call life, it’s really cool to see things change in slow motion. For me my love for fishing is all about the enjoyment of preparation, the hunt and thrill of the catch. It’s fun, relaxing, social and best of all when the time is right a tasty meal. All of these things caught me at a young age and keep me hooked.

Since I was curious about “Why People Fish?” I did a poll on our Instagram story. (Are you on Social Media? Do you follow us on Instagram? If you don’t you should for exclusive firsts… @fishermansheadquarters) I was happy to see our results were very close to the magazines poll (see below, too bad we could only do two options and not five). I thought “catch fish to eat” would be much higher.

Why do you fish?



Author: FishHead.Greg

A Long Beach Island native with life long experience fishing and navigating the local waters, Greg is a distinguished Master Captain (the highest qualified operator license), holding a US Coast Guard Masters 50T Near Coastal License with Towing Endorsement. Raised in and now managing his family's bait and tackle business, Fishermans Headquarters (Since 1962, The Saltwater Fishing Bait & Tackle Experts) Greg is daily immersed in fishing. He is the Chief Contributor of FishingLBI.com (Long Beach Island's best fishing report blog) as well as the Admin for the shop's social media pages (on Instagram and Facebook). Be sure to follow!

2 thoughts on “Why Do You Fish?”

  1. Hi Greg. Nice post! I can’t relax when I fish. I’m just too hyped up about it – excited. A fisherman I know says I am “intense”. When I fish and I’m dialed in, it could be snowing and blowing hard and I wouldn’t notice. Having said that, for me, fishing is all about problem-solving. The greatest thrill in fishing is figuring out the bite. There are so many variables – weather, flows/tide, water levels, clarity, temperature, time of the day, light, season, bait or insect activity. When it all comes together, that’s the thrill.

  2. Whether fishing for fun or out on a charter, I fish because of a few significant reasons: 1. I need to be out on the water….the soothing, calming effect of the whole experience; 2. The anticipation of every single trip of having an epic day or record fish…………..that 10lb. Fluke, or 50lb. Bass; 3. The sense of accomplishment ranging from prepping the boat, tying the rigs, figuring out the right bait; and 4. I love to “Let the fish swim another day”!

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