LBI Fishing Report May 18, 2017

The Jersey coast is alive with bass and blues showing daily in the ocean and bay. The recent south winds did not offer perfect conditions but anglers worked through it and produced catching quality bass and bluefish. They are being caught from both the beach and the boat. We anticipate this to continue with prime time Jersey Shore fishing the next four weeks. Here’s some recent reports…

The surf has blues and bass cruising the suds. Anglers are catching fishing bait and lures. The bass seem to be getting larger (upper 40″ range) and the blues seem to be getting smaller but there are some racers mixed in. Sloane Endick got this bass of the LBI surf recently.

Store staffer Kelley went out after work yesterday and found some life in the dark. He locked into a good size bluefish on a NorthBar Bottle Darter.
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Store staffer Dan D plugged for a couple hours in the evening. He found some bass plugging. He reported, “Who needs a boat when you can smoke them on the beach… persistence pays off. My exploring trip paid off big time.” Here’s his biggest.

The troll bite has been a slow pick but at times there’s signs of greatness. A couple have picked up fish live-lining too. Dan Rosetto got this one on the troll yesterday. He reported, “There’s bunker around. By the by weekend the snag might be good, if there isn’t 1000 boats blowing them apart.” We got a nice bunker delivery yesterday from our local gill net boat and news from them was sweet and sour. “Lots of bunker patches stretched along LBI and IBSP. There was an active whale the other day. The reduction fleet seine boats are actively working and pounding the bait.” Let’s hope they meet their quota quickly, skip town and there’s some bunkers left for the bass to set up and feed on.

Jeff Warford went out on the bay for an afternoon-evening session yesterday. He reported the blues were thick and active. “They were good size ones and lots of them chewing hard! We crushed them on plugs.” I was stoked to hear Jeffie got out and had a safe and successful trip. Our last outing wasn’t. Getting hooked while on the dock loading up puts a damper on a trip really quick. Thanks to Dr. Todd for the emergency help!!!

Eight year old Wyatt Spalding weighed in a 11.36 pound bluefish yesterday.

A local angler Tom shared this report, “I fished the inlet and it was kind of a dud. Not the usual elbow to elbow lineup and only a small handful of fish to be had. This certainly has not been the epic season as it’s been the past few years. None the less the weather was perfect and the smell of salty air makes it all good.”

Author: FishHead.Greg

Born, raised and living in Ship Bottom at the heart of Long Beach Island, Greg's surrounded by the Barnegat Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Greg is an accomplished angler with great knowledge of saltwater fishing from the light tackle back waters to the surf and jetty as well as inshore and offshore big game fishing. Whether you are new to fishing or new to Long Beach Island, Greg wants to help. Questions about knot tying, fishing rods and reels, problems, techniques, locations? Just ask. Stop by Fisherman's Headquarters and say hello.

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