Soggy Saturday Fishing Report

In recent days the striped bass migration has arrived with quality bass cruising our local waters. Still the bluefish beat down continues. Boat and beach fishing has been great. Coming off the full moon we’ll have the spring’s (possibly the year’s) biggest run of fish in the next four weeks. It’s prime time!

While the weather is sour today the ten day forecast is ripe. We are stoked  for what the coming weeks will offer.

The last couple nights were great ones to be on the Island’s surf.  The conditions were prime (clean white water) with a nice gentle sweep. The fish were present and feeding! Here’s some reports…

Todd Luber reported a solid night slinging eight ‘n bait! We fished most of the outgoing tide till about 2:30. Four bass between Brendan, Matt and I. All quality fish in the 36 to 40″ range. I was lucky enough to beach three. Brendan got one. Matt arguable got one of the biggest blues we have seen this season at 18 pounds on the boga. Missed numerous others fish and several blues in the mix. Memorable night!

Yesterday Matthew Polito stopped in the shop, got a new set up and hit the mid-island surf. We got a quick review… “I love the new setup! Shout out to Greg at the shop for helping me gear up. The Tsunami Airwave Elite matched with a Penn SSV handles great. Thanks for helping me get on the fish last night!”

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The crew here at the shop had a fun couple of nights. The night shift two days in a row have been good. The mid-island surf is producing! Blake got a nice bass on a metal lip last night. Willie, Kelley and I were into blues. Last night I walked into the same area I fished the previous night and morning (both were productive). First cast, missed a bite. Second, third and fourth cast each had a fish. It was a really consistent bite for about an hour then it tapered off to a slower pick. My MVP was a bone white Super Strike Rattling Swimmer aka Bottle Plug.

Jimmy Nacion reported a solid night Thursday, “Fish on! Both bass and blues on the mid-island beach. Steve-o and I has bass up to 35″ and blues up to 16 pounds. The Northbar Bottle Darters were the ticket. We also got them pulling on bait. At least 30- 40 fish between the two of us.”
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Bass fishing in the boats has been good. Once the weather clears we expect fishing to be awesome. Anglers are catching trolling spoons. Here’s some recent reports…
Captain Mike Villanova of No Limits Sportfishing said,  “Yesterday afternoon we had the opportunity to take Keith Tindall from Jerry’s Diesel out for an after work trip. The northeast wind had the ocean sloppy. The Inlet was loaded with bluefish but we decided to stick out the conditions and try for a striper. We marked lots of fish but couldn’t get anything to bite. After about an hour we finally connected with a nice one, 48” for our first bass of the season!
David DiGangi sent in this photo and report… “I caught this 45″ bass on Thursday at about 9:30 am trolling a white #4 Bunker Spoon with a complete Tony Maja rig and wire line. We were just north of the Barnegat Inlet in 40′ of water.”
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Since 1984, the Bureau of Marine Fisheries has been involved in an intensive program of artificial reef construction and biological monitoring. Artificial reefs in ocean waters along the New Jersey coast provide a habitat for fish, shellfish and crustaceans, fishing grounds for anglers, and underwater structures for scuba divers. This past Wednesday, the famed ‘Perfect Storm’ rescue ship, the Tamaroa, was sunk off the coast of New Jersey to become part of an artificial reef that is enhancing fishing opportunities off the coast of New Jersey and Delaware. Peter Clarke sat down with Bob Bostock to discuss the sinking of the Tamaroa as well as New Jersey’s Artificial Reef Program. To listen to the podcast go to this link…



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