Spring is here!

The calendar doesn’t agree, but all of the signs say so. In the air, on the ground and in the water!!! The unseasonable warmth has things popping up. As of late anglers are dusting off their gear and taking to the water. Why not capitalize on the beautiful weather and winter hold overs?
While some enjoy picking at the linesiders all winter long this warm weather really has the masses out and about. While the spots are busy, the local boys are having a blast with talk about “stellar fishing, bass on almost every cast and endless doubles.” The good news is these fish have been here all winter and more will show as time goes on. There’s plenty of small bass on the chew. Take a look at the 10 day, the weather looks to stay mild for a good stretch of time.
Just a heads up both tog and porgy fishing close on Feb 28th. Tog re-opens April 1st with a four fish bag limit at 15 inches. Porgy aka Scup does not re-open until July 1st.
Winter flounder season is basically here, opening March 1st with two fish at 12″. A week or two ago, we got some solid reports from commercial fike netters who had a couple days of great catches. Both size and quality so it’s proof that some nice flatties are around. The commercial fike net season closed on Feb 20th so now it’s time for the recreational rod and reel guys. Over the years it has been best to start out in the deep bay (near the bridges) then work out towards the inlets as time goes on and the waters warm. This year should be interesting to find out where they are holding with the unseasonable warm weather.
On the bait side of things, we have frozen clam, freeze dried worms (blood & sands) as well as clam chum. We do not have live bloodworms and we do not have live clam. The availability date is unknown.

Author: FishHead.Greg

Born, raised and living in Ship Bottom at the heart of Long Beach Island, Greg's surrounded by the Barnegat Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Greg is an accomplished angler with great knowledge of saltwater fishing from the light tackle back waters to the surf and jetty as well as inshore and offshore big game fishing. Whether you are new to fishing or new to Long Beach Island, Greg wants to help. Questions about knot tying, fishing rods and reels, problems, techniques, locations? Just ask. Stop by Fisherman's Headquarters and say hello.

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