BHCFA Fishing Report 10/12/17

The fishing action off Long Beach Island for the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association continues to be a wide mix of fish from the inshore structure and artificial reefs along with some good action on false albacores, bonita, and some bluefish.

Captain Carl Sheppard of the “Star Fish” is counting the days until the black sea bass season in re-opens in New Jersey on October 22. He figures the sea bass will be thick along with some Trigger Fish for some topnotch bottom fishing. Until then he plans on fishing for blues and tautog and getting out to the offshore waters for some pelagics. He terms the current fishing “good” and expects it to improve, especially when the big stripers arrive in another week or so.

Captain Lindsay Fuller of the “June Bug” has been catching a good number of false albacore on light tackle. He says these feisty fish provide all the action any angler could want on light tackle. He is also looking for bonita. He too is looking forward to striped bass season and is keeping his fingers crossed for some cooler weather to cool the water off.

Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at www.BHCFA.net.

LBI Fishing Report Update – 10/12/17

Little man Dane (5 years old) caught his first striped bass. He got it in the bay fishing a Yo-Zuri lure. Check out our social page (Instagram or Facebook) for the photo. Still lots of small bass in the bay along the docks, bulkheads, sod banks and channels. Bluefish are also hanging around with them.

Be sure to keep up to date on the LBI Surf Fishing Tournament… here’s the Live results page. So far there’s a some bluefish on the board.

Mr. Vanderbech stopped in Wednesday with a bucket full of crabs and shared this report, “Fishing is slow, so I’m crabbing. It has been a great year and it continues! Last year it was good into Thanksgiving. This year is set up to be the same. Maybe it will go longer. Put the traps in Tuesday and soaked over night. Pulled them and had a good haul. A bucket full of jimmies!

LBI Fishing Report 10/10/17

Coming into mid October moon and approaching mid month we look forward to the fall progressing in one way or another but it seems summer just will not shake loose. The southerly blow didn’t drop the surf temps much as expected. My fun (and really good) surf session this morning amazed me with nice clean surf and warm. It’s crazy how the warm temps are holding on. By feel I’d say it is in the high 60’s. Most likely between 65-68 degrees.

“Beachrunner” a local angler who wants to remain anonymous shared this report while in the shop today… “Been cruising the beaches today and yesterday. There are also tons of small blues in the 2-5 pound class. They were in the wash but the last couple days they are hanging on the bar and backside. Get metal and wing it your hardest. It’s the only way I could reach them. Might end up hooking up with a screamer (albie)! There are a bajillion of baby crabs in the wash. There’s birds are all over them. Don’t get fooled by the crab blitz. I can’t wait for the migrating bass to move in. The island’s beaches have lots of nice water! Bowls and bars throughout the island. It’s time to go pocket picking!”

Will Weikel sent in a report… “Caught about a dozen sea bass in bay near the Lighthouse on Saturday the 7th. We used cut up mullet for bait.”

Speaking of the Lighthouse, the blackfish bite is still good. Local angler  Jack got some fish yesterday afternoon and into evening. All anglers in buying crabs reports fish are chewing. Most are struggling getting a keeper.

Store staffer Dan has been in on the schoolie bass action. His stealthy midnight light tackle game is on point.

Lots of thresher sharks in the local waters. Today we heard of a couple large ones that were caught.


LBI Fishing Report Update 10-8-17

Stiff southerly wind last night continue today with increasing swell. What’s left of Tropic Storm Nate tracks toward, over and past. Tuesday westerly winds will clean up the place. Currently the surf looks great with beautiful white water rolling through.

Today we got a report from a couple sandy anglers fresh off the surf. They fished the morning high tide and got into some fish. “There’s some small blues in the wash. Lots of small bait present. Our friend caught a 25″ bass.” There bluefish, weakfish and albies in with these bait piles.

Yesterday John Stravalle from Newburgh, NY stopped by for a weigh in. He caught two black drum off of the north end surf using clam. Both fish were teen size fish. Over the Harvest Moon period we heard of a couple others but this was the first direct report. Maybe some others are chewing too.

Long Beach Island Surf Fishing Tournament

The 63rd Annual LBI Fall Surf Classic kicked off Saturday. Hope everyone that attended the Saturday’s LBI Surf Fishing Classic Seminar enjoyed and learned something new. The anglers from Team Mullet always put on a great learning experience.

As we creep deeper into October we expect the surf fishing to turn on soon. So far there are two bluefish on the board. For more details check out the Live Results Page.

Backwater Water Fishing

Whole lotta life in the bay right now.  Anglers are gearing up with soft baits and lead heads as well as poppers. Some in the shop have reports of very good fishing from the bay. One customer in the shop today reported catching three bass on his last outing, “The scholies are whaling lures! I’m getting them on the fly rod and spinning tackle.” Another customer said the bass fishing in the bay is on fire in the kayak.

Stan Slachta of Greenlane, PA was on the bay with his family this weekend looking for blowfish. They caught a bunch of small sea bass as well as some spot and porgies. They also got a handful of lizard fish! No blowfish. Chumming with clam using squid for hook bait. Have you ever caught a lizard fish? Most definitely an odd creature!

Lighthouse Sportfishing Report 10/7

Hey, hey, hey, it’s Fat Albert……. If any of you remember that show, you are old as dirt or as old as me. Got into the False Albacore (aka Fat Albert) this morning. They were pushing tiny rainfish, like 2”, to the surface. It was run n gun fishing to keep up with visibly active schools. If you have never caught a false albacore before on light tackle you do not know what you are missing. They scream drags like no tomorrow. If I was to make a list of the top “sports fish” to fish for on Lighthouse Sportfishing, Fat Albert would be number one. True dat! Before I got into the false albacore I was slamming several tiny blitzes just off the surf zone. Tiny blitzes??? Is that an oxymoron? What I mean is blitzes of snappers and super spike weakfish (6-10”). There were gulls, terns, and pelicans working the mayhem. The bay is way too warm for this time of year. Enough said….. Jimmies, male blue claw crabs, are still active and full of meat. Lots of openings for magic hour/night trips and some prime dates available for the bass season. Now is the time to hop on board the Debbie M or with one of the other light tackle guides if you want to get into the false albacore. They have not had a strong showing locally the last few years but that his history.

Screaming drags, Capt. Alex 609-548-2511

Weakfish and Blowfish

It looks like the ocean is going to be a little rough for the next few days so we are going to fish the bay. Sun and Mon, Oct 8 and 9. I ordered live grass shrimp for both days so we will be targeting weakfish and whatever else swims into our shrimp slick on light tackle. I”ll pack some clam chum and clams as there are some blowfish chewing on the west side of the bay, as well. We will give the inlet a look over, as the albies have been popping up as far inside as the lighthouse. 8AM to 1PM each day. $125 person. Call to reserve a spot.
Capt. Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
732.330.5674 cell

Reel Reaction Sportfishing Fishing Report

It’s been a little while, but the fishing is starting to heat up as long as the water temperatures keep dropping.  On the charter front, the transitional time is starting to pass and I’m seeing more Striped Bass starting to cooperate although it’s early morning or late evening.  I have been kayaking during the late night hours and have been hooking up regularly on Striped Bass, we just need them to start biting during the daylight hours which will occur as the water temps. drop.  We will start targeting Striped Bass/Bluefish in the next few weeks and through the rest of the season.  On our mid-October, November, and December Striped Bass charters,  we provide “live spot” on every charter which are included at no charge.  Just a reminder, I picked up my allotted 50 Striped Bass Bonus Tags from the state of NJ for the season and we be using them from September through December.  With school in session, I’m running weekends and weekday afternoons starting at 230pm.

This past Friday afternoon I had Jutta Locker and her daughter Jessica from Utica, NY on a 4hr Bay & Inlet trip.  We started working a channel close to the inlet drifting live Peanut Bunker and working soft plastics.  With no takers, we moved to the inlet which was fishable.  We drifted live and fresh baits, and both clients hooked into Blues 7 to 10 pounds.  The bite only lasted about a 1/2 hour, and quickly died as the brown water moved in.  We continued to work different areas getting only subtle bites which were most likely snapper Blues.  The Coast Guard graced us in the last 10 minutes of the charter to perform a routine safety check.  We PASSED!  Nice job by both clients on a rather tough day!

We will start targeting Striped Bass in the next few weeks through the rest of the season.  On our mid-October, November, and December Striped Bass charters,  we provide “live spot” on every charter which are included at no charge.  Just a reminder, We have our allotted 50 Striped Bass Bonus Tags from the state of NJ for the season and we be using them from September through December.  With school in session, I’m running weekends and weekday afternoons starting at 230pm.




If interested in booking a charter, book through the website (www.reelreactioncharters.com) or call/text 609-290-7709. As always, we use the highest quality gear and everything is included: gear, tackle, fish-cleaning, and ICE!  It’s “no worries” fishing.  Just come aboard and FISH.

Capt. Brett Taylor ~ www.reelreactioncharters.com ~ Call or Text: 609-290-7709