Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters – Barnegat Bay Fishing Striped Bass Report.

Reel Fantasea anglers continue to be dialed in on some of the best light tackle back bay action around. Various artificial presentation have been the the key to success along with dancing around tidal stages but if you are willing to listen, learn and “put it together” our anglers have been scoring solid bass action since mid March!

With weather looking a little formidable Friday afternoon I have Friday morning available for folks looking to hone their angling skills and jump aboard for some striped bass action that has been entertaining our anglers all season long! We will be fishing from 630am -1130am . Let me show you how tide, time, technique makes all the difference! Call to reserve only.

Best Regards,

Captain Steve Purul

Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters





Mid May… New Moon… Nice Bass!

Mid May… New Moon… Right on time nice bass are showing.

Scott Shirey sent in this report, “We got into bass on the surf. Small bass on bucktails and big bass on fresh Fish Heads bunker. Chunks did the trick. Also hooked into a couple blues and fluke. All on the mid-island surf on the back half of the incoming tide.”

Here’s Scott Shirey with a 43″ striped bass he caught off the LBI surf on FishHead bunker yesterday. It was released to fight another day.

Scott’s largest bass was this 43″ bass that he released. “It felt good to watch her swim back into the suds so she could fight another day. By the way, we had just gone back to Fish Heads for fresh bunker.  I told my buddy that is new to surf fishing that the fresh bait would make all the difference in the world.  It wasn’t 10 minutes later that this girl took the bunker chunk. Great fish! Great Times!”

Store staffer Jordan found some fish on the surf this morning… “I got three bass and 20-30 blues in the 4-10 pound mid-island. All on Daiwa SP Minnow Lures. Bunker were getting worked a little beyond the breakers. Left them biting.”

Ryan Matthews fished the storm last night and got into great fishing. Check out the four photos above. “The storm was fun but it was snotty. Lots of nice fish caught up to 27 pounds chunking with 12oz of lead. Lost a real nice fish at my feet on a bucktail.”

Store staffer Willie was out this morning in the boat. His report, “Holy gnar dude! Seven fish over 35lbs.” Epic fishing went down! Check out this photo of the three amigos all with trophy bass. Right as they are taking the photo another rod doubles over screaming!

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LBI Fishing Report Update – May 15, 2018

Dan D. and Kelley jumped aboard Fish Head Charters for a four hour session this morning. We pushed off at 6am and worked the waters of the Island’s North End.  It wasn’t long before Kelley hooked up on his MVP Daiwa SP Minnow. Shortly after he released another on the same lure. I managed one striper on a bucktail tipped off with a Jig Strip. With the wind cranking we switched gears and took a look along the sod banks. Turns out some small bass were active. Only minutes in I had a striped bass follow my fly right to the boat but would commit. Next drift I got this little guy to eat. Super stoked to watch it eat a clouser i tied last night right beside the boat!

Here’s some other fishing reports….

Lots of school size striped bass are hanging around with some larger bass showing too.

Today is Day 25 of the LBI Surf Fishing Spring Derby. First place bass is held by Patrick Presutto with a 22.64 pound striped bass. Patrick caught the 37.5″ striped bass on bunker fishing the mid-island surf this morning. First place bluefish is still held by Kurt Horensky’s 12.7 pounder from May 5th. For more details on the tournament go to

We also head talk of another 20 class bass off the LBI beach today.

Don Ingling was in the shop today getting some hooks and tackle. He reported catching a keeper bass off the mid-island surf on a plug yesterday.

Another customer in the shop had small bass today fishing salted clam. He was in late morning and then back again around lunch time to rebait.

Carl Vallone called in a report this afternoon. He said, “Last night I caught some fish. Had a bunch of blues. No bass. Bait fishing the surf.”

Torr Cohen got into some bass off the south end surf yesterday. He reported, “Funny how things work… every time you have too much bait there are never fish. When you take a few clams for a cast they start hitting. This session I ran out of bait quick. I give thanks to this beautiful morning on LBI.

One of the Comanche Surfcaster’s Darren reported his girl friend (@miss_stonian) caught her first bluefish.

Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters – Late Report


The action continues to be rewarding for most trips but regretfully some trips did struggle due to condition and weather conditions presenting various obstacles and road blocks.

Blues continue to be a phantom with some days providing fair to good action while other days they seem to disappear into the tide.

Striped bass continue to be the best game in town with bigger striped bass showing up joining the already robust population of striped bass presently on hand.

Most of our light tackle action has been encountered in our back bays so weather is usually never a concern except for an occasional passing thunderstorm.

I will be extending our trips from 4 hour to a 5 hour and have this Friday morning available 7am -12noon and Sunday morning 7am -12noon available.

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

Captain Steve Purul

Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters







LBI Fishing Report Update – May 14, 2018

It’s Mid May and the some bigger fish are showing up!

Store staffer Blake was on the surf this morning and got a nice size bass on a wood swimmer. Here’s a link to the landing video.

Here’s a bluefish caught by Matteo D. of Magic Tail Lures. He was in the bite fishing with Dante yesterday.

“I finally put a reel on a rod yesterday and hit the beach. I didn’t see a sole for 8 miles. Bite was on! 20 bass from dinks to 40” and 10 blues from 3-8 pounds. All out bucktial bite, 1oz white with a curly tail. Why does no one fish anymore? Get to Fish Heads and pick up some Magic Tail bucktails and get on the beach. Stop waiting for the reports the fish are out there.  Here’s a video from sunday afternoon.

Now that’s a nice bass! Here’s Dante of Magictail Bucktails with a quality striped bass that ate a 1oz white bucktail jig.

Kenny Nielubowicz was on the beach yesterday and caught his first surf striped bass. “Thanks Fish Heads for the killer fresh bunker!”

Congrats Kenny on your first surf caught striped bass!


Mother’s Day Fishing Report Update – May 13, 2018

As the days pass we get closer and closer to prime time spring striped bass fishing. Mother’s Day is a classic point of reference on the Calendar marking a time when bluefish and striped bass are here. The Central Jersey Coast’s Spring bell curve of ocean run striped bass starts with Mother’s Day, peaks around Memorial Day, then fades out by July 4th. (Fall:_Halloween/Thanksgiving\Christmas_). The local area’s best spring bass fishing is usually the last week or two of May as well as the first week or two of June. Since everything seems to be a couple weeks late, it will be interesting to see how this pans out. Soon enough, time will tell.

First Boat Bass Out Front

This weekend brought the first reports of boat trolled bass. Maybe it went down sooner but we have not received a positive first hand report until now. Mike Nini reported mid 30″ range striped bass off of southern LBI. Fishing out of Little Egg Inlet his screen was loaded while picking away at bass trolling Mojos.

Another report came in from Vin Rossi and Yonni Weidenhof. They were on the search working the waters around Holgate. Yonni reported, “We passed up some small bird plays in the bay and took a look out front. Turns out it looked like the dead sea. We worked some good looking areas casting lures in close to the surf zone. We managed a few bass.”

Here’s Vin Rossi with a health striped bass he caught at sunset.

Lots of striped bass with occasional bluefish on the surf

Small and hungry striped bass continue to cruise the suds of Long Beach Island. Numerous reports this past week which continued this weekend.

Chris Colasante from Surf City enjoyed his Saturday afternoon/evening (4-6pm) bait fishing the surf. “The top of the incoming high was good. Nice clean and clear water with enough white water to flushing over the sandbars.  My Lamiglas Surf Rod was working the magic getting every bite.” Chris caught four bass, “One was a guppy. The smallest I’ve ever caught.” The other three were also shorts with one being close to keeper size.

Here’s Chris with one of a few school sized striped bass.

Last night (Saturday) from 6-8pm Jason from Woodridge caught four bass, one keeper bait fishing the mid-island surf. Another customer in the shop reported a handful of striped bass plugging the south end surf.

Blues on the surf offer great fishing fun.

Store staff Kelley hit the beach after closing the shop tonight. He just shared this report, “I had a good inaugural ceremony with my new Van Staal Fishing Reel. Caught some bluefish this evening on lures right into sunset.

While not a direct report we have heard of a few classy fish recently caught. Keep an eye out and be ready for the better bite!

Black Sea Bass Opens Tuesday May 15th: 15 fish at 12.5″

LBI Fishing Report Update – May 11, 2018

This work week was LBI’s best stretch of spring surf fishing action. Striped Bass and Bluefish are here and cruising the Island’s beaches. Anglers caught fishing meat (bunker and clam) as well as using lures. For more details see the week’s previous posts; Thursday May 10th, Wednesday May 9th, Tuesday May 8th, Monday May 7th.

Here’s the LBI Fishing Report Update for Friday May 11, 2018…

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood! This morning was flawless and it continues through the afternoon. While no local spectacular bite was reported, fish were caught.

I had store staffer Kelley aboard the Fish Head for an early morning session. We couldn’t buy a bluefish but saw a couple caught. Kelley was high hook managing two keeper size bass and one short.

Here’s one of Kelley’s fish from this morning. Got it on the SP Minnow.

Here’s some recent reports…

Andrew Hayes shared with us on Facebook, “I caught a big bluefish this afternoon (yesterday) on an SP minnow.”

Dane Nugent got this striped bass off of the surf yesterday.
Tom Gordon got this drum tonight (last night).

Anglers are counting down the days to Sea Bass and Fluke Fishing! Sea bass opens May 15th at 10 fish with a 12.5″ minimum length. Fluke Opens May 25th at three fish with a 18″ minimum size.

Speaking of fluke… our local waters are stacked with quality fluke right now. Dan D went on the hunt today for bass and blues. With no luck he switched over to catch and release fluke fishing. Dan reported, “Got a bunch of fish, biggest was 20″. They were chewing!”

Floating Jig Heads By Tom Scibek

After the On The Water (Angler’s Guide New Jersey May 2018) Floating Jigheads write up by Don Kamienski the Floating Jig Heads by Tom Scibek have been hot sellers. A once underground item used by a select few, now Floaters are main stream! This is the one and only real deal saltwater floating jig head with a good quality hook and long bucktail hair.

As detailed by Don, he fishes them on an 18″ leader off of a Tsunami 3-Way Rolling T-Swivel.  I’ve found this to be very effective when fishing larger baits and especially live baits like live minnow, peanut, mullet and spot. Floaters are lights out in the bay baited with sheddard crab. My personal favorite way to fish Tom’s Floaters is to rig them on a 4-6″ dropper loop that is fished about 20″ above a bucktail jig. When fishing deeper situations it’s a hi/lo style vertical presentation. Standard issue… bucktail and teaser = lots of fluke!

Where these Floaters outproduce for me is in our shallow water bay fishery. Contrary to common line “control rules” I fish this hi/lo bucktail teaser with some extra scope. This horizontal presentation shines when tap danced. The floating jig head comes alive and fluke can’t resist.

Either way you choose to rig Tom’s Floaters, one thing will be consistent… they catch!

Tom Scibek Floating Jig Heads