Hi Flier Yellowfin, Bluefin and Inshore Sharking

We have been spending all of our time fishing in the ocean. Sunday we ran offshore about 60 miles to the southeast. We stumbled on a slick with chick birds hitting it. Great readings. Set up on the anchor and started chunking. Put out a few rods with bait and handed Matt Tebaldi a jigging rod with one of my favorite jigs. He and his wife Tess, from Manahawkin NJ were on their first ever offshore trip. After about 10 minutes of jigging, Matt said “I got something “. It was apparent to me that it wasn’t a tuna,  but nonetheless, let’s see what you got. He reeled in a 16 inch Illex squid. Nasty looking creature. I stuck a hook in him and put him out at 50 feet under a balloon. Five minutes later the reel was screaming. After a long fight on medium light drag, as we only had him on 40 lb flouro leader, Matt and Tess tag teamed an 80 lb bluefin tuna. Put him in the box and got a call from Brian Ewan on the Dora Lee that the troll bite was going off only six miles from where we were. We ran over, put out the spread and trolled two nice 40 and 50 class yellowfins. Here’s a video clip of Matt on one of those trolled fish: youtu.be/5R7LLc_4Tyc
Returned the next day (Mon) and added a pair of yellowfin in the 20 to 30 lb class amongst a huge pod of whales and porpoise.
Fished the last two days trolling Barnegat Ridge and sharking. Both days we clobbered the sharks. Today (Thurs) I had Michael Fuhrman of Cherry Hill, Steve Karl of Loveladies, and Erin Foose of Altoona, PA on board. We had a bunch of sharks, mostly 3 to 4 foot Atlantic Sharpnose but Steve brought a 200 lb class Dusky Shark to the Boat and a little while later Erin bested a 120 pound Dusky just four miles off the beach. Here’s a video clip of Erin and her Dusky: youtu.be/hfRKiRQv52E The Ridge has been giving up bonita, spanish and king mackerel.
We are available for Open Boat or Charter this Sat, Sun, and Mon, August 11, 12, and 13. Inshore sharking and trolling for bonita and spanish mackeral at Barnegat Ridge. We can do both in the same trip. If they relax the thunderstorm predictions for any of these three days we can also make the 60 mile run to the tuna grounds.  The Ridge/Shark combo trips are 6AM to 1PM, $175 person, 4 people max. The mid range tuna trips are 3AM to 5PM, $350 person, 4 people max. All fish are shared on all trips. Call me to book a spot on any of these trips. You can always try us right up until our departure time to see if we have a spot.
Pics: Matt Tebaldi with 50 lb Yellowfin Tuna and Tess Tebaldi with 80 lb Bluefin

Capt Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
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Hi Flier Open Boat Sun-Mon Bonita/Shark/Tuna

Looks like the weather is finally going to stabilize, for a few days, anyway. Sunday and Monday, July 29 and 30, are showing very little or no storm activity. The wind is coming around to an easterly direction with mild velocity. It looks like we could get out to Barnegat Ridge tomorrow (Sunday) at least, and maybe further in search of bonita and sharks. Sharks are mostly dusky, browns, spinner, Atlanic sharpnose, and browns. Anywhere from 20 to 150 pounds. All catch and release species. If we get into the bonita, they go in the cooler as they are delicious. Any way you prepare tuna, you can prepare bonita, including sashimi. Monday is even nicer, so I am looking to get out to the mid range 50/60 mile grounds in search of tuna. Open Boat or Charter either day. Sunday’s Barnegat Ridge bonita/shark trip 6AM to 1PM, $175 person. 4 people max. Monday’s Mid-Range tuna trip. 4AM to 4PM (usually later) $350 person. 4 people max. Reservations are required. All fish are shared on both trips.

If you want to Charter the boat on Monday to fish closer like Barnegat Ridge or inshore, you can do that, as well.  When you charter the whole boat, you call the shots. Just know that you will be doing me a dis-service if I can’t get out to the bluewater once in a while!
Capt. Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
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Hi Flier: Bones, Sharks, and Snakes!

We ran to Barnegat Ridge on Sunday. Two to three foot long swell, very fishable. Had John Post, his son-in-law Tim Smith, and grandson, 13 year old Timmy Smith all of Mountainside, NJ. Stopped about a mile and a half shy of the North Ridge as I usually do. This way the lines go out in the deep water and we troll towards the high ground. As Nick was setting out the fourth rod in the spread, a cedar plug, it went spooling off in his hand. He locked it up and Timmy boated a nice bonita. As we drew closer to the Ridge, there were slicks and chicks. This is best case scenario wherever you are fishing, but especially here. The slicks were so fresh that you could smell them 30 yards away and there were a dozen to twenty chick birds picking at them at any given time. I could here the rods going off in my head…….but it never happened. Killer fish and bait readings throughout the water column. I gave it two hours of tight turns and nothing. There were quite a few spinner sharks thrashing and crashing so this is the only thing I could suspect might have been putting off the species we were looking for. I brought a can of chum and some fresh bunker out with us so I asked our crew if they wanted to try sharking and they were game. It took about twenty minutes and the first rod went off, Timmy jumped on the rod and brought a 60 lb dusky to the boat. Then two rods went off at the same time, we lost one and Timmy finessed a 120 lb dusky to be released on the other. We were doing it all with 20 to 30 class gear so it was a lot of fun. Nick and I were watching the balloons and we both happen to see a fish jump over one of the balloons. I said “that was a mahi” and he said ‘Yeah, I know”. He had eaten a hunk of bunker on a 9/0 circle hook rigged on 200 lb mono. Once again, Timmy was on the rod and boated this 8 lb square head baby bull mahi. This kid was a true angler. Smooth on the rod. Here he his on one of those dusky sharks: www.youtube.com/watch?v=06cE7EZZ-VI


If we had stayed on the troll, it might have been a one bonita day that was over in the first five minutes. That bucket of chum and fresh bait turned it into a decent catch with plenty of action. Thank God for Plan B!

Yesterday (Wed) I had Nick Honachefsky of the new series Saltwater Underground on board. He was hosting friends Sean Reilly and WWE pro wrestler Jake the Snake Roberts, along with Jake’s son Dustin. Jake caught a nice striper on light tackle at the Barnegat Inlet jetty. We moved back into the bay and hammered away at short fluke jigging leadheads and Gulp for a few hours.

Running Open Boat to Barnegat Ridge tomorrow, Friday July 20. Leaving at 11AM, returning at 6PM. Trolling for bonita, mahi, or any other high speed fish that are in that neighborhood. I’ll have the chum and bait on board if we want to try a few hours of light tackle sharking. $175 person. 4 people max. All fish are shared. You can call for a spot right up until we leave. I’m available to call until 9PM tonight (Thurs) or as early as 5AM tomorrow (Fri). Sat is booked. Sun and Monday, July 22 and 23 are potential bay/inlet charter days as the ocean will be a little rough from Saturday afternoon on through the next few days.

Looking to run offshore for tuna next week Open Boat or Charter Sat/Sun/Mon, Trolling and chunking. Probably running 80 miles plus each way unless things heat up closer. Leaving at 2AM, returning around 4 PM, sometimes later, so if you have to be back at a certain time, you won’t make it. $400 person. 4 people max. All fish are shared. Reservations required. Everything is provided. If you have a favorite rod and reel, and it’s appropriate, you can bring it. Hoping we get a nice stretch of weather, we are due.


Timmy Smith of Mountainside, NJ with bonita and mahi.

Jake the Snake Roberts and Nick Honachefsky with striper

Capt. Dave DeGennaro

Hi Flier Sportfishing

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Hi Flier Running Open Boat Barnegat Ridge Tomorrow, Monday, July 9 Target: Bonito and Albacore

Not sure if there is anything happening at Barnegat Ridge but it’s time to go find out. I passed through there the other day on the way home from an offshore trip and the water was 78 degrees, blue-ish green, and there were slicks and flying fish. We only had 30 minutes to try as my group needed to be back at the dock. We didn’t catch anything in that short try but it sure looked good. Now with a few days of NE we just had, it can only have gotten better. Bonito and albacore are always the target but sometimes we find school bluefin tuna there, as well.

Leaving tomorrow, Monday, July 9 at 6AM, returning around 1 PM. $175 person, 4 people max. All fish are shared. Reservations required.
Capt. Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
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Hi Flier Canyon Tuna One Spot Left For Tonight!!

We are headed to the canyons to catch tuna. The bite is red hot and we have good intel on where to go. The boat is fueled, iced, and turn key ready to leave at 2AM tonight (Sunday), or technically tomorrow (Monday) morning. We have three guys signed up already and we take a maximum of four. $350 person, all fish are shared. Return around 4 or 5 PM on Monday. We have everything. Just bring whatever you want to eat and drink for the time we are out (14 to 15 hours). Wednesday’s canyon trip is sold out but we will be announcing more as we see nice weather windows coming up. As a result, these will be announced on short notice.

We are still sailing every day for inshore fishing which has been made up mostly of casting lures at 3 to 5 pound bluefish in the inlet. We will also be running trips to Barnegat Ridge for bonita, albacore and who knows what else if that blue water pushes in a little closer. Live grass shrimp is now available to us, so we will be mixing that in for bay and jetty fishing. It’s also time to start inshore sharking. Just three to four miles off the beach we chum for small sharks on light tackle. Most are 2 to 4 foot browns, spinners, and Atlantic sharpnose sharks.
Capt. Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
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Hi Flier Inshore and Offshore

Just got back from Key West. Had my two boys, Nick, 19 and Max, 17 down there to catch their first permit. Found the best captain down there, Capt Jason Wells from Reel Easy Charters 305.906.2076. So impressed by this guy. Laid back, focused,….and persistent. The key to catching permit down there is to have crabs for bait. The whole island was sold out but he had a call out to a shop that was going to call us if any came in. We were already on the fishing grounds when the call came in and he had us reel in and motor back to get live crabs. Not too many guides would burn the fuel or put in the time to do this. It paid off as we caught four nice permit in the two hours after we returned to the grounds. We also had two big snook, a 17 and 18 pounder that Max and I took on live pinfish in the early morning out on a wreck in the Atlantic. I didn’t even know you could catch them there, I thought they were a backwater or near shoreline fish. We had some big mangrove snappers, yellowtails, barracuda, a black grouper, a bunch of Spanish mackerel and one good size king mackerel for the two days we spent with Capt Jason. Here’s Nick DeGennaro with his first permit: www.youtube.com/watch?v=UW4UyLwExXk and Max DeGennaro with his: www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNrHwSdVOkY

Back to NJ fishing now. I have inshore charters booked for this Fri, Sat, and Sun, June 29, 30, and July 1. We will target the blues and short stripers in the inlet, fluke in the bay, and I picked up some live shedder crabs to see what I could get going in the back bay. Hoping to find some weakfish or kingfish.
Monday, July 2 and Wednesday, July 4 we are available for Open Boat or charter. If the weather is perfect we will be looking to run offshore to the tuna grounds on either or both days. Could be Yellowfin or Bluefin….or both!  Looking for light and variable winds and no threat of storms. That’s the only forecast I go on. We have a Garmin Sirius/XM satellite weather station on board to monitor any storm activity as well. $300 person if we run to the 50 to 60 mile grounds, $350 person if we run all the way to the canyons. The shorter run is usually a 4AM to 4PM trip and the longer run would be 2AM to 4PM. Something you should know, and I repeat this a lot as I don’t want anyone to be disappointed, if you want a better chance at sailing for tuna, you should book a bigger boat that will sail in sea conditions that we will not. Three to four foot seas is not much of a sea in those bigger sportfishermen, but I am looking for flat calm or 1 to 2’s at most to go that distance in a 25 ft boat. Mind you, it’s a very capable World Cat catamaran with brand new motors, a six man survival raft, and an EPIRB (Search and Rescue Beacon), but those are just for peace of mind, not anything we ever want to use. If you’re good with that, C’mon, C’mon!
If it looks like the weather is not good for offshore we will target inshore fishing, maybe Barnegat Ridge or inlet/bay fishing. we will be fishing for something.
Nick DeGennaro with Capt Jason Wells and his Permit
Max DeGennaro with his 17 lb Snook
Dave DeGennaro with his 18 lb Snook
Capt. Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
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Hi Flier Yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna

We ran out to the Wilmington Canyon early Saturday morning. We met at the dock at 2:30 AM and threw the ropes by 3 AM. The chart plotter displayed 88 miles to our destination and I thought that’s a lot further than my Seaside Piers or Lavallette run. Ocean was flat calm and the marine forecast was for more of the same all weekend. Hoping this was going to be redemption time for last weeks zero we pulled at the Spencer Canyon.

I had a full Open Boat trip of four guys, Stuart Lombardi of NYC, Alan Smith of Manahawkin, NJ, Craig Kelley and his son-in-law Jarrett Powell both from Tuckerton, NJ. We arrived at the Wilmington around 7:30 AM and put out an eight rod spread. Three spreader bars, three squid chains, a cedar plug, and a Yummee Flying Fish I attempted to fish from a kite. There was not enough wind and the helium tank did not deliver enough gas to the assist balloon so I wound up with a whirling dervish instead of a stable square kite. It wrapped around one of the other lures and I spent the next 20 minutes untangling. When we started we had 63 degree water and some pilot whales. During my untangling, I gave the wheel to Stuart and gave him a heading to bring us deeper and more southerly. In that 20 minutes, the radio was lit up with boats hooking up yellowfin in 68 to 69 degree water. I grabbed the wheel back from Stuart and noticed the spike in water temp as well as a dozen circling boats and whales and porpoise. He brought us right to the spot!

We trolled around that area seeing and hearing boats hooked up, but not a touch for us. I started second guessing our spread, our speed, …..me. I dropped the RPM’s a little and that dropped us from 6.3 to 5.8 knots. I started checking the lures for grass as there was a little on the surface but they came in clean and alas…as I was checking the last lure we watched a yellowfin crush a rainbow spreader bar, and another hit the green machine bar, and another hit the flatlined cedar plug, and another on the second rainbow spreader bar……four on! We boated three of the four, all about 20 something pounds but over the legal size so they went in the cooler. We beat up that area some more and got a double header of slightly bigger fish and then we tripled up with a 20 pounder and two others that were taking more line and a little longer to subdue. They wound up being 40 and 50 pounders.

Here’s a video of that hookup: www.youtube.com/watch?v=65qGkX2xTII

We were all boxed up and headed for the barn feeling great about the day and about halfway home I saw schools of bluefin airing out. We put out a quick four rod spread and a 50 pound bluefin crushed the flatlined red and white cedar plug. Forty five minutes on a 20 class, Jarrett decked a 50 pound bluefin. Got back to the marina by 6:30 PM and all was right with the world.

Craig, Jarrett, Stuart, Alan

We will be running offshore to the tuna grounds from time to time. Either the canyons or hopefully the mid range grounds, like 40 to 60 mile range will heat up in the coming weeks. These trips will always be announced with short notice, sometimes only a day or two before, as we are looking for perfection weather to run offshore. If you would like to be on our email list for these and all of our trips, as well as our fishing reports you can email us from our website.

As always we will also be fishing for bonita, albacore, bluefish, stripers, weakfish, fluke, kingfish and all of the mixed bag bay fishing. We will also be light tackle shark fishing within five miles of the inlet for two to four foot browns, dusky, and spinner sharks. All catch and release and a lot of fun.


Color on a yellowfin.
Stuart and Craig with our bigger yellowfins.


~Capt Dave DeGennaro, Hi Flier Sportfishing, 732.330.5674, www.hiflier.com


Hi Flier Stripers, Blues, Fluke, and Tuna

We ran to the Spencer Canyon on Sunday. Found the right water. Beautiful shade of blue. Tons of porpoise and whales. Skipjacks attacking our spread every 5 to 10 minutes. Caught one small bluefin tuna, not even big enough for the cooler and way too many skippies. That’s the report. We were one of the boats that didn’t catch that day.

Here’s what we’re doing in the next stretch going into the weekend. We will be running Open Boat or charter tomorrow (Thurs) and Fri, June 14 and 15 inshore fishing. Casting lures at the inlet jetty for stripers and blues with light tackle and drifting the bay channels for fluke. Leaving at Noon, returning at 5PM.
$150 person. 4 people max, all fish are shared.
Saturday, June 16, looks like the best day to run offshore, so as long as that forecast holds up, we are chasing tuna. Right now it shows no storm activity and a 1 to 2 ft sea condition. Probably headed for the canyons unless I get some good mid-range reports in the 50 to 60 mile range. The canyons we are fishing are about 85 miles. We would meet at the dock at 3AM and return around 5PM. $350 person. 4 people max, all fish are shared. If we stayed within the 60 mile range, it would be $300 person, but right now, the best reports are coming from the canyons. Yellowfin and bluefin.
Sunday, (Fathers Day!), June 17, we will be fishing inshore, same as above’s Thurs/Fri trips but we will start at 7AM and return at Noon.
Capt. Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
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Hi Flier Stripers and Blues! Weakfish? Tuna!

My head is spinning right now. We struck out Thurs afternoon on the big striper hunt after my big rah rah speech about being there or reading about it. Turns out you didn’t need to be there and there’s nothing to read about. We trolled all afternoon without a hit, and worse, it didn’t even feel like we were going to hook up. No bait, no readings….Deadsville up and down the coast except for Raritan Bay/Sandy Hook, those guys are lighting it up and that’s a little too far of a run from Barnegat Inlet. On our way back we stopped at the Barnegat Inlet jetty to cast for some blues just to put these guys into some action and it turned out to be all stripers. Nothing legal, although we came close with a 27 1/2 incher, but a blast on the 10 pound spinning rods. That action was good enough to return yesterday (Friday), of course, we left out the trolling effort. We started out casting 2 to 4 pound blues in the inlet and then when the tide was right we switched to our striper spot and connected with three bass, 24”, 12 lbs and a 21 pounder! Here’s a clip of the 12 pounder: youtu.be/5PG3IfnDau0 All on light tackle and casting soft plastics. We also caught short stripers on both days behind the sod banks.
I’m going to focus on this fishing for a little while until I hear something better out front. I also picked up  some shedder crabs and a flat of sandworms as I hear the south end of LBI is giving up some nice weakfish. I thought we could try our own west side of the bay here or take the run down there.
As if that’s not enough to chew on, the canyons are on fire with bluefin and yellowfin tuna. Anything from 30 to 100 plus pound fish. Now, we’re not a canyon boat, but……we can go when the weather window is really good. The World Cat is a very capable hull, we just put brand new motors on her, I have a brand new six man Viking survival raft, an EPIRB search and rescue beacon, and a Garmin/Sirius/XM weather station onboard the boat. I bought all that stuff before I bought the first gold reel. I’m not going to give any dates or advertise canyon trips because my rate of cancel would be so high on any dates we pre-book. However, feel free to check in if the marine offshore weather forecast looks really good for any Sat, Sun, or Mon.
Like it does tomorrow (Sunday)!!
Running Open Boat or Charter tomorrow (Sun) and Monday, June 10 and 11 for ?????. you tell me.
I’m game for any of it.
Pic: Capt. Nick DeGennaro with his 21 pound striper
Capt. Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
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Hi Flier Open Boat Trips

Haven’t been out since the blow came through on Sunday. We did sail Saturday with a full boat. I had some good intel from friends up north that Deal and Long Branch were giving up nice stripers so we got an early start and made the left out of Barnegat Inlet. Thirty miles later we put the lines out and we trolled for hours without a hit. The radio echoed the same sentiment of “what happened?”. There’s nothing worse than getting there to hear that. We went as far as the Shrewsbury Rocks and then we headed back to Barnegat. Stopped at the North Barnegat Inlet jetty and did really well casting light spinning rods with soft plastics for 2 to 4 pound bluefish. Fortunately the guys I had on board were having fun doing that.

What does that mean for this week? Absolutely nothing. Whether you are new or seasoned, you have to know that the bite doesn’t stay off for long. The only way to see those epic days is to chalk up a few slower ones. Sure there are trends you can exploit if you have the luxury of being able to leave the real world behind at a moments notice, but that isn’t always the case. The reality is the fish are still here, things got screwed up by the funky weather systems for a few days and now it’s time for the next round. You can either be there or read about it.
The long term weather and marine forecast looks great. We will be fishing for stripers on the oceanside and fluke and blues in the bay if everyone wants.
Sailing Open Boat or Charter: Wed (tomorrow), Thurs, and Fri, June 6, 7, and 8, Noon to 7PM.
Sat, Sun, and Mon, June 9, 10, and 11, 6AM to 1PM. $175 person, 4 people max, all fish are shared.
Everything is provided. You can call me on my cell right up until we leave to see if there is room.
Capt. Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
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