Hi Flier Open Boat Albacore, Bonita, and More

The Barnegat Ridge is loaded with false albacore. Great sport but not edible. To make it interesting, though, there are bonita mixed in, which are also fun to catch and delicious to eat. Any way you prepare tuna, you can also make bonita, including sashimi. The squid boats are there dragging squid and we jigged a bunch of those yesterday and set out lines for bluefin tuna, but no takers. We did catch some small mahi mahi whenever we drifted by any floating debris. There is 72 degree blue-ish water there that is also holding flying fish. It is a lively piece of water right now.

We will be running Open Boat trips there Wed Sept 6 and Thurs Sept 7, 7AM to 3PM. We will be hi-speed trolling as well as drifting with bait. I am supposed to be picking up pails of spearing today which means we could chum them up and use the light spinning rods. We will have everything on board from the light tackle to the 50 class tuna reels. $300 person, 4 people max, all fish are shared.
We are also available for charter 7 days a week now, including these dates, for any type of fishing, inshore, the bay, or offshore.

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