Hi Flier Oct 3 thru 6 Open Boat Barnegat Ridge or Tuna

It appears that this “End of all time” weather is finally coming to an end. Monday is borderline for our boat, so I am going to give it one more day for the seas to come down even more by Tues. Then Tues thru Fri, Oct 3, 4, 5, and 6, we will be running Open Boat or Charter for anything we can. Nobody has been out, so it is going to be a work in progress schedule. 

The bay does not have a lot to offer as my shrimp supplier is done for the season. The good news is that there are plenty of options in the ocean.
If I had to pick a place to start, it would be Barnegat Ridge. Good chance of finding bonita and albies there. Right before all this messy weather, there were quite a few big bluefin taken there, as well. I plan on bringing every size gear from 12 lb spinning outfits to 80 class standups. I have pails of spearing and peanut bunker to get the party started. The big bluefin were taken on live bait that could be caught right on the same grounds. 

The other fishery we are all watching and hoping is at the 60 to 65 mile range where we left the yellowfin tuna biting. These fish were bruisers, all 50 to 80 plus pound fish.  On bait and jigs during daylight hours, the most fun way to catch these tuna. We will be trading info within our network and if those fish are there, we’re gone!

October is a good time of year to fish the inlet jetty for stripers and blues. We will be mostly casting lures at the jetty. There is a chance of finding migrating albacore along the beach, as well.

Here is how the Open Boat trips will play out:

Tues Oct 3, Wed Oct 4, Thurs Oct 5, and Fri Oct 6

Barnegat Ridge 6AM to 2PM $300 person or $1,200 Charter

60 to 65 Mile Yellowfin Tuna: 4AM to 4PM $450 person or $1,800 Charter

Inlet or Inshore Trips 7AM to Noon $700, or 7AM to 1PM $800 for Charter only, no Open Boat

All trips are 4 people max, all fish are shared. Call right up until “go time”! If it goes right to voicemail it means I am offshore, out of cell range, and will call you back as soon as we get back in range.

Hope to see you on board!

Thank you,


Dave DeGennaro

Hi Flier Sportfishing

732.330.5674 cell


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