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Soft plastics are one of the best games in town for fall striped bass and shops like Fisherman HQ have a variety to put anglers on the bite. The mainstay of selecting the right lure depends on the type of bait the fish are feeding on. Striped bass are very opportunistic and aggressive feeders, especially during the migration as the need to fuel the migratory muscles and pack on calories for the winter drives the feeding. The use of plastics work in both the skinny backwaters, inlets as well as the beaches out to 3 nautical miles.

Spearing, anchovies, and smaller baitfish are mimicked perfectly by 3 to 4 inch Fin-S, paddle-tails, swim-shads, Zoom baits, and several Gulp baits. Depending on situation and depth 1/2oz, 3/4oz, and 1oz jig-heads will suffice for using these baits. When the fish are on larger baits such as mullet and bunker, the larger 5 to 6 inch swim shads will do. 1 to 2 oz weights or lure sizes may be needed to get down to the depths of feeding bass. Anglers can slow retrieve this lures or work them close to the bottom and when the bass are schooled – it’s usually game on for these types of baits.

If we get a run like last year, sand-eel impressions are also fantastic lures for migrating bass. These can be either added as a teaser or used as the main lure. Jigging metals with soft plastic sand-eel teasers work great when are bass feeding on these types of baits. There are quite a few manufacturers that have soft plastic sand-eel body types and these are an absolute necessity for anglers targeting November bass.

Next time your in the store, check out the soft plastic options to add to your arsenal!

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