Got ‘Em! Awesome Yellowfin Tuna Trip and Open Boat Striper/Bluefin Combos on the Hi Flier

Here are two short video clips from our epic day at the canyon on Monday: and
We broke the inlet in the dark around 3AM, arrived on the grounds at 7AM, looked around for a while and found a spot to make our first drift by 7:30 AM. Set up three rods for chunking and bait fishing. By the time the third rod was set, the second rod was already screaming. Set up on that fish and the bow rod goes off, two on! I was clearing the third rod and reeling fast as not to tangle one of the two hooked fish and a big yellowfin hit this squid on the retrieve like a train…..three on! It went like that for three hours. One drift over a mile and a half. We went 9 for 11 on 70 to 90 plus pound yellowfins. Back to the dock by 3:30 PM.

Inshore there are miles of bunker pods up and down the beach from Belmar to Barnegat Inlet. There are 30 to 40 plus pound stripers, whales, and big bluefin tuna on their heels. We plan on leaving early this Sat, Sun, and Mon, Oct 15-16-17 to get on these pods and pursue both the bass and the tuna. I will have the rods and gear for both on board. The rods are stand up 80 class, so we won’t be fighting them from the rod holder if we are fortunate enough to connect with a bluefin. It will be a belt and harness stand up fight. I had these combos built over the winter just for this fishery. We are going to jump from pod to pod looking for the bunker that have some tuna on them. Live bait fishing will be the primary tactic but I will have the heavy popping rods on board, as well. The focus is going to be on tuna with the stripers being our secondary effort, so I don’t want to mislead anyone. Also, our chances of hooking one of these tuna is not great. Sometimes they won’t even look at what you are offering. But there have been some caught off these bunker pods already, so I want to give it our best shot. Anything over 73 inches has to be released. There have been a few in the 150 to 200 lb class mixed in with the giants, that would be best case scenario, as we could actually take one of those. This is a risky trip, it’s not for everyone. When you pursue quality, that’s the risk. There’s a good chance we never hook a tuna and come back with an empty fish box, as almost all of the stripers are over the 38 inch mark, and the regulations say we have to release those fish. The upside: being in the presence of whales is always a humbling experience, catch and release on big stripers is a lot of fun, and just watching bluefin air out on bait makes you say “Whoaaa!” every single time.

$350 person, all fish are shared (if there are any), 4 people max. Sat Oct 15, Sun Oct 16, and Mon Oct 17, 5AM to 3PM.  These dates are also available for charter. If you would like to book a trip for just stripers, we could talk about that, as well. 

Pics: Jeff Frazier of Toms River holding tuna vertical and with the bent rod.

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Hi Flier Sportfishing

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