Nomad Shikari Lures

Let me introduce to you the all new Nomad Shikari! This super fishy lure is a standout in Nomad’s new inshore lineup of saltwater fishing lures. For those who aren’t familiar with Nomad… it is an innovative lure brand from the brain of extreme Aussie angler Damon Olsen.

Shikari ( shi-ˈkär-ē ) : a big game hunter, especially a professional hunter or guide

The Shikari is a multipurpose, long cast search bait that is built tough so there’s no better name for this new lure. The slender profile with wide shoulders puts out a sassy swimming action. It also has a very nice low pitch rattle (can be heard in the video below). The slow floating jerk bait fishes good with a slow or fast speed. It really comes alive when intermittent hard twitches are added, it darts and turns with a stunning erratic action. These lures can also be trolled where it puts out a bold wobbly saunter.

Here’s some great stand out features that belong to the Nomad Shikari fishing lures…

  • DURABLE – Thur-wired construction
  • STRONG – Super strong high density ABS plastic
  • TUNED & READY TO FISH – Quality BKK hooks

The lures weight transfer system has a sliding internal tungsten ball which weights the tail when casting to maximize distance. The orientation invert once the lure is swimming and the ball rolls forward for the best balanced action.

The lure is classified as slow floating. It is just a hair more buoyant than a suspending bait.

Nomand Shikari fishing lures come in two sizes and many different colors.

  • 145mm, 5-3/4″, 1oz, swims about 3-4′
  • 95mm, 3-3/4″, 2/5oz, swims about 2-3′

These lures are rigged up right with quality hardware, top BKK hooks, so they are perfectly tuned and ready to catch big game fish right out of the box.

The Shikari will soon be very sought. It reminds me in a great and unique way of the very fishy and under the radar Spro 65 which is no longer available. The Nomad Shakari belongs in every saltwater anglers tackle box/bag to be used when a slender shallow or surface swimming lure isn’t cutting it. Or when there’s a section of water with fish holding at 3-5′ and you want to swim a lure into their zone and slowly work with twitches and sweeps.

The great retail price of $12.99 makes this an easy buy. Once in stock a link to purchase these lures will be posted here.

Looking at the Nomad Shikari lures in this photo you can see the distinct tapered slender tail and wide shoulders with a rough sided lateral line.

Author: FishHead.Greg

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