Shimano Vanford Reels & The Stradic CI4

The all new Shimano Vanford Reels are Shimano’s light tackle spinning reel for finesse fishing applications. It was born from its predecessor the Shimano Stradic CI4, which was a great reel in its time. The Shimano Vanford is everything and much more!

Here’s some of the great advancements, Shimano Flagship Technologies that put the Shimano Vanford Reels at the top as one of the best light tackle spinning reels.

Vanford’s Carbon Body & MGL Rotor

In your hand the CI4 carbon body and MGL Magnum Lite Rotor offer a feather light feel. The MGL rotor is significantly lighter and has 48% less rotational inertia which stands out with a touch of the handle.

To slow down and stop fast racing fish the 3000, 4000 & 5000 models have Shimano’s Cross Carbon Drag System. The smaller sizes (500-2500) have felt drags.

Vanford’s Micro Module Hagane Gearing

The Vanford has Shimano’s Hagane (cold forged) gear for durability. The gears features Shimano’s Micro Module Gearing. This new advanced gearing has smaller and more gear teeth for seamless engagement, power and the ultimate free functioning “smooth as butter” feel.

More Power & Smooth Feel - Shimano's Micro Module Gearing is an advanced engineering which uses smaller gear teeth and more of them to seamless engage gears at all times.

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Vanford’s Silent Drive & Long Stroke Spool

Shimano Vanford Reels have Silent Drive which highlights their ability to use precise tolerances so the reel has no internal play. Its worm gear driven oscillation system with Long Stroke Spooling gives a beautiful line lay and smooth operation even under load. The improved line lay also offers better casting distance.

Not only is the Shimano Vanford a really nice looking refined reel... it is feather light and features numerous advancements over the Stradic CI4.

Vanford’s X-Protect

X-Protect offers durability and water resistance without sacrifice. Shimano’s use of labyrinths offer water resistance protection like a seal BUT with the ultimate smooth and free turning performance.

From light tackle saltwater fishing to ice fishing and finesse fresh water drop-shot fishing  Shimano Vanford Reels are the right choice.

Shimano Vanford Reels

Light tackle saltwater anglers will appreciate the advancements Shimano has made taking the Stradic CI4 series to another level with the all new Vanford. Here in our local NJ waters this reel is an amazing choice for backwater fishing lures and small jigs. Great choice for fluke, weakfish and striped bass.

Starting at $229… 5 sizes 500, 1000, 2500, 3000 4000, 5000.

Shop Now At Fisherman’s Headquarters – Shimano Vanford


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