Hi Flier Open Boat Stripers

Really good striper fishing right now. Everything from 5 to 40 pound fish. Trolling, snagging, jigging, and casting are all producing fish. 
Saturday and Sunday we had to troll to put 10 to a dozen fish in the boat, keeping six each day with our bonus tags in play. We did catch a few casting swimming plugs to swirling bass. On Monday we broke the inlet at 4:30 AM and had the lines in before sun up on the hunt for near shore bluefin. Only five miles offshore we trolled for two hours in the exact spot friends of ours had visual fish skying out of the water on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Never saw a tuna. Lots of stripers. In fact they were crashing our side tracker bars at tuna speed. Had enough of that, so we headed to the Mud Hole to try chunking. Nothing, no readings, no birds, so I didn’t even anchor. I was getting ready to head back towards home when I noticed a cluster of wrecks on my chartplotter. Not being a good wreck captain, I thought maybe with this many so close together, even I could accidentally put the boat over one. I decided to try drift jigging. The drift was perfect and we hovered over the structure drift after drift. All the sea bass were shorts but we caught a ton of huge porgies. Got dinner out of the deal anyway. 
Sunday looks like a southerly blowout, but Saturday and Monday look really good as both have NW and west winds forecasted.  Sailing Open Boat or Charter Saturday Nov 14 and Monday Nov 16 6AM to 2PM. $225 person, 4 person max, all fish are shared.
Available Tues thru Fri for Striper Charters departing at 10AM. 
Ross Leahy of Fanwood, NJ with a trio of stripers that crushed one of our custom made umbrella rigs.

Capt. Nick DeGennaro in black sweatshirt with porgy

Dave Flood of Mantua, NJ in orange slickers with porgy

Dave DeGennaro

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