Hi Flier Inshore and Mid Range Tuna

Fishing is heating up. There have been 20 to 30 lb bluefin tuna within 20 miles of Barnegat Inlet. We are also catching king mackerel in the mix. All on the troll, so far. Side tracker bars are accounting for most of the hookups but cedar plugs are starting to get bit, too.
Further offshore, 60 to 70 miles, there is a mix of bluefin and yellowfin. They are hitting on the troll as well as drifting with jigs and bait fishing, my personal favorite. There is nothing like when a tuna eats your bait and you are holding the rod to feel that acceleration. 
It is also possible to mix in some 2 to 3 ft pelagic sharks on spinning tackle when we fish the 20 mile grounds.
Open Boat or Charter:
Sunday, July 26 Mid Range Tuna, 60 to 70 miles, 3AM to 5PM $450 person

Monday, July 27 Barnegat Ridge, 15 to 20 miles, 7AM to 3PM $225 person

Saturday, August 1 Barnegat Ridge, 15 to 20 miles, 6AM to 1PM $200 person

4 people max on all Open Boat trips, all fish are shared.

Pic: Jon and Ray Vernon of Butler, NJ with two of their three bluefin tuna trolled at Barnegat Ridge on Saturday. 

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