Hoo Magic Trolling Lures by Magictail

How did Hoo Magic Trolling Lures by Magictail come to be?

After many years of successfully targeting saltwater game fish, the skilled tournament angler Dante Soriente turned his hobby and passion into a business. In 2014 Dante started selling his bucktails to tackle shops and Magictail was founded. What started out as a bucktail company soon evolved into a full fledged saltwater lure company offering all sorts of custom lures and specialty jigs.

As the business grew, Dante’s drive to offer more innovate products kept strong. Magictail helped anglers catch big time during the “mojo trolling crazy” of 2015, ’16, ’17 which still goes strong now. Before most knew what a tog jig was Magictail perfected one. Dante recalled, ” In 2015 I made some tog jigs but sales were slow. A couple years went by and then they caught on like wildfire!” From day one Magictail products were made right and they caught fish so naturally anglers became repeat customers.

Tuna fish love Hoo Magic Lures from Magictail

“All of my products were for inshore fishing but with my passion for big game saltwater fishing I wanted to offer offshore tackle. Over the past couple of years I watched the success of Magictail Mojos take over the striped bass trolling game. They now dominate the spreads of most tournament winning boats. I decided to take one of my Bullet Head Mojo Lures and modify it. By hand drilling it, I made a heavy bullet trolling lure that I tried for tuna. The first trip out with Captain Jeff Warford aboard the Reel Innovation it proved successful. Five minutes in, it got the bite. During research and development, the lures caught wahoo, mahi, white marlin and four different species of tuna; bluefin, bigeye, yellowfin and longfin.”

White marlin love the Hoo Magic just like everyone else.

Finally in the summer of 2019 Magictail released the Hoo Magic!

Magictail Hoo Magic Trolling Lures come in three sizes and nine colors.

Hoo Magic Trolling Lures by Magictail

The Hoo Magic Trolling Lure by Magictail are great all around lead bullet head trolling lures. The Hoo Magic features unique, large bug eyes which offer superior action. These extra realistic traits attract and fool tournament winning big game species like Tuna, Marlin and Wahoo. The Hoo Magic are available in three sizes and nine fish favorite colors. At the time of this post the 3 oz and 6 oz sizes are available. The 1 oz size is expected to be released in late July/August.

The Hoo Magic is best trolled with a rigged ballyhoo. The eyes prevent the lure from rolling, always keeping the ballyhoo’s black back up in a natural swimming position. The eyes also improve the side to side swimming action adding an extra kick to the ballyhoo. It can also be trolled with a softbait (like RonZ Softbait Tail). It’s suggested to troll the Hoo Magic Lures in the long rigger position.

The crew at Fisherman’s Headquarters loves Magictail Fishing Products! They have produced very well for us over the year and one brand we have grown to depend on. We suggest Magictail Lures to anyone looking to put meat on the deck. From inshore bucktails, to midshore tog jigs and Mojos to offshore Hoo Magic Magic tail has you covered! Gear up for success with Magic tail Lures at Fisherman’s Headquarters.

Big tuna fall for the Hoo Magic everytime.

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