Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters – Bigger Bass!

The best striped bass catching of the season scored today [ May 1st}  with both quality and quantity! 
 Artificial lures continue to be our standards aboard the Reel Fantasea as there isn’t  much  more fun than experiencing and detecting  the “hands on feel” of a subtle striper bite all the way to the hook set  and rod bending fun experienced on light tackle!
I’ve been on our local waters for just about a month contemplating relocating to the Raritan bay and it’s epic daily striper action but today calmed any undue worries as we found our selves deep into thick schools stripers through out many locations in the safe confines of Barnegat Bay!
Best catches are made with close attention to technique and instructions with bass ranging in size from 22′ -34″ with the bulk falling somewhere in the middle.
Every year I come across rafts of floating living inflated blow fish at the surface . This year was no exception . I can only surmise these early arrivals are chased to the surface [ predator fish – bass and blues ?] and gulp air to inflate to avoid consumption leaving them haplessly floating at the surface to only have gulls playing tug-a war[?] but who knows . You could do this for 3 lifetimes and still not unlock all the secrets and mysteries. 
I have a Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning [ private only] and 1 spot for Sunday afternoon available for anyone interested in jumping out for some light tackle fun. Keep in mind we are fishing in the bay and weather is not an issue unless you don’t have rain gear. 
Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,Captain Steve PurulReel Fantasea Fishing Charters609-290-1217

Author: Reel-Fantasea-Fishing

Captain Steve has been fishing our local waters since the age of nine when he purchased his first boat, that was back in 1974. Since then a "few" years have past and his passion for fishing has grown even more ! From Barnegat Bay, inlet and it's offshore waters of Long beach Island N.J. Captain Steve has spent more time on the water than most other captains perfecting and honing his salty skills to provide the most fish catching enjoyment and knowledge to both novice and veteran anglers alike. Captain Steve has grown up fishing these local waters. His knowledge of fishing has been sought by magazines, papers, fishing clubs, boat shows and is also a veteran faculty member of George Poveromo's "National Seminar Series" as well as being Featured on NBC sports George Poveromo's "World Of Salt Water Fishing" . If a fish catching outing is what your looking for than look no further ! Your enjoyment and safety will always be the our focus for a memorable experience!

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