Hi Flier Yellowfin, Bluefin and Inshore Sharking

We have been spending all of our time fishing in the ocean. Sunday we ran offshore about 60 miles to the southeast. We stumbled on a slick with chick birds hitting it. Great readings. Set up on the anchor and started chunking. Put out a few rods with bait and handed Matt Tebaldi a jigging rod with one of my favorite jigs. He and his wife Tess, from Manahawkin NJ were on their first ever offshore trip. After about 10 minutes of jigging, Matt said “I got something “. It was apparent to me that it wasn’t a tuna, but nonetheless, let’s see what you got. He reeled in a 16 inch Illex squid. Nasty looking creature. I stuck a hook in him and put him out at 50 feet under a balloon. Five minutes later the reel was screaming. After a long fight on medium light drag, as we only had him on 40 lb flouro leader, Matt and Tess tag teamed an 80 lb bluefin tuna. Put him in the box and got a call from Brian Ewan on the Dora Lee that the troll bite was going off only six miles from where we were. We ran over, put out the spread and trolled two nice 40 and 50 class yellowfins. Here’s a video clip of Matt on one of those trolled fish: youtu.be/5R7LLc_4Tyc
Returned the next day (Mon) and added a pair of yellowfin in the 20 to 30 lb class amongst a huge pod of whales and porpoise.
Fished the last two days trolling Barnegat Ridge and sharking. Both days we clobbered the sharks. Today (Thurs) I had Michael Fuhrman of Cherry Hill, Steve Karl of Loveladies, and Erin Foose of Altoona, PA on board. We had a bunch of sharks, mostly 3 to 4 foot Atlantic Sharpnose but Steve brought a 200 lb class Dusky Shark to the Boat and a little while later Erin bested a 120 pound Dusky just four miles off the beach. Here’s a video clip of Erin and her Dusky: youtu.be/hfRKiRQv52E The Ridge has been giving up bonita, spanish and king mackerel.
We are available for Open Boat or Charter this Sat, Sun, and Mon, August 11, 12, and 13. Inshore sharking and trolling for bonita and spanish mackeral at Barnegat Ridge. We can do both in the same trip. If they relax the thunderstorm predictions for any of these three days we can also make the 60 mile run to the tuna grounds. The Ridge/Shark combo trips are 6AM to 1PM, $175 person, 4 people max. The mid range tuna trips are 3AM to 5PM, $350 person, 4 people max. All fish are shared on all trips. Call me to book a spot on any of these trips. You can always try us right up until our departure time to see if we have a spot.
Pics: Matt Tebaldi with 50 lb Yellowfin Tuna and Tess Tebaldi with 80 lb Bluefin

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