48# Bass Off The Surf

This afternoon John Matt from Surf City weighed in a monster from the mid-island surf. His 51.5″ inch 48 pound striped bass took the lead in the LBI Surf Fishing Classic and the Fish Head Striped Bass Calcutta.

At weigh in John said, “I’m on the beach everyday. It’s been slow but there’s some fish here. It’s starting up.  Drove the beach and found a nice bowl that was holding water at low tide. Set up and planned to fish the flood tide. At about 1:30pm, a half hour in, one rod with a small bunker chunk  with a short wire leader (rigged up for bluefish) had a bump. I picked it up and felt another tug so I set the hook and it began! It was mean! What a battle! Got it to the beach and we were both beat. I’ve been fishing the Long Beach Island surf for a long time. Got 20’s and 30’s but never a fish of this class. It’s my trophy.”

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  1. Congrats on the nice fish.
    Great story, good info.
    You put your time in and you were finally rewarded. Nicely done!

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