Lighthouse Sportfishing Barnegat Bay Report 6/15/17

Last night the magic hour lived up to its name.  Before then I caught some of the outgoing tide in some of the channels behind Barnegat Light.  With bay temperatures at 78 outgoing was close to that.  I talked to two anglers that had fished through incoming noting the water temp went as low as 60. As if the fluke read the textbook they did not feed much on the colder side of the tide preferring the warmer ebb. I spent about an hour fluking and C&R about a dozen shorts.  After that, I headed over to the inlet for the magic hour hoping to catch some cooler water and a few bass.  With the water still warm but the first cast set the tone.  Bluefish in the 2-4 pound range were on the feed and in excellent numbers.  In fact, it was the best bluefishing I have experienced this year. Nonstop, light tackle, screaming drags for an hour. The blues were popping up from time to time and when on em it was blitz conditions.  It did not matter what I threw: BKDs; metals; or bucktails. I left them biting. Schools now out and I am running full time.  I am booked tomorrow morning but am available for an afternoon magic hour trip.  Also, this weekend is open for last minute booking.

Screaming drags, Capt. Alex



Author: Lighthouse-Sportfishing

Fishing Barnegat Bay for close to 40 years, Capt. Alex runs Barnegat Bay's premier light tackle and fly fishing service with his custom 203 Dusky Center Console (Debbie M). He knows the back bay, inlet or inshore like no other. 609-548-2511

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