Lighthouse Sportfishing 4/20 Report

Little out of local but thought I would share. Kicked it real old school yesterday and met my oldest son Damian and his friend Amanda @ Stockton University. They did some yaking on Lake Fred, I fished. But time well spent together. Having Graduated from Stockton in 1985 and fished Lake Fred my entire career it was nostalgic to be on it again. This is the first time since 85 that I wet a line there. I saw three Ospreys, the school mascot, hunting over the Lake. Cool beans. During my Stockton Days it was something special to see an Osprey there due to the devastating effects of DDT. Those were were likely migrants. But then again, it was something special to be able to see anything during my Stockton Days. LOL For what its worth I landed two respectful pickerel and lost a BIG one due to a lack of respect (its teeth cut my through my line). I tried to soak in the fact that most of the trees on campus are the same ones from over 30 years ago. They now have 60 more rings then when I graduated. You see trees in temperature climate show two rings a year. Spring wood grows fast and is lighter because it consists of large cells. During the summer, growth slows down and smaller darker cells are laid down.

fredpickerel4-21Enjoying kayaking fishing and kayaking sooooooo much I am thinking about offering kayaking in addition to my boat charters. If i do it, I would offer guided fishing, clamming, nature, what ever you want type of trip around the backwaters of Barnegat Bay. Let me know if you are interested so I can figure out if I have enough clients interested. If the interest is there I’m game, are you?

Screaming drags, Capt. Alex 609-548-2511

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Fishing Barnegat Bay for close to 40 years, Capt. Alex runs Barnegat Bay's premier light tackle and fly fishing service with his custom 203 Dusky Center Console (Debbie M). He knows the back bay, inlet or inshore like no other. 609-548-2511

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