Super Strike Zig Zag Darter

While it wasn’t great news when word broke from Steve Musso at Super Strike, it could have been worse. The color selection for 2017 was cut. Many are bumming and scrambling for those now hard to find colors.

We are looking out as an optomist. Just look at the photo below for Super Strike’ 2017 line up of ZigZag Darters. We are stoked to see all of the Comanche’s MVP’s made the cut! The tribe leader Pete Utschig is happy with the colors. He commented, “KILLERS!!! All of them.”

The past couple seasons it’s been near improssible for us to keep the Super Strike ZigZag Darter (as well as all Super Strike Lures) in stock. The lengthy order lead time could not keep up with demand and the delays grew longer.  As soon as a delivery arrived the wall would be cleaned out. Hunger bass and angler demand SS Darter. Super Strike was forced to cut the color options to streamline production. There’s a possibility more colors will be re-released in the future. Super Strike’s Steve Musso said the 2017 line up was, “based strictly on sales history. We picked the 9 most popular colors.” The nine colors shown in the photo are from top to bottom, left to right… Parrot, White, Bone, Yellow, Black, Midnight Mas., Yellow/white, Amber, Black/purple. Most of which are in stock now!

I was introduced to the Super Strike Zig Zag Darter many years ago, but it wasn’t until an unforgettable trip to Massachusett’s famed Cape Cod Canal that I fell in love with the lure. Since then I never fish a night without atleast one in my bag. Many of nights have been all out rope sessions with the Zig Zag as the sole assassin.

For those in the know, the Super Strike Darter is an absolute must have lure that attracts consistent bites and is well documented for fooling classy fish. A large number of trophies have called to the Zig Zag. Darters excel in shallow waters, especially swift moving current found along boulder fields, beaches, inlets and jetties. It is one of the most deadly lures out there. If you don’t already make sure to have a couple in your quiver. 


Author: FishHead.Greg

Born, raised and living in Ship Bottom at the heart of Long Beach Island, Greg's surrounded by the Barnegat Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Greg is an accomplished angler with great knowledge of saltwater fishing from the light tackle back waters to the surf and jetty as well as inshore and offshore big game fishing. Whether you are new to fishing or new to Long Beach Island, Greg wants to help. Questions about knot tying, fishing rods and reels, problems, techniques, locations? Just ask. Stop by Fisherman's Headquarters and say hello.

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