Linda Lee Sportfishing Report

Saturday I was able to get the boat up to Keyport and get settled into the slip for the early spring striper run. I had my Mate Dan Rosetto and Mike Brazaitiis with me for first trip and it was lights out fishing first thing in the morning until we packed it in around noon. Guys were trolling 9er rigs and doing very well. We were focusing on jigging and that produced for us as well using SP Minnows, Nicholas Lures Magnum Spoons, and Tony Maja Shad jigs. I still have some dates available if you looking to get in on the early season fishing. Call / text Capt. Ryan Horton for availability 609-276-8032. Price is $150 pp up to 6 anglers.

Linda Lee Sportfishing

The yellowfin tuna fishing has been red hot with boats limited out or close to it. Chunking and jigging has been the ticket with Mustad Moon Risers and Nomad Streakers being the go to jigs.

I have October 2nd, 3rd, 4th (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) available for open boat charters. Price is $400 pp plus tip for mate 4 person max. Give me a call if you want to book at trip… Capt Ryan Horton a call 609-276-8032

Linda Lee Sportfishing Report 8/3/2020

Saturday we hit the mid-shore fishing ground on the hunt to jig up some yellowfin and it produced!

We also hooked up on live peanut bunker. Both yellowfin and mahi mahi couldn’t resist. Mustad Moon Risers Jigs and Nomad Streaker Jigs have been the go to jigs all year.

There’s nothing better then catching tuna on lightweight yet powerful spinning rod set ups like the Shimano TrevalaPenn Slammer combo.

If you’re looking to get out and get in on the fun fishing give Capt. Ryan Horton a call and set up a trip today. Call 609-276-8032.

Linda Lee Sportfishing Report

Sunday June 28th we fished the Triple Wrecks. It was lights out fishing with epics feeds going on. We had 6-7 whales, 2 tone dolphins, Bluefin tuna, small brown sharks, and birds all feeding on sand eels. We threw poppers and baits at them and we were hooked up instantly catching 6 on spinning gear. After the top water action subsided we set out the spread with Chatter Lure Side Trackers, daisy chains, and Joe Shutes rigged with ballyhoo. Caught 4 more. We kept are 2 unders but couldn’t find the over.

We set up for sharking after about two hours and had a 5 ft mako to the boat. We hooked up with it and it put on a show jumping twice. The clients were happy to get in on that kinda of action. We were able to remove the hook and safely release.

If you’re looking to fish the mid-shore tuna/shark grounds give me a call 609-276-8032. Trips are $450 pp up to 4 people max.

~ Capt. Ryan Horton, Linda Lee Sportfishing