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Looks like a nice weather pattern coming up so we will be sailing Open Boat or Charter for Stripers Thurs Nov 2, Fri Nov 3, Sat Nov 4, and Sun Nov 5. These cooler temps along with the passing of the full moon should really accelerate the migration. We have been catching 35 to 50 lb class fish on live bunker recently but there should be a good push of school size fish this week. We are going to make a left and trek north each day until we find them. We will be ready to snag, drift bait, jig, cast lures, or troll, whatever conditions dictate. We always have everything on board. We have bonus tags for everyone on board so we can keep one fish between 24 and 28 inches per person, and one fish between 28 and 31 inches per person.

Open Boat or Charter for Stripers Thurs Nov 2, Fri Nov 3, Sat Nov 4, and Sun Nov 5. 6AM to 2PM (or later).  

$275 person. 4 people max. All fish are shared.

Pics are from our Fri and Sat trips this past weekend.Hope to see you on board.

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