Hi Flier Open Boat Stripers, The Migration is On!

This is it. This is the weather and the fishing we have all been waiting for. Sure, it’s cold….and windy. But it’s a west wind and the fish are tight to the beach, so the ocean will be flat calm. The harder it blows from the west, the flatter it gets, as long as you are within a mile and a half of the beach, beyond that, you will have some waves. The good news is that the fish have been tight to the beach. It doesn’t always go that way this time of year. A few seasons back, the fish and bait were in the 3 to 7 mile range offshore where you are not even allowed to fish for them. The other positive right now is that most of the fish are less than 38 inches so you actually get to go home with some fillet. Our last trip out we even had some 24 to 28 inch slot fish which I have bonus tags for. So far it’s been all casting and jigging. No better way to catch them!

Sailing Open Boat or Charter:
Saturday Nov 19, Sunday Nov 20, and Mon Nov 21
6AM to 2PM $275 person. 4 people max. All fish are shared

Dave DeGennaro

Hi Flier Sportfishing

732.330.5674 cell


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