Hi Flier Bluefin

I love tuna fishing! Just had to get that out of the way. When the fish are there and we can catch them on bait and jigs, I don’t know if there is any fishery more exciting. I especially love day chunking on the midrange grounds. That’s exactly what we did on Monday, Labor Day. Headed north to chase a report that my first mate (and son) received from his friend at 4AM as we were leaving the slip. Got to the spot early, had good bait and fish readings, but the first runoff did not come until 9:30AM. I set the circle hook up and he screamed line for 10 seconds and then came unbuttoned. We reeled in an empty hook. Sucks, but really the only acceptable loss in the fishing game. Everything else is human error. Ten minutes later, the same rod goes off, a flatlined sardine, and this time we stay stuck. Twenty minutes later a 60 pound bluefin hits the deck. Over the next few hours we went four for six on 40 to 60 pound fish, all on bait, except for one that hit Chris Mace’s jig, christening his new spinning outfit that was made for the task. Caught them all on our AVET LX arsenal instead of the big gold reels. So much more fun on the 30 class conventionals. We started with 30 lb flouro leader but bumped up to 40 as they were so aggressive. When we cut the fish at the dock, they had our chunks in them, so that justified that effort. Of course the weather is going to prevent us from returning anytime soon but we are all hoping that they stay put for a while. This northeast should push even nicer water in. Here is a clip of Igor Sapiga decking that first bluefin: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NQ7O1Pdyno

We are still hammering away at the weakfish and the ultralite buffet in Barnegat Bay. Wed, Thurs, and Fri’s 10AM to 3PM.

The bonita and albacore reports are also very strong so we will be running those trips, as well. Trolling to find them and then setting up a spearing slick to chum them up and catch them on spinning tackle.

My head is spinning right now from the choices. This is a great time of year coming up.

Dave DeGennaro

Hi Flier Sportfishing

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