Hi Flier Tuna and Weakfish

Had a good week of fishing. Returned to the inshore tuna spot on Monday. After waiting for the messy weather to blow thru which delayed our departure from 3AM to 7AM, we took it on the chin head on into the northeast wind and waves that were a little stiffer than forecasted. Lines in at 9:30 AM. No readings and no hits until 12 Noon when the deep rod goes screaming. It was a sardine bait with a sinker, four cranks off the bottom. We use light gear, 30 class conventionals, so this fish took a ride. 90 minutes later, an 80 lb yellowfin hits the deck. A little while later we released a five foot hammerhead shark. No more hits until 5PM when we are cleaning up and clearing the rods to go home and the last rod to be cleared starts singing. Fifteen minutes later, we deck a 50 lb yellowfin and head for the barn. That one hit a weightless flatine.

Yesterday (Thursday) we did some inshore sharking and caught three Atlantic Sharpnose sharks before heading into the bay to pickup some live grass shrimp I ordered. It was our first effort of the season with the shrimp and I was not overly optimistic as I know a few people who tried recently, and the reports were not good. I conveyed this to my charter and they were willing to try anyway. After about 15 minutes of chumming shrimp we had the first of the weakfish, they were all about 11 to 12 inches. Then it changed to 13 to 15 inch fish, one after the other, all on 6 pound ultralite spinning rods. It looks like this fishery is underway.

Available for charter Sunday Aug 7, Mon Aug 8, and Fri Aug 12 for Back Bay Weakfishing with live grass shrimp. 5 hour trip $700.

We are fully booked until Thurs Aug 25 is our next availability.
Hope to see you on board.

Dave DeGennaro

Hi Flier Sportfishing

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