LBI Fishing Report 6/27/22

Long Beach Island New Jersey Fishing Report Update: June 27, 2022


It’s sunny this morning, with a low of 64º degrees and high of 74º this afternoon. The wind is currently pumping out of the SSW at 18 mph with gusts forecasted to 32 mph. The ocean sloppy, currently 2-4′ waves on the beaches with a dominate 4′ swell and 5 second intervals. A small craft advisory is in effect. Thunderstorms forecasted to start around noon-1pm and possibly into this afternoon. Tomorrow and the rest of the week is looking like a much better day weather wise.


LBI Surf Temperature is currently in the mid to high 60’s. But due to the current hard south wind an upwelling is probable chilling down the water temps.

Striped Bass : Off the beachfront there are still Striped Bass to be had. You can pull an occasional fish out of the water on the normal staples of bunker or clam, but as the water temperatures rise the fish change their feeding tactics. With an abundance of sand fleas and calicos in the water, one can find more success matching the hatch!

The Bluefish: Blues are abundant in the surf and inlets. Most are in the cocktail size ranging 1-3 pounds but there are a few bigger ones too. Your best bet is running a SP minnow, Yozuri Mag Darter or Hydro Minnow, an AVA, Hopkins, bucktails. These are the standouts but any lure that matches the bait should work. Right now the local bait fish around the island are silversides, peanut bunker, minnows, small squid. Stop at the shop to see our wide range of lure selection.

Weakfish: Weakies are on the rebound in our local waters. Although not as prevalent as the bass or blues they are being caught out of the surf, bay and inlets. Standard bucktail while fluking tipped with gulp, or even bombers at night can produce nice fish with some tide runners being caught.

Fluke: With the ocean water temperature currently rising to the upper 60’s the fluke bite is picking up from the surf. There are nice fish to be had. Stop at the shop and pick up our wide array of Magic Tail Hoochies or Spro bucktails and tip them with GULP! Or other natural baits like minnows, spearing or squid.

Northern King Fish: Kings are once again here. With the summer water temperatures the king fish bite has started. Stop at the shop and pick up blood or sandworm, dyna bait freeze dried worms, or fishbites and get your lines wet. As the bite continues to pick up kings can also be caught on GULP! while fluke fishing.



Fluke is the main stay for inshore summertime fishing. This weekend reports were good from the reefs. It’s really starting to heat up as the ocean water temperatures rise. Over the past couple years jigging tight to the structure has been the best way to outproduce the fleet. Stop in to see our Magictail, Spro and Tsunami jig selection as well as our classic fluke rigs selection. The old school frozen spearing and squid always gets the job done as well as live minnows and GULP! Right now we are stocked up on all the top baits as well as some new styles; the translucent shrimp and 8″ grubs. Let’s go catch some doormats!

Sharks and rays have arrived and making their presence know. Some big thresher sharks have been caught. So far it has been a good showing. This weekend the first black tips and spinners were seen and caught. On the ray front, the rough tail and butterfly rays arrived with the cow nose rays too.


The offshore fishing is not nearly what it was at this time last year. Most of it is due to the lack of prime water. A couple big tuna were reported in the Toms. Also some small yellowfin have been reported this weekend. Boats are also catching tilefish. No reports from the Ridge and mid-shore waters. These areas are usually good in July. 🤞 Stop in the shop to see our offshore selection and gear up so you are ready when the bite turns on.

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