Hi Flier Tuna Got Em! Running More Open Boat Trips

The tuna are here and it is very exciting. We have been running 25 to 30 miles for 20 to 40 lb bluefin tuna on jigs and bait. Saturday and Sunday we never had to put the trolling rods out to put tuna in the cooler. We are using 20 and 30 class outfits to keep it sporty. Slicks, chick birds, readings, lots of life. Blue-ish green 71 degree water. Getting quite a few king mackeral bite offs, too. I was tired of getting bit off so I put a few circle hooks on and wound up fighting a 5 foot hammerhead to the boat before cutting him off. If you want to catch tuna but don’t like to make the long trek of 60 to 90 plus miles, this is a unique opportunity. No telling how long it will last. Forever…..I hope!

Here’s Dave Flood of Mantua, NJ battling a 45 lb bluefin tuna on 20 class: youtu.be/U0uar_F5C9c

Running Open Boat or Charter for Tuna: 

Thursday, July 15 10AM to 5PM, $300 person

Saturday, July 17  5AM to 2PM,   $400 person

Pics are:
Dave Flood of Mantua NJ (green cargo shorts and visor)
Jim Hutchinson, Editor of The Fisherman magazine, Brick NJ (Light blue shirt, blue hat, blue lenses)Fabian Colonna of Matawan NJ (dark shirt, red hat)

Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing

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