Hi Flier Back Bay Weakfish/Blowfish

It looks like the ocean is going to be “CLOSED” for a stretch with all of the impending storms and the swells they will produce for a while. No worries! There’s still fish to catch. Blowfish are here in good numbers. Lots of small ones but a good amount of “whales” in the mix. Sure they won’t dump any line off of your reel but they are delicious and it never gets old watching them blow up. We all say we’re going for the kids but the truth is if you want to recapture some of your youth, rub a blowfish belly until he fully inflates and it will transport you there. This is really Plan B as we are going to start fishing with live grass shrimp starting ASAP. There are some weakfish in the bay and live shrimp and/or shedder crabs are the bait to use for weakies, kingfish, and about a dozen other species that you might encounter using these gourmet baits. We keep the tackle light, 6 and 10 pound spinning tackle.
Sailing Open Boat or Charter Monday, Sept 17, 7AM to 1PM, $150 person, 4 people max. Also, Wed and Thurs, Sept 19 and 20, 11AM to 5PM.
Pics: Capt Dave DeGennaro and Pete Bonnaci of Roselle Park, NJ all with recent obligatory puffy face blowfish pics.
Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
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